Avenged Sevenfold - Demons Lyrics

I've been thinking lots about my life and
How quick I'd wash it down the drain
Past tense the future, nothing matters now
I act on my own and I'm to blame
Living's a wicked dream, where things turn out all wrong
We're all so weak, no matter how strong, yeah

I tried running away from me
Convince me that I've grown, but I can't
Change so unnaturally, Demons they follow me
I quit running away from me
Convinced that I have grown, but found out
All my reasons for insanity, all a part of me

I don't like that you're calling me a liar
I don't like that you found out I'm a snake
Been sneaking around for far too long now
I don't like how fast my intentions fade
Karma has beat me down, the worst is yet to come
Many mistakes and still I'm so young, yeah

I tried running away from me
Convince me that I've grown, but I can't
Change so unnaturally, Demons they follow me
I quit running away from me
Convinced that I have grown, but found out
All my reasons for insanity, all a part of me

I can't
Count how many times
Awakened in fear, nightly
Palms sweating
Of promises I've made
To no one but myself
Have been
Crushed daily

Don't lend me your hand
I can't trust myself
So how can you trust me

We've all made selfish bad decisions
We've all tried dishing out the blame
Convinced ourselves of our own actions
My problem is I'll never change
Been dealt some good cards that
I'll fold before it's time
Can't promise you that it's my last time, yeah

I tried running away from me
Convince me that I've grown, but I can't
Change so unnaturally, Demons they follow me
I quit running away from me
Convinced that I have grown, but found out
All my reasons for insanity, all a part of me

Friends won't help you now
Hope lost gone too far
(Oh oh oh oh)

Prayers won't help you now
Hope lost gone too far
(Oh oh oh oh)

I'm scarred, yeah
Demons they follow me, 'cause my insanity
I'm scarred, yeah
Demons they follow me, 'cause my insanity
I'm scarred, yeah
Demons they follow me, 'cause my insanity
I'm scarred, yeah
Demons they follow me, 'cause my insanity

Demons they follow me, 'cause my insanity

Demons they follow me, 'cause my insanity

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Avenged Sevenfold Demons Comments
  1. awesomesauce

    feb 7th!

  2. Cad Killer

    hoooooly shit I'm dumb... I JUST found out that all the "Change so naturally" and "All my reasons for insanity" (Ect.) is actually still M. Shadows... guys I swear I'm not insane!

  3. luckyghost100

    This is not a real album

  4. Laura Life Zucchiatti

    2020 👋🏻

  5. The Headbanging Dog

    10% of comments this song is so good 90% of comments wHy iS tHiS nOt oN SpOtIfY) btw fuck Spotify

  6. Kaleb Zlomke

    Who’s here for the new Diamonds in the Rough album?

    It’s Serenade

    Kaleb Zlomke the hype is BACK

  7. silvia bustos

    🖤 A7X

  8. Waldo Is Here

    We made it happen kings and queens, 3 weeks until we get this on Spotify and Apple Music

  9. ThomaZoZ

    Yo, why the fuck have no one ever told me about these songs in this album. Like this is huge for me to finally get more A7X music. Holy fuck.

  10. One Random Potato

    Is it just me or after the 3rd time of completely listening to this the entire ending changed and 4:35 exists??

  11. kinggaming 11

    2020 anyone?

  12. Dub&Puck Tv

    Holy shit why did they not release this album on itunes it SOOOO GOOD
    Edit i am so excited for this to come out on itunes hell yea

    Matt Yoss

    Dub&Puck Tv funny you say that. It will be on every digital platform on February 7th, with some songs added such as the new track Set Me Free (originally recorded for Hail to the King but never released)

    Dub&Puck Tv

    Matt Yoss dude i saw that and im so damn excited!!!!

  13. FlashDelirium913

    Why isn’t this on iTunes or pandora 😡

  14. Supreme Leader

    Saw an Olive Garden ad, was about to listen and I was like shit, this isn’t the song

  15. Jordan Diehl

    Is the Rev the drummer for this album?

    Supreme Leader

    Jordan Diehl yes, I’m pretty sure

  16. darren noble

    Who's here in 2019 cause it's still not on Spotify? 😩

    Double D

    Good News, the band just announced that Live in the LBC & Diamonds in the Rough will be available on all streaming services at February 7th!

    The Headbanging Dog

    Fuck Spotify

    Double D

    @The Headbanging Dog No, fuck you

    Cad Killer

    2020 actually! But it's coming Feb. 7th!!

    Greil the Legendary Hero

    I'm here in 2020. Not on google play music

  17. darren noble

    Damn. It's 2019 and this song is hitting hard

  18. Γιάννης Ερικλετζιόγλου

    This drum track is just too satisfying

  19. Farhan Saputra Yahman

    Somehow i realized. I've been beaten up by demons and did many sins

  20. NatzVlogs

    I need this album on spotify


    Feb 7th, your prayers have been answered!

  21. Pedro Ventura

    Prayers won't help you now, Hope lost gone too far...

  22. 56 120

    oh damn glad i found this album

  23. Eternal Reality

    This will always be superior to the disgrace that is the radio rock song by Imagine Dragons.

    Agarthan Reaper

    fuck yeah!!

  24. Lexa kom trikru

    4:33 is my favorite part

  25. Normal_everyday _german

    Just to say wear head phones it sounds better

    Farhan Saputra Yahman

    Yeah you're right, dude

  26. Divergent TV

    This is avenged sevenfold in their purest form!😍

  27. Rafael J

    How the hell this was not choosed for the White Album?

  28. Shallex

    i love the drum breaks at 0:49, 1:45, and 3:56, the last one being the best in my opinion

  29. Grizza L

    A7x: I'm not insane
    Also A7x: Demons they follow me, cause my insanity

    The Stikbot Warrior

    nick wif fbi hat not same album but roughly same time period

    Nicholas Griffin

    @The Stikbot Warrior no, almost easy is in this album, just the cla mix

    Edit: I own the album, I would know

    One Random Potato

    @Nicholas Griffin Almost easy is in the white album.

    Sneaky Usa135

    @One Random Potato its also on Diamonds in the Rough

  30. Trx 1136

    I thought this was just a live album. These outtakes are legit solid. It's so low-key

  31. Er Lee

    A7X is my favorite band .. but holy shit do I hate this fucking chorus

  32. ryah c

    I LOVE AVENGED SEVONFOLD AND IM ONLY 11!!! They have the best music ever!! Im going through and Avenged sevefold phase. . . :)

    Andy The Drummer

    @ryah c haha, that's right xD

    Trx 1136

    Awesome 🤘. Now try to some Metallica or Iron Maiden (their biggest influences). You might like them too!

    Someone Plays Games

    I started listening to A7X when I was 7.

    Eren Yeeter

    I went through the same "phase" when i was around 7/8, 10 years and still in that phase 😂

    Iva Tosheva

    @Eren Yeeter Same here 😂 Now I'm 21 and it's still going

  33. MrMW2nd

    Jimmy's kick pattern in the pre chorus is fucking insane. It's one double kick on the last note of the measure but only sometimes

  34. 4ever EndlessX

    I find criminal how underrated is this song, the lyrics touch various points we tend to avoid when thinking about ourselves, the structure of the song is solid and far superior to much other A7X songs which tend to sound kinda similar sometimes...one of my favorite songs for sure

  35. Gos Wan

    Jancok kabeh we

  36. Dylan Perkins

    This sounds like a white album b-side


    That's because it is lol.

  37. HuskarX

    Amazing drumming🤤

  38. Banana Pie

    I find it amusing that this video has 1 and a half k likes but only 30 dislikes

  39. the guy313

    First A7X song I ever heard and to date the best thing they ever produced imo, shame nothing else in their discography sounds anything like this

  40. M SHJ

    "Don't lend me your hand, I can't trust myself. So how can you trust me?"
    That hits me hard. beautiful lyrics.

    Cherokee Blackmon

    stabbing westward has a similar lyric stature in their song 'save yourself'
    not a fan of many other SW songs, but i remember being 8... watching the tekken cartoon movie... and that song coming over my dad's sony 6tray cd changer and sound system...and thats probably what started my liking heavy music. prior to then, it was mostly 80s and 90s hair metal and alt-grunge... but this, was a different heavy. heavy in tune, heavy in relativity

    Cherokee Blackmon

    ^^^ heav-IER music. i don't classify them as a heavy band... but they were heavy at the same as melodic and new to me

  41. Simple Gamer moments

    Why isn’t this on Spotify

  42. David Wood

    fuckin hell, the double bass is filth

  43. Mike Maatje

    Why isn’t this on spotify

    Fitness cu Laur

    Mike Maatje because unfortunately it’s an unofficial album which consists of songs that didn’t make it on the self titled

    Gabriel Gomez

    February 7th bro...:,)

  44. skull knight_115

    Syns vocals in this are so clean holy shit

    Jake Bijlsma

    Does he sing in this or are you baiting fans too get angry?


    @Jake Bijlsma wtf

    Ivy Vengenz

    Syn and ZV's backing vocals are great. It's always the two of them backing M.

  45. Madara Uchiha

    Other Bands : Use Live Version to support an EP or Single
    Avenged Sevenfold : Use an Album to support a Live Album

    Mr Hprv3

    To be fair, all these songs were b sides

  46. ידצדק בטנים שכר בן של יששכר בן של ישראל

    Hello next day

  47. MyBrownSkinBarbie

    everything in this song is perfect and it's not in apple music I wanna cry

  48. Ekrem Buluk

    only 133k people know this song what a shame

    Gater Poon

    priceofevil yeah cus it’s not on things like Spotify. I randomly found this cuz of a guitar cover. I wish they could put it on Spotify.

  49. NitroCrates

    Honestly this one is up there with Nightmare and Afterlife in terms of just being a purely catchy awesome song. I wish this whole album got more attention, half the AV7X fans don't even know it exists


    Great "album but you can tell they still werent that experienced, nightmare was a huge step up for them

    Banana Pie

    I have my own a7x playlist setup and I've got afterlife, nightmare, and demons back to back so I get where you're coming from.


    NoaMegaDrive very with you there! Didn’t know it existed until about a week ago. I’ve been a listener for about a year!!!


    @SicFromTheKush what? lol self titled was their best album even after the stage, imo

    Cori Noggle

    @AeonAxis I totally agree. I believe they were their absolute best at that time. Still love them regardless though.

  50. Useless Contents

    my fav bands since 2004, miss rev T_T, #LegendaryfoREVer

  51. Just ME

    Dear God was first dance at our wedding 18 Dec 2010, deathbat tatted on my 💪 KEEP MAKING MUSIC BOYS!!!

    Xander Hodel

    Just ME fuck yea bad ass

  52. id10t aac

    I just found about about angels and some dude told me they made a song called demons and this just made my day


    id10t aac we are one in the same

  53. Noa

    This song is so freaking great. It really should've been on the self titled album. How this didn't make it on baffles me.

    Cinema Kid

    Noa because they made these songs during 2008 and after they brought out their self titled album.


    Their self titled album came out in 2007.


    @Cinema Kid I thought ditr was a compilation of songs made during the self titled that didn't make the cut. That's what everybody says

    Bill Kritikopoulos

    I think all the dimonds in rough sould've been a album by itslef (way better that hail to the king)


    I think that at least this song and Dancing Dead should have been on the self titled album.

  54. Postal Dude

    4:45 to 5:05 is amazing, well so is 0:00 to 6:12

  55. Lucas Couto

    This is art. God 🤤

  56. beth calais

    why isn't this whole album on Spotify? apart from a couple of songs,, but I've never heard of this album, why???


    it's a live album

  57. Typhon Drums

    The vocal range on this song is top tier for Avenged, and that's the part of the band that I enjoy the most overall, so that's saying something

  58. bruce lackey

    I want all the songs on this set. I already sold my soul so I don't have much left to offer.

  59. ATG IMM

    I've been listening to these guys since 2005 and I'm still not tired I want more

  60. lil danny

    I love this song so much, this song would be perfect for the 2018 venom movie

  61. Gopackgo

    These songs and their entire discography is the reason Avenged Sevenfold has such a loyal fan base and among the loyal fans they have ❤️

  62. Jesus Villa

    Good lyrics , great band. I can't go wrong with their music.

  63. Fuck the NWO

    Let’s get this shit to 666 likes and keep it there

  64. W0LF _ 1279

    That solo tho 😏

  65. Damien Perez

    good shit

  66. Agent Oklahoma

    who the hell are the 13 people who disliked this song cause they deserve to die

    Jake Bijlsma

    Agent Oklahoma edgy

    LongShooting Show

    Where are they is most important*loads shotgun*

    Farhan Saputra Yahman

    It's ok if someone hated it at least this song is so pure and awesome

  67. Agent Oklahoma

    this song represents my life keep in mind im 15

    Christopher Hillstrom

    luffy dexter physco *

    Jake Bijlsma

    @Socialist_ Soyboy everyone has troubled lives, we dont care about yours because everyone has a shitty life

    Xander Hodel

    Agent Oklahoma don’t listen to them I’ve been where you were just keep moving on 🤘🏻

    I may have a small penis but

    Do you want a medal?? What made you think that people need to know?? If you're able to just post about it, then you're fine. I feel like you're somone who puts "depressed" in tiny letters on your social media

    My autism is exacerbated saying this, but

    You all are retarded edge-lords. Everyone has a shitty life; we all have problems. Some are better than crying on your phone in a warm shelter with clothing, and food, and utilities, some are worse. You're not special, you're pretty cringe.

  68. Evan Muller

    Why haven't I heard this song sooner 😍


    evan_ 277 Why?

    Evan Muller

    Idk but I'm in love with it

  69. Lauge Larsen

    Why isnt this on Spotify??!!

    ידצדק בטנים שכר בן של יששכר בן של ישראל

    I dont like rht you foud our ima snake

    Lilfire325 _

    They didn’t release it because they thought it was their b side

    Lyndsey OConnor

    @Cinema Kid I can see them on spotify but you cant listen to them ...only Crossroads, Walk, and Almost Easy. :(

    Darkest Star

    You feel me

    Jorge Aguilar

    Feb 7, finally

  70. Dante Eisenhauer

    2:30-2:55 is heaven on earth for my ears

    risky fap

    One of their best bridges for sure. Matt is the best baritone vocalist of our generation and I can always count on his chest voice to revive the boner killed by his head voice.

    Evan Arnold

    0:00-6-12, you’ll thank me later

    Corina 333

    2:30 through 3:04 is mine

    Corina 333

    4:32 - 6:12

    The uncharted fanboy

    0:00-6:12 tho!!

  71. RG Indian

    my job is to kill people who say demons is a song by imagine dragons

    darren noble

    Lucky for them that they only have to imagine the demons

    anthony daher

    Can we be friends lol

    Samyak Jain

    Did I just find my brother?

  72. Robert

    I hate it how all the diamonds in the rough songs aren't on itunes

    MasonBo4 DavidBo2

    Ik wish this had an album

    One Random Potato

    Doesn't count as an album ad far as I've heard.

    Jorge Aguilar

    Feb 7, finally

    MasonBo4 DavidBo2

    What do you mean feb 7 will they be available on iTunes

    Lorenzo Julio

    @MasonBo4 DavidBo2 Diamonds in the rough will be available on all streaming services on feb 7

  73. Lady Maria of the Astral Clocktower

    Only 10k Views :(

  74. Section

    Such a shame this album only came out on Amazon.

    Horror and Halloween 101

    It didn't. I bought it at Best Buy.

    aidan e

    Horror and Halloween 101 I think he means digitally, I have it too

    Gabriel Gomez

    February 7th finally (spotify) 🖤

  75. The Power

    saw this had so little views and it made me sad...

    Love Metal

    its bands fault
    this album should be added at self title album in 2008

    Flakes x 73

    No, this channel in general deserves more views. If you look up this song, there's a good chance you'll find a topic version with millions of views


    We're the deathbat hipsters darling

    SmokeyElCrack 7

    Ik right 🥺


    @Flakes x 73 none of the Diamonds in the Rough songs are available on topic. and in general, topic videos get less views than videos that have been up for many years. and topics sometimes get deleted and reuploaded.