Avant - Kiss Goodbye Lyrics

Starts with a conversation
Then a number on a piece of paper
She’s feeling unappreciated
So she files it away for later
See you done got you a lot of passes
Sick of waiting on you to change
Cause you done gave her motivation
She’s contemplating bout changing lanes

You won’t know it
It’s a perfect disguise
She won’t show it
But lips don’t lie
(It’s okay)
If she shows up with a couple Louie bags that you know you didn’t buy
(It’s okay)
If you’re in the bed and her phone rings in the middle of the night
(It’s okay)
If she says she was out with her girls and you know it’s a lie
But if she kissed him that’s your kiss goodbye

I don’t want to be the one
Be the one who said I told you
She ain’t trying to stick around
She gone find another shoulder
To take care of her heart
Don’t be surprised if she walk away
Cause somebody else is waiting for you to slip so they can take your place

You won’t know it
It’s a perfect disguise
She won’t show it
But lips don’t lie
(It’s okay)
If she shows up with a couple Louie bags that you know you didn’t buy
(It’s okay)
If you’re in the bed and her phone rings in the middle of the night
(It’s okay)
If she says she was out with her girls and you know it’s a lie
But if she kissed him that’s your kiss goodbye

Don’t let her get away
Don’t make her pay for your mistakes
You’ll be lying to yourself if you think
She won’t be with someone else
If you really want to make it right
Be the only one on her mind
What goes around comes back around
And you don’t want to be short

(It’s okay)
If she shows up with a couple Louie bags that you know you didn’t buy
(It’s okay)
If you’re in the bed and her phone starts ringing in the middle of the night
(It’s okay)
If she says she was out with her girls and you know it’s a lie
But if she kissed him that’s your kiss goodbye

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Avant Kiss Goodbye Comments
  1. Bernadette Borom

    I love it

  2. Q Live One Radio San Antonio

    Great Song but the video doesn't fit the lyrics?

  3. Enki_of_Erie


  4. Bern Bempong

    WHAT A SONG! Life lessons, love it to the max.

  5. Richard Ikua

    still loving this song

  6. darius stacks

    I fuks with tthis song hit banger avant did his thing 💪💪💪💪

  7. Rebecca Stanley

    This is a song that really shows you how a relationship suppose to be so avant thank you baby for making this song brothers out there listen to this song and treat your girl right cause there's no one like the one you have that's special to you so big up to avant for this song and keep making songs like this this is what we need ladies and gentlemen to help our relationship grow stronger okay

  8. Tramond Anderson


  9. Joanna Valenzuela

    LOVE this song

  10. La'shon Williams

    Nice and so true

  11. Damie Praizy

    Avant music always class

  12. Mary Kirksey

    Love how MY SISTA handled the situation, took her son and KEPT IT MOVING 💯✌️🏾 LOVE AVANT (REAL MVP ❤️)

  13. Bobby Hawes9xx9x9x ok k5ooxox999x9 op

    Avant is very under rated

  14. Candace Greer

    This song has a lot of meaning! 💯 You better realize what you have or someone else will appreciate it!!

  15. Benz 10.0

    2019 He does

  16. Denise Benson

    A.V..Still Makes Feel Good Grown Folk Music. Keep Up The Awesome Writing And Producing The Best R&B Music Of All Time..Fan For Life! G.O.A.T...

  17. Stephanie Alleen


  18. Stephanie Alleen

    Im. Ot eating until he gets BETTER

  19. Stephanie Alleen

    Im still not im waitig AVANT TO GET ZTRONGER N BDTTER @HEALTH.

  20. Hopekings Khunga

    I used to love this song...what a classic song..2019

  21. Walena Living,Praying,Dancing 2 God

    I'M SOOOOOOOO EXCITED! ME,my sister toya & my friend pooh is going to see Avant tonight at 8pm....IT'S Mother's Day weekend❤❤❤❤❤❤

  22. Robert Wilson

    Brother Avant you are the new Marvin Gaye and soooo under the radar

  23. Rochelle Clemons

    Praying for you love you God is good very

  24. Go CPNG

    Avant Needs More Airplay

  25. Kimberly Evans

    This song he did gotta b new too i never heard this one eighter he is on point with his songs goals live glow baby glow.🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 i 👀 ya

  26. Wade Royal

    His voice is incredible second to Kellz all day one of the kings of rnb easy

  27. fresh Air


  28. Dorothy Bostic

    Avant you are undeniably one of the best R&B voices. 🎵🎶🙌♥️. Your music will always be appreciated. Prayers go up.🙏

  29. Rick Montoya

    Thank you Avant for allowing me to be in your awesome video even though I was playing a cheating husband LOL

  30. ModulationTV

    I Love This GUY, One Off My Favourite Underatted R'N'B Singers off All Time, Very Unique Voice.

    razvan stefanescu

    ModulationTV yeaa MAN underatted☹️ sad...because he is an Incredible artist...

  31. Trey Bay

    when a man never handles his business , therefore the women feels like she's not worth your time . she'll eventually leave yo ass , just cause u don't know what having a beautiful women feels like . Just love her how she wants to . Make her feel like she's yours . That's all they need is a little more affection

  32. Idris Isse

    Heard this in a Leon's.

  33. B JIZZLE iii

    Everytime I see the ending I start crying

  34. Crystal Hoffler

    Listen in 2018

  35. Alberto Hietala Gomes

    Amazing! Cool!

  36. Shawna

    2018 vibes ❤

  37. Fretfresh Alberic

    This song speaks nothing but the truth

  38. Donya P

    One of my favorites by Avant 💋

  39. Debra Timms

    Debra Love yes 3pm Love GMA 3pm Love GMA Love yes 6pm 3x 3pm Love 7pm 8pm 3x 3pm Love 1108deb44bebea yes Love 3x 3pm Love

  40. Caroline Tucci

    Guys don't realize when they have a good women until its to late

  41. mooky

    Oh, yes. This nice!

  42. Lastname Firstname

    What are the words at the beginning and end?

  43. Nik Sin

    Don’t know how I missed this song. Love it!

  44. Perkie Perf

    that's your effin kiss good bye. You lost......

  45. Keira Lewis

    Come back to Birmingham Avant!

  46. Nicole Griffiths

    end n avtn1

  47. Mikie Wimbrow

    May have never been a more underrated artist.....Avant! Somebody else is waiting for you to slip, so they can take your place!!!!!

  48. Aminah A

    Love his music 😀😀😍👍🏽😬

  49. WR MT

    ....Just discovered this gem. Damn. This man.....mmmmmm...

  50. Jessica M. Berghahn

    I love this song

  51. Ladythomas Bailey

    I Love you Avant ,song on the money, Husband cheated,lied over and over again. had to leave him. Goodbye

  52. faith gorham

    Designing is kiss goodbye

  53. Allisha Kitt


  54. Karen diva

    Who is still listening this song 20017

    Tracee Bottoms

    Karen diva I’m listening in 2018

  55. obsgia

    In the video, who left the message 'give it up'?

  56. obsgia

    Confession: even though there's someone that's in love with me, I believe I cheated on her. Not with another woman, but my busyness. Now I am afarid she is gone and I cannot find her. Such a fool. A lesson learned. A kiss goodbye the physical. I may have lost her for all time.

  57. Samuel Gordon

    So many people sleeping on this song

  58. Lorraine G.

    That's right. They always think that their good woman won't leave their trifling behind or cheat on them back. But it could definitely happen. or just pack don't say nothing and be ghost. No questions asked and bothered by his lies.

  59. Seth Hampton

    I just broke up with my girlfriend and it's hard

  60. ViewsByShawnee

    Love ❤️

  61. Janna Hurst

    I love this song it's my favorite song he sounds so good he looks so good

  62. Alejandro Godina


  63. Mz. Redd

    take care of her heart

  64. Jerry Adams II

    Real talk fellas, do good by your lady or the next man will.

  65. Hydraa

    this nigga thinking, kiss goodbye to ur sisters virginity

  66. Rafinago Dadon


  67. Brittaney Mills

    That's my Song

  68. MzPrettyAngel Ayoung

    I can never get tired of listening to AVANT music. He have a sweet voice

  69. N O P E

    So true, feeling unappreciated......

  70. betsy bowles


  71. Regina Brooker

    When women cheat it's different, we really don't have feelings, only if we kiss them then it's over, because now our hearts are involved.

    Courtney Nicole

    A real woman won't cheat , neither will a real man. I'll walk away before I'll ever go to that low . Never that. Loyalty is everything. No one will make me compromise my loyalty. I'll walk . Dueces.


    Really, when a women cheat she is preparing to move on. Women treat relationship like a job!! she is going to move on when she she know she got another door to go to. Guys are so different, it just for sex, or to get some sexual fantasy/experience done. I feel after the kiss you may still have a chance to get her back, but that kiss will lead to more ...


    I agree, plus communicate is needed. I seen folks that just wont say what they want/need or willing to compromise.

  72. Andre Doletti

    if she kissed him that's your kiss goodbye 👋

  73. Shashunna Phillips

    his words are so true in on point I love all his music

  74. taio taRIQ

    still in 2016

  75. dee nice

    life is to short. peace

  76. Hot Chocolate

    Fellas make sure the hoe is worth losing everything for, good women are hard to find if cheating is on your mind then it's time to move on let her find a real man who will love and respect her more than you ever could

    Brandon Finley

    Hot Chocolate lol she said the who that was funny but your right

    Seth Hampton

    so true


    Actually if you move on bc you can't stay faithful, you have a better chance getting back together.

    Cindy Lee Locklear

    Amen hallejuah

  77. Vampino Mucunguzi

    so good and enjoyable

  78. Stephanie Zalewa

    Man this hits close to home never cheat on someone who is good to you plain and simple

  79. Ls6 Stroker

    guy's please listen to me, treat your lady like a queen

  80. Stephanie Nance

    loves this song

  81. Stephanie Nance

    love this songs

  82. Dwight Moore

    To solve this just don't mess around, love who you're with

    Jamie Carey

    Dwight Moore 😆

    Saquida Graves

    Dwight Moore only if man treat the heart good right .that meaning of song right babe

    dwight moore

    Yes it is, a lot of guys cause their own problems with love, I don't have that problem I love the one I'm with

  83. Tyrone Smith

    women hold da darkest n deepest Secrets... My tru luv my children

  84. Rachel Mwangi

    A man cheats with 1000 women to satisfy his lust then goes back to wife.
    When a woman cheats its with the man who's replacing you bruh

    Ms.Princess India


    Drazstic Beatz

    Rachel Mwangi that shit real 😂😂

  85. sincere 77

    a shame what men get us into..and song is so true and real- men need to understand that there is always someone waiting for u to mess up

    Cathy Bearden

    so so true.

    Rachel Mwangi

    Lmao an idiot thinks he's doing you a favor!!! Omfg

    Alan Garey

    true words said always some One waiting in the back ground.

  86. Yvonne Mckoy

    sexy ass avant

  87. Syreeta Nicholson

    Nice song

    Alan Garey

    this guy can sing One of the best around today just like you and i Sound Track he sang Bad Track .

  88. Syreeta Nicholson

    Nice song

  89. Pricilla Thomas

    No one deserves that!

  90. Adrienne Taylor

    This is some true shit..... He said that!!!!!!

  91. wilwat9

    Infidelity at it's best!!!!!

  92. Jon Betts

    Love the song, always have. But the video is so poor!

  93. Johnny Butts

    it's all very strange !

  94. yvette miller

    I love this song

    Darkside Jayden

    Hey grandma :-)

    yvette miller

    love you too baby girl

    Darkside Jayden

    I know I can't blame you for that now can I? Lol :-/

    Brian Jones

    yvette miller .....me to

  95. Detroitman.

    Avant can kiss me any time.

    Mrs Douglas


  96. Janice Jackson

    I love this song good message.

  97. Clare J.

    im so glad that i just found out about this guy.. he's so underrated! such a beautiful voice and meaningful lyrics! im gonna buy his albums now!

  98. dee nice

    I would leave because I know there is no love between us after she kiss him there is nothing I want to hear I'll be hurt. But there is someone out there for me she looking am not in the right place so she can see me