Avenged Sevenfold - Crossroads Lyrics

I've been traveling for so long
So lost till I stumbled upon
Two roads in front of me, I had to take my time
To the right I could see a church
I took a step in that direction first
But to the left there was a watering hole
Where they were whiskey drunk
And now that's where I wanna pray

The fight down here goes on and on

If I was perfect then this would be easy
Either road is plausible on both I could drown
I walk through the center with no rules to guide me
I realize it's difficult but now I can see

There's gotta be another way to go,
A way that's much more feasible
A combination of both these lives,
A central path without choosing a side
I make decisions one at a time
And no I never say I'm always right
I'm confident that when I stand on my own
You'll see the truest form of a man when I'm shining through

The fight down here goes on and on

If I was perfect then this would be easy
Either road is plausible on both I could drown
I walk through the center with no rules to guide me
I realize it's difficult but now I can see

Oh, I hear them now
All the religious rhyme

You're a sin, you're a sin, you're a sinner.

The left isn't better
It's just more of the same
Condemning all these people for what they believe
I'll climb to the top of their mountain again

No harness up to save me this way
And the closer to the top I get
The more they take aim
But I'm not you

I may not be perfect but I've always been true
I may not be worthy in your eyes
Climb up from the bottom for the last time,
The last one, the last one, the last time

If I was perfect then this would be easy
Either road is plausible on both I could drown
I walk through the center with no rules to guide me
I realize it's difficult but now I can see

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Avenged Sevenfold Crossroads Comments
  1. Connor Hibbard

    Has one of the best riffs

  2. Pol aco

    This music suc

  3. darren noble

    I love this b side. Every song is a story in it's own right. Get this on Spotify please

  4. Didi Trians

    Mantab gan

  5. Seth Nicholls

    One of their best songs IMO 🖤

  6. ChipmunkAsylum

    They should’ve taken Lost off the album and put this song on

  7. EpicPony

    I listened to this when I was 12, not realizing that years later as an adult, I would listen back and realize how much it is so politically relatable now. Especially in 2019.

  8. The Iceberg

    Lol, finally a song for all of us moderates!

  9. SmokeyElCrack 7

    When I searched the lyrics on the googles it says anger I see anger i see anger I see now instead of you’re a sinner

  10. Joshua Anderson

    You're a sinner...


    Thanks for the upload, 2019 still goin on. This shit is slept on hard. Diamonds in the rough forever.

  12. The-Dire-Wolf X

    3:11-3:17 I get chills every time

  13. The-Dire-Wolf X

    So this song is perfect way to say believe what you wanna believe but don’t go judging people for what they believe. Noice

  14. Hailey Leavitt

    Honestly.. probably one of my top five favorite a7x songs

  15. Cort Roberts

    2:28-3:20 <3 my fave part

  16. Amanda

    “I may not be perfect but Iv always been true” tattooed on my ribs to remind me I’ll always be good enough as long as I keep trying.

  17. LongShooting Show

    Who else just came here for the rev?
    A7x foREVer

  18. ElAirOfficial


  19. Joshua Anderson

    You're a sin, you're a sin, you're a sinner!

  20. Luis Covers

    this sounds like burn it down

  21. Matheus Oliveira

    Someone in 2019?!
    Brazil is here!!! 😎❤

    Maria Fernanda


  22. Dr. Evil

    The left is BRAINLESS and the right is SPINELESS but BOTH use the moral high ground to justify their narrative (the left) and inaction (the right).

  23. Ramii Ramirez

    02:28 sick!

  24. MrMcMaster12

    This is the best song they’ve ever released. Fight me on that


    Strength of The World, Save Me, I Won't See You Tonight Part 1, M.I.A., Roman Sky, Seize The Day, So Far Away... the list goes on. Love this song, but definitely not their best.

  25. Vinicius De Oliveira Silva

    2:53 <3


    This might be random but Robert Frost anyone? His poem the road not taken?


    Halomaster 213

    MASTER SCRUB115 maybe.

  27. N'zoth

    this describes chosing to play a pander in world of warcraft

  28. man iPreferChicken

    I need that guitar tone in the beggining.

  29. Giygas Ness

    This song represents Switzerland in ww2

  30. BLACK 1802

    2:23 mi parte favorita

  31. Andrew Ripke

    This song speaks to me on a deep level

  32. ZEUS

    2018 anyone?

  33. Luca Romiglio

    Me acordé de la cancion de los redondos JAJAJAJA

  34. Greg The Flying Whale

    0:06 That funny sound that guitar makes forces me to imagine how I yank my pipi...

  35. Fin Kelly

    I see the punisher after season 1 in a old muscle coming to a T junction trying to choose what life he wants to keep fighting or try a normal life


    Listen to Strength of The World, it's a very similar story to the Punisher, and one of my favorite A7X songs 🤘

  36. JimmkoEC

    this it"s a cover right?

    Raúl Rodríguez

    No, it´s the real song from Diamons in the Rough

  37. Hari Laksono

    2:29 fav part. The best!

  38. G C

    If only they still had these values. They've been compromised by the Democrats.

  39. Hk Jn

    I Imagine Trump in the White House listening to this.

    Hk Jn

    That's exactly why I like Tump he's no longer this is or that person. I interpreted the song in a different way this time going back to it after years. It's just a different take on the song. Dude just be happy we can think freely.

    Hk Jn

    (Joker Smile) why so serious?

    Angelissa Medina

    My dude I respect your opinion. And I ESPECIALLY respect your music taste.

    Hk Jn

    Angelissa Medina thx

    G C

    Hk Jn I have no shame in admitting I voted for Trump, and I still stand by it.

  40. Grip Sense

    3:21 woof 😍😍😎😎😁😁

  41. lil miss mary jane

    I miss Jimmy so much

  42. Everett Jones


  43. Jhonny xD


    Jase Mollohan

    the last one the last one the last TIME

    Frank Castle The Punisher


  44. Jassy

    2:23 is where the rev starts :)

  45. extraterrestrial panda

    "The left isn't better, its just more of the same, condemning all these people for what they believe" I just love that line because it's so true


    Joseph Clark are u serious? U gonna be immature in a comment section of a video?and insult others over the internet? Ok good for u! I admire u! You’re such a good person!👏

    Joseph Clark

    @OVER_killerpro13 if people can't take it they shouldn't dish it out🤷 what I said was in retaliation so don't act like you wouldn't do the same thing

    Knight of Carrion

    Okay I am going to assume you are right wing in which case, it says more of the same, so it goes for your side too. Dont act so smirk

    Knight of Carrion

    Joseph Clark you shouldnt tell someone that their interpretation is inherently wrong, but the ones calling you immature and triggers are stupid asf. you just said your mind and that other mf freaked out and called you a dipshit for having your own interpretation lol that guy that call you a dipshit is the real immature and triggered one.

    psychonaut ready for launch!

    Both sides are getting duped and they still point fingers. I just laugh at both sides. Theyre both getting played so hard.

  46. MyOnly Hope

    *I walk thought the world with no rules to to Guide me*

  47. Reilly Dennis

    its disgusting how bad you are at interpreting lyrics

    extraterrestrial panda

    Reilly Dennis i dont seem to know what you're talking about?


    Reilly Dennis the lyrics are spot on

    G C

    KnuckleCracker7 you are a troll, cus no, they are not

    an idiot who likes music

    G C how are they not?

  48. man iPreferChicken

    What do I need to get that tone in the beginning?

    Zach Woodroffe

    man iPreferChicken seymour Duncan jb or Invaders with a marshall on the high gain channel. I think zacky v uses a boss sd1.

  49. Pissing On The POTUS

    his voice is so god damn powerful especially in this erra

  50. tommy dommer



    Theyre playing nice to the b ig wigs, trying to become a household name, cut them some slaack bro. Not everyone hates the world, @G C


    ​@Hail Gaming Brooks is actually amazing though. I have a deathbat tattoo on my arm, and that was when The Rev was alive. He was partly the reason I started playing drums. But Brooks is god damn phenomenal.


    @G C How so? Just curious




    Democrats are bad mkay

  51. BoeingDriver737

    this song is so deep .... honestly its soooo underrated

    Andy The Drummer

    Well the chorus isn't that great..

  52. Dunkitay

    when syn did dive bombs

  53. JustAFrench A7x fan

    The rev's voice 😍😍😍

    Frank Castle The Punisher


  54. W0LF _ 1279

    Miss you jimmy. foREVer R.I.P.
    The lyrics speak to me.
    To me these lyrics say that

    You make your own decisions one by one .
    you dont have to be perfect to be the best.
    It doesnt matter what other people think about you just be yourself.
    You can achieve anything you want even though youre not the best.

    Dutch Van Der Linde

    W0LF _ 1279 LLJ🕊

  55. olz Nugrah

    You 're a sin..you're a sin..you're a sinner

    Jacob Brown

    When it's not lyric...

  56. Tim Buchanan

    I miss this A7X

  57. Daniel Brooks

    Syn loves doing that opening on this song. Been to a few of their concerts and he done it every time. Always got me excited till they go into something else =\

  58. Agustin Rapiman

    I imagine a music video where Matt drives the red convertible on a route and a crossroads appears. On the right there is a church where Rev and Johnny Christ are. On the left are Syn Gates and Zacky Vengeance drinking whiskey. Something like that more or less I imagine...

    Reza Yulianto

    They just perfect storry teller


    None of them are religious though, they were raised religious but chose to leave their religion after seeing how horrible the world is and thought that if there was a god who loved us, they wouldn't have let our world get so bad

    Matt even said in a concert "I don't have to be religious to be a good person"

    Knight of Carrion


    I think they were getting at the fact one of their last name is christ and the others nickname comes from reverend which is a religious person. Hence on the religious right.

    And the other two are revengeful and sinister. Hence on the sinful left.


    Same, to that waterin hole where we all get whiskey drunk. A7X! Ready for the next album, next tour, next....

    darren noble

    If you've seen the latest vacation movie when the dudes wife leaves him, then takes the rapids..... That scene is like a funny version of this song lol

  59. Ainna Dean

    Is it me or does it sound like burn it down?


    Ainna Dean no where to burn it down😂


    Nah burn it down had a much faster tempo and more punk drumming

  60. Razioski _

    I'm gonna buy me this album

  61. King Derp

    when a7x was still good

    Horror and Halloween 101

    As if they got bad.

    Christos Poulos

    King Derp I love them still. They are my favorite band but I'm gonna agree. Their prime time was right around when they released the self-titled album.


    They're still good though

  62. AkuPVP

    I thinks its Anger i see :D But i´m not sure

  63. Carlos Mejia

    Just a spoonful of Jimmy makes the whole world go down


    *Just a spoonful of Jimmy helps the whole world go down the drain

    John Collins

    A spoonful of Jimmy burns it down

    Zidan raja


    Corina 333


  64. Insanian

    can i use a small part of this song in one of my video's?

    Carlos Mejia

    Insanian Yes


    ur avi, why is it ron jeremy

    Small Boi AJ

    If you want a copyright claim then yes

    Cort Roberts

    Super later reply 😂 but yes you can, be sure to credit it. If you dont then you can be copyright striked. 👍

  65. Blake Vanhorn

    what album is this on

    Fake Account

    Diamonds in the Rough

    Pro-Shot Podcast

    Live in the LBC and Diamonds in the Rough

  66. Jordan Brugmans

    Never been so sexually attracted to a guitar in my life until the dive bombs came in


    Never been so sexually attracted to Matts voice until this song


    then you should listen to fixation on the darkness by killswitch engage, lol squeals everywhere


    Jordan Brugmans k...

  67. Aquanox 19

    During a concert should play the beginging of this right until the vocals come in, then switch to Almost Easy.


    On big festivals they play it in the end of Unholy Confessions for a big circle pit contest

    DJ Flakes

    Here you go: https://youtu.be/EWF6iUeOXjY Took a shot at taking the beginning of Crossroads and transitioning it into Almost Easy

    Tygo VdW

    maybe into the solo of beast and the harlot
    thatd be sick too

  68. WhiteBoyWithAnIpod

    Are you sure the rev says you're a sin you're a sin you're a sinnerv

    Emanuel Rocha

    FOX PLAY'S I hear "anger I see, anger I see, anger I see now"

    an idiot who likes music

    Emanuel Rocha yea I could see how you could hear that but can here the N’s in there?


    Sounds more like “you’re” then “anger”


    This is gonna be the new yani and laurel lmao


    Oh I can hear them now
    All the religious RIGHT
    You're all so young, you're all so young, you're all so blind

    It's amazing how many idiots can't figure that out. The context clues are on the sections immediately before and after.

  69. FaTaL Gaming

    This song os so underrated

    El Finnle

    This Is my person favorite song, and One of my Favorite A7x songs, and deserves to be played live, just Like Natural Born Killer, both are forgotten, but Amazing

    Oliver Dekens-True

    aSwaggySquirrel The main riff is played occasionally before the outro of Unholy Confessions, usually to hype up a mosh pit before the breakdown/heavy outro.

    El Finnle

    Oliver Dekens-True I Know, I meant the full song

    Oliver Dekens-True

    Yeah, I wish they'd play the full song, but not enough people know about it for them to play full way through live. Same thing for when they play Warmness on the Soul without lyrics.

    Lauge Larsen

    Its not underated at all.. The album is just really difficult to find.

  70. Section

    Sucks that this album isn't on iTunes, oh well, Android master race I guess


    I'm talking about Diamonds in the Rough as a whole.

    MrRaiku Gaming

    TinyTunes App is life ...

    kayla coy


    W0LF _ 1279

    spookyrev on twitter.
    I subscribed to you

    Reevo Navarro

    @kayla coy Only this song

  71. Captain Obvious

    Without a doubt one of Avenged Sevenfold's BEST songs. I can't believe they thought this was only a B-side!!

    Alexander Overgaard

    love the lyrics


    +Alex Martinez
    If they did try to put it on an album they would probably be able to rewrite the lyrics

    G C

    MadMax0417 Is it just because it doesn't line up with your views on the country? These dudes do seem to be drifting towards the left unfortunately.


    MadMax0417 actually it’s not. The story here is a man comes to a fork in a road. On the right is a church and he at first chooses that, but then on the left he sees a people drinking partying and having fun and wants to go there but the church is appealing to his good nature. He leans back and forth unable to decide with both sides criticizing him. He eventually chooses his own path and goes down the middle. The meaning is suppose to show that everyone has a path in life and you don’t just have to go with the flow. There is also a political message in it too. People on the right (conservative and republican) tend to be more religious and sometimes even criticize people for sinning. People on the left (liberal and democrat) tend to disregard religion and instead party and sometimes criticize people who don’t hold their beliefs. As for the vocal structure, there’s actually more here than you think. You’ve got a glimpse of classic Matt screams as well as Jimmy’s shouting vocals. The melodies line up perfectly with what is happening. There’s more to this song than just one topic and a vocal structure as well


    @MrMcMaster12 the song just wasnt as tight as it needed to be. was very close though

  72. john gavalas

    better then metallica i definitely think so sbout your thoughts i really dont give a fuck

    No Name

    Huge Metallica fan here can confirm


    lol it's like comparing chocolate with potatoes.... both are godly.

    Bub Studios

    xMETALxROCKxMIROSx exactly, it's all about what you're looking for

    tommy dommer

    john gavalas aggred best metal band ever formed bar none

    Tyler Robinson

    A7x and Metallica are just as good as each other imo