Avenged Sevenfold - Girl I Know Lyrics

Let me tell ya 'bout a girl I know
That comes alive when you take off her clothes
There's no tellin' just where she's been
Ask around but no one seems to know, yeah

Late at night when you're looking for sin
Call her up and she'll lay down the law
You can't trust her 'cause she'll lie to your face
But that's not why you gave her a call

You're waste deep inside
The lust and burning desire

We've all been more than eager to sin
And it feels alright, 'til we pay the price
Now you choose either naughty or nice
'Cause she's here for you
It's all yours tonight
You won't believe the stories I've been told
About a girl I know

Another thing about this girl I know
She's more comfortable down on her knees
Went to school, got a job, and then she shot into hell
All 'cause she's born to please, yeah

Don't get her mixed up 'cause she knows what she likes
Can tell the difference between right and wrong
She knows you're watching every one of her moves
Just more reason to string you along, yeah

You're waste deep inside
The lust and burning desire

We've all been more than eager to sin
And it feels alright, 'til we pay the price
Now you choose either naughty or nice
'Cause she's here for you
It's all yours tonight
You won't believe the stories I've been told
About a girl I know

The first times hard enough
But you made it through
The seconds time I see the changes in you
She's got you somehow
You're needing her now, yeah

We've all been more than eager to sin
And it feels alright, 'til we pay the price
Now you choose either naughty or nice
'Cause she's here for you
It's all yours tonight
You won't believe the stories I've been told
About a girl I know

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Avenged Sevenfold Girl I Know Comments
  1. Top Tips

    Feminazis, where you at?

    Also I am not one, just calling them out

  2. Pulsing Thunder

    This song perfectly describes my ex girlfriend

    The Khan

    Sorry brother 🙏

    Solipsism _

    You aren't alone...

  3. Samantha Parker

    Zacky broke his guitar

    Samantha Parker


  4. Samantha Parker

    🔊💯me imfao x

  5. Victor Oliveira

    fuck, this is a masterpiece !

  6. My Name

    This song isn't bad or good it's just hilarious

  7. Justin Negron

    this song needs to be on spotify damnit

  8. Felipe G

    Pantera solo.

  9. NV a7x

    “ We’ve all been more eager to sin and it feels alright til we pay the price “ 💯🔥💀

  10. SmokeyElCrack 7

    Intro... aw yes 🤘
    Lyrics... 😶
    Sounds amazing but the lyrics

  11. aku 123

    my fav song in 2019

  12. Tony

    How the hell didn't this song make The Stage?

  13. Tyler Hicks

    How the fuck did this not make it on an album?

  14. unbekannt



    Good for you man! That's not even a song welll known between the fans, I'm impressed that It was a song that marked you In a certain way, even tho you didn't know the band name!

  15. My autism is exacerbated saying this, but

    Awaits* so many wrong lyrics.

  16. My autism is exacerbated saying this, but


  17. Will iam

    Avenged sevenfold used to have mad hoes tho haha

    night-raider 52

    Tbh theyd probably still have them if they really wanted these days

  18. bicasualtea

    i live for a7x bridges

  19. Rosmery Lopez


  20. Juan Gonzales

    Anyone in 2019 still listening to this?

  21. EntertainmentFortress

    Bruh this a Nickelback song

  22. Castor De apa

    Madalina Dima

  23. John Porter

    The pre chorus lick is fucking sick

  24. TrustyTryhard Gamer

    Majority of the girls at my school in a nutshell

  25. Akhtar Zamil Sirajudeen

    This song sounds like something they thought of while making beast and harlot even the opening riff sounds similar

  26. derek Warren

    83 thumbs down for jackassas with no taste in music

    derek Warren

    Wanna help me track down and murder every on of them

  27. Peter Aleksander Bizjak

    God damn the memories.. came back after so many years!


    Anyone realize this opening riff I just the beast and the harlot riff minus a few notes??!!?!?


    She’s a whore

  30. Jerry McNeil

    They rock

  31. Sebastien McCarthy

    This sounds like a song made by five finger death punch. I mean, it’s definitely better than what FFDP writes, but I can definitely see why they didn’t put this on The White Album.

  32. çağdaş korkmaz



    3:58 on Repeat 100 Times ❤️

    Creepy Meow

    Eargasm haha

  34. Bentli

    You can feel early City of Evil just burning from this song.

  35. Patrick Marsh

    Isn't Diamonds in the Rough an EP?

  36. Chen Levin

    Damn lmao

  37. where is the love?

    best song ever

  38. The Demonic Horseman

    I love this song. It's just so unlike Avenged to have a song like this. I laughed so damn hard when listening to this for the first time.

  39. Audi Audi


  40. where is the love?

    musica foda! como sempre a7x sempre a7x

  41. Rama Algifary

    i accidentally played this song and i like it much, now i hear it again and i like it foREVer

  42. Foxy zorritoplayer

    Some parts sound like beast And the harlot

    Foxy zorritoplayer

    And 1:23 like a little piece of heaven

  43. Jami Wallace

    I'd be down on my knees for M. Shadows any day 😏

    Gerardo Brito

    We all would and I'm a dude

    Wilson Myers

    Umm. Nah. He's married

    Yesmil Alexandra

    Jami Wallace same my friend, same.

  44. lindaholmberg


  45. kaylee scoggin

    the fact that this isn’t on itunes or spotify kills me😭

  46. Jonny Lee

    tbh this is my least favorite A7X song

    kaylee scoggin

    Jonny Lee i was never into the stage or sound the seventh trumpet,, i dig the rest tho.

  47. Hardy94Boy

    Such an underrated song <3

  48. nick supreme

    Rock songs about girls like this: "Hot and dangerous" - "She knows you're watching every one of her moves
    Just more reason to string you along, yeah"
    Rap songs about girls like this: "Pathetic and worthless" - "these hoes got pussies like craters, can't treat these hoes like ladies man"
    Well I know what I prefer, both musically and lyrically.

  49. Ben Duncan

    The lyrics are so corny but it's so catchy.

  50. Spyros Zoumperis

    1:08 when you realise you are playing the same lick as Beast and the Harlot and try to cover it up with a bend :P

  51. MyUnicornsAreDead

    That opening riff is what makes the song tbh. Holy fuck it grooves

  52. Anthony Correa

    This is a good ass song . sucks to see not a lot of people recognize’s it

  53. Jesse Lewison

    Why is this song not on apple music


    Damn I wish I knew a slut like this

  55. Content 69

    Can't find a reason why Shadows find the lyrics of this song cheesy.

  56. Just Arandomguy

    Best riff ever

  57. The Undead King

    Musically this song is awesome, lyrically, it's my least favorite Avenged Sevenfold song.

  58. PiddiMasterYt Hax

    to hell with this girl and avenged sevenfold

  59. JustAFrench A7x fan

    Am i the only one who know this song because of the DVD with the live in the LBC and Diamonds in the rough ??

    O-Man Gaming

    Fgg Dfgf yeah is going some where with my mom and I grabbed this cd so we could listen to it on the way (I’d only heard dancing dead of this album) and this song came on and I didn’t known it and I was head banging to the intro. Then the lyrics start up and I instantly get nervous especially during the second verse. She didn’t say anything though

  60. Firetracks

    Cheesy but catchy

  61. Noah Moon

    This is M Shadows least favorite A7X song

    Hollie Sproule

    @Jason Skywalker I adore both girl I know and unbound.


    Did he tell the reason?

    Lee Stevens

    He said he just didn’t like the lyrics over time I think he said they seem “immature” now or something, I’m guessing it’s the same with this song cause it’s really far from what they’d usually write about

    Jessie Taylor

    He said in an interview the only song he regrets recording at this point in he career is natural born killer, he thinks its a very generic song and he and the band regretted it after it was released.

  62. James Brennan

    definitely should have made it onto the album

  63. Fabian Villavicencio

    this talks about hookers or drugs??

  64. SOAD2001

    which one of them wrote this i wonder😂 or a group effort? whoever it was, they were certainly one hell of a creative writer🤘

  65. Daniele Gutierrez


    Table Frog 100

    Daniele Gutierrez HELL YEAH

    Table Frog 100

    Daniele Gutierrez LIKE NEVER BEFORE

  66. Gabriel Holguin


  67. Joshua Shuman

    pisses me off that this song isn't on Spotify

  68. ManUtd18

    Literally the first second of the song makes me think it's Lost it All


    ManUtd18 bro honestly not even close you have broccoli for hearing

    Joseph Kinsella

    ManUtd18 I agree

    The Demonic Horseman

    It does sound similar.

  69. Casie Wojciak

    I'm in love with this song omg

  70. Jack Rockwell

    How the hell didn't this song make City of Evil?

    Aidan Lyons

    MasterRoshi69 you can tell that this was originally made for city of evil because of the guitar work

    Chapter FFFMGEHSS

    MasterRoshi69 arent you the dude whos holding the postion of top most comment on the a little piece of heaven video xD

    jarod gould

    Aidan Lyons this and a bunch of other b sides from the white album(2007) were on an album called diamond's in the rough in 2008 attached to a live DVD concert

    Nutty Berries

    Not good enough for CoE

  71. Bunny Hop

    My new theme song 👌🏻

  72. ps box

    It reminds me a lot Drag the Waters- Pantera

  73. allen 00

    Reminds me of my mom...damn she could suck good dick


    Well then


    Marcus Nettles I thought I was the only one

    allen 00

    ARGVT we are the only two smart people


    what the fuck lmao


    Holy shit, lmfao

  74. Philadelphia Phile

    another girl about this thing I know

    501st Legion

    Philadelphia Phile is she's more knees down on her comfortable

    O-Man Gaming

    Went to job got a school

  75. Gracy Toy Schultz

    it's the perfect song when having freaky sex!

  76. your mom

    this sounds alot like dancing dead lmfao

  77. ak survial907

    I have a friend like dis

  78. brsniper312

    I'm gonna equate this to Fever by BFMV. Yay or nay?

    Toby Hampton

    brsniper312 Fever is a close second

  79. Marco

    good song

  80. Ivan Martinez

    this song is basically saying hoes aint shit

    iToast Cz

    @devon tyrone Holy shit stalker, you're creeping me out

    luke badasd

    iToast Cz I bet you kobe dockery and goosinator love that chinese girl in high school

    iToast Cz

    @devon tyrone ok... i...
    I gotta barricade the windows

    luke badasd

    iToast Cz why Because of the Chinese girl in high school

  81. Josh Slayer

    I think everyone knows someone like this XD

    Itachi Uchiha

    Josh Slayer oh your mom yeah I know her well😂😂😂 jk

    Philadelphia Phile

    +Itachi Uchiha go watch ur fucking naruto

    luke badasd

    Itachi Uchiha are you a stalker!!!!

    Gerardo Brito

    I do and I'm in middle school


    I actually do know someone like this. XD

  82. Gracy Toy Schultz

    sucks that i cant find this song on spotify

    Wild DogV2.0

    fucky0urmorals !! True man true


    Dalton JWelch no they aren’t

    Brandon Davidson

    I downloaded the album on Spotify an it's not able to play

    Alex Brumar

    If you are a real fan buy this album damn it

    Taylor 506

    Dalton JWelch what about dancing dead

  83. Brittany Marie

    who's going to the fort Wayne's on September 20th??

  84. nonoseacrest

    This sounds like a song for a "Samantha"

    Julian Gonzalez

    nonoseacrest *"I regret writing this comment"* lmao why?

    The Demonic Horseman

    Samantha is a nice name.

    Wayne Igoe

    Nah. This is more of a Cheyenne song.

    Matheus Morais

    I think is a song for a "Barbara"

    Aidan Davis

    I wonder if we are thinking about the same one.

  85. JP Alpharo

    LOL we all have that special someone

  86. DarK PhoeniX

    8 years, 44 dislikes. Now that´s amazing.

    jackson rodgers

    How the hell could you dislike this song anyways? Haha I love it

  87. JrocKnorth

    Those bends! God I love that shit!

  88. jojo mel

    bad ass song any one else agree with me

  89. Hayden Dupree

    Pretty sure I know that same girl

    Jaybird George

    *guy looks around room* "is it..... you?"


    @HellHunter I feel ya bro

    Georgios Papadimitriou

    we all do..

    foe fifth

    I may know her.... But if not *whispers* what's her digits* 😒

  90. Brittany Marie

    I can't wait to go to their concert in September.


    Same! 21st in nashvegas


    21 february in italy =(


    September 17 in jersey

    Owen McIntyre

    16th january manchester ✌

    Psychedelic BDSM


  91. Nevergy GMV

    Love A7x especially their old songs.

    Horror and Halloween 101

    This isn't really one of their older songs though. Or were you saying that you especially liked their old songs as in not this song but Sounding the Seventh Trumpet and Waking the Fallen?

  92. Meryem Soylu

    We need more songs like this one!!!!

    Burak Akbulut

    Aynen meryem

  93. Tibearius the king

    sounds like my kinda girl

  94. Donald Trump

    Wtf it's not on iTunes

    Tabberss J

    It's off Diamonds in the rough, a CD of their B-sides, it probably wont be on iTunes it came along with the Live in the LBC DVD


    Yea for real! I like this a Dancing Dead

    Taylor D Dang

    Donald Trump sorry late reply! I had to buy the cd! This is my favorite album

  95. Jakfar Siddiq

    now you choose either naughty or nice

  96. SmashBros7

    Give me a fucking reason why they hate this band, there are humble with pure heart but crazy as fuck, they show that we must be ourselves no matter what the fuck the world say thats why I love this band their hilarious and badass


    +PR Smasher Smash and A7X? I like you....

    Killua Zoldyck

    You are the GOAT

    Nenas Rajić

    Ninja potato


    i also like how creative they are, they make the lyrics to relate on almost everyone

    lets say this one
    everybody knows "that one girl" right?


    and what you said about them

    they are pure hearted but crazy as fuck indeed, no matter what they only want to just have a good time

  97. Raydeen Keller

    This sounds like it could be about the groupie who wrote The Last Living Slut.

  98. Misspixelwolf =)

    I'll be begging on my knees for some Jimmy, Zacky, Brian, Johnny, and Matt.

    Misspixelwolf =)

    Yep... Wanna be friends?

    Gary Davidson Music

    @Misspixelwolf =) Why not lol


    +Misspixelwolf =) You know the video is addressing hate to sloots like yourself right? Sloots gonna sloot

    Misspixelwolf =)

    Wtf is a sloot? You've very stupid.


    All at the same time?

  99. ReMaKING1996

    songs like this are why i love A7X