Avenged Sevenfold - As Tears Go By Lyrics

It is the evening of the day
I sit and watch the children play
Smiling faces I can see
But not for me
I sit and watch
As tears go by

My riches can't buy everything
I want to hear the children sing
All I hear is the sound
Of rain falling on the ground
I sit and watch
As tears go by

It is the evening of the day
I sit and watch the children play
Doin' things I used to do
They think are new
I sit and watch
As tears go by

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Avenged Sevenfold As Tears Go By Comments
  1. hardwire

    major rock band sipping wine... no wonder pop killed us we lost the sex drugs and rock n roll attitude.

  2. baixinha invocada gomes Almeida


  3. Grace Mifel

    A7X is my idol especially M Shadows and Synyster Gates!!!

  4. Synister KW Super

    AMAJING KOPER NJING.....!!!!!!

  5. Ozora Life


  6. is Metal

    el mejor cover de esta la cancion es de andi sex gang children..

  7. Jhonny Sins

    No hate just love for this band. You are no. 1 in Itbayat batanes 💓

  8. MengHeang Heng

    This is not just a cover song . Believe me I’m flying ❤️

  9. Jjacob8600

    That 'oooh yeahhh' in the intro reminds me of Axl Rose from Guns n' Roses

  10. Zacky Vngnce

    Avenged sevenfold 🤘🤘

  11. Zacky Vngnce

    It's Chris Jericho it'is Chris Jericho

  12. Samantha Parker

    I just want normal ness!!!!

  13. A Shot Of Whiskey

    Its a cover meaning their own interpretation. Like they care. Seriously we all do our own covers our own way.

  14. Ben Dover

    Tears went by as I listened to this poor cover

  15. Zharna Akter

    Love you a7x forever

  16. Dark Sunshine

    It’s really nice that they gave their version of the song a happy vibe (also the video was on the happy side). The rolling stones version makes me feel really sad...

  17. Ryan Sanchez

    Fucking beautiful. In every way.

  18. Eka Reverend Puspita

    I'm happy to see you happy...

    Ozora Life

    Fans rev dari indo lagi😣

  19. Garrett [REDACTED]

    Can't wait for the day A7X enters the Hall of Fame 💚

  20. JohnBonhamSinger

    Dog plop.

  21. Hale Noppale

    I always listen to this song before night comes. Though I didn't marry yet, I got that vibe of having big ol' family. 😅

  22. Miguel Veilleux

    The parts with the kids are priceless 😍

  23. Temsuwati Jamir

    Very nice song I like it

  24. Nitin Chauhan

    I so wish The Rev was in this video!

  25. JGJWgames

    Can we get a full version that's just Matt and Brian in the recording studio?

  26. Papa canfly

    Dang...worst cover ever 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

  27. Kill Gumz86


  28. Braden Vassov

    Shadows' intro sounds like hes pushing out a nice poop

  29. Joe Dean

    Pause bottom plese.

  30. Seni Lalhmangaihi

    2:02 ♥️

  31. Purwoko Wurian

    What a cool Song of Rolling Stones and another coolest cover of it by A7x..
    I love u so much A7X

    Greetings from Indonesia

  32. Ed Williams

    still bumps

  33. donangry

    This new album is awful.

  34. Fendi Crue

    this Legendary song by the great rolling Stones

  35. Max Lopez

    I cried when my mom died i play this song every night

  36. Everlade

    The Longshot (Green Day) did the best cover of this song, I think.

  37. Andy E.

    Brings smile to my heart for these guys to started this band as teenagers to becoming mature adults, having to go through the dark times such as losing jimmy to shine out of that dark times and become more successful than ever and still having fun. Of course with memory of jimmy but his spirit still shines in a7x. Love these guys for life. So happy brooks is with them. He's such an excellent drummer. Feels perfect imo

  38. muhamad iqbal

    very good a7x


    That intro tune just relaxad on the pillow and sleep still

  40. Teguh Prasetio

    Ya Tuhan..saya suka lagu ini

  41. Márcia Regiane Cunha da Rosa

    The best version !

  42. Caique Ortiz

    MIA DOUBLE BASS "on drums" damn the rev stanozolol plus drug PLUS < EXERCISE bye,,, 7 feet under

  43. Aien Aier

    Man this song is too jolly

  44. Donald Wyant

    Love the song, I was a teenager, when the song hit the air waves, and I love the way you guys did the song.. Thanks!

  45. Greg The Flying Whale

    Pink Avengedfloyd


    rolling stones yung fool

  46. Ryan Hardy

    Wow....avenged sevenfold looks like punkers

  47. Gabriel Shinoda


  48. Rita Jasso

    Love then babies!!they Grow up too fast!!😊💛❤

  49. Welder Santana

    Incredible song

  50. Xx E T H A N J I M E N E Z xX

    Se parece a la del Haragan alv :v

    Historia de un minuto
    El Haragan!

    Anazareth Pendragon

    No será que se parece a la original de The rolling stones? :V

  51. Muhamad Nur iman

    a7x lur

  52. Amar Rzq

    When u guys can come to Malaysia again?😭

  53. †• Supera †


  54. Süss Hexe

    Okay, but why do they have to be so precious?


    its a cover

  55. Mohamed Mizo

    avenged sevengold... that should be

  56. Mohamed Mizo

    when they sing the song without the music, i felt like i'm sleeping on the soft blanket and chilling, that's when you listen to a7x the best in the world bebe.

  57. Wizard2907

    its so beathiful, i cry man ; -;

  58. Mr Excel

    I have a metallica ,I have a GNR

  59. mohamad hafiz

    Gates should sing a full song

  60. Juan Oliveira

    Malditos ninjas cortadores de cebola

  61. Anmol Mishra

    Whose that kid playing drums??


    Shadows' son

  62. Elwin Gates

    2019 anyone

  63. Athma Ajeng

    love this cover song

  64. T. Lildre

    Best Band ever...Love all the songs💗💗
    2019 anyone?

  65. Reginaldo Fernandes de Souza


  66. I DMz Snake


  67. Misty Dawn Elliott

    It is the morning of the day, evening for me. Hitting the hay. Hope y'all have a great day today. Cya later peeps.

  68. Hristomira Angelova

    I think the ROLLING STONES should stop rolling for a while...and say THANK YOU!for the perfect cover :) :) :)

  69. Dark Fenix

    What a exelent cover,And why some people call this trash only because is not metal is enjoyable and different that makes this song even better and why A7X can't do anything is not metal man? They do awesome song like Wish you were here and So Far Away

    Dark Fenix

    Pd:Wish you here were here is a cover the original band is Pink Floyd

  70. Drop D Murphy

    Watching this video while I sit at work makes me miss my children and want to be with them right now.

  71. Danny Holland

    I like this metal or not it's a cover of a tune by the greatest rock and roll in the world and they do a pretty decent job of it. No band with guitars would be here without the stones and beatles full stop. Yeah the music has evolved since then but they made it seem possible for an average kid in a garage to be something

  72. dell 703

    niceeee song

  73. Blue River & Zen Garden

    Amazing!!! 🤘❤️

  74. Zulkiffli Zaidi


  75. sandy cheeks

    OMG back to 1966 hahahaha

  76. Qina B

    theyre getting older :'(

  77. jthom0027

    Got to love the Chris Jericho cameo.

  78. Colt

    Loved that co-lead between Matt and Syn throughout the song.

  79. -_-

    Just wow. This is amazing

  80. The Lord15

    It is just amazingly stunning how much A7X has changed over the years... Absolutely stunning (in a good way tho)...

  81. 待って-Taki

    this is song the rolling stones the legend

  82. mac christian

    2018 anyone this song is a bomb remake!!!!

  83. Resident Sleeper


  84. kalzang topgyal

    2:31 DRINK IT IN MAAAAN !!

  85. jay flo


  86. Mario Adexx

    Nice old songs by avenge sevnfold👍

  87. CanIPlayWithMadness

    The Rev would have had fun recording this. I can hear him singing in this video.

  88. Mitrikis

    This video makes me remember jimmy and the good times between the band :/

  89. Amar Fawwas

    This song are so warm for me😊😊

  90. Andrey Ortiz Moncayo

    Wtf very nasty

  91. Brian R

    Used to love her, but I had to kill her😂

  92. Taufik Hermawan

    from indonesia

  93. giorgi Chubinishvili

    guns n roses used to love her -_-

  94. Abay 1993

    I sit N watch as tears go by
    I like this song

  95. good person

    Sounds like Beatles 😬😬