Avalon - Jesus Born On This Day Lyrics

Today a child is born on earth
Today the glory of God shines everywhere
For all of the world

Jesus born on this day
He is our light and salvation
Oh Jesus born on this day
He is the king of all nations

Behold the lamb of God has come
Behold the Savior is born
Sing of His love to everyone

Jesus born on this day
Heavenly child in a manger
Oh, Jesus born on this day
He is our Lord and our Savior

Today our hearts rejoice in Him today
Today the light of His birth fills us with hope
And brings peace on earth

Jesus born on this day
He is our light and salvation
Oh, Jesus born on this day
He is the king of all nations

Today a child is born on earth
Today the glory of God shines everywhere
For all of the world

He is light, He is love
He is grace
Born on Christmas Day

He is light, He is love
He is grace
Born on Christmas Day

He is light, He is love
He is grace
Born on Christmas Day

He is light, He is love
He is grace
Born on Christmas Day

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Avalon Jesus Born On This Day Comments
  1. Deante Williams

    Thank You Jesus

  2. sabina _devi

    I love it so much it's like my 5th time listening to it only today

  3. Unknown The Artist

    Question could anyone please show me in the Bible Christ was born dec 25 th but I can show u that the scripture reads that Arch Angle Gabriel came to Mary on the 6 month that be June their for Christ be born in March or April as a sheep is also born in these months

  4. Mike Whatley

    I think Cherie Adams did a great job on this song. Yes..we all know Mariah wrote it.

  5. Melissa Dasrathsingh


  6. Hermus Henville

    I love this song 🙏🏼🥰😍

  7. Jimmy White

    Glory to God & the Lamb Forever & ever!!

  8. kim kim

    who else is listening to this in 2019

    Scotty Hill aka Catfishnfreak

    Me, I am!!!!

  9. Mike Stock

    Not sure why, things song brings tears to my eyes.
    I'm thinking it's based off what a beautiful savior we have. Plus Christmas is such a beautiful time of year. Merry Christmas 😄😊

  10. Holly Landis

    I love you happy brithday

  11. Phil Chester Torres

    I wish jesus help us because we have a big problem my mom has alot of debts and she has sick she cant get to operation because we have no money 😕😔😭😭 please pray for us😢

  12. Dimos Dadilas

    This is written by the amazing Mariah Carey btw..

  13. Peter Muzones

    This song has been covered numoreous times in church and people rarely knew who was the writer for this classic. Yes Miss Mariah Carey wrote this and if recording academy still deny her talent then devils should really run a thing there. #InductMariah #SongWritersHOF

  14. Clark Domingo

    Mariah Carey composed this amazing song!

  15. JustArandomperson Hi

    Who came here because of scribblejuice?

  16. Rasinah YT

    God bless us!!!!

  17. B E P S U K I R B

    Whoever disliked this either hates Jesus or they have a reason

  18. Davy Liu

    Shalom! Friends!

    I have written a letter to whosoever may truly willingly care to concern:

    It's really been hard, Sirs, but, thank God, He finally led me to the right way to help correcting this Hebrew calendar :

    Please forgive my mistakes in previous posts.

    According to the right reading of the records of the two gentlemen, Nicodemus and Joseph from Arimathaea, finally, I came to realize that :

    Nicodemus must have used the generally accepted beginning of the first Olympiad: 776 BCE, which could not have been different from the subsequent use of the historian Josephus, so that the month of the Lord Jesus Martyrdom of Nissan 32CE was mistakenly placed as the month bet Adar in the Hebrew calendar today:

    Because the beginning of the first Olympiad is 776 BCE, then the beginning of the No. 202 Olympiad is:

    201x4-775=804-775= AD 29;

    Therefore, the 4th year of this Olympiad is 32 AD, this year, then, according to Nicodemus, is the year of the Martyrdom of the Lord Jesus.

    On Nissan 12th, 32CE, (which, according to Nicodemus also, must be many days before March 25, 32CE;) on Friday, the Lord Jesus had been martyred, so, in fact, the leap Adar of the 32CE in the Hebrew calendar today was, actually, truly corresponding to the month of Nissan 32CE at the time of Nicodemus, who recorded the martyrdom of the Lord Jesus.


    Today's Hebrew lunar calendar, unfortunately, has been one month of error!

    Since, with respect to your current calendar, and,

    1: according to Prophet Enoch, the dates of Jesus ' birth and of His Martyrdom must be the same, i.e., leap Adar 13th, which also must be Saturday, the Sabbath,

    2: Jesus must be born after the year 8BCE Roman census for taxation,

    3: the date must be close to mid-March(, but well before March 25).

    so, only the following day meet the requirements:

    Jesus was born at (March 14) bet Adar 13, Sabbath, 7BCE.

    But, note:

    These Adars need to be Nissan, please.

    Thus, Sirs, would you be willing to, or is it even possible for you to, have your current HebDates calendar corrected as directed by the Holy Spirit, even as I have been directed and corrected?


    Davy Liu

  19. Kayla Icebreeze

    Jesus is like my dad

  20. Lorie Goetz


  21. Spark Of Love

    "Lamb of God has come" :))

  22. Thaeer Suliman

    It's Christmas today

  23. Hany Botros

    Happy birthday you came and saved us

  24. BERTHELOT Annaelle

    I love you J3SUS Happy Birthday . AMEN 📿

  25. Alexis Reed

    Happy jesus we love Jesus

  26. Maxine Brown

    I love this song this sunday i am going to be leading this song i love you Jesus happy birthday jesus thank you for doing all this stuff just thank you so much we sangria this song😍😍😍

  27. Del Lunzaga


  28. dandelion Kim

    quick reminder mariah wrote this song

  29. Manjit Kaur

    Happy birthday Jesus Christ and merry Christmas to all the you

  30. Purple you BatS

    Jesus thanks for saving my life.

  31. Esther Buelna

    We used this song for our church float this year for our Christmas light parade we won first place 🙏

  32. Mariselis Alicea


  33. B E P S U K I R B

    Anyone come from scribblejuice? Also thank you Jesus for evrything

    Shishkabob Da boi

    yA Like jaZz lol me

  34. Spidermanwlol YouTube

    I love you Jesus

  35. Spidermanwlol YouTube

    Good song

    Spidermanwlol YouTube

    An I love you Jesus

  36. Lorina Mendiola

    Happy birthday Jesus 💛💛💛💋💋

  37. marcuswitdasause

    You are a miracle worker

  38. marcuswitdasause

    Thank you for dying on the cross for our sins thank you

  39. Myriade Mbambi

    Why does mariah her song have more views than this one💔

    Or Ms. Love Mariah Carey lamby

    Mariah vocals are better and Mariah WROTE this song.

    dandelion Kim

    @Or Ms. Love Mariah Carey lamby yassss preach

    Mike Whatley

    I think Cherie did great on this song...and we all know Mariah Carey wrote this song

  40. Antares Ho

    Jesus you are my hope, I love you so much, praise to the lord

  41. Andrés Sánchez Morales


  42. Kayla Icebreeze

    I love this song so much and I love you Jesus this song is my life!!!! 👍👍👏👏👏👏❤❤❤❤❤

  43. Lisa Marie Is a weeb


  44. Lorina Mendiola


    Lorina Mendiola

    I love Jesus💚💚💚

  45. Resgatando Almas pra Jesus - Curitiba

    To all who are reading this comment, I desire that Jesus Christ bless you and that the Holy Spirit transmits in you much peace, happiness and the love of God to all people.

  46. Child of Yah

    Happy birthday Jesus! 1st day of Sukkot!

  47. karla the best

    I'm just here because I have sinsed to much

  48. Dylan

    I love you Jesus happy birthday

  49. Empire Cleaning Services LLC


  50. Jelani Johnson

    born on this day

  51. Natacha Guerrier

    i love God and he is my everything in this world.

  52. Joshua Rialto

    Happy birthday Jesus!

  53. Payton Chrystie

    Bless you Jesus

  54. Payton Chrystie

    I love you jesus and happy birthday and I love you so much😍🐻🐵🐼

    Payton Chrystie

    I love you jesus

    Warriors Drawing Beanie


    John Joseph

    Jesus I love you my lord

  55. pramod p m

    Merry Christmas

  56. It's MinMin

    Why are people always singing songs and thinking about santa on Christmas when they should be thinking about Jesus💛✨🤔

    da boong

    True, I love Jesus, The Holy Spirit and God

    Jaylene Enriquez

    Period 🥺

    grace oladokun

    Its true what you are saying

    Stephen Bogan

    Funny you left this comment on a song video that never mentions Santa at all. Perhaps you should find a secular Christmas song video to troll.

  57. Maurice Jr Schug

    I love you your the best one

    Prosefhe Brooks

    Maurice Jr Schug Nina

  58. Mr Lee


    Warriors Drawing Beanie

    Mr Lee NOW 2018, AMEN.

  59. Purple WorldGal

    Happy birthday to jesus <3 <3 <3

  60. KidNinjaGamer_ YT


  61. JKBelle


  62. UnlovedDraco

    I'll join I LOVE Jesus praise the Lord to him and alll!!!

  63. JayBeeTV

    No one is talking about how Mariah Carey wrote this song

    david jaques

    She did? I've been trying to find out for sure. Damn. Finally. Thanks

  64. Doreen Hees

    Love this song and her singing. Thank you, Jesus, for loving us so much that you could not stay in heaven without us.

  65. Richard Wolff

    Christ wasn't born on December 25th but many so called sun gods were

  66. Miss Rosie

    I love this song!!

    Prosefhe Brooks

    Miss Rosie Jesus born on this day

  67. Ericaplayes

    Happy birthday

  68. Josiah Yang

    Jesus strike me dead so I can stay with you.

    crystalx_playz s

    Josiah Yang true

    Warriors Drawing Beanie

    Jesus does not want you to die too early, he loves you and is watching over you with your ancestors. Amen.

  69. Luna WolfPlayz12

    ohhhhh Jesús born. on this daaaaaay JESUS RULES GO DADDY JESUS

  70. Luna WolfPlayz12

    Jesús is the lord and our savior

  71. sulzal7

    Another Mariah Carey song.

  72. Ee Smith


    Kasie The Paintor

    Ee Smith Ok

    Rasinah YT


  73. R R

    I'm can't sleep something came I'm mind this song Amen

  74. constantine kiza

    we love you Jesus so much

  75. Rachel Naomi

    Love this song

  76. rolloboby plays

    i love this song

  77. Elmare Cordoba

    Who ever put thumbs down you are a noob and you suck

  78. Joe Stanley

    i love you jesus so much and happy birthday

    annmarie harrison


    Warriors Drawing Beanie


    Marts Magno

    Are you sure that jesus born on month of December ...????read the bible King James Verse..

  79. Emma Chupp

    I like how you did it so I'll be on probably

  80. Aaliyah Latimore

    me It not shrimas it close to it it dec 12 right now

  81. Allie Henley

    Thumbs up if your still listing to this even though it's not Christmas

    Kayla Icebreeze

    Allie Henley me!!! I love this song so much

  82. james matlock

    Happy birthday Jesus! I love you!

    julie miller

    +james matlock He loves you too- so much