Avant - Not Gone Lose Lyrics

We fell in love
I was hoping it would comfort me
We were doing those things that would please us
But that wasn't enough
But sometimes it's not all about love
We had to learn that shit
We were better as friends and beginners
And then it got tough, so tough

But if you're thinking about parting ways these days
You gotta be outta your mind

I don't wanna lose you
And let someone misuse ya
'Cause every I choose ya
Let's not break up
No let's make up
'Cause I don't wanna lose
I don't wanna lose ya
I don't wanna lose
Let's not break up
No let's make up
'Cause I'm not gonna lose

What you friends say doesn't matter
But what really matters is, is that we're both here baby
And I don't care about the chitter chatter
'Cause the fact is that that we're still in love yeah
Even though we disagree
If they take you away you find your way back to me
No one knows like I know
Not like I know, only I know

But if you're thinking about parting ways these days
You gotta be outta your mind

I don't wanna lose you
And let someone misuse ya
'Cause every I choose ya
Let's not break up
No let's make up
'Cause I don't wanna lose
I don't wanna lose ya
I don't wanna lose
Let's not break up
No let's make up
'Cause I'm not gonna lose

I don't ever wanna be away from you (no way)
And I don't ever wanna see my babe with someone new (someone, ooh)

Took a long time for me to see (a long time)
That you were the only one truly there for me (truly there yeah)
Oh yeah, baby

So if you're thinking about parting ways these days
You gotta be outta your mind

I don't wanna lose you (I can't baby)
And let someone misuse ya (Someone just walk all over you baby)
'Cause every I choose ya (I can't do it, I can't do make it baby)
Let's not break up (Let's not break up)
No let's make up
'Cause I don't wanna lose (If you feel how I feel let me hear you say it)
I don't wanna lose ya (Yeah)
I don't wanna lose (Say yeah)
Let's not break up
No let's make up
'Cause I'm not gonna lose

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Avant Not Gone Lose Comments
  1. Leandrew Rowsey

    I need that album ASAP #R&B

  2. Divine Charlen'ee

    I love you Avant. 😇🤗😍 Thanks for staying in the R&B game. Awesome 🎶2020

  3. All Me

    Sounds like R Kelly

  4. George Ngobeh

    Great track Avant.

  5. Dr. G

    Avant, this prayer is for you:

    Lord, you are Holy above all others, and all of the strength that Avant need is in your hands.
    We are am not asking, Lord, that you take this trial away. Instead, we simply ask that Your divine will be done in Avant's life. Whatever that means, that is what we want.

    But we admit that it’s hard, Lord.
    Sometimes we feel like we can’t go on. The pain and the fear are too much for us, and we know that we don’t have the strength on our own to get through life's dilemmas, troubles and circumstances. We know that we can come to you, Jesus, and that you will hear our prayers. We know that it is not your intent to bring us to this point just to leave us in the wilderness alone. Please, Lord, give Avant the strength that he needs to face today. Let him not worry about tomorrow. If you just give Avant the strength that he needs today that is all he needs. Keep Avant from sinning during this trial. Instead, help him to keep his eyes on You. You are the Holy Lord, and all of our hope rests in you. Please heal our friend Avant. Thank you for hearing my prayer. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

  6. Shannon Holley

    Love it avant

  7. Dawn Maertens

    This song is awesome I pray for him everyday thank you Avant for bringing us another number one song ❤️

  8. Dwight Bronson


  9. Shannon Holley

    I love this song avant

  10. Thomson Manasi

    I pray that you live a very long life Avant

  11. Amani Gloday

    He's not dying, that was a rumor he does has lupus but his doctor didn't say he was dying in 6 months. The picture that went viral was fake. His family said that he went vegan so thats the reason for massive weight loss

  12. Bobby Deloris Conrad

    This man has a voice from GOD...GOD bless you Mr. Avant...

  13. Shawnda Bey

    Love love love ur music.... keep pushing, GOD has u!

  14. nicky Tools

    you're my favorite artist,
    Be well, your music is really great.
    I hope you'll be fine.
    You're great. You're great.
    I love you. I love you.

  15. Bob Bobbi

    My honeymy boo my love of my life I am sick in love w you ...., broken ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  16. Marie Brown

    Omg, you is back, one of my favorite singers, love , love, love the new song, wow your voice hasn't changed, beautiful voice still!

  17. Evelena Howard


  18. monica s

    Avant you better Sang Boi Sang Boi Aye Aye Aye Don't wanna Aye aye Let's not brake up Sang sang sang sang sang

  19. Brandon Williams

    Still Praying...for God is the author not man this is his battle avant get well

  20. FISH sticks

    Sometimes I hate music it's like a piece of bubblegum

  21. FISH sticks

    😥😣😪😭😢😫🤮😡🤢😩👎👎👎👎💔💔 his music sucks balls now I miss the old avant from way back his music so depressing now I just wish music could be like it use to again music nowadays so bizarre music is dying its disappointing but the truth yall .. ....

  22. Headley M.

    Give me the chills good one

  23. Andrianna Harris

    I'm just tryna see why this song got dislikes 👎🏾 for cause I love it ❤️❣️💕

  24. Giordani Jean-Baptiste

    He's not sick he's ok, he became a vegan

  25. La shaun

    Avant has always been such a great artist. He has a beautiful voice.

  26. Scarface sosa

    Hi great he's back..song plays like R& B should be :)...and for those concerned he's not dying...it's fake tabloid gossip,he's become a vegan why the sudden wait loss

  27. Gabriel Mayiki

    Everything's fine guys. Avant won't die 🔥

  28. Brianca White

    I would get married to this song I can picture myself walking to my husband crying knowing he would choose me everyday avant I love this song and all of your music it touches u deeply

  29. Melody Feast

    You go boy, you never lost it, truly know what real music is, may God continue to bless you on your journey💯

  30. Thresia Harvey

    Yassssssss!!!! I knew u had something in store for my ears 😍😍

  31. Tekisha Payton

    I'm praying that our father in heaven give us more time with you however, God knows best I'm truly grateful to have lived in such a time where people value good music. What a pleasure it is to have endured your work.😘😘😘

  32. Derek Overton

    Go head Avant!!

  33. Otis Blue


  34. Aleem Ellis

    Oh damn Avant why didn't you release this song sooner😭😭.. I had already let go and now it's to late I lose her, she's lost forever. People don't give up easy, fight to keep your person.

  35. Godislove

    AVANT WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!! Please understand you have so many day one fans that have supported EVERY project you've had and appreciate your contribution to music. I'm listening to this beautiful song with tears in my eyes! Father God in the name of Jesus, heal his body! Take away any pain or bad energy that cross his path, in your Son, Jesus name. Amen!

  36. Cocoupclose

    Avant, R&B IS FINALLY BACK!!!! You keep writing those lyrics and singing those notes!!! I will share my guitar with you anytime!!! PING!!!💋

  37. Brittany Castle

    My auntie love this song

  38. melonie christian

    This have me in 😢... Just thinking about the love that I have with this incredible man...

  39. ReeAligned Destiny

    Your such an inspiration talented handsome and healthy and I’m 25 yrs young 😉 you still sexy to me I love you Avant!!! ❤️

  40. Crystal Cropper

    I love this song

  41. Nicholas Scott

    He came back with a banger 💥💥🤞🏾

  42. Tina James

    Beautiful Luv ❤️song!! Cheers to you Avant continue success & Much Luv

  43. MWisdom1986


  44. Mirella Jimenez

    I love you avant we have the same birthday 💋

  45. Bob Bobbi

    Avant is life

  46. Yorvin A. Luna Wisky

    Oh man, you're awesome!

  47. beautiful⚖mess

    Yaaaassss🔥Sing my Love 😍

  48. Nena Dutrieuille

    My baby

  49. Kims Passion For Love/Certified Life Coach

    Luv the song💓💓💓💃

  50. Spence Jones

    Love you and praying for healing.

  51. Janice Bullard

    Avant ain't nothing like Jesus Love you keep doing your thing you are a Gift to us all🕊🎶🎵🕊🙏

  52. Mirella Jimenez

    I love you so much avant your voice is amazing!

  53. Charles Jenkins IV

    So don't kill the man just yet there's power in your words so speak life and not death.

  54. Charles Jenkins IV

    He's actually not dieing it was a false news report. So don


    That's not true

  55. Tamiko Daniels

    Omg so sorry for you Avant I love you so much God please heal him I love you so much your music so good your voice so good 😢❤👄😊🤗😁

  56. mila8015

    Love him 💕💕💕🥰

  57. Roger Whittaker

    Great song from avant been listening to him since high school

  58. Honey Boo

    Its so refreshing to hear his voice singing to me💕....Love me some Avant🎤

  59. Dymond P

    Love it! Love all your music! Get well hunny we don’t wanna lose u

  60. Trey Walton

    The greatest! Luv the vibe of this track. Keep fighting my dude... we need u bruh and dont wanna lose the great sound and the music that u share!

  61. Elle Dawson

    Don't wanna loose you!! did an awesome job at Women's Empowerment 2019, yesterday!!

  62. Jennifer Flint

    Thank you for all your great music and we all love you much... Get better soon!... Remember you wasnt given no expiration date and God has done bigger things he has the final word...
    Thank you again for all your great music you have gaven me and my love another chance with your music....
    Mad love

  63. Correon Bradford

    Please Lord He Is Really Making A Change In Us Men Today's Lord You Said No Weapon Form Against Shall Prosper🙏😢

  64. Hope Burks

    Welcome back brother, God bless his heart. Get better, am praying for you

  65. Marquette McCoy

    My Dude!!! You've been on top of the R & B chart in my home! May GOD ALMIGHTY heal and replace EVERY SINGLE negative thing in your life and your health. Please stay strong my bro! We ALL love you!! I keep my Love strong with my lady from your music!! Heal and Restore! I'm praying for you. Amen

  66. toogd2btru

    💥.•^* OMG, I ❤ this song ~ WHO NEEDS R. KELLY WHEN WE HAVE AVANT!!!! Father, God I pray for healing on Avant's health. Lord, touch him like only You can do. In Jesus name, Amen. *^•.💥

  67. Chena Bee

    Avant love your new song. Peace and healing to you my brother. Get well.

  68. Marcelle Smartt

    This a beautiful song. Don't want to lose anymore good artists and Don't want to lose anyone of you reading this post Be Blessed

  69. Francisco Audevert

    Beautiful song sir. God bless you & your family.

  70. Janea Robinson

    Bout time!!!!!!!!❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  71. Jacque Rose7

    You are right on point brother!! I love this touching song!!!! And we're "Not Gone Lose"!!! Millions of hits are on their way!! Thank you so much!!!! Te amo!!!!!

  72. Pamela cheeter

    Prayers up!! Thanks for the Vibes!!

  73. L Bee

    I love me some grown up R&B..

  74. Monic Whipple

    Love that he gave us “Avant” not this new r&b. Love how he tells a story. I be all in. On my list of must see. Last time he come to south Fl i had planned vacation. Will see him. Love this voice

  75. Irma Wilkins

    I don't want to lose you

  76. Michelle Johnson


  77. Tammy Meeks

    Avent Not Gone Lose love it.

  78. Tammy Meeks

    Avent when I first heard this song I thought R Kelly sang this song.

  79. Tammy Meeks

    Avent you are amazing. And your music is too...

  80. Darlene A.

    This is a great song, it is about time there was a great song in this time these days. Keep up this type of music. this is great.

  81. Zacc Heights

    Everyday I listen to this song 🎵 💞

  82. D Mac's Opinion

    He Back

  83. Boodaji Clayhiggs

    Wow I don't want to lose u my friend it is a beautiful song 90's R&B in 2019 yes My God bless you and heal u. Love you forever

  84. Nostalgically Unforgettable

    Beautiful song from my favorite

  85. Sergiu

    Damn .. fire 🔥 !!!

  86. Patricia Walton


  87. LaChanda McNeill

    Yes once again Avant has delivered! I have always and forever loved your music. And just a heads up to all his fans...today on the D.L. Hughley show he said he is fine and so is his health.

  88. parijuana1


  89. Robert Kelly

    Smooth, soulful

  90. Cass L

    This song was sent to me by the most amazing man. I love him without even trying.

  91. sexy mamaz

    😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 I love avant in his voice is amazing

  92. Sonia Hooper

    I love all your music but this song you hit this out the park and peace and blessings

  93. Lavare Burford

    awesome song...hes stil got it people!!

  94. Marrie Haskins

    Yes Avant did it again

  95. Frances Richardson

    Prayers for this young artist. Love your music.  I remember being in New York for a meeting  some years back and I recognized you and wanted to say "hello" but didn't want to seem like a crazy fan. it was ok at least I got to see you in person even if it was 10 feet away.

  96. Melissa Ryan


  97. JuicyBabe Henry

    OMG I just love dis song 😍😘😍😘🔥🔥🔥🔥💯💯

  98. Dorothy Aguilar

    I Love this jam ! To my HOSH til the end of time .