Avant - What Do You Want Lyrics

Yo guess who's back Av Yo stizzle Give em what the

[Verse 1]
Come on,Baby tell me what you want from me,
I can see the way you checkin me
Don't be scare baby step to me, and
let me know what you want from me
I love the freaky way that you move your body
the way you move baby girl don't stop it
Dj keep the dance floor hoppin so I can see
just what you want from me

What do you want from me? huh babe
Now baby shake for me (shake for me)
Yes I want to see, bring out the freak in me (bring out the freak in me)
Shake it for me on the dance floor
Shake it baby, lets get down
I wanna see your body move for me
I wanna see your body move for me, so baby shake for me

My clique blowin up the vip
pourin cris like it's New Years Eve
ain't no need for them to check for me
Cuz I'm exactly where I wanna be
now do that hang wit cha hips then drop it
to all the haters in the club just stop it
cuz tonight ain't go be no blockin
I'm goin to give her everything her body wants from me

Everybody that came with me is paid
and ain't no mommies in here, were tryin to save
but the way that you movin got me in a daze
so you go be leavin in the Escalade, so tell me

What do you want from me? baby....
Now baby shake for me (shake your thang)
Yes I wanna see,(you know i wanna see)
bring out the freak in me (you bring out the freak in me)
shake it for me on the dance floor
shake it baby lets get down
I wanna see your body move for me
I wanna see your body move for me, so baby shake for me

And it goes like
A chick with a cost
she take whatever
body look tougher in her jeans but greater
in leather get dress chose more whips
than chasing the weather
so when it's hot top down
stone beats forever baby tell me what you want for me
poppin bottles of crisi
rollin off exctasy
my clique is growin up vi
and when you next to me the world is yours
my city on lock so here's the key
keep it movin haters faces tatooed
in a colorful gators with players
throw your hands up if you gettin that paper
it's major, chickens blowin up my cell and my pager
tellin me come to the club got Av and the Gator
holla later we out

What do you want from me?
Now baby shake for me (shake babe)
Yes I wanna see (I wanna see you)
Bring out the freak in me
shake it for me on the dance floor
shake it baby lets get down
I wanna see your body move for me
I wanna see your body shake for me
[repeat 1nce]

[Added limbs]
If your from the West where you shake it at
If your from the East where you shake it at
If your from the North where you shake it at
If your from the Dirty Dirty where you shake it at
and if you pop cris where you shake it at
and if you push whips where you shake it at
and if you rock ice where you shake it at
tell me now,tell me where you shake it at
it ain't easy man, huh it might look like
glamor life to ya cuz you see me ridin
rings on pinkies you digg
watches on arms you digg
chains around neck you digg
but if you want to get to this static you gone have to
work baby..... I see you at the top holla

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  1. Terizzer Larson


  2. Greg M

    Throw back. Remember fuckin to this back in the day. Was def part of my cuttin mixtape

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    Hit the like button if you're here listening to Avant Music in 2020

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    Mmmmmm timeless😎😎😘😘

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  7. Maurice Opiyo

    Avant ft dupri and Lil Wayne, music of class.

  8. Lauren Dixon

    2020 I’m here!! Who else is here in 2020? Wishing everyone a blessed and Prosperous New Year ❤️❤️❤️

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    2020 and still jamming to this💃🏾

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    Here on the last night of 2019... Hello 2020 😊

  12. Nassozi Prisca sumaiya

    2020 going along with it. If your in drop your like

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    When lilwayne was lilwayne. Smart boy

  14. Onyami George William

    Anybody listening Dec. 2019

  15. julia kamugisha

    Hot jam 🔥 will rock it till the end

  16. Amber Gray

    I miss my man

  17. Nyamwasa Joseph

    these years ago there were nice people and true love ,
    i like that time

  18. edith karagu

    Forever old school music😘

  19. njuku carol

    Hey Dec 2019 am here❤️❤️❤️

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    Beautyful beautyful 💙 💙👑

  21. Nyamwasa Joseph

    these guys are GOAT

  22. Brittany Williams

    This was my JAM back in the day lol high school days

  23. Carollynn Joice Porter

    Diviz Alvis said he is the Boston Celtics Coach he pay for all players the year is 2019 already hot signs inside the kitchen 2020 at 794 Mass Ave Boston Mass 02118 on the first floor


    2019 nov 25th! avants music never gets old......whose here?????

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  26. Ms. Dru

    Always, will be my jam 💯

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    Still Go Hard 🔥🔥

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    Whenever I listen to this song,I remember my high school friend tonkei.This used to be his favorite song.Ohh the nostalgia

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    This song is stilll popping and jumping in 2019

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    David why would we waste money and putting all these people though the Hospitals when we can take bullets and straight shot them and collect everything we gave away and pull each other closer we ours Teamsters and Secert Service undercover is not hiring just by sleeping and mopping and sweeping fake Raids but the real Raids are catching up to Woods ours Jobs we must pull out

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    All four of my Women are my Pro WWE but that is theirs Boss C-Rock Production moving into 4 more not a Pro but that is my hurry rush pass to my 4 touchdown the New England Patriots wom the Superbowl 2020 dont me my team is not #1 at all time I better they all heal me my Ginger Red 40 Fundraiser

  52. Carollynn Joice Porter

    I Red took off with Lisa, Melissa, Kristen, and Sara that it Carollynn Porter's pregnancies on 4 on 4 but that is Shirley Potts Porter the carrier to those four Money V that is Us

  53. Carollynn Joice Porter

    My baby from Mission Hill told me to just carry her up dont forget me carry me down in the morning i love you that was my beats in Section B sound asleep the pass was true on us we are Mission Hill Boardwalk Properties Stronger together we are not letting each other fall in love without ours Sexy Red but that is us Robert Kraft Lee did you put Ms Red down she is one of us we are Madison Park Corporation under the U.S. President Barack Obama in South Boston Mass

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    October 2019 still hit 🔥 🔥 if u feel it let me see some likes follow @fiujisouljah

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  64. Amos Daka


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  66. vaphillips

    I have always loved Avant’s music! He and KeKe are the GREATEST duet. Yes, even better than Rick James and Tina Marie, mom🙃

  67. Zobbie-Zo

    Who's wishing him all the best 2019 after September??

  68. Amne Shifao

    Hey 2019 👋🏽

  69. Kela Mulenga

    Just thought how much dress codes have changed. Damn!

  70. Jose Rodriguez

    R kelly knockoff even thou Kells did what he did but his style can't be ever duplicated ever. Nice try Avant I still listen to your shit don't say noooooo say yesss

  71. jay mecks

    If you come here after 1st October ..hit like to register your name..Avant is not going to die in Jesus name

  72. Raia Arkangelo

    it is October 1st, 2019 and this song still kickin'

  73. Aizen Taicho

    Wayne killed this track

  74. Exxxtrasauce

    I always thought avant looked like r Kelly, swear they could be brothers haha

  75. Exxxtrasauce

    I always thought avant looked like r Kelly, swear they could be brothers haha

  76. Bill Cosby

    When lil Wayne looked normal.

  77. Tammy Edafe

    Lovely song... still enjoying this...

  78. Bless Brazy

    You see it 2019 September lol This was my shit in High school lol

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    Pray for Avant! ❤ Hate to hear that news

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    This is grown up stuff. Lil and Avant always. Birthday jam September 2019

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    This is a little known classic! As good in 2019 as it was when it was first released over 10 years ago!!!

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    Coolest 😎 RnB dude. Loved all his tracks especially this one 🔥💯. Thumbs up to agree 👍🏿

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    Is that Lauren London at the 0:16 ?


    No it’s not

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    2020 and I'm here

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