Avalon - Knockin' On Heaven's Door Lyrics

In my closet
A spot is worn from hours and hours upon my knees
I step inside
The quiet's like a doorway to a world of peace

One thing I don't worry 'bout
I can't wear my welcome out

I keep knock, knock
Knockin' on heaven's door
I keep talk, talk
Talkin' cause your answer Lord

Won't be stop, stop
Stoppin' so be listening for me
I'm knock, knock
Knockin' on heaven's door

I'm not a poet
No, it's not like me to speak in flowery words
Not a prophet
Not at least in these parts
That would be unheard of

But my heart speaks loud and clear
And since my prayers are answered here

Whisper what you're feeling
Shout it at the ceiling
Nothing's gonna fall on deaf ears
Ask Him for His mercy
Pray away your worries
What do you want heaven to hear
Bless the world around you
Pray His peace surrounds you
Thank Him for His favor
Simply praise the Savior

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Avalon Knockin' On Heaven's Door Comments
  1. Musiana Thriver

    This song is amazing and it makes me feel so close to my heavenly father

  2. I Love Jesus

    There's a new Christian song out called "Old Church Choir" that has a very similar melody to the chorus of this one! :-D

  3. Dave Micklon

    Not a fan of Christian music, but this is (notwithstanding the Dylan tune of the same name) not bad.

    James Hanson

    Dave Micklon why not a fan :-)