Avant - Reaction Lyrics

[Sean Don]
Yo that type of reaction is
Out of the heavenly realms yo
Uh, yeah Sean Don, yeah Avant yeah
Now, yo, yo
Yo honey you're here with Sean Don
So let me let you know
Tonight we're having fun till it's all done
Move your body and on the dance floor
I'mma show you how you can work it out
But be careful
I know you've heard of me, call me python
Haters call me James Bond
Cause you know I stay strong
Lucky charm in and out and it's the same song
What you want can be only be one
Rock me and Avant

Fine as I can see
The only one I want in this party
So baby can we spend some time tonight
Bumpin' and grindin'
From the front babe and behind yea
You got me going outta my mind

Don't stop what you do
I want to be with you
Right here baby
I want you yeah
Stay here, don't go
You're making me lose control
Show me can you do it this way

[1] - Can you do it like this babe?
Can you do it like that babe?
Can I get behind your back babe?
So I can see your reaction

[Repeat 1]

You got me going crazy
The way you move your body
Freaky girl can I go down, yeah, yeah
As I get behind you
Holding your hips
What I see got me licking my lips
I wanna take you home tonight, whoa yeah

Don't stop what you do
I want to be with you
Whoa, whoa yeah
I wanna be with you
Stay here, don't go
You're making me lose control
Right here baby is where I want you
So tell me...

[Repeat 1 (2x)]

[Sean Don]
Yo, yo, yo
The way you see the night going
Answer me I wanna know
So many things I gotta talk about
It's unbelievable
What's in it for me cause you're pretending to be
Honey come here as I'm beginning to stare
More money from there?
Pay the price, stay the night
What I like is a type that'll say my name right
Sean Don the python
Know my weapon, know exactly where I'm headed
Gonna take you high like heaven in room 0-0-7
Know what I mean?

Don't stop what you do
I want to be with you
Whoa, and I know that you want me to
Stay here, don't go
You're making me lose control
Whoa yeah, whoa oh, oh yea

[Repeat 1 till end]

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Avant Reaction Comments
  1. Mitsuaru Jamz

    2019 SHIT STILL!!!! 🔥🎼🎵🎧

  2. barry joseph

    i remember i snuck my father car out and i went to pick her up and we was having a good time and i was having the best time of my life we went to the movies and then we went out to eat and then we had a stroll on the beach and i was hugging and kissing her i was having the best night of my life then she had to leave and i ran the red light and the police was after me and she was enjoying herself so of course i was happy and i dropped her home and the cops stopped me and they called my father he came he was upset and i didn't care because i had the sweetest woman in my front seat i was 17 and she was 18 and she had me going crazy i didn't realize i was running from the police the cops told me if i tell the truth they will let me go so i told them everything and the reaction on my mother face was priceless both parents beat my ass i didn't care cause the reaction the girl was giving me was all i need i love you charkendria wilson you made my life a great one

  3. Mark Miles

    I remembered this song when he first came out with his first CD

    r l

    Mark Miles i was a few months out of hs .bumped this females be smiling and shit .

  4. stryfetc1

    this was my shit...Sean Don was nice too!

  5. Dimitri Sousa

    Nba Live 2001 Music Video

  6. Anthony Yonta

    you gotta feel this 2016 turn up!!!!!