Avenged Sevenfold - Flash Of The Blade Lyrics

As a young boy chasing Dragons
with your wooden sword so mighty,
You're St. George or you're David and you always
killed the beast
Times change very quickly
And you had to grow up early
A house in smoking ruins and the bodies at your feet

You'll die as you lived
In a flash of the blade
In corner forgotten away
You lived for the touch
For the feel of the steel
One man, in his Honour.

The smell of resined leather
The sticky iron mask
As you cut and thrust and parried at the
fencing master's call
He taught you all he ever knew
To fear no mortal man
And now you'll reach your vengeance in the
Screams of evil man.

You'll die as you lived
In a flash of the blade
In corner forgotten away
You lived for the touch
For the feel of the steel
One man, in his Honour.

You'll die as you lived
In a flash of the blade
In corner forgotten away
You lived for the touch
For the feel of the steel
One man, in his Honour.

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Avenged Sevenfold Flash Of The Blade Comments
  1. DoContraPlays

    great cover

  2. Petr Kufhaber

    Good Cover IM

  3. Husko Bar

    I can't believe it...they made Flash of the Blade gay. I didn't think it possible. Singer sounds like he's yelling in feminine agony after a chemical peel facial. Jesus fuck.

  4. SuperKamiGuru 97

    This is awesome but no one can beat the originals vocal harmonies

  5. SouthpawJimmy

    I'm just thrilled someone besides me likes this song enough to cover it. In my top 5 favorite maiden songs.

  6. David Gomez

    i loke to susfren

    David Gomez

    we cotch alat believe us

  7. tmosh_04

    could be biased but i think this version is better

  8. WhatFor Aaron

    Not a bad Iron Maiden cover. However, it would be nice if Matt Shadows would metalize “99 Stab Wounds” by GG ALLIN!...

  9. aron saenz

    Thats cool but i prefer the original

  10. Uncle Ruckus

    Not bad not close too the great Iron Maiden but not bad

  11. Gabriele Domingos Jardim

    This vocal doesn't have the firmness of Bruce's and those backing vocals on the chorus are disposable. Good instrumental tough

  12. Graham Taylor

    Decent version.

  13. Majo Sanchez

    I couldn't find this song in Spotify :( is there anyone who could?

  14. Nuggi 77

    Di saat smua viralkan lagu2 yg gk jelas gw malah ingin nostal lagi di sini \m/

  15. André de Sena Augusto

    My two favourite bands! Up the Irons! foREVer

  16. motor head

    Maiden version miles away

  17. ryne barry

    This is sick af

  18. Samudro Luhur

    2019 and it still favourite song


    Samudro Luhur Iron maidens Flash of the blade is better but this is a great cover🔥

  19. Devils Envy

    🤘great cover

  20. Sam Lindsay

    This is badass!!

  21. Mike Peterson

    Is it me or are they getting the words wrong? In a corner forgotten by no one is correct, in a corner forgotten away is wtf?

  22. Brady Williams

    So sad that the the Rev passed. What a talent on drums, songwriting, and even vocals. R.I.P Rev.

  23. Jose Ramirez

    I wish this was still on Spotify

  24. thedevilgood78

    Better than Six Feet Under Cover.

  25. Zach Pohlman

    I love this song so freaking much....whether it be Maiden’s version or A7X’s. Both are simply killer.

  26. Running Man


  27. robert spears

    Maiden way better

  28. D3RRANG3D

    I love this but a7x got the lyrics wrong its "in a corner forgotten by no one" not "in a corner forgotten the way"

  29. D3RRANG3D

    They did an awesome job on this extraordinary Maiden song

  30. The Demonic Horseman

    Easily one of my favorite cover songs of all time.

  31. Dellaith

    I’m so mad that they took this off Spotify.

  32. Karl Simon

    I don’t care for their originals at all - they are all over the place. And I expected to hate this. Well done! Extremely well done.

  33. thedevilgood78

    Better than Cover by Six Feet Under

  34. Marcello Malloni

    Best cover ever, for sure better than the original.

  35. Jim Pickens

    Why the fuck did they take this off spotify?

  36. Anotherbound


  37. SpiralDream

    This is shit lol

  38. Joseph

    His vocals...uh...let's go back to maiden. This sounded a lil uh...

  39. Alex Silva


  40. Gyro Attack

    Great cover

  41. Christopher Reitwiesner

    Iron Maiden superior

  42. blaze y

    I liked the iron maiden version better but this Version was hq but idk iron maiden is still my most favorite band.

  43. Luca Romiglio

    La voz de jimmy 😄🤘😎

  44. Tyreek Murillo

    pretty sick cover

  45. Piero Minaya Rojas

    This is the first time I can say the original is better. Still I love A7X.

  46. ahmet Tahsin Ertaş

    That s a good cover, nothing new. Bruce and the maiden always rule all the way

  47. Tim

    i love what they did with the backing vocals. It's really their style. They put their style on it and just didn't copy maiden.

  48. Luke Made A Video

    avenged sevenfold did it better, the drums, harmonic vocals by the rev, and plus that killer bass line, iron maidens was alright but the vocals for bruce was so quiet

  49. Damian Cross

    The chorus is a dumpster fire but beyond that not bad at all.

  50. Flakes x 73

    Best cover of the song out there

  51. Jim Bone

    As a massive iron maiden fan this vsrsion is badass

    Jim Pickens

    Not wrong

  52. Nate Moorman

    So mad this got taken off Spotify

  53. Tom Princiotta

    I think Arya Stark's story line was based off this song. There should be a music for her/it

  54. FalloutEnthusiast

    The chorus absolutely makes this song. The Rev always had amazing chorus vocals, just the right contrast to Matt's deeper, scratchy voice.

  55. Logan Bacon

    I heard avenged sing it first so ;/

  56. Daniel Paniagua Díaz

    COJONUDO TÍOS!!! He alucinado. No me habíais llamado la atención.. HASTA AHORA!!!

  57. GustavoSpawn

    Salve À São Jorge Guerreiro!

  58. RatedR GookerStar

    If you have to resort to auto tune in the chorus.. Don't even bother trying.

  59. Walamonga 1313

    Not bad but no Steve Harris bass so it's an automatic "I'll pass". And I don't mean he played badly, I mean that it needs to be more prominent in the mix and it doesn't have the "clank" sound.

  60. vee yew

    Respect for the cover... but to be honest it's TOTAL SHITE.

  61. Sonny Abraham

    As a big fan of Maiden, this is the best cover ever!

  62. A7Xandproachalways

    Say what u want but I just listened to the iron maiden song and I like this cover better


    Original sounds like shit, but all the old ppl have nostalgia ears

  63. Thanos Tsalas

    This one sounds better.Tbh it feels more modern and I like the chorus better.Anyways each to their own

  64. Cryptic Shadows

    The first time I heard this I instantly thought avenged could do a great cover of it and what do you know

  65. Dalton C

    I don't even like avenged but this cover is pretty damn good

  66. sime skelin-CROAT

    What a joke...

  67. Lantz Hammond

    Vocals need that maiden energy, still good though

  68. CynicalAF

    This is crap lol

  69. Martijn de Groot

    No disrespect, but johnny actually fucked this one up

  70. Tonesz586

    If you added this up and the original it wouldn't be half as epic as the cover of Rhapsody.

  71. MrBastilleDay

    Instrumentally it’s pretty much perfect, on key. Vocally, well....good, but he’s just not Bruce.

  72. בר טופליאן

    bang your head!

  73. Great Cover

    Great Cover !

  74. digizilla164

    Not bad but the original is way better.

  75. MrZackyF

    I love the version is that ok

  76. Luke Powell

    The Revs voice in the chorus just makes it sound so cool! Love it

  77. Oliver Philip-Harrison

    Hmmmm... a7x instrumental with Bruce vocals???

  78. Leftleg Rightarm


  79. proadam09

    as a fan of both bands, this is pretty dope. I thought the drums here were a bit weak compared to the original, but its still dope.

  80. camilo rueda

    Better than meiden's

  81. Jordan

    The pitch of the vocals couldn't have hurt, otherwise, very solid

  82. Bisri Mustofa

    To old Maiden Fans, please don't be arrogant...give a respect for younger band like Avenged Sevenfold.

  83. Antonis Papachatzis

    The Iron maiden version is better. The chorus sounds like the bastard daughter of Megatron and Jarvis. Also they made it too black metal and they chew up too many words cause they can't do the timing properly. 3/10

  84. Spyros

    nice cover

  85. RzzyGawd TM

    This cover made me not listen to flash of the blade for a year

  86. brucelogan

    Good ,but Maiden best forever!!

  87. Jimmy Norris

    Nah maiden owned it!

  88. hmcccpp

    hahahahaha what a piece of shit typical fake metal pop garbage thrash music for teens

  89. afa78djd

    I hate this band, but I gotta admit the music is great, spot on but the vocals aren't great.

  90. Chris C

    I like this version better because the vocals don't sound hideous

  91. Ironlord2015

    In a corner forgotten the way? Errrr, I think you'll find it's "in a corner forgotten by no one", you can't start changing classic lyrics Avenged...not a bad cover though, but Rhapsody of Fire's version pisses on this....sorry.

  92. Francisco Espin

    Le falta mucho en la voz.

  93. man iPreferChicken

    0:56 That's the definition of "Perfection"

  94. Ben Rankin


  95. Dank Memes

    I listen to this while playing ryse:son of rome

  96. The Huntsman

    i prefer the iron maiden version

  97. tino pimpo

    Where is the gunmachine bass or Steve. Harris