Avenged Sevenfold - Clairvoyant Disease Lyrics

Dust begins to fall to the ground
(and you sit there and do nothing)
The air is cold and thin
(you're content with doing nothing)
Thoughts are haunting me as I look around
(but in my life, I wanted more)
This will never end, when I'll bleed forever
(this will never end)

Don't acknowledge right, just dwell on wrong;
This spot in hell's where I belong
I've come so far - it's been so long
Don't know why it started or where it came from

Outside shell is strong - confident,
(there is nowhere to run and hide)
But slowly eats away;
(stuck alone inside your head)
Like a man plagued with disease, I try to fight
(guess you're better off dead)
Through my pores it seems to seep
(your mind bleeding)
When I'll bleed forever

Don't acknowledge right, just dwell on wrong
This spot in hell's where I belong
I've come so far - it's been so long
Don't know why it started or where it came from

And you sit there and do nothing;
You're content with doing nothing

There's nowhere to run and hide
When you're living to die
Stuck alone inside your head,
Better off dead
The phone would ring in the empty house,
No one's around

Don't acknowledge right, just dwell on wrong
This spot in hell's where I belong
I've come so far - it's been so long
Don't know why it started or where it came from

But in my life, I wanted more;
I needed more, I taste more

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Avenged Sevenfold Clairvoyant Disease Comments
  1. Matthew

    2003: Clairvoyant Disease

    2020: Corona Virus

  2. colby newhouse

    2020 and still my favorite band. RIP foREVer!

  3. Yuri

    Para filho.. essa musica é muito foda.. olha esse solo.. vtnc to doidao mas foda+se me arrepio mesmo sobrio kkkkkk

  4. George Gibson

    Still beautiful

  5. Muhammad Irfan

    This is music 🤘

  6. Yuri

    Upsideeeeee soloooooo

  7. Christine Sol

    Does anybody else get some Dream Theatre vibes?

  8. Cristian Castro

    I dont care what anyone says, this is their GREATEST song


    You are CORRECT

  9. Alex Pena

    Im just curious but is there a real Clairvoyant disease or did the band just make it up either way great band

  10. Somingam Angkang

    No one know where it came
    But everyone will bleed forever

  11. Matheus sales

    Legendas em algum Lugar Time ?

  12. Lívia AivíL

    tao boazinha a melodia, q raiva dessa voz pão de batata, estraga todas as musicas fodase 😑


    Nessa época era outro estilo mesmo assim um dos melhores discos deles

  13. KnightHoodZ Gaming

    This songs to short

  14. FullMetalJack

    best A7X songs:
    1:Roman Sky
    2:Clairvoyant Disease
    3:Brompton Cocktail

    KnightHoodZ Gaming

    What About Sidewinder

  15. Muhammad abiOfficial

    2:58 best

  16. Sueycide

    never getting good shit like this anymore... rip

  17. Flyers_

    2:31 guitar solo made me cry
    still here 2019

    Discoverance Band

    its ok pal, all about the good times and memories


    @Discoverance Band oh im not crying about good memories. im crying because time stops for no one and im scared because of my deteriorating health. you see, there are no guarantees in life, except for death. My awareness of my own mortality frightens me to an unimaginable level.

    Discoverance Band

    @Flyers_ we're only a small part of what the universe beholds. everyone has the same fate my friend, we all dissolve into the cosmic sea! :) no worries

    Da Broken FACE

    And the solo make A remind about the rev


    like wow


    Blasted this album every day before my daughter was born she's 12 now

  20. Krillitfast 21

    Instant amazingness at 2:04

  21. Discoverance Band

    the intro bit is so relaxing, love this band

  22. dburd *13

    I am and have always been 100 percent one of A7X's biggest fans love this band and appricate every member (even the late terrific Jimmy"the Rev"Sullivan R.I.P my good dude thanks for thw music love ya A7X keep pump the kick ass tunes

  23. Harrison Powell


  24. cara de dedo


  25. LordChaos

    Who still listening in 2019

    Misty Dawn Elliott

    Always will 😉🤩🎶

  26. Danny Lucescu

    Is this song about depression or life struggles?

  27. Tanaka Kou Mabuchi

    Aquele solo fdp 2:30


    Minha alma ama essa música

    Tanaka Kou Mabuchi

    Como não amar


    Solo fodastic

  28. Mcschroder Ngilo Morgan

    an purak gya ik

  29. Kimberly's Psychic Development

    Anyone here an actual Clairvoyant??? I love this song!!! I personally don't consider my clairvoyance a disease only a gift to me!!! I was able to tell someone something and they were surprised from what I said to them!!! I told them I saw something of a chess piece shaped like a horse and only told them after the person said they were thinking of their father!!! I said does your father play chess or something or theirs something associated with the horse chess piece he exclaimed yes he loves chess and he showed me a picture of a horse his father drew!!! Incredible this was the first time I knew of my clairvoyant ability also linked with precognition I saw a future event or saw something that I was able to see and tell before the evidence often times clairvoyance is linked with precognition and clairvoyance both!!! there is a difference between schizophrenia and clairvoyance schizophrenia is mental illness associated with seeing things that are not there also hearing smelling tasting or feeling things not there! which is a disorder or I guess you would consider a disease but I'm no doctor also schizophrenia has negative hallucinations not positive that's how you can tell what is schizophrenia or clairvoyance and on the other hand clairvoyance is the ability to see things not there to many people but you see future events or things seen or told before evidence as well as spirits and ghost angels and so on! I'm not a professional but I do have experience with clairvoyance!! Clairvoyance is a gift defiantly in my case and can excite the lives of many people living and deceased!! :) I just thought it would be cool to mention this as many still are not aware of clairvoyance as a psychic ability!! Feel free to comment back with your story on clairvoyance it's certainly interesting topic and by the way love avenged sevenfold music I've listened to them since I was maybe in 6th grade middle school so I'm 23 now out of school and still love them thank god for them I love avenged sevenfold and RIP The Rev you are not forgotten and still live in peace in heaven now or happiness in another world of existence with the creator whoever he she is!!! Thanks for reading bye!!! Have a wonderful day everyone on here!!! :)

  30. Rong Return

    This song is very underrated

  31. skeeeeet

    This without a doubt is the best song off the entire album. This album in general is extremely underrated, which to a degree pisses me off as this is my favorite album by Avenged Sevenfold

  32. Sammy Sinz

    Listened to this overseas, still gets me.

  33. Summer Rayne

    Totally underrated.. This song is badass 🤘🤘💯

  34. Ari Sony

    My boy synyster gates

  35. Chase Mathis

    This song reminds me of Electric Funeral.

  36. Matias Vega Morales

    I have anxiety and depression at the same time, when I ear this song it’s basically all why I have inside of my head, live with those problems is not easy..... even if you are rich, poor, it’s always going to be there

  37. D F


  38. Izuna 0729

    I thought it was espanol song lol

  39. Steven Groom

    My fav avenged 7x song so far

  40. Alex Avendano


  41. Rafael J

    How can people dislike that?

  42. Mushtaco

    If that guy who made the YTMND about the part with a manpig with disease. I remember you man.

  43. Dimebagg Darell

    Who's rocking on 2019????

  44. Denil Silva

    the best band

  45. Carol Warwick

    This song was written for me. This spot in hell is where I belong.

  46. Mario Merrell

    The bridge in this song is so beautiful...

  47. Hafiz Jumat

    that solo~~~~~

  48. Krillitfast 21

    3:00 my favorite part

  49. Rafael Ponce

    Has to be one of the most relaxing guitar solos they made chief.

  50. Misty Dawn Elliott

    In your 💞💓💖👇👂👀👑😎your of the 🔢🔠🔡🔣💫✨🌙🌎🌐🎼🎤🎵🎶 and you know the way 🔮

  51. Diet Coke

    theres only 2 good a7x albums....

    One of Eight

    you mean 7

  52. Rodrigo Bede

    2:15 - 3:40 BEST PART!!!

  53. Manuel Rivera

    The masked singer is sooo fucking lame. Fuck all You robots

    One of Eight

    masked singer?

  54. Abdul Hakim Munawir

    2019 and still listening to this music

  55. J V

    Always thought the beginning had a very 311 vibe to it- one of my favorite albums of all time!

  56. Anon Zero

    One of their best ones for sure.

  57. N0BL3 BL00D

    So I’m probably gonna get my neck sliced, but what is the meaning of the song? Like some of the others like “Second Heartbeat” is about him leaving a person he was very close to, like his girlfriend. I just don’t understand the meaning behind this one

    One of Eight

    This song is about someone suffering from the clairvoyant disease, the ability to sense something non-physical beyond the range of normal perception. The lyrics deal with depression and the feeling of worthlessness. The person foresaw the terrible things that would happen to him because of his disease, which is probably what made him depressed.

    N0BL3 BL00D

    Skarre Bank ah, I see now. Thank you for the clarification

  58. Eric Ramirez

    After all these years I realize that he's talking about God...the creator of heaven and earth...

  59. Ahmad Malik


  60. Michael Gustin

    This is my song. Thoughts running in while I look around... oh lucifer speak lmao real shit I prayed to lucifer and my damn ground man got scared because he heard what heard and turned his head. I think the shots fucking funny especially when they are the ones who try to steal your confidence and life by making fun of you and your love. Fuck the weak hearted.

  61. Braulio Fernandez

    Best part 00:00 to 05:00

  62. Syahrul At-taufiq

    2:30 - 3:35 😢😢😢

  63. cara de dedo


  64. Greg The Flying Whale

    youtube!! why the fuck haven’t you recommended this to me while I have all other songs from album and I thought there is nothing else to discover!!

  65. Calvin Sumtaki


  66. Andrew Chitwood

    I lived on grave hill tn. In a haunted house this song would stir them up :)

  67. kontol ngaceng

    save me
    unbound the wild ride
    clairvoyan disease
    seize the day

    cara de dedo

    Zacky Vangeance agreee

    cara de dedo

    Zacky Vangeance buried alive?

  68. kontol ngaceng

    who is sound 3.19

  69. JustARegularManiac

    i was 6 when i started listening to these guys. 7 years later and i still love them.

  70. Luiz Henrique

    I was listening to Mr. Crowley and this solo is just like one part of the song 02:01

  71. ElizaLanga

    This spot in hell's where I be-longgggg

  72. Justin Crawford

    This particular album opened a whole new world to me. I still get the chills from this and it's been since.. Well let's say I was a teen. I'm now 27.

  73. Arthur Proctor

    I used to think “stuck alone inside your head” was “Stockholm inside your head” 🤷🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

  74. Donald Trump

    Am I the only one discovering in 2018?

  75. Novo Rev

    2018? Anyone

  76. ham brgr

    Song addicts u u doont get addicted true story

  77. febian woles


  78. MrSpacelyy12

    I wish the ending was longer it sounds nice

  79. Windy Official Video All

    ILOVE avenged

  80. cara de dedo

    fucking amazing music

  81. KaKarottO Opressor


  82. Repairer of the Breach

    The Bridge to Life

    One of the oldest questions humankind has been asking is, “How can I know God?” The question is a valid one. What is He like? What can we do to please Him? How can we get to Heaven? If we work hard enough to be a good enough person will He accept us then? If we do enough religious activities to get His attention, will that do it?  

    Fortunately for us, the answer is surprisingly simple. The “Gospel” that the Bible talks about literally means, “the Good News,” and the news is good indeed!  

    First, we have to start at the beginning. In Genesis 1:26, when God created the first humans, He said, “Let us make mankind in our image, in our likeness”, then God blessed them and spent the days walking and talking with the people He had created. In short, life was good.

    But why isn’t life like that anymore? What happened to mess everything up? This brings us to the second point: when we (humankind) chose to do the opposite of what God told us, sin poisoned the world. Sin separated us from God, and everything changed.Romans 3:23 says, “For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God,”  and in Isaiah 59:2 we’re told, “your iniquities have separated you from your God; your sins have hidden his face from you so that he will not hear.” 
    This is especially bad news because there is no way for us to get across that gap on our own. We (humankind) have tried to find our way back to God and a perfect world on our own ever since then, and without any luck. We try to get there by being good people, or through religion, money, morality, philosophy, education, or any number of other ways, but eventually we find out that none of it works. “There is a way that seems right to a man, but in the end it leads to death” (Proverbs 14:12).

    There is only one way to find peace with God, and the Bible says it is through Jesus Christ. We were stranded without any way of getting back to our Creator, and we needed a way to pay for our sins and be clean again so that we could be welcomed back to be with Him.Romans 5:8 says, “But God demonstrates His own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” So this is the Good News—that even though we were still enemies of God (as one translation says), Jesus came to die on the cross and pay the price for our sins so that we could have a relationship with Him again. John 3:16 says, “For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.”

    What then should be our reaction to this awesome news? This brings us to the last and most important part.John 5:24 says, "I tell you the truth, whoever hears my word and believes Him who sent me has eternal life and will not be condemned; he has crossed over from death to life.” Jesus Christ himself even says, “I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full” (John 10:10), and Romans 5:1 says, “we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ.”
    So how can I have peace with God, life to the full, and be confident of eternal life like these verses say? First, through an honest prayer to God, I have to admit that I’m not perfect—that I can’t escape my sins, and I can’t save myself. I follow this admission by believing that Jesus Christ died for me on the cross and rose from the grave, conquering death and sin. Then I invite Jesus Christ to live in me and be the Lord of my life, accepting His free gift of eternal life with Him.

    The prayer can go something like this:

    “Dear Jesus,
    I know that I am a sinner and that I need You to forgive me. I know that You died a painful death so that my sins could be washed clean. Thank you. I want to make You the Lord of my life, and I will trust and follow You. Everything I have is Yours now.
    In Your name, Lord.

    There is nothing magical about these words. It’s not the words themselves that make things right between you and God—it’s whether or not your heart really means it. We know this because in 1 Samuel 16:7, the Bible says, “The Lord does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.”
    The best part of this whole process is that it doesn’t matter how badly we’ve messed up, Jesus is powerful enough to save anyone from their sins—even the worst of us. Romans 10:13 says, "Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved." That’s fantastic news—no matter how badly we’ve messed up, we can place our complete trust in Jesus, and He will wipe all of our sins off the face of the earth. Jesus is the bridge to life.

  83. Chris Graham

    Make a song about the life of a person that sees the dead.

  84. Amsyar Gates

    The solo do i want cumshot haha

  85. Shadow Blood


  86. Mari

    I've been a fan for years and this is my favorite song. 💜

  87. Adrian De Lara Dos Santos

    Musica bacana é uma música de rock muito incrível do avenged sevenfold

  88. carlos palfeibu

    synyster using wah?

    Hgo Hgo

    carlos palfeibu hey If im not wrong I think zacky v recorded this solo !

    carlos palfeibu

    Hgo Hgo yea? thanks

  89. Aaron Anxiety

    I get goosebumps and nostalgia all the way through This album

    Amar Fawwas

    I know..

  90. JM Veda

    I remember i had this album and it got me through some deep issues but its just me

  91. Aaron Sirtout

    This song is my all time favorite..
    It has taught me to overcome depression and turn shit into anger and fuel into my soul that has literally got me through so much! Feel [email protected]!!! When you sit there and do nothing your content with doing nothing feel that anger of the depressed man they sing about in this song fuck depression overcome it!! avenged is life!!!!

  92. Marcel Hession


  93. Norbey Esteban Trujillo Coy

    2018 :,v