Avenged Sevenfold - Creating God Lyrics

Standing in the shade of altruism, answering the call.
Came a modern messiah to save us all.
Something far beyond a work of fiction, Positronic brain
A world that's void of all the anguish and suffering, pain

Better tame your convictions before you go and open the cage.
We're creating God, master of our designs
We're creating God, unsure of what we'll find

Never held a high regard for Darwin, selection takes too long
A little kick in the pool shouldn't do us wrong
Devouring the very last invention man would ever need
But exponential growth is a frightening thing, indeed

Sweet bohemian jury rounded up and hung in the streets.
We're creating God, master of our designs
We're creating God, unsure of what we'll find

Sometimes when I look up to the sky I have to wonder are we
"summoning the demon" you and I?

Have you noticed that I'm needin' it more now, more than it needs me
Got a couple of billion that seem to agree
Surfing in an artificial dimension, but we're not alone
Now the master has become just a steppingstone, oh

Like a blow to the ego the bitter pills are harder to take.
We're creating God, master of our designs
We're creating God, unsure of what we'll find
We're creating God, in search of the divine.
We're creating God. Committing suicide.

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Avenged Sevenfold Creating God Comments
  1. مصطفى ابراهيم الكبيسي

    God damn the song is awesome

  2. Chase McDaniel

    It's funny how people mention Tool.

    Yet theirs hardcore Gun 'n' Roses vibes on Avenged albums...

    Look up Coma by Guns...its deep and epic

  3. Brody Reyno

    This song is definitely painting out the dangers of creating AI which will come to be our god because we rely so much on tech. Lyrically genius

  4. Azerty uiop

    OMG this song is so rythmicly perfect ❤️

  5. Hanabi - Chan

    Syn solo = Creating Guitar god

  6. Parker Connor

    So doomsday warning for artificial intelligence, right?


    The lyrics remind me of the story of a man who created this operating system called TempleOS. It basically created sentences using random words and strings of text and the person who made it genuinely believed it was the word of God.

    One of Eight

    Terry a davis man. Amazing person!

    One of Eight

    But yeah thats what schizophrenia does to you. You simple don't know what's reality anymore.

  8. hunt 21

    3:01-3:31. JESUS!!!!

  9. Lord OdyZeus

    The song would make a pretty good movie tbh

  10. Dark Demon

    That drum and guitar solo...

  11. Jⱥmes

    Drummer 🔥🔥🔥🔥.... Who's want this drummer?

  12. Amas

    This is genius as the kid from Iran this song has lot of meaning to me

  13. AssassinEmbers

    One of A7X's grooviest songs

  14. Esteban Ascarza

    0:06 the drums are doing the same riff from minute 2:31 of Brompton Cocktail

  15. Brody Reyno

    This drum track is incredibly complex. Man he is amazing.

  16. no sleep

    its got that scott weiland, stone temple pilots feel.... rip scott

  17. Momento Mori

    Something far beyond the work of fiction, positronic brain.... man that drum fill is so fucking awesome!


    I love Avenged sevenfold and Im only 13

  19. The Suf

    "We creating god , master of our design " that part like roman sky song

  20. Doggepp

    Is there a drum/recording error at 1:49 ?

  21. mikey flyzlow

    Brooks brings a new dimension to the group, he is on point in a rev-like way.

  22. Madara Uchiha

    Dear Creating Goddamn Hate Us,this is so nice

  23. Warcrazer

    My new favourite a7x track.

  24. beyondthegravemind

    always thought it funny it went dear god, to god hates us now to creating god


    Creating God music video shows the truth and lots of ideas from different points of views and opinions from many sources.thank you A7F.this is just one of my thoughts of how the video should be.

  26. George

    This song has an Alice In Chains groove

  27. MNRS E.B.

    Amazing song!! I love the way he sings on this track!

  28. Dolton Bell

    songs tied for 1st with the stage....i love both songs....i've heard the stage live and it was amazing...brooks was dope and his solo was awesome as well 👍 A7X

  29. turn the page yea

    Listen to the album at 1.25 speed and u ll get a heavy version of it

  30. Folfy

    In seeking to understand god's gift to mankind...Intelligence and consciousness we are trying to replicated it in the form of an conscious AI. the act of creating a learning AI is the very thing that will lead to our inferiority.

  31. Alvir Latt

    Almost sounds like breaking point by BFMV, but awesome song nonetheless!

  32. James Macri

    The drums are everything in this new album, holy shit, Wackerman is great.

  33. N O

    The stage is hands down the best A7X album so far. It is a new sound that is fuckin amazing

  34. Prejudiced


  35. Steven Dupuis

    Great drum on this song and Higher. Wackerman was a great drummer. Save me on nightmare was the toughest to play by Mike Portnoy but this song deserve in a top 10 of Avenged hard song to play!

  36. BlueFeral

    This is a good one


    Shadows brings a super heavy Alice in Chains vibe.

  38. Ginner Pig

    Listening at .75 speed unlocks the secrets

  39. Brandon

    Is it Just me or does this song sound a bit like planets

  40. adi yono

    some people make money to be a god...

  41. Dolton Bell

    I love this song......i wish they played this on tour with metallica or their own tour

  42. Andrew Martin

    The stage is a very grown up album and I love it. I love all aspects of Avenged. They rock man. I hope they don't ever slow down, although age will prevail

    Evan Paluch

    Time always wins 🙂

  43. Bryson

    These songs have such depth. This is some great poetry.

  44. Dolton Bell

    I love this song
    I got to hear them live twice and kinda wish i heard this....still love A7X either way

  45. Lindsay Mulberry

    This is one of my fav Syn solos.

  46. Lucka Ileckova

    3:02 <3

  47. Khrawborlang Syiemlieh

    Damn the drummer every time he nailed it...

  48. Is mayonnaise an instrument?

    That guitar in the intro is the most raw guitar I've ever heard lol.

  49. Josh Lock

    Why do the verses sound like ballad of mona Lisa? 😂

  50. stand by feeding

    I'm a christian, now I feel guilty cuz I think this shit is soo lit ... B..but b..but, god created us ! :(

    Noire 1

    Bryan Quinteros how is this song about AI control?

    Bryan Quinteros

    xDark Star117x the lead singer even says it how in the future AI can end up controlling us like a god

    Noire 1

    Bryan Quinteros yea but that has nothing to do with the song, this song is about the human race creating God, if you look at the lyrics it talks about Jesus and the superstition humanity created, and the things they created give the credit to their conception of God

    Noire 1

    Bryan Quinteros that interview (which i haven't seen) sure didn't talk about this song, as of late there hasn't been an interview on this song, but this song is about human superstition, God and religous denial on evolution

    lAwR3n Shoobado

    This song isn't really anti-religon, Matt is actually Catholic, born and raised. This song is about how computers have gotten so advanced, that we can basically create sentient beings. So in other words, "playing God".

  51. Racherd Rivera

    The drums in this song are just magnificent!

  52. Taylor Prichinello

    this album is so diffrent from all of them and its AMAZING

  53. Djentleman

    I love the line "we're creating god, master of our designs." Man creates god, a being who supposedly created and designed man. Basically, religion tries to reprogram mankind.

    Eric Clifford

    Definitely about AI. Better tame your convictions before you go and open the cage.

    risky fap

    Ya too bad it's like the most whiny chorus on the entire album :/ love the rest of the song though


    it also mentions positronic brains, if you have ever read Issac Asimov its a dead giveaway, but the lyrics could actually be used to call out religion

    M Bayrak

    Djentleman This song is about technological progress' imminent dominion over people, rather than God. The god that is being created is AI

    This album is focused on future more than bygone age.


    totally man

  54. dagerhabid snakeskin

    i dont like how the drums are mixed, sounds like cooking a bag of popcorn

    dagerhabid snakeskin

    but, still an amazing performance for an amazing song

    Jered Marriott

    That's cause you FUCKING suck

    Pablo Vasquez

    Jered Marriott u are right my good sir

  55. Eddie The Head

    I just noticed the nebula is a skull. I already knew the lightning bolts symbolized the deathbat wings, so cool discovery.

  56. Jer Bear

    Damn avenged sevenfold never knows how to write a bad song. Love this.

  57. That1whitekid Bruh

    *God Damn* she fine asf, she be *Creating God*

  58. Reflect All But White

    this should have way more views

  59. FunBlackSanta

    Anyone else get a few tool vibes from this entire album


    alice in chains


    Alice in Chains, with a bit of prog to it, definetely.

  60. Eduard Pinconschi

    best song

  61. soakedbearrd

    1:00 mark reminds me of Faith no more's Epic

    no sleep

    soakedbearrd reminds me of scott weiland

  62. Trent Raymond

    good taste in champions and music

  63. Damien Foulke

    I have some terrible news...
    you have..BUG EYES!!

  64. Darrell dime



    This song is sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet

  66. XerDav

    it's okay, far from my favorite.

  67. Alan S

    We need a powerful video for this song!!!!

  68. Optimal_Illusion

    I love how Matt sounds like Jimmy sometimes. It's got a slight nostalgic feel.

  69. sjne26

    dem drums

  70. Sky482

    The chorus reminds me of another song. When I first heard this song I swore I had heard something similar before but I can't figure it out.

    Jessica Carrier

    Sky482 Me too!! and it's driving me nuts lol!!

    Jeremy Beck

    Sky482 Faith no more , epic

    J D

    So far away has the same kind of harmony

  71. Free Man

    A very interesting direction with this song. They never cease to impress me

  72. Bryce Mitchell

    The drums are dope af!!

  73. The EliHbk

    Why did it take 18 years to get an album cover without their logoo or a monster?

    Jake Twitch

    The EliHbk the design is still the deathbat

    Sanity Is Radical

    The EliHbk look a little closer at the shape of the lightening and the shape of the nebula🙂


    give ya a hint: earth is the eye

    Taylor Prichinello


    Aiden Duryba

    The EliHbk look closer

  74. Heather Tozer

    I know it's about AI but I think about Cern and the god particle when I hear this song.

  75. The EliHbk

    Imagine if Rev still was alive and did this album... R.I.P. he lives foREVer with us

  76. The EliHbk

    Imagine if Rev still was alive and did this album... R.I.P. he lives foREVer with us


    @Madara Uchiha nightmare album maybe wouldnt exsist,they called Portnoy to make that album in respect for the rev because the revs favorite drummer was Mike Portnoy

    Madara Uchiha

    Hellhound Nigthmare album still exist because The Rev still alive while at recording Nightmare Demo


    @Madara Uchiha well that changes a lot of things

    Seth Dayton

    @M Bayrak im late to the party but the rev was a very good drummer and just in his time when he was alive in 7 years he went from not knowing how to play to good enough that wackerman in a interview says it kills him everytime he has to play like the rev did he didnt need to have a super complex rythmn when he could be everywhere on the drum kit at once

    G acH

    Song never good like this

  77. John Michael Halbig

    People actually thought this drummer sucked at first because of the simple beats in HttK, but damn they must feel stupid now.


    The drummer in HttK was Arin Illejay. Arin left the band about a little over a year ago. Brooks Wackerman then came in to replace Arin. Brooks was the drummer for The Stage, not Arin.

    Content 69

    John Michael Halbig I cringed at your statement. But I’ll let it pass since you didn’t know. And yes, Arin is a great drummer. Not Ready to Die and Carry On is a great example.

    Reevo Navarro

    You must feel stupid now lol

    M Bayrak

    John Michael Halbig I know who is the stupid one at this particular moment.

  78. Scott Mcdonald

    was bugging me but i finally figured out who the chorus reminds me of - Saliva Your Disease. almost the same chord progression

  79. Kenan

    this song is spooky

  80. Butterybuns

    i love this song, god damn, angels and paradigm along with the rest of the album

  81. AdrenochromeDream

    so good

  82. superevan07

    the drummer's heavily influenced by Portnoy, but sounds even more controlled and responsive. awesome.

    A7X foREVer

    superevan07 I feel like Wackerman is inspired by Portnoy, and has almost the same style of play, but Wackerman wouldn’t last 2 seconds into Octavarium or A Change Of Seasons...

  83. Zack Murphy

    I've been a fan of Avenged Sevenfold for over 10 years ever since I was 8 and I'm to the point to where I can't even pick a favorite song I love them all equally does anyone else feel this way?

    Aaron Filibeck

    Save me. Now wasn't that easy?


    probably everyone :)

    مصطفى ابراهيم الكبيسي

    Me too bro

  84. Kimberlee

    dislike? yeah right 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘

  85. Lou Angeles

    Dayummm!!! I DARE YOU to learn to drum pattern!!

  86. Damiano618

    This friggin drum track though

  87. Kyle Anthony

    those drum breaks get me every time.

  88. Bruno Namavirs

    I wish they had a music video for this


    agree and i hope they sing it live too

    best of best

    Firly they did.

  89. The Immortal Bitch

    *The Stage eats Hail To The King for breakfast*

    I am TheRys118

    Acid rain enough said


    *City of Evil joins the chat*

    SavageSINN Labs

    @Steve Kaufmann sick ass burn

    Pavel Sabolic

    @Steve Kaufmann HttK was a more "radio friendly" album. Atleast what they said

  90. Kimberlee

    the 8 people that gave this song a thumbs down needs a good ass kicking

    Kent Zwillinger

    into the pool

    Arman Feisal

    Maybe they love it so much they flipped the thumbs down upside down to like it again


    59 now those assholes


    See what you did there

  91. Kimberlee

    I'm in love

  92. Leonardo Cantanhede Leon

    Delicia cara!!

  93. xXJoker1400_YT

    Guys get tickets for lunatic luau in Virginia beach before there no more tickets! I'm going... ITs going to be LIT!!!!

  94. lain 4lyfe

    I love how terrible the posters english is. Just look at that description...

    Jade S

    lain 4lyfe 😂😂😂

  95. Kimberlee

    The 6 people that don't like this.. FUCK you

  96. Kimberlee

    I fucking love this song!!

  97. korngotthelifela

    this song favors Alice in chains at some parts.

  98. Inidentificado

    This album really is beyond anything I could have expected.
    It was a neat coincidence I came across Answer by Friedrich Brown a week before listening to this song.

    Here it is, if anyone wonders:

    Dwan Ev ceremoniously soldered the final connection with gold. The eyes of a dozen television cameras watched him and the subether bore throughout the universe a dozen pictures of what he was doing.
    He straightened and nodded to Dwar Reyn, then moved to a position beside the switch that would complete the contact when he threw it. The switch that would connect, all at once, all of the monster computing machines of all the populated planets in the universe -- ninety-six billion planets -- into the supercircuit that would connect them all into one supercalculator, one cybernetics machine that would combine all the knowledge of all the galaxies.
    Dwar Reyn spoke briefly to the watching and listening trillions. Then after a moment's silence he said, "Now, Dwar Ev."
    Dwar Ev threw the switch. There was a mighty hum, the surge of power from ninety-six billion planets. Lights flashed and quieted along the miles-long panel.
    Dwar Ev stepped back and drew a deep breath. "The honor of asking the first question is yours, Dwar Reyn."
    "Thank you," said Dwar Reyn. "It shall be a question which no single cybernetics machine has been able to answer."
    He turned to face the machine. "Is there a God?"
    The mighty voice answered without hesitation, without the clicking of a single relay.
    "Yes, now there is a God."
    Sudden fear flashed on the face of Dwar Ev. He leaped to grab the switch.
    A bolt of lightning from the cloudless sky struck him down and fused the switch shut.

    Liza Torres

    Inidentificado fuck

    Sanity Is Radical

    Inidentificado That needs to be fleshed out into something longer. That one section blew my damn mind.


    it was a lot Higher than my expectations

    Jessica Carrier

    Inidentificado What a coincidence..Thank you for posting that... Interesting..