Avalon, Mickey - End Of My Line Lyrics

Jenny was a junkie living on the streets
Jimmy was a junkyard dog in deep
Jenny got pregnant, couldn't keep her job
So Jimmy got a gun and called the whole thing off
Good golly, oh miss Molly
Partied so hard she turned retarded
Her daddy strung a noose with a telephone wire but before he jumped lit the house on fire
Harry's own life was far from charming
Shaved his head and joined the army
From a small town boy to a killer for hire
Out of the frying pan, into the fire
Little Sarah, midnight terror
Looked eighteen when she wore mascara
Men line up to hold her hand
Found her body stuffed in the garbage can

I'm at the end of my line
A good girl is so hard to find
Looks like I'm back on my ass
'Cause you can't run from the past

Tony was a tough guy full of might
Tina sat front row at all his fights
Sold him a cape that was fit for a king
Took one too many and he died in the ring
Pretty Peter, joined the theatre
Practiced his lines with his acting teacher
He would do anything just to gain his approval
The way that kid got done was brutal
Maggie was a maid at the Motel 6
Worked three jobs to support her kids
Started taking money out of good folks rooms
'Til she got caught, click, boom
Billy Butler went undercover
Grew out his hair, started acting tougher
Didn't have a choice when the boys went robbin'
Disguised so good that the police shot him

I'm at the end of my line
A good girl is so hard to find
Looks like I'm back on my ass
'Cause you can't run from the past
I'm at the end of my line
A good girl is so hard to find
Looks like I'm back on my ass
'Cause you can't run from the past

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Avalon, Mickey End Of My Line Comments
  1. Clinton Leonard

    Loved you from the start, Mickey. This is great.

  2. fseesauras

    Very good

  3. Jenni Nexus

    I love Mickey.. & the fact my name is in this song <3

  4. Eric Ortega

    He is good he should turn professional!.

  5. cumshots

    Dude i thought u was gonna upload a track once a month wtf, u didnt upload ahot this month!

  6. Felicia Cross

    I would give my life for you love u

  7. Tawdry Hepburn

    Why the random single drop? New album coming?

  8. MacDresGhost

    Smoov E is the best

    Peter Robledo

    Long duck dong
    Smoov biscuit
    Rusty squeezebox.
    The fornicating cowboy.

  9. Josh Williamson

    How does Mickey only have 20k subs? He's been fuckin shit up for years.

  10. mr blue

    He's signed to r.e.a.l?

  11. Lee Goldman

    So true. It's the end for most us. Weather we go out with bang. A needle or sober. Peace motherfuckers!!!

  12. Vittorio Quintana


  13. Kyle Bullock

    Mickey kills it

    Josh Williamson

    Kyle Bullock He sure does

  14. Angel Castro

    Rap Entering Another Level

  15. dec home

    Smoov e took me here

    Peter Robledo

    Smoov biscuit, long duck diggity dong.

  16. cumshots

    Smoov e on the beat ? Hopefully smoov e's on a track 🎵👌

  17. Seth Tittle

    Was on instagram tag him in this he was singing it in his car with smoove e they tild me it was a real song so now im here cool they talked to me lol

  18. Kris Lindquist

    Song is fucking fire Mickey....i have to thank cory nastozio Nasty for turing it on to me👊👊Dope

  19. Alyna Krysteen

    Mickey, your an amazing artist. Love this song...
    Is there a way to contact you privately about your recent show in Santa Cruz CA?

  20. Landon Hoover


  21. Bert Stumpton

    That beat tho🔥🔥
    Smoov af