Avenged Sevenfold - Heretic Lyrics

As they search for blood,
All eyes descend on one.
Honest man in chains,
But that don't matter anyway.

My judgement day.

My flesh will feed the demon,
No trial, no case for reason.
I've been chosen to pay with my life.

Mad men define what mad is,
Turning witches and saints to ashes.
Rising masses marching to find heretic blood.

Impose your will on me,
'Til fire sets me free.
The flames of hell burn bright.
My fate decided by their lies.

Final demise.

My flesh will feed the demon,
No trial, no case for reason.
I've been chosen to pay with my life.

Mad men define what mad is,
Turning witches and saints to ashes.
Rising masses marching to find heretic—heretic blood.

Please, don't leave me.
Please, don't leave me like this.
I've walked a fragile line and I've fallen down.
Please, don't leave me.

My flesh will feed the demon now,
No trial, no case for reason.
I've been chosen to pay with my life.

Mad men define what mad is,
Turning witches and saints to ashes.
Rising masses marching to find heretic—heretic blood.

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Avenged Sevenfold Heretic Comments
  1. Paul C Lalchungnunga

    This is lovely tbh

  2. zaid ortsac

    Me cago en YouTube!

  3. Panuuwat Sangket


  4. Josh Reusch

    Heretical rainbow sticks: cig logs and a scarlet U... It takes all kinds!?!??? Ooook... Harmonic 0hz sound good to sum with that? Yesterday!?!???

  5. Jonatas Romano

    I remember symphony destruction

  6. Sphynx823

    Astaroth's Allegiance to me is Absolute, Affirmed by our Affinities for one Another. We Ascertain to Annihilate our Adversaries And Avenge our Autonomy with Amazing Advances- Always!

  7. Kewal Pradhan

    Nyone still lstn in 2020??"
    Foreva aa A7xxX

  8. Lathhaa Lathu

    Satya intha latha chaputhindhi Nikku ardham ladhaaaa
    Satya andhuku na way lo latha happy vunntanu anta inku kastam ga vundha ,
    Latha oka 10 members boy frds vunndala
    Mobile apps lo vunndala
    Andharu tho chatting chasthu vunndala
    Pani pati vadhili road medha scraf katukoni chatha ga vunndala
    Evi chastha beautiful life aa,
    Satya nakku na illu navalu ,na particulars lo na beautiful ga vundagalanu

  9. The Dark Lord Of Sarcasm

    "Rising masses marching to find heretic blood " good old Salem is relatable even today

  10. Fitful flashes of lucidity

    1692 feels strong in here. I can't not think of Jiles Corey.

  11. Michael Marceleno

    “Those who would break this oath are Heretics, worthy of neither pity, nor mercy!!"

  12. Matt Alsip

    I hear a lil hangar 18

  13. Colton Strain

    Fucking beautiful

  14. FullMetalJack

    4:55 fuckin hate that part

  15. DoUbLeJbOmBVH ,

    I'm gonna be honest when I first heard this I thought it was on sounding the seventh trumpet

  16. Megan Wolfe

    I just love A7X :)

  17. Samantha Parker

    You found me, i found you 😉

    lordi sidob

    no you dident find me *flies away*

    Samantha Parker

    @lordi sidob ooo yea i do *flies after you* mbahaha

    lordi sidob

    @Samantha Parker welp me am dead can I at least die by snu-snu

  18. Berk Berkoğlu

    Hail to the Narko

  19. Justin Bohannan

    This always reminds me of the lich king and sylvannis story lol

  20. Lucifer Morningstar

    I love the fact that no one understand the real meaning behind this song

  21. Johnny Dotson

    This songs resembles the witch trials of Europe and Salem perfectly.

    Lucifer Morningstar

    that's exactly what this song is about

  22. Tommy Locker

    I am the heretic that the gods hate.... I am the true king.... I am the shepherd of fire that will consume gods and devils alike.... I will make them wish man didn't exist at all

  23. Tommy Locker

    as a white male in America in 2019.... I am the heretic... get some pussy

  24. Anazareth Pendragon

    2:40 to plz don't leave me sounds like buried alive

    Taylor Lichtle

    Hadn't noticed, you're right

  25. Jjacob8600

    We're all just victim's of a cri-
    Wrong song...sorry

  26. monxie 20

    Every time I listen to this song, it reminds me of the manga Berserk.

  27. UltimateSurvivorGaming

    I love the fact that this song reminds me of symphony of destruction

  28. Akihiro

    I don't know why but this remembers of the old days where I been witching hunts and burning all the saints with my fellow peasants brothers...

  29. Literally Hitler

    When I hear this song I think of the soldiers on the Nuremberg trials

  30. Gio Gio

    Just like Pied piper
    Led Rats Through the streets
    We dance like Marionettes
    Swaying to the symphony...

    Oops... Wrong Song.

  31. Robbaflob

    Ned Stark's theme song.

  32. Fake Name

    what font do you use?

  33. Jake Kupscuk

    God damn this guitar is pretty good in here

  34. Aquanox 19

    That guitar solo is amazing

  35. Tryviousse

    4:02 that solo !!!!!

  36. Maxwell Hooker

    I love how ppl always bitch about some resemblance that isnt there between two bands. Im sorry I fucking whorship everything from Led to Slayer idgf they are my gods idgf how fucking close they sound they are all diferent and its fine with me cause im not gay or picky I love fucking metal, metal is fucking amazing stfu and be thankful we are this fucking lucky!


    Witches and saints: *Am I a joke to you?*

    Soaren Borsari

    DON'T TREAD ON ME now I am laughing when I hear this part

  38. Hendrawan Budi Santoso

    A7x indonesia. 😊

  39. Farhan Saputra Yahman

    avenged sevenfold always cheering me up when i feel depressed
    thank you avenged sevenfold

    Jules McGrules

    Keep your head up, friend 🤘

  40. Dr Bright

    "The flames of hell burn bright"
    They burn me?

    Crazy Hercules

    Dr Bright in medieval times, if the Catholics found you guilty of heresy, you were condemned to be burned at the stake. Regardless if you were a saint or not. (Just in case you didn’t know)

    Dr Bright

    Crazy Hercules You don’t get the joke, do you?

    Crazy Hercules

    I didn’t realize, no😂🤦🏽‍♂️I admit, for those who know me in real life, I am/can be pretty damn slow on picking up on stuff. So yeah, it went over my head🤷🏽‍♂️

    Tommy Locker

    Dr Bright they comfort me.... knowing I scare the gods enough for them to put me here...... it's what drives me to burn them... gods n devils alike

    Dr Bright

    @Tommy Locker Tommy locker is the most powerful being in the cosmos.

  41. Dr Bright

    Deus Vult.

  42. Monique Pedrassonni

    Synyster Gates is the best in the World!!!.

  43. Anas Rpm

    Walking the fallen

  44. Brenden Bishop

    This song appears to refer to not the persecuting christians, but the persecution OF christians by it's most aggressive offender, Catholicism.
    The reason for it referring to a christian is seen numerous times. One, it refers to it turning witched and *saints* to ashes". Catholicism refers to noteable mythological people as saints (aswell as apostles), whereas christians believe every believer is a saint.
    When it refers to a "honest man in chains" it refers to a biblically righteous man being put to death by the catholics. This has happened numerous times throughout the witch trials (as seen in crucible) aswell as outside (search "bloody Mary").
    When it says "please dont leave me" and "i've walked a fragile line", it is in reference to the accused man pleading with God to stay with him.

    These are just some parts, cant type all of them on my phone.

  45. Lyendith

    3:55 After listening to this song a dozen times I still can't tell if that part sounds awesome or awkward. It stands out at least. Like it's just slightly off-key.

  46. Weby Ulul Albab

    what a catchy song, great work a7x!

  47. BLEEDING BlUE 309

    This song is all about satan and his lies , no denying it ...

  48. Joe Parrish

    And it seems I've been buried alive pt 2?

  49. Eric Trexler

    This is one of my favorite songs I've heard ever, compounded by who I am and what I've been through in life.

  50. Misty Dawn Elliott

    🆕🆓🆙💖🌕🌐🌚🌠🌜🌛🚉🎫 ✨⭐🌟💫🌞🌙🌎

  51. Arcanum Adam

    Its just avenged this album was decent kinda like the 5th Black was the same in 91

  52. oy vey

    Avenged copyfold

    Perfectly Balanced as All Things Should be

    How so?

  53. Sumandi Sumandi

    😍 Indonesia avenged sevenfold

  54. Patrick

    Why do people associate heavey metal with Satan anyways may be he likes jazz or hip hop are we forgetting he was an angel

  55. Ashton Crutchfield

    you'll never find a better guitar solo anywhere

  56. 4ever EndlessX

    Strongman Tarrako alguien?

  57. dShÄ8899

    (So a lot of people tend to think that Avenged is some shit band that copied Metallica and other bands on Hail to the King... so if you think that...read this i wrote for some insight on the time of the album and the shoes they had to walk in.. ask whatever).After The Rev had passed, they didn’t even really know if they were going to continue... Losing a best friend , really a brother that you’ve had since you were a kid... that you hung out with and partied with all the time.. that you jammed in the garage with , probably terrorized neighbors and other folks with.. (at least in the beginning lol)... that you confided in , wrote music together because of the artists and bands who inspired them and to this day... and eventually sharing their music with millions around the world at venues, festivals ,through digital media, and their albums.. that would soon inspire so many others.. like myself. When you lose a brother who has been with whether at home or on tour for days and months at a time.. they weren’t sure if they could continue on. I can’t begin to fathom how devastating that would be. They even had a hard time playing or even hearing music for a while. Some of them even months.. How would anyone know what to do when their soul has been torn to pieces? Jimmy was one of the most gifted, talented, loving people on this planet.. Though I never had the pleasure of meeting him or witnessing his insane ways in person... from the many hours of watching these guys.. you can just tell.. the warmth of this guy’s soul.. The joy he brought to their lives.. And tons upon tons of people have also noticed it. Avenged received thousands of letters from fans around the world who were also grieving Jimmy’s loss. Of course this seems obscene to many people, but you don’t have to meet some one in person to see and feel their presence... It may seem stronger that way.. but it definitely isn’t the only way... This bonded them and most of the fan base in an extraordinary way.. More than any that I’ve ever seen.. We all truly became family. And this helped them keep going a huge amount of the time. They knew Jimmy would have wanted them to finish Nightmare and most importantly continue on as a band. It was their job to carry on his legacy.. So, of course they finished the album.. with one of Jimmys biggest idols behind the kit. Mike Portnoy, from the also ever evolving Dream Theatre.. A band that had gifted A7X with tons of inspiration through their adventurous music. Having Portnoy finish the album and tour for the first tours back.. made the vision for it all much clearer. They knew that Jimmy would have absolutely loved it. Most of the album proceeding his death, was written about him. If you really think and consider most of the lyrics on the album.. there is so much depth.. Anyone here should find the exact lyrics from the album , sit back , listen with some decent quality speakers or headphones...and really take it all in. It’s haunting.. chilling, thought provoking... emotional on so many different spectrums... It’s not hard to tear up or to cry profusely at times... Not long into a tour cycle ,Mike had been having some “communication problems” with Dream Theatre and caused A7X to be in the spotlight.. For something they had no part of. Which made them seem like a dramatic act.. Avenged hated the very much unwanted attention from the media over this... And didn’t take it lightly. Sure enough, following the incident they decided it was best to part ways with their idol. The last thing they needed to worry about was their image being effected by something like this. Hell, they were still mourning the loss of their best friend...they had enough on their plate.. They wanted to make sure that everyone knew.. that wasn’t the way they were at all. So... soon the next album came into works.. with a young drummer who had got the gig through an audition.. Arin Ilejay. A kid who could play anything from the previous records.. and very well. Avenged normally discusses the direction of the next albums, and the songs before they are written as well from what I’ve discovered. Although they had finished Nightmare.. the most difficult album emotionally for them to write.. they still had a lot to take in to make a following album. Although Nightmare was difficult because of the emptiness they all held ... it came out easily because they could express that pain through the music. When you play and write straight from feel , it’s always the simplest to put on paper. Completing it is a different story. With that said.. the Avenged agenda is evolving. Every single album you listen to , sounds unique in its own crazy way.. Not only from becoming wiser and all around better artists, but because that’s how the wanted it. Five guys.. artists that each love and appreciate a lot of the same music...but.. are all inspired by their own tastes and influences.. Is a recipe for disaster ,mediocrity or magnificence.. Jimmy had played a huge roll in that.. he brought not only drums, but vocals, guitar riffs, piano and well thought orchestral arrangements.. nothing less of an absolute genius.. They knew that no one could ever truly replace The Rev.. So... they went back to their roots.. the styles of music that inspired them.. Such as Metallica, Pantera, some Pink Floyd and more and more.. They needed to have inspiration again.. that feeling when you’re a kid and you hear Eruption for the first time, All Along The WatchTower, or Purple Rain, Ace of Spades, WALK, Enter Sandman....Smells like Teen Spirit...Or whatever.... They said again and again ,that this album was more or less a tribute to the bands that had an enormous impact on them, their music and their lives.. These guys have no reason to rip off of Metallica ,never the less they don’t need to... and they truly honor them.. if you search on here for their backstage moments... in one of the videos.. Brian, Johnny, and Jimmy all group hug... Each slightly intoxicated.. but as Matt sits a computer, Brian says thank you to him, for letting him join the band.. Matt answers with Why ? Brian says back to him , he never would of dreamed of opening up for Metallica , that you all are my best friends in the world and this is the best time of my life. (Haven’t watched in a while but that’s the idea. Look up sweet a7x moments 4 proof i suppose) Don’t be one of those people who are so quick to judge some one is stealing music when you don’t know their story or don’t care to.. I have learned endless amounts about music because of these guys. From theory , to beautiful chords and cadences, lead techniques that truly flourish and improved my playing (and many others with a FREE ONLINE SCHOOL created by the Haners) , Harmonizing with interval variations, and I could go on and on. I’m most definitely NOT one of those crazed fans who just loves any band no matter what because of a good song, or an album or more... I am inspired by the art, the character, the knowledge, the appreciation of all kinds of music... and most importantly to me the evolution. Life is about growing and changing. Whether its for better or for worse, if you take away some knowledge from the things life throws at you.. then you have grown.. Even ever so slightly... But when it has shaped you into a better person, or helped you grow in ways you never imagined.. maybe to help you guide others in their own way.. That is a beaUTIFul thing. The best

  58. Francisco Pérez

    This and Coming Home are so fucking underrated \m/

  59. David Page

    damn bru that was some insane guitar riff

  60. John Guzman

    No one plays like Synester... that solo is killer.

  61. Larry Schmollinger

    Impose your will on me.
    Until the flames set me free

  62. CrackBaby-_-Jake

    "This is one serious heresy!" Tell me if you recognize the joke.

    Michael Marceleno

    I need a heavy flamer for this heresy

  63. MZ guitar

    If anyone's interested in learning the solo from this song, I have a guitar tutorial of it on my channel with TABS + explanation : https://youtu.be/lW62cBwO6mc

  64. Xeno filmguy

    I think this song is about having a different view on Twitter, lol.


    Like with everything that's going on today, this song fits perfectly

  65. moonswine lol

    stan loona

  66. Michael


    You'll thank me later

  67. Vidan

    If you're 555, I'm 666

  68. Xanthos Parashis

    210 heretics disliked this video

  69. Christopher Roberts

    Looking back on this, doesnt it remind anyone of the salem witch trials

    gowon’s wife

    Christopher Roberts more of the inquisition

  70. My autism is exacerbated saying this, but


  71. kier kier

    2:37 is so nostalgic

  72. John Nelsestuen

    You are my favorite for A7x lyrics

  73. Mike Malley

    Syns solo is way to fucking good

  74. julie yerdon

    Love the guitar solo in this

  75. psychonaut ready for launch!

    This concept can be applied to any ideology not simply Christian. Ideology will take hold of you into making you believe something that isn't real. The universe is much too complicated, empower yourself. That's how you slowly start healing a society

  76. Mike Malley

    Syn is just fucking nasty

  77. cara de dedo

    one of best songs a7x

  78. Gabriel Miki

    Imagine this song in Der Eisendrache

    White Skittle

    Gabriel Miki that’s the only way you can play Der Eisendrache correctly

  79. Andy Wilan

    3:06 Please don't leave me..... ..Was the most touching part.

  80. Hagan

    189 heretics disliked this vid they must be scilenced

    Lucifer Morningstar

    I don't think you understood the idea of the song buddy

  81. Tyler Christensen

    I think I've got a good idea what this song is about: the emotional irrationality that so engulfs people from time to time. Especially now in these tumultuous times.

  82. Hyper Orso

    This song heavily reminds me of the book/play known as the Crucible. The Crucible is about the Salem witch trials where due to the lies of the group of girls many were hung including people worthy of being called saints. The judges called them all mad when they were the true mad ones hence "mad men define what mad is" and despite the honesty of character of those accused they were put to death "honest man in chains but that don't matter anyway my judgment day" and the court case was completely fake "no trial no case for reason". In the end the true Heretics were the accusers and judges.

  83. Nigel John


    Gabe Polly


  84. DarkestPrayer69

    Does anyone even read the lyrics to songs anymore?? It states CLEAR AS DAY in the lyrics what the song is about, read the lyrics or gtf off a lyrics video

  85. Sayonil Mitra

    Who is in love with those arpeggio licks of Syn?

  86. Engineering Therapy

    jesus, I hate this font!

  87. Mia Hinojosa

    I love this song so much that sometimes when im going to sleep i put these song and my head phones on and i sleep so comftorable

  88. Xander Webb

    This r0cks holly dookie


    This song is about the heretics. Its not satanic.


    are you being stupid on purpose?? please tell me you are xD

  90. Kenton Riffe

    It’s really about the Salem Witch Trials if you think about it


    Kenton Riffe yep, and it relates to how people get wrongly condemned without judge or jury. Can be applied to today, what's going in America.

  91. flay laa

    i fucking love that riff ... no matter how far i go i can't live one day without listening to it
    go listen to the instrumental version of this song if you wanna know what i mean

  92. Michael Michael

    The berserk manga anyone?

  93. Dan hill

    I love this song .I love this band. A7X foREVer !!!!

  94. GrimKirby 343

    Yo poster of this music video vid the lyrics are wrong at the end you forgot the now after demon

  95. Gabe James

    Oooo you dirty girl

  96. Wade Of The North

    The song you fight to the death to

  97. Josh Kalis

    What I see is that they are trying to tell everyone the truth in a way you'll think it's cool so you'll stray away from evil.

  98. _hana fyraa