Avenged Sevenfold - Fiction Lyrics

Now I think I understand
How this world can overcome a man
Like a friend we saw it through
In the end I gave my life for you

Gave you all I had to give
Found a place for me to rest my head
While I may be hard to find
Heard there's peace just on the other side

Not that I could
Or that I would
Let it burn
Under my skin
Let it burn

Left this life to set me free
Took a piece of you inside of me
All this hurt can finally fade
Promise me you'll never feel afraid

Not that I could
Or that I would
Let it burn
Under my skin
Let it burn

I hope it's worth it
Here on the highway, yeah
I know you'll find your own way
When I'm not with you
So tell everybody
The ones who walk beside me, yeah
I hope you'll find your own way
When I'm not with you tonight

I hope it's worth it
What's left behind me, yeah
I know you'll find your own way
When I'm not with you
So tell everybody
The ones who walk beside me, yeah
I know you'll find your own way
When I'm not with you tonight

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Avenged Sevenfold Fiction Comments
  1. Phurba Tamang

    Evergreen song!

  2. timmy timson

    Wonder what his childhood was like. On the 'All Excess' DVD, he says that he was living at a laundrymat for a while, stayed at friends houses, lived in his car for a whle. He also said "in and out of homes". Would that mean he was a foster kid and moved from family to family, or he just meant he was at friends houses more than he was at his own family's houes, and that he was sort of couch surfing nearly all the time? If the guy had a shit homelife since childhood, that would explain a lot.

  3. Irfan Putra

    I hope you'll find your own way, pal

  4. Plant-based Oklahoma Girl Outdoors

    Also, listen to the song Afterlife. It was also written by the Rev and was released in 2007. When you listen to the lyrics and already know the backstory about this one, it is clearly about someone thinking about suicide and having made the decision to end their life. 😢

  5. xXCoCaGirlXx

    The fact that people keep saying this is a suicide note seems a little insulting considering everyone in the band and even the Rev's parents said it was an accident. Hell, even the coroner said it was an accident that his heart condition contributed to? Also didn't Matt write some of this song after the Rev passed? This song is sad as fuck, but don't just chalk it down to a "suicide" note, instead look at it as the Rev's last beautiful piece of work.

  6. Lauren Gryskevicz

    10 years 💔

  7. DKJ vlogging and gaming

    10 years ago today we lost the best musican ever rip jimmy a friend a brother #forREVer

  8. Snapz Gaming

    10 years...

  9. True Kolors

    Rip Jimmy 💜

  10. proud girl

    10 years without u REV...
    love and miss u foREVer

  11. Tio Taylor

    10 years THE REV

  12. Dank Beanz

    10 years ago this day we lost a legend... Rip Jimmy..

  13. Bakshots

    I'm begining to think music is more powerful than love.

  14. John Smith

    10 years...R.I.P.

  15. Miss Sevenfold

    Knife Master ❤️

  16. Juna Caddo

    Had a heavy heart listening to this 😫

  17. Elzéard Bouffier

    Weird to think that in a few days (as of the time of writing this), it will have already been ten years, and I'm still listening....

  18. Brett Minter

    Attempt number 4,023 to sing this without crying.. One day

  19. hehe Xd

    Its so fucking weird, song so depressing and straight up sad is doing The opposite for me. I feel like I no longer feel ?liveless? I dont know how to call it. Im not suicidal, havent considered it yet, I just dont really feel the need of living, or comprehend how important I am to some people that keep telling me that I am important and just would love to go further in time and skip the empty months. Now, looking at Revs life. He had a wife, friends from The band and probably beyond the band, shit ton of fans around The world and yet he still chose not to live. Looking at how many people still remember Jimmy, still come back to those songs despite all the years gone I feel like me disappearing would be The most selfish thing I ever did. I cant do it for others, even tho im not that happy myself I think I need to keep living for them, to not disappoint them. Fuck it's tough, i think I got lost in my words. Maybe Time is in fact the best doctor for broken people and we need to just let him work in his own pace? Anyway, if you random stranger got to this Point I sincerely thank you, and wish you all The best.


  20. Amber Dawn

    I listen to this song every year! 😔💔 Breaks my heart every time.

  21. Akesh Debbarma

    the best song ever in entire world

  22. Beth Benioh

    This song sucks. But I'm sorry for Jimmy. Isis says she hated him

    Beth Benioh

    I'm just kidding isis loves him. She wants to marry him

    Beth Benioh

    I'm just kidding

  23. Fajar Borneo

    2 Dec 2019

  24. Alexander Curtis

    Dimebag Darrell
    Vinnie Paul
    Cliff Burton
    The Rev
    Randy Rhodes
    Paul Gray

  25. Keep me unknown

    This bring me thru so many near death expierences I had with heart failure

  26. Galvatronus113

    This is one of the few songs that make me cry. I miss The Rev and I'm glad he left us this perfect song. Every time I lose somebody, I listen to this song and thing about his words, and how all our loved ones hope we find our own ways when they're not with us.

  27. John lalramzauva

    Always my best even if ur gone

  28. John lalramzauva

    Why my fav drummers (the Rev)?

  29. Harry Strickland

    I love how their music is all Christian Based. If yall did. Not catch on.

  30. Kico Qaja

    I can feel their pain..

  31. Nabilah Zahra

    im honestly crying

  32. J Graves98

    The rev come baaaaaaaack!!!!💔😭😭

  33. N_ w52

    Oh shit
    It's 2019 and I'm still crying

  34. Firman Hidayat

    2019 i love Jimmy the Rev Sullivan

  35. dark_matter_man

    This is such an underrated song
    Even 9 years later this song can still bring me to tears Rest In Peace Rev we loved you and wish you cold have stayed longer 😢

  36. nightmmare

    I m not crying you r crying

  37. cohen wilson

    Rip rev

  38. Nicholas Griffin

    Wow..... after learning this was actually his form of a suicide note, the lyrics seem so much more impactful, I don't think I've ever cried this intensely in my life

  39. Robbie Scott

    I miss Jimmy. His goodbye song without a doubt

  40. Don't Panic! At the Arctic Monkeys and Tøp concert

    R.I.P Rev... 😔
    I hope it’s more peaceful up there for you...

    Goddamn, that was hard to write...

  41. Aki Akabane


  42. Erron Bolinger

    Saw them in was either see Moines or souix city and all there was was a piano on stage engulfed in blue light and smoke. No other members on stage during entire song. The crowd was so quiet. You could hear people crying during the softer sections of it and at the end.

    Erron Bolinger

    Des moines

  43. Uttam Paul

    Rip the REV

  44. Gary Rooks

    R.I.P Jimmy Sullivan

  45. lil miss mary jane

    Can't believe it's been 10 years. We miss you jimbo!!

  46. Asyraf Azman

    This song was finished by The Rev 3 days before his deadly :'(

  47. Dylan Field

    Jimmy Sullivan: Never forgotten, foREVer loved...

    Rest in Paradise 💔🖤😔

  48. aka._. cwp

    When he said: "Let it burn".... I think he meant the poison he would be drinking the day he will kill himself...

  49. It’s 9ine

    3:34 to 3:49 gets me every time...

  50. Tristan Phillips

    This song never fails to bring tears to my eyes.. every time... but I love it.. - RIP Rev -

    It’s 9ine

    Tristan Phillips I feel you man, helps me through tough times as well 👊🏼

  51. West Bank

    A7x is a good band but not my favorite,I just heard this song for the 1st time 2 days ago and I must say I've been missing out,this song is fucking beautiful!! foREVer!!

  52. Trace Green

    sadly beautiful

  53. Mario Ayuso

    foREVer sleep in peace

  54. Justin Alijuddin

    this is my song after i'll retire

  55. the blank001

    Now i think i understand

  56. Agarthan Reaper

    imagine a band with jimmy the rev as a drummer and back vocals and piano. for bass u know who. FUCKING CLIFF BURTON. and dimebag darrel for lead guitar and chester for lead vocals. damn that might actually be the best band ever

  57. 70 • 7

    That fact will not matter for it is obvious there was no love present. You fooled me but my saviors love is true. He is my redeemer and HIS blood did sanctify me. I have lost only an enemy which is a blessing.

  58. chase nosik

    R.I.P Rev, you will be missed by all

  59. sarah whalen

    R.I.P the Rev 💔 still can't believe your gone

  60. rixx 6092

    I just searching fiction from sumika,soundtrack of wotaku ni koi wa muzukashi,and then i get this song.

  61. Akash Tim cena

    Official suicide note of the REV..
    Gives me chills everytime... Miss him so much..

  62. Doll uchiha

    2019 any one listening this song..

  63. Krillitfast 21

    Anyone watch the so far away vid then listen to this and cry yourself to sleep

  64. Tygo VdW

    December is nearing, its gonna be a good year

  65. Tygo VdW

    No offense to Shads, but if only this song was all Jimmy... Could you imagine if Jimmy did all vocals instead of just a few demo takes that are left in as tribute

  66. Moonzick

    Fiction:I know you'll find your own way
    So far away:i'll be on my way

  67. Reylaan

    literally fuckin cried

  68. Red Zie

    A7X has been my fav band since I was in the middle school😭😭😭And it's just too emotional, still :"(

  69. Brandon B

    Maybe he faked his death and lives under a bridge with Elvis??

  70. Divine Kom

    I once found a place to rest my head

  71. pemburu rupiah

    Song is the best .

    My song favorite.

    The rev jimmy sullivan .song memories

  72. Braizin 420

    This song always gives me chills. I love this song. RIP jimmy 💔

  73. Yanne Maraputtie

    25 April 2019..And I'm crying...

  74. Lv Hruaia

    I lovd you Rev and miss you so much...I love you all the fans and the band..Syn, M.Shad,Zacky,J.Christ😭😭😭😭😭😍😍

  75. Engi Nampui

    3:16 - 3:32 the best part

  76. PennywiseTDC98

    Jimmy was, is and always will be the best drummer in history. I for one never saw him perform live, but I know one thing for sure: He is rocking in the Afterlife for Dear God. Hearing him on CD is like A Little Piece of Heaven for me. He will foREVer be my favorite drummer. All I can say is HAIL TO THE KING! (I think I used to many puns.)


    Dave Grohl is better

  77. proud girl

    f o R E V e r

  78. Jojo's Swifty

    Damn, the rev had such an amazing voice. It's just so pure and beautiful

  79. Jorge Ramos


  80. Hendra Maulana

    Promise me you'll never feel afraid

  81. Tommy 210

    3:00 gets me ever time

  82. Abhi gates

    Come back...Knife master..

  83. Afiq Hamdan

    “Your pain is gone , your hands untied”

  84. Hunter Kemkaran

    Who was gonna tell the rev that it was actually a goose 🤣🤣🤣 we’ll miss you buddy we all love you💓

  85. LongShooting Show

    A7x foREVer

  86. Music Lover

    foREVer live jimmy

  87. Kieran Fenton

    The chilling part is the fact is this is the last time rev would ever record his own lyrics r.i.p jimmy you are the reson i started drumming !

  88. Ziebenator63

    My son lost his 14 year old Golden Retriever "Toba" this year and made an Instagram tribute to his 'best friend.' It was set to the last 2 minutes of this song. Brings me to tears when I hear it

  89. the blank001

    Let it buuurrrrrnnnnnnn!

  90. Gamers Montage


  91. Jade Garner

    The piano is the audible definition of insanity🤯

  92. Novo Rev

    March 2019?

  93. Top Floor Inc

    This is the closest you’ll ever have to hearing an angel speak to you

  94. Hanson 32Ö

    Im still watting for Jimmy's return as a knife master

  95. Ghost Killer2042

    You don't have to be a true fan and this song will make u cry

  96. Youtube Viewer

    It's been about 10 years