Avalanches, The - Run DNA Lyrics

Think about it,
I was there you'd be staring at the back of me,
With your tight jeans set in a pony tail,
Deep sea trails,
Mama Sue flirting in your caravan show

It's in my back,
It's in my back,
It's in my back,
My S100 boyfriend,
It's in my back,
Undercover DNA,
It's in my back,
Stylus in my jeans,
It's in my back pack,
Stylus in my jeans.
It's in my back pack

My favourite magazine,
It's in my back pack,
My stylus 7 inch,
It's in my back pack,
My electronic organ,
It's in my back pack,
My S900 girlfriend,
It's in my back pack,
My S100 boyfriend,
It's in my back pack,
Undercover DNA,
It's in my back pack,
Stylus in my jeans,
It's in my back pack,
Stylus in my jeans.
It's in my back pack...

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Avalanches, The Run DNA Comments
  1. Kevin Sch

    That's Caetano Velozo - You Don't Know Me sample at 0:45

  2. they call me sweetsop

    Who's here cause of Maury?

  3. Tomás Finn Jamieson

    The Avalanches may be the best band of all time. Just putting that out there!!!

  4. RS 1990

    That synth at the start is from this:

    Cyan Dino

    YouTube won’t let me see this.

  5. アキトくん

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  6. Son_Of_Dr_Rockzo

    I find it cool how it sounds very simular to Frankie Sinatra :)

  7. linglingjr

    For the past 5 years, every time I hear someone say something about an object being in their backpack I think about this song and have to go "IT'S IN MY BACKPACK!"

    Loamy Hound

    Ha, me too! but no-one knows what I'm talking about.

    Ryan B

    since the album was released i have had this curse and also never left my house without a back pack, im now 36 and it hasnt stopped

  8. Price


    Warrider thomas

    +Priceless Persuader thnaks a lot!

  9. Jason J

    happy Mondays + beastie boys

  10. Jack Johnston

    where can i download the full album?!?!


    Buy it u freeloader

    Jack Johnston

    Yeah, I don't know why I got mad at that time. I guess I took it in as disrespectful, because I very rarely ask for stuff from somebody. I'm all about supporting artists and buying their music, merch, sample packs, etc. But he didn't know that, so I could see why I looked like greedy freeloader. Last year when I got really got into The Avalanches, I bought Since I Left You and then I discovered this album, which wasn't on iTunes or on their official website. What I'm trying to say, is that if it was on iTunes or somewhere else, I would have bought it instead.


    no worries man, happens.


    I haven't lost any sleep its all good Bro

  11. Adam Millar

    Seventeen years. I'm well and properly old.

  12. Thomas Smart

    champs, get back to this shit!

  13. ObjectableApparatus

    wheres the spy's knife, IT'S IN MY BACK-.



  14. Y0UW1LLR34D7H15

    JESUS digging for these SOBs is like trying to frind the rarest largest chunk of diamond ever

    Bad Seeed

    Y0UW1LLR34D7H15 I found it by accident

  15. coade111

    what in my jeans?!

  16. SlickWillHermsted

    @Unityisthekeyfolks NO YOUR NOT COOL ENOUGH