Avenged Sevenfold - Desecrate Through Reverance Lyrics

Hard news, taken harder, don't look to me
Disappointed, we don't agree, I don't need your praise...
(Don't look my way for help
From the beginning you came to me)
Never asked you to like me
I don't want your praise (we won't play your games)
Look down on me, spit in my face
You're nothing to me...not to me

Darkened eyes you'll see
There is no hope, no savior in me
(Don't look this way, don't breathe this way
Don't stare this way, anymore)
Learned from years gone by, no one will care
What happens to me
(Don't look this way, don't breathe this way
Don't stare this way, anymore)

My presence won't be ignored, no not today
Don't walk in my direction, turn the other way
(Don't look my way for help
From the beginning you came to me)
Asking questions, predetermined answers
You won't find them here (we don't want your opinion)
And I don't want you, I won't let you think
Compromise is near. 'Cause it's not near

Darkened eyes you'll see
There is no hope, no savior in me
(Don't look this way, don't breathe this way
Don't stare this way, anymore)
Learned from years gone by, no one will care
What happens to me
(Don't look this way, don't breathe this way
Don't stare this way, anymore)

I'm alone in here
No more feelings
Killed my fears
Don't ask
You'll never know
You're left behind and I'll be exposed

Far away, you keep on trying...
Holding me down, breaking away
Trying to distance my life
Not one in the crowd, but one with the answer
The one that could change your mind

But it's not true, I don't need you
Don't waste your time, and don't waste mine
I'm not your friend, I won't soothe your soul
And in the end you're all dead to me....

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Avenged Sevenfold Desecrate Through Reverance Comments
  1. Richard G.H

    Perfection, perfection.

  2. Serhat Murat Asbit

    I like that guitar riffs 🎸🎸🎸✌

  3. Shawn Boettinger

    Dec 2nd 2019 ...anyone?

    Rafael J

    Fucking me! Always A7x!

  4. Edwin A. Correa


  5. Alexis Tatum

    I HATE these, "CHRISTMAS," time Advertisements!

  6. UnFortunated MLBB

    2019 anyone?

  7. Nisha Victoria


    Rafael J

    10 years

  8. S T

    Man, most people look upon this music negatively. I’ll be honest. I spent 4 years in prison. I deserved it, I broke the law and had to pay. My life was shit. Every day was worse than the one before. Didn’t seem like it was ever going to get better. One day I made a friend. Eventually he let me borrow his MP3 player ( yes you can legally get these in prison, at least in Oklahoma). Anyways, this song was on his list. I’ve always loved old A7X. I layed on my bunk and almost had a nervous breakdown from how this song made me feel. The dueling guitars alone make me feel like life is worth living just to hear them. Thanks guys from getting me thru the hardest part of my life. Love you guys and hope you never quit making music for the “disowned” in life.

  9. Hack_ Byt3

    2:07 WATCH ANIME!

  10. The Underground Man

    This needed a remaster the day they reased it

  11. Dillon Snyder

    The best album instrumentally, besides the tin can drums.

  12. Jeff D

    I can scream opera

  13. • FreddyMyers •

    Why the fuck did you delete my original comment? There is no problem with my video using this song so you should just fucking unblock it.

  14. • FreddyMyers •

    Seriously, fuck you Hopeless Records for fucking blocking this video:

  15. • FreddyMyers •

    Seriously, fuck you guys.

  16. • FreddyMyers •

    Fuck you guys for blocking my Nightmare on Elm Street music video with this song in the US and every other country. Completely unnecessary because I did not profit off of it so there really should be no problem. All I wanted to do was share a music video that I worked hard on with other Elm Street and A7X fans. Now I have no way to view this video because the original file is long gone and I no longer have access to my old YouTube account. Thanks a lot.

  17. Melkin

    Una de las mejores de este álbum

  18. Matt777

    Love waking the fallen

  19. Andres

    This song saved my

  20. Taken Spark

    oh my god the final breakdown on this song is just incredible

  21. Antonio Corona

    A7X MotherFucker all Day


    I’ve been trying to learn this on guitar for so long

  23. CarbajalQZ

    Who’s that screaming in the higher pitched voice? \m/

  24. Norbey Esteban Trujillo Coy

    2019?? :c

  25. SmokeyElCrack 7

    Every time I’m feeling pissed off I come to this song to calm me down
    It’s such a charm

  26. Anarchy Punk

    A7X for life!

  27. Exotic Menace

    i keep seeing peoples saying that Synyster Gates, The Rev, etc are the heart and soul of the band. we all know that we (the fans) are the heart of the band. we keep them going. we are the motivation for them to keep up with the best damn music of our century!

  28. Michael Lippert

    Anyone looking for an orgy with leather couches?

  29. Zachary Hager

    Listening in 2019 for crazy nostalgia. Miss the old A7X

  30. Coulter Sheppard

    This Is About As Close To Pantera As Avenged Sevenfold Has Ever Been. Never Mind The Fact That They Basically Salad-Tossed The Main Riff From Becoming Into Blinded In Chains. Have A Listen To Both And Tell Me I'm Wrong With A Straight Face.

  31. Brendan Strode

    Desecrate Through REVerence

  32. Squiggy Jones

    I know there wasn't this many views 8 years ago.

  33. Emma's Art World

    Listen to the song

    Dont read the comments....

  34. soho

    2019!! Anyone still listening to this music?

  35. Brad Harp

    Sooo baddd asss!

  36. M Bayrak

    One of their underrated songs. I used to love it in my teens.

  37. Ervananto Ekadilla


  38. RuteRodrigues

    Who. The Fuck. Disliked. This?

  39. Alfi Ridwan


  40. Jamal Aveiro

    2019 i on

  41. Bradley Hauf

    Bless Almighty Christ against the accursed forces of death...

  42. Bradley Hauf

    We are to desecrate the forces of death through the reverence of christ...

    Bradley Hauf


  43. Joshua Groff

    Is that The Rev screaming? Just wanted to make sure.


    Joshua Groff that's M Shadows

    Joshua Groff

    @jasper426 Thanks fam.


    Joshua Groff np

  44. Daniel Mendoza

    I'm crazy about the lyrics I'd like to discuss the meaning and I'd like to hear other people's opinion about the real meaning of this song cuz IMO this sounds like a big FUCK YOU and that's awesome

  45. Mazatzin Keej

    This is song is my favorite of them.

  46. Breyden Sissell

    It's music like this that helps when I am literally too angry to function and be productive at my homework, I'm doing severalnprojects that are irritating

  47. SP nahi

    who's still here in 2018 . 25 December

  48. Thirsty Soda1x

    I got a staind vibe on this album. Anyone else? It sounds like dysfunction. Im not complainong btw i love both bands and their music .


    Van Halen Fan#1 more of a Pantera vibe personally

  49. Thirsty Soda1x

    1:37 the guitar riffs combined with jimmies drumming is awesome. Makes me want a drum set even more


    Thirsty Soda send it and get one

  50. Randall Oneal

    I miss this kind of music from A7X. This album has been on repeat for me for years since it came out and i still love screaming to it when driving on my travels to keep me up through the night. I can honestly say they went a completely different direction over these past few years.

  51. bryan 03

    The vocals in the end are just great. NUUTT

    G V

    bryan 03 fuck yes

  52. bryan 03

    1764 anyone???

  53. Soldier1287

    fall away, you keep on trying,
    Holding me down, and breaking away

  54. Death Bat115

    Avenged sevenfold... can I join you band? I can play triangle 🤟🏼🦇

    faded gam3r

    i play a mean blow piano thingy i forgot what it was called you blow air in it and it plays lmao

    SmokeyElCrack 7

    I can play the air guitar


    They arent DragonForce XDD

    Jeff D

    I can scream opera

  55. Samsul Ska

    I Like Is Video

  56. Mr. B

    Fucken Beautiful ! Written Encouragingly Strong. Got me through the worst of times and still Continues today. 💯

  57. Vlkn Kvk

    Bizimkiler de duman dinlesin kopsun. Mk angut ulkesi..

  58. Adi Fortunate

    Trivium is a metalcore band who influenced by trash metal
    how about a7x? especially for this song? symphonic black metal? lol


    Adi Fortunate groove metal

  59. Jänë Mórrígan

    This song kinda sounds like the song from deathgasm the black hymn

  60. febian woles

    September 2018?

  61. Lance Buttercream

    These guys used to be the shit.

  62. Damien 666158

    is it just me or does this album have some of zacky's best work? the rhythm guitar is astounding

  63. pewdiepie e

    Waken the fallen is a masterpiece

  64. Literally Hitler

    Been listening to this album for the last 15 years.

  65. Lyendith

    …Is that Val in the high-pitched screaming parts?

    Thirsty Soda1x

    Idk it might be because shadows said val would sometimes to screams for the band. Unless its shadows because i know he can do that too


    No. That did NOT sound female lol

  66. kids canal

    amo essa musica😍😍😍

  67. where is the love?

    fucking amazign music

  68. The Tik

    This song badass

  69. Svet


  70. man iPreferChicken

    1:36 Holy fuck

  71. Haden Layne

    8. Hail to the king( I don't care for this album but that's just me)
    7. Nightmare ( I like half the songs my favorite song off this album is fiction)
    6. Diamonds in the rough( I like about 75 percent of this bsides. My favorite song is dancing dead)
    5. The stage ( no songs I hate, just a few that I think are ok. Favorite song is paradigm)
    4. Self titled ( I like every song besides dear god. It's just a song I was never able to get into. Favorite song is Brompton cocktail )
    3. City of evil ( probably there best album musically imo. Favorite song is trashed and scattered)
    2. Sounding of the seventh trumpet( the first album that got me into them and love the drums in this album. Favorite song is streets, imo this is a straight up punk song.)
    1. Waken the fallen ( every song is awesome on this album and I like how it is half singing half screaming. My favorite changes every time with this album but right now my favorite is eternal rest)

    where is the love?

    Haden Wadyko dancing dead funcking amazing music

    Alan H.

    my favorite always has been and always will be i wont see you tonight part 1, btw if you like STST check out Waking the Fallen: Resurrected

  72. stunterouf

    Faaaaarrrr AAAaaawaaaa-a-a-a-aaaaayyyyyyyy

  73. Isea Eisenhower

    I honestly wish I could go back in time to when I first heard this album!!! My life was so awesome then compared to how shittly it is now!!

  74. Kenny Sells

    5:38 is the best part of the song


    Dicks McRiggity huh

  75. בר טופליאן

    bang your head!

  76. Ido Brom

    Fucking 2018 and I still cant stop listening it. Awesome.

  77. The Underground Man


  78. Nur Fauzi


  79. The Underground Man

    When i was 13 i would skip the opening and go right for the lyrics. Now that im 26 its my favorite part

  80. Rayyan Alfawazy Adheswarna

    1:37 if dimebag darrell was in a7x


    The Pantera sound in this track is crazy

  81. Jekyll Hyde

    Top 3 a7x records!
    1. City of evil
    2. The white album
    3. Waking the fallen

  82. Greenman Bushcraft and survival

    4:44 - 5:38
    can you relate

  83. Suicide King

    And in the end you’re all dead to me

  84. Jamie Whittle

    And in the end you're all dead to me!

  85. Jamie Whittle

    You forgot. #3 ..Waken the fallen !

  86. Alejandro Oropeza

    best song ever putos de mierda! jaja :3

  87. Klyxx

    I must've accidentally clicked...nothing, I meant to be here.

  88. Jorah

    Matt’s lyrics (and everything else) are basically everything that is keeping me alive.


    Jorah get it chief

  89. CR Santos

    2018 ??

  90. Cats Rule

    2018 anyone

    David Jackson

    Try 2019

    Exotic Menace

    july of 2019 my dude

  91. alex pratt

    man A7x has got me through more shit than anyone or aything i swear without them i would probably have done some pretty bad shit nobody gets it but them