Avenged Sevenfold - Crimson Day Lyrics

Dark years, brought endless rain,
Out in the cold I lost my way.
But storms won't last, they clear the air,
For something new.
The sun came out and brought you through.
A lifetime full of words to say,
A hope that time will slow the passing day.

I've been wrong times over,
And I've been shamed with no words to find.
But if the sun will rise, bring us tomorrow,
Walk with me, crimson day.

Don't speak, no use for words
Lie in my arms, sleep secure.
I wonder what you're dreaming of, lands rare and far,
A timeless flight to reach the stars.
A lifetime full of words to say,
A hope that time will slow the passing day.

I've been wrong times over,
And I've been shamed, with no words to find.
But if the sun will rise, bring us tomorrow,
Walk with me, crimson day.

I've come so far to meet you here,
To share this life with one I hold so dear.
And I won't speak but what is true,
The world outside created just for you,
It's for you, for you.

I've been wrong times over,
And I've been shamed with no words to find.
But if the sun will rise, bring us tomorrow,
Walk with me crimson day.

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Avenged Sevenfold Crimson Day Comments
  1. zangaeff

    abimou chas ouvar a bi xanti i nut pai

  2. Syaidatul Aisya

    2020 anyone???

  3. Naz Reef

    Set Me Free🙌🏻

  4. AR .K

    19 Jan 2020

  5. Are Peace

    Who come here because 'set me free' ?

  6. Shinjuro

    “Set me free” reminds me of this masterpiece 💛🥺🔥

    Donnie 777

    True i came here just because it reminded me of Crimson Day.

  7. xorido marcos

    Its a sad thing ,I've made this her favorite song before we became stranger..*crimson day,,,,,,,,!

  8. Nul syafiq_

    2020 ?????

  9. Life A Beach


  10. Mart1n dabass

    My wedding song

  11. Thomas Hewitt

    Que música!!!

  12. Nchen Murry

    406 haters (who think they are perfect)

  13. Temjen Jmr

    "Daaark pears...."

  14. William Purvis

    Most underrated metal song ever

  15. SummonerBraddy SG

    Crimson Day = Welcoming a baby/A new baby is born
    Seize The Day = Girlfriend/Wife (According to the video) passed away.

  16. Ali Nazar

    Nothing else matter is reborn here

  17. Samantha Parker

    Favourite Song, from the heart.😇😙🙊👪💋❤

    Samantha Parker

    I would like VIP.

    Samantha Parker

    Matthew, zacccccky' , Gates & jhonny 😈😇😛😜🙉🙉🙈👻❤💋

  18. Muhamad Fadilah

    So Full of memories:(

  19. k dzurko

    Why does this almost sound like Country Roads?

  20. Jjacob8600

    Ooooh!!!! Its your fucken nightma-
    whoops. wrong song. i WONT be going because this is a great song so..have a great day i guess

  21. UltimateWeeaboo

    Definitely an underappreciated song.

  22. Lalrinpuii Apuii


  23. Tyo Lesmono

    The guitar solo part is so beautiful ... give me shiver everytime i hear it.

  24. Jjacob8600

    This and M.I.A has to be the 2 chillest songs from A7X

    Lalrinpuii Apuii

    Strength of the world is no exception , its great like these

    Ross stewart

    I wouldn't say MIA is chill lol, that's a psyche up song, about going to war! It's fucking ace but not a chill song lol

  25. Tolotsoa Rado

    Good song, 2014-2019 it's always in my playlist <3

  26. carlos paye


  27. Hary Yanto

    orang indonesia denger lagu ini like 😊👍

  28. DuKer

    Its 2019, 25th august, and this song still. Rocks❤️you guys are the memories of my childhood days these song makes me remember of my past and i can't stop my tears remembering the good old days😭

  29. Jjacob8600

    Think that's the first time i actually heard the TITLE in the song besides Hail to the King

  30. Ja5 Productionz

    A7X4LYF 🤘🏻

  31. Giulia Moncy


  32. syedin apih

    Who hear the song and scroll the comments,hit the likes

  33. Au Mathana

    Hail to the king was one of the best album of avanged sevenfold..#deathbat4ever

  34. Victor paixão

    Voice shadows 😍

  35. Shreyansh Bhargava

    A lifetime full of words to say.. I hope that time will slow the passing day.. breathtaking!

  36. Jamie Roye

    Wow didn't know metallica Nothing Else Matters could blend so well with Queensryche Silent Lucidity. Then again this whole album is full of Bush Machinehead, every metallic song, and megadeath

  37. Josh

    I just discovered this song, but listening to it makes me wonder even more than i did before why Avenged Sevenfold has so many haters. I'll admit with the other few people that if i'm in the right mood i've cried. I'm not one to cry often, but this song is a weakness.

  38. wahyu Z

    My girlfriend,now she at heaven

  39. Farhan Saputra Yahman

    It's hard to find song like this nowadays. It's so meaningful song 😢

  40. skeeeeet

    Hmmm... Sounds eerily similar to Metallica

  41. Latitude And Longitude

    When my father passed this song had revelance for me.

    Anazareth Pendragon

    Mix of Metallica and G&R

  42. stefanie brolan

    Me either

  43. Nathan Scheibe

    I don't know how to really say this but I'm a hockey player and I've been In the same orginaztion since I was 7 years old (I am now almost 18) I've doubled rostered and played on other teams, but I have always played a season out of the year with the organization whether that be spring summer or fall. Tonight was my very last practice with this team. I sat in the same locker room as I did the very first time, same place too. Even after practice was over, I didn't move a muscle until the rest of my teammates left. I sat in silence for about a half hour. I got home and the first thing I did was play this song. And usually I'm the one who never shows any emotion, tonight I've never cried so hard in my life... I'm off to play hockey in other states or maybe Canada but I will always remember this team and the small group of guys ill be brothers with for life.


    R.I.P Jimmy!! :' (

  45. Arik Wing

    I just had a dream, it was weird because i woke up to see a baby crib at the end of my bed to find a child named Crimson inside, a few months forward and this song was playing.... this song really touches my heart everytime i listen to it

  46. JeremytheG

    Tab, the lead with chorus is sick.. https://tabs.ultimate-guitar.com/tab/avenged_sevenfold/crimson_day_tabs_1413345 . Don't dial in the chorus too much just a little/medium, mid depth, mid speed, max blend.

  47. Dandy Pandiangan

    A7X is good band, and the best..
    God Bless you my favorite band

  48. Gary Beck

    GOD bless ya bro! Love Michael

  49. Kristina Johnson

    I was actually tearing up while reading all these beautiful comments while listening, and singing along with M...(emphasis on mmmmmm! :). The depth and emotion from these guys here, is indescribable, just so powerful.This truly shows who they are, what they're capable of and how they push themselves. I wish they'd play this live with Acid Rain too.

  50. Dakota Jones

    I dont know why but every time I hear this song it reminds me of a time when it was raining at an airport I was at. It gives me a weird feeling I cant explain. Someone help please.

  51. Philip Oreto

    this song kind of reminds me of myself a little i dont know why but the line "walk with me crimson day" just clicks with me

  52. Dhimz BadBoy

    The intro sounds like that Indonesian song, Ipang - Tentang Cinta

  53. Lalmuanpuii Fanai

    my ex used to love this song 😂 remind me of her when I listen this song

  54. Tad Hollman

    I agree Tad hollman

  55. Apong Hangmi

    The more he shout more melodies

  56. Bizzy Vt.Lalremruata

    2019 april 24 if anyone..press the like buttom...

  57. Robert Talang

    I wonder why most people dont really like a7x....for me avenged sevenfold is awesome

  58. Farhan Saputra Yahman

    i know i've been wrong times over. thank you avenged sevenfold to remind and express my feelings

  59. Anita Gurung

    These a7x song r my past . I literally feel my past ..wow

  60. D n S

    Hadir ..

  61. Brendan Strode

    I’m giving this album a chance now. That song was pretty good. I tend to like power ballads like So Far Away, Victim, Tonight The World Dies (I know, a lot of Nightmare) and this is a good ballad.

  62. Kissmyass Allen

    They dropped acid on this album.

  63. ZzthiccnecczZ

    Guitar intro reminds me of Nothing Else Matters.

  64. Rio calloway

    This song makes my eyes well up every time i hear it........

  65. Kaydence Daubenspeck

    This so is so fucking beautiful 😫♥️

  66. Animé crush

    Wht a lyrics top level

  67. Макc

    I don't understand why do people hate Hail To The King. I personally put this album with classic hard rock/heavy metal albums, because it sounds like those ones. This album is the best of Avenged Sevenfold. I don't like other their albums

  68. Munchen

    This intro is so beautiful

  69. Manonette

    J’adore cette musique 🎧💕

  70. Aaron Fisher

    I always think of this song as seize the day part 2

  71. Zach Williams

    I’m sensing a very Metallica feel to this song, and yes I know Metallica is one of avenged sevenfold’s biggest influence along with Iron Maiden. But the guitar work reminds me of a Kirk Hammett style riff.

  72. Riot Games

    my favorite 1:39

  73. Jacob Sullivan

    It's been awhile.

  74. Noritz Gallery

    2019 anyone??

    Jakoby M.

    Yeah buddy\m/

  75. † The Freakshow †

    The "I lost my way" part give me chills

  76. Caique Afonso

    his voice touch my soul

  77. Atuka Sumi Naga

    A7x Forever...

  78. kиza

    My favorite sad song and best slow song from A7X. The best fast song is Coming Home because of the solo! Synyster is the solo GOD!

  79. Rafael J

    Que obra prima! Por que diabos não ficou famosa?

  80. Au Mathana

    Oh dear.......Walk with me...crimson day.....

  81. Hironimus Dambut

    Shadow, synster nd frends are great love u mthrfckr

  82. Arikxul

    Ahh I love this song so much.. it gives me great memories but I don’t know what for

  83. Roudolf Yim

    I love a7x

  84. Yahya Ali Official

    Walk with me. Crimson day

  85. Maliat Tahiat

    it would be such an honour to be able to sing this song with M. Shadows on a stage...... well.. who am i kidding😥😪

    Ridwan taufik

    I think so.

  86. Walter Downey

    The thing that sets avenged apart from the likes of bands like five finger death punch are the lyrics... they are lyrically one of the best bands I know of...

  87. Carlos Andrés Porras Vindas

    Nothing Else Matters, are you here?

  88. Rki Hmar Lalrokimi

    so besutiful today

  89. Zukefly0099

    1:55 you're*

  90. Thackery Newton

    I am actually picking this song for my mothers and I's dance at my wedding. Describes our relationship almost to a tee.

  91. Rizky Pories

    One of the best from Avenged Sevenfold songs. 2018 i still listen it

  92. Alisson Ferreira

    This is a real arte!!!!!! So beaultiful!!!!!!

  93. Gibran channel project

    This songs seems like dream theater spirit carries on