Avenged Sevenfold - Dose Lyrics

What's the matter dear
Seems the ghost
Is in your stall
For a thousand years
Taured lived within us all
I've come from
Somewhere beyond

Lost in a world
Voyage in time
Shot through the worm
Scaling the vine

Here in '54
Tastes of napalm fill the sky
Axis wins the war
Seems the crop of our divide
I've slipped through
Bodies aligned

Lost in the world
Voyage in time
Shot through the worm
Scaling the vine

All that's me
And all that's you
All that's false
And all that's true
On the sea you sailed away
Another time
You'd surely stay
It's only fabric so it seems
Our intimate reality
We're living simultaneously
While parallel in possibilities

Lost in the world
Voyage in time
Shot through the worm
Scaling the vine

Lost in the world
Voyage in time
Shot through the worm
Scaling the vine

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Avenged Sevenfold Dose Comments
  1. R0ckstarRJ

    Voltaic oceans lol

  2. Alfonso Martinez

    This song fuckin rocks

  3. Yuri


  4. Jamey Alford

    This band is gold.

  5. Yes Or Yes

    I have nightmare after this song stuck in my head😭

  6. Kamil Thamrin

    I like this song ...

  7. Jay Davis

    The pathway of endurance

  8. Jacob Ferguson

    How much DMT did these guys do

  9. BromLeConteur

    From wich album does this music come ?

  10. Sandeep Baidya

    Brooks 😰😰😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

  11. TheDyreWolf X

    2:51 favorite part

  12. the neon kitty

    Have they made a breakdown for this one yet?

  13. Galang Restu

    Know me by name
    Sheperd of fire wkwk

  14. Davi Souza

    2019 ? 🤘🏼☠🤯😍😍

  15. NightmareTrauma

    No Buds.

  16. Hanabi - Chan

    Lost in the world! Voyage in time! Shout to the worm! - Matt Shadows loves yelling at worms I see...

    Garrett [REDACTED]

    Shot* 😅

  17. José Cruz

    This song has become my favorite song from them, this whole album will only get better with time, its a _god damn_ masterpiece

  18. hulk smash

    John really

  19. akta bakta

    I love this song since the first time I heard it, such a different vibe for them;. Spacey, heavy, hopelessness lost undertone speaks to the 'alien that don't belong here' within us all, i think

  20. Òscar Ufoporno

    Desde el 14 de julio se sentia arder la amazonas de brasil

  21. Justin Bowen

    Very strong Pantera feel

  22. Osiris D. Aimztaroth

    I love A7x

  23. bo cay

    Aim indonesian

  24. Joe Dean

    Where is the next solace?

  25. Joselito Otilesoj

    Avenged sevenfodas

  26. Dustin Louis

    If they could take the prog style the stage has especially in songs like exist and this song with the heaviness of nightmare or like waking the fallen the guys would be on to something ! New album 2020 fingers crossed .

  27. BaD BoY

    This is beautiful song

  28. Lopez Guy

    Same hail to the king melody fuhq

    Stefan Matic

    Not even close.

  29. SovietSpoon597

    Im guessing this is a song about
    The cold war because 59 [referring to 1959] is in the lyrics even though it says the axis won so it could possibly be alternate history.

    Shot through the worm could be referring to the russian and american spys going into each country like worms going into a apple.

  30. Dustin Louis

    One of my favorites idk why but it stands out to me the most on the album as soon as I heard it I was like wow this is pretty cool I hope maybe they’ll add this to their set and play it live .

  31. Bob Swansen

    The stage deluxe is a cover album, who's the band from the original dose song?


    Bob Swansen this song is an original

    Bob Swansen

    @R0ckstarRJ oww

  32. Jake Miller

    Avenged sevenfolds"sweating bullets"

  33. Med Track

    Amazing Lyrics,Jimmy where are you, are looking down from the heaven ?

  34. deminybs

    Been my favorite band since I was about 13 , 29 now and they're still in the top 2 lol, them and Epica <3

  35. Odin

    At first I didn’t like the idea of the songs they added in the deluxe version because the album had a flow like feel replaying, but I gotta admit these are pretty f***n’ great

  36. Brandon

    3:33 my fav part. 5:01 my least favorite part cuz it ends.... 😢

  37. Brandon

    DUDE MY FAVVVVV SONG BY THEM RN XD great job A7X KEEP IT UP!!! Sorry for late text

  38. Сергей Поздняков

    A7X 🔥

  39. Awie Elf

    I always love you A7X ! no matter what , true rock is come from u guys ! and even the Rev is not with u , A7X still write a good songs and real heavy metal is here. the rev is the one musician that so Intellegent that I ever know , and All personel of avenged sevenfold just u guys know how to understand about him , this is what he wanted never gave up and surrender ! Love From INDONESIA!

  40. Anthony Varone

    All that’s me and all that’s you, all that’s false and all that’s true.
    On the sea you sailed away,
    Another time, you’d surely stay.
    It’s only fabric so it seems,
    Our intimate reality.
    We’re living simultaneously,
    While parallel in possibilities.






    HERE IN 54

  44. Kevin Wyatt

    Cool I'm loving it Dose is a great music and vocals master peace. Good job keep the good work coming thank you a7f.

  45. A Name

    Feels like sounding the seventh trumpet album

  46. Rudy Meneses

    Grab 2 speakers and play this song with a small delay on one speaker. Super short delay to the point where the song is still listenable. You have now entered the 4th dimension. It’s way better if you’re stoned.

  47. Billy Valentine

    Great Drummer but how have these guys not hired luke holland yet?


    Why was it titled Dose (Visualizer) when it was first released on YouTube?

  49. Igor Djenifer Costa

    A7X é umas das melhores bandas do mundo,deveriam visitar mais vezes o brasil!!!!

  50. Logan Catledge

    Where is my old a7x. All this new stuff is bland, and not fun to listen to.

  51. Justin Wolf

    Those sustainiac pickups doing their job like a MF in this song!

  52. Kimkima A7X

    Flipped my phone upside down and liked again!LoL

  53. Arjo Dieki

    Lagune dancok enak e???

  54. Arick Miller

    Pathetic! What happened to you guys....Sadly disappointing.

  55. Erin LoveBunnies

    The first time I heard these guys was in the 3rd grade when I stole my brothers Zune and the only song he had by avenged was afterlife and obviously I listened to it and I've been listening to them ever since! I'm almost 19!

  56. kewy

    Pinkly Smooth?

  57. namang chang

    Wow!new song of A7X love to hear can't wait love u all

  58. Wilson Chaves

    hail to the king????????

  59. Stephon Williams

    Yo anybody here Brooks laying it down on the drums in the intro?

  60. Jesse Duran

    This should have been in the call of duty soundtrack

  61. Madara Uchiha

    maybe The Rev Died but Synyster Gates Never Died

  62. Felipe Garcia

    The story about the misterious passenger from Taured, man, what a great story and outstanding song.

    Felipe Garcia

    *mysterious, sorry

  63. David Robinson

    Rock is indeed dying. It's up to us to keep it alive

  64. Michael Niedermeier


    Michael Niedermeier


  65. Grahm E

    is this song about the man from nowhere?

    Grahm E

    it must be!

  66. BlueFlameBird

    I'm so glad they found Brooks. He isn't the rev and Arin did good but Brooks is rocking it

  67. Bian Brieto

    Is this original?

  68. MarkVngnz_

    They should play this live

  69. Matheus Navarro

    This is their best bonus track ever...

  70. Sitthichok Arsa

    i love metal forever

  71. Quaquas

    Why does this album make me think they are a metal pink floyd? Lol this album is their best I can't stop listening and I got it day one!

  72. Litty Boi

    Is this a cover?

    Thomas Bulford

    Litty Boi no

  73. Silvia Moreno

    Esto me gusta, veo que tenemos los mismos gustos. Ahora puedo ver la letra mucho mejor. Veo a todos menos a tí, por qué? Acláralo. Silvi. Te he dicho ya que esto me gusta? Bueno pues me gusta.

  74. Stephen leathers

    3:34 to 4:11 sounds kinda like pinkly smooth

  75. Jonathan Burton

    This song is so fucking good, they should have including this on the main album.

  76. Red happy

    La mase seng biasane nyanyi neng di???

  77. Rob Navarro

    I wish they would at this live instead of bat country for the 100000000th time

  78. Fuck the NWO

    They just better start talking about NWO or some shit because it bothers me they would tour with sicko commie filth telling me to literally kill trump and Alex jones... I hope avenged doesn’t come out as communist.

  79. Tony Fortunato

    The more i listen to this song, the more i love it

  80. Riyan

    classic sevenfold

  81. Dustin Bell

    Hold the fuck up, when did this song come out? I was not aware if this song coming out. What album is it on?!

    Matrix 24

    It is from The Stage deluxe addition.

  82. Box Bot

    We all always love you..........

  83. Anime All_SubIndo

    IM don't like genre.. avenged Sevenfold.. 😭😭plise come back genre nightmare.. bad conrty..

  84. framar601

    3:15 Best breakdown ever

  85. tyler richardson

    The highest level of creativity, production value, balance and blend of unique textures that I have heard in a long time. Thank you for gifting us all with this gem.

  86. Lor00D

    The drumming is fucking just phenomenal. These guys should be playing at the superbowl not fucking gaga!

  87. Aj9Livess

    i could def see Jimmy having been apart of this song. cool to see how creative and open they are after all this time :D

  88. US Patriots Unite!

    Isolationism had us surrounded in WWII, europe was collapsed... If it wasn't for US, UK, USSR continuing to fight Hitler, we would all be in work camps by now building statues for some dickheads pleasure

  89. Camila Muñoz Coronado

    avenged sevenfol se fue a la mierda desde que murio the rev
    todo acabo


    Es una puta broma verdad? Hail to the King a excepción dos o tres temas fue un asco, pero The Stage superó con creces al hasta ese entonces máximo éxito de la banda, City of Evil. Y canciones como Fermi Paradox, Higher o Exist dan razón de porque.


    Y te lo dice alguien que no los tomaba en cuenta, the stage junto al disco homónimo y City of Evil dan pie a creer que es el nuevo referente del heavy metal.

  90. risky fap

    Avenged always have the best breakdowns 3:12 - 4:09 = absolute eargasm

  91. Axel Vallejos Saldaña

    It's a cover ?


    It's a track that was initially part of The Stage but was ultimately left out.

  92. Joseph Pulaski

    Fight through the pain and live for the future. Rev foREVer!

  93. Saymi



  94. El Finnle

    Anyone else getting Vibes from Nightmare?

  95. Jessica Carrier

    A "Dose" of Reality!!
    ♡A7X foREVer!!.. 💀🦇🐲

  96. bluegenderyuji

    My god I hope this is gonna be on a new album

  97. Phantom Echelon

    Nice to see them continuing in a more experimental vein. One of the things I like about A7X...they can bang out radio-friendly anthems, but also do more unusual songs like this. Amazing, versatile band.

  98. chance human

    This is a cover right? If so, what's the original song and who is it by?

    I Belong in Noon

    music guy this isn’t a cover bro. This was a song that was cut from The Stage album.

    chance human

    4chan Cancer really? Damn, they should've put it on the album. It's fucking amazing

    I Belong in Noon

    music guy yeah sadly it wasn’t put on. But we still get to listen to it, so it’s not so bad.