Avant - Best Friend Lyrics

I'm looking at the texts from you
All except from what he put you through
This time it seems like it feels like kinda way
Said you really need to see me
But it's a different kind of energy
Maybe I'm just tripping, maybe you're just teasing
All I need is a reason, oooh
But tonight is just the right time
I got freaky [?] on my mind
Hope you feeling the same,
Feeling this too strong, girl it's on

I'm about press send,
I'm talking to my best friend
Since I don't know what I into
I don't know if it's the right thing to do
I don't wanna feel different
Rolling with my best friend
Yeah, yeah, I was told that something like this could happen
When you make the opposite your best friend
Oh-oh oh-oooh
Oh-ooooh-oh-ooh yeah
When you make the opposite your best friend

I'm sitting outside of your house
Ready to tear that thing out
It's hard to say how I feel about it the next day
I can tell from your texts now,
That you're ready to have sex now
You say you undressing, 'bout to relax
Guarantee it's going down now
I've been knowing you for a long time,
Never had a thing on my mind
Maybe she's delirious, maybe I'm just curious

I don't know, I'm about press send,
I'm talking to my best friend
Since I don't know what I into
I don't know if it's the right thing to do
I don't wanna feel different
Rolling with my best friend
Yeah, yeah, I was told that something like this could happen
When you make the opposite your best friend
Oh-oh oh-oooh
Oh-ooooh-oh-ooh yeah
When you make the opposite your best friend
Oh-oh oh-oooh
Oh-ooooh-oh-ooh yeah
When you make the opposite your best friend

Boom clap, boom, boom clap
Boom clap, boom boom clap
You win, you win or either you lose
When you make the opposite your best friend
Either way, it's a chance I'm a take
Hod out the game, it's a lot at stake
You win, you win or either you lose
When you make the opposite your best friend

Oh-oh oh-oooh
Best friend, best friend,
Opposites attract
Oh-oh oh-oooh
When you make the opposite your best friend
Best friend, best friend, best friend, best friend
When you make the opṗosite your best friend
Oh-oh oh-oooh
Best friend
When you make the opposite your best friend

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Avant Best Friend Comments
  1. Melanin Severely Pop

    Boy bye

  2. Rebecca Stanley

    Avant all I have to say is that you are the man all your songs I love all of them especially this one it's my favorite one so keep bringing those r and b hits back to life and other thing keep being so fine and sexy okay

  3. Anthony Bryan Opoku Dwumfour

    Who else is listening 2019 and beyond.

  4. Suprxme Fire_

    Makes me really think about my bestfriend( lele)

  5. Jelly M

    2019 anyone?

  6. Tito Pontebruto

    Dont front you know you want it just like i do.

  7. Stacy G

    Listening in 2017 🎶

    Dalia Dragusanu

    S E 2018

  8. tasha mccain

    yes love his voice!

  9. sage Browne

    Old school and new school

  10. Natasha Thomas

    me and my best friend for life love this song

  11. Gina D

    yo I fuk wit diz jawn rs.dark&light...♡

  12. Farriel Banks

    me and my boy bestfriend are dating now 3months and counting .. i found my lover and my bestfriend <3

    Brittney Walker

    If u don't mind me asking how did u tell him after making a life long bond your afraid to break?

  13. OPAL UK

    Words fail me! Outta this world

  14. C2 Gang

    nice song

  15. Raul love you Machava

    My best friend jesus

  16. Amoy Balfour

    I have several male friends but there is my childhood best friend that always cross my mind when I hear this song or watch brown sugar. WRJ #bestfriend

  17. Erica Span

    oppsite my best fren 💓💓💓💓

  18. rebecca cherry

    love my best friend kidnap

  19. Tashina Sk

    all i need is a reason 😍😗😔💔

  20. Terrence Johnson

    throwing this back in been listing since yesterday I'm about to press in

  21. FierceTv

    too bad I never had a bestfriend I actually liked lol

  22. mary janes baby

    Songs like this and movies like Brown Sugar make it so hard to have an opposite best friend and I have is male best friend and  a lot of male friends and I'm not attracted to either of them. In fact I lost a children hood male friend a few years ago after he introduced me to his girlfriend, I was devastated but I'm good now.

  23. Carissa And Official Pookie

    This is my favorite song cause my bestfrand thinks this about me n I blush when he sang this song to me

  24. Keyona Benson

    I ❤Avant like On some #DamnShit

  25. Melody Outlaw

    got me thinking about my best friend

  26. Ghaniza W

    oh damn, I love Avant 

  27. Dailyn

    I may be young but I love Avant

  28. Keysha Bouyer

    I love this song that is called "Best Friend",

  29. Mr. Nelson

    I remember when Avant came out to IRAQ to sing for the troops. Good Dude!

  30. sunshyne1

    Love this song!!

    Jen Watkins

    me too :-)

  31. Deshaye Pickens

    Hot shit

  32. Ivana Daniels


  33. Megan Hardin

    real ass song

  34. Gary MoneyGang

    he grew up 3o mins from me in cleveland

  35. Arturo Williams

    Yes I Love U Also My Ladies

  36. Dshun Payne

    Avant best singer ever c: love dis song

  37. Ayana McCuller

    good ass song

  38. James Floyd

    Wow,i truly miss my best friend.so much we have so much things that we love to do together.sometimes it really made me feel like we was one.the song is what it is,best friends.have to stop having miss emotions.

  39. kidd_gokuu

    Avant is the best. His music, his voice, his style. Its just my cup of tea its great

  40. deneace quarles

    Avant always bring the hits luvvvv it !

  41. tinka babe

    Anybody feelin this way bout your best friend!:)

  42. tinka babe

    Man..what to do when u starting to hve these type of feelings bout your best friend

    lissette redpixie ruiz

    tinka babe give in.

  43. simplylovely17

    Good one

  44. Camehia Lacy


  45. Douglas Wimberly

    I just lost my best friend cause she was to Danny rude and inconsiderate of me never loose your best friend over sum dumd shit. I'm a Brooklyn nite so now u can turn off the damn lite . spark a dutch and drink a damn sprite aiiiight true the God body mc Peace.

  46. marcus Flair

    just saw this brother in concert, was awesome

  47. smith06231


    Melody Outlaw

    It's I'm about to press send no I'm about to press in


    @Melody Outlaw  lol 

    Melody Outlaw

    I know my favorite song

    Felicia Rodriguez


  48. Teal Niitzel

    Nice one :)

  49. Asjale Stringfellow

    Nice omg

  50. kat s

    I played this when I gave sum 2 my bestfriend <3


    Some std?

    xKELZYx xKELZx

    +kat s @fnmass562 hahaha that was funny lol

  51. Tastey Tango

    Loving it all the way

  52. Wilfredo Colon

    Yes i like this song! More power 2 you avant.

  53. missbrownies90

    I love you Shinrei...

  54. Christopher Whitfield

    I love this song, my best friend.... I love you always!!!! ;-)

  55. Kirsten Stephens

    I love this song! I love all of Avant's music! :)

  56. Gaby

    Absolutely agrEE///

  57. Gaby

    YES GO HEAT!!!"

  58. Dee Rich

    I like this. It's straight.

  59. Sandra Marquez

    I have a "BEST FRIEND" like this: We were once lovers and from day one he became my best friend and although we have parted ways - we are still very close. Luv you always!!

    Amanda Right

    Sandra Marquez I can relate similar situation

  60. Wise Won

    But this is a new song...Support those artist by buying their new music!

  61. Mimi H.

    Truth!!! ♥I'm really feelin this song :)

  62. StarLady Mo

    Niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :-) Good music as usual from him..

  63. angel7voice

    J Holiday been tryna make a comeback and Lyfe Jennings is comin out with a new cd :D Juss lettin u know,most music aint mainstream but Neo Soul is still big juss underwraps, I stick to pandora<3

  64. Masterjay1961

    Constantly bringing out hot sh*t since 2000, listed in my top ten artist for sure.

  65. Nadjeshka Gorka

    Nice voice!

  66. Danny

    don't talk about changes and fame music. and don't relate this to rnb..it will never get good and why? cuz they all just say: gayy music -> metal or pop is wow!
    well im gonna talk about that too now :o whatever nice music,it will allways be the same,even 100000million will hear this :3

  67. Jammed Session

    Its not that they just fell of music became about who can sell more alblums, they can make anyone sound good but the real artist who can sing without any tracks is not whats selling now.

  68. drew2truth


  69. Courvoisier Brown

    I love this song I have a best friend he is everything to me

  70. Brade Bronson

    BUT HALF OF THEM BE COMMIN BACK!!!! some dem got albums out this year!

  71. Vita


  72. Melissa Winn

    Avant I will ALWAYS keep Your Music In my life. Your loving words inspire me to continue to spread love and passion. You Feel Me !!! Thanks Bro.

  73. sadatkb

    Avant this is whats up and glad i bought the album.

  74. Mike Watkins

    yes I got donell jones new album :D

  75. Dele Olasiji

    Checkout the R&B group Meant2B.

  76. Royce Fowler

    thats the right direction fam.... authentic and real nice .....I have been a fan for a long long time........NEVER STOP

  77. Bindal

    I was looking for new songs and searched avant 2013 what i found..... OMG the best song in recent years, i'm glad that someone out there is making real music tjeese says

  78. Keysha Bouyer

    I love this song!!

  79. Jamale O

    Ne-Yo hasn't been forgotten about. The songs he's been putting out ( main stream) are all targeting the dance/house scene. His music has no substance how it used to. I'm a fan of his, but hopefully he gets back to soul music and feel good music.

  80. zakina carter

    One of Avant's best songs in acouple years!!!!!!

  81. Kefilwe Gabalebatse

    Avant i love me some Avant

  82. Dre Jimenez

    For Celine Evans.

  83. Mike Watkins

    i agree with you man :l

  84. RoroTHEhoehoee

    This is so my life right now, GOT DAMMIT bestfriend!

  85. Dejanae Johnson

    avant is awsome thissong needs a video forreal

  86. Ivana Daniels


  87. Vashawndra Rhett

    Avant is such a good male singer I love him and his music

  88. Kristy Lea

    love some Avant

  89. reverse Fred

    I don't wanna feel different rolling with my best friend LOVE

  90. Alma H

    I LOVE THIS GUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  91. Sunshine.Beautee

    The song of the century....Lucas teague needs to do a cover of this

  92. luquita taylor

    Yes they Do...

  93. wanda mccloud

    Love this.

  94. emoqurl22

    i like this song

  95. Mr. Kincaid


  96. Mr. Kincaid

    I have all of Avant's albums! All he does is make good music but he doesn't get shown any love! (smh)

  97. Yolanda Morrison

    And Joe!