Avalanches, The - Live A Lifetime Love Lyrics

When I was a child and I run around

All you kids are the same today
All you wanna do is play
You never want to work, or take any responsibility

Live a love, live a lifetime love

A.Dd+ we at it again
Just doing some horrendous shit with my friends
We smoke out [?]
That's just how we function
We don't give a fuck, I'm not sure if I can
I grew up, I screw up
I do a little too much, they call me advanced
And now they just call the police
Cause I'm 23 and black and won't pull up my pants
They say I'm a thief (they say I'm a thief)
They callin' me thug (they callin' me thug)
They say I'm a killer (they say I'm a killer)
I just say "wassup?" (I just say "wassup?")
They say I'm a thief (they say I'm a thief)
They callin' me thug (they callin' me thug)
They call me a killer (they say I'm a killer)
I just say "wassup?"

We be drivin’ drunk, smokin’ blunts, runnin’ red lights
We be drivin’... WHY?!

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Avalanches, The Live A Lifetime Love Comments
  1. inxy

    great album tbh

  2. Magí Ferré Catà

    0, bad marks

  3. Liam Gaither

    man, fuck this guy.

  4. set clock --:--

    As much as I am a huge Avalanche fan, this album art is not working well for me unfortunately.

  5. Majessa Dunn

    Hmm I guess I.... disagree

  6. skaterdude2412

    Turn the 7 upside down its a ㄥ now
    Saturday Night Inside Out was a great track, don't know what you mean.

  7. top kek

    I'm feeling a light 2 to the back of melons head this is better than a 7 you Racist.

  8. John Watts

    i think it deserves more but whatever

  9. Jason Stanley

    The whole album is gold...soooooo shut up you suck

  10. jon jon goufema liames zenbin pinfen

    How za going Constanzo,on my opinion about this álbum is"yo mister Dj..lets mix Beatles Revolver and Sgt Pepe plus Graham bonnet and call some rappers and set some funky birds and delay fxs and pretend to be Tame Impala"sounds nostalgic but sounds cliched till the last phasers and filters tunneling the album around...pretencious stuff there...

  11. Daniel Hemsley

    This album makes me feel far better than any other by far

    And I'm a depressed and pessimistic fucker so that's a huge achievement

    Incredible album

  12. VangaurdTDS

    How could you not like If I was a Folkstar or Frankie Sinatra?

  13. Lucy Ponce

    I like accent bro. Where are you from? . Nice to meet you. And greeting from southamerica.

  14. Robert Moore

    It needs repeated plays, but Frankie Sinatra will always be a (zaney, kooky ) piece of tatt .It sounds like doing substances and taking a trip to the beach maybe , blissful

  15. crt33

    I tend to agree with you. The first album feels timeless, the second feels like they back dated to some point in history.
    The first album always felt like it took me on some imaginary journey, the second doesn't flow from start to finish. I don't mean from track to track more like the complete package isn't there.
    Since I left you is simply outstanding, anything else just won't compare. It's hard not to be biased.

  16. Paper Alliance

    Wrongthony pooptano on this one

  17. Xizura

    such a beautiful album, its a 9 for me.

  18. Y K

    i LOVE Wild Flower! It flows so smoothly!

  19. Michael Dicker

    it's a psychedelic album drop a tab and then come back with a re-review.

  20. Jeesh

    It's funny when this album first released I remember having similar feelings. After not listening to it for a while, I came back to it and fell in love with it. From start to finish you're on a trip through psychedelic America. All the tracks do er on the side of ambient but, there is enough detail there for a keen listener to be pulled in by the sample work. The eclectic and extensive sample work is a wonder for your imagination.

  21. Andrew Pearson

    "Second Edition" on the left shelf...I like.

  22. Michael Concannon

    i always whole heartedly disagree with your reviews

  23. TheUsername

    3:37 Good Taste

  24. Seon Flux

    on this cut? this dude's work ethic is A+, his use of language is a good solid passable c-

  25. Komila Rakhimova

    This guy is so depressing, even when he is giving a positive review

  26. Paul Phillips

    Fantastic album in my opinion.

  27. Paul Phillips

    'Sunshine' is a great track..

    Noah Schuler

    I had to force my self to listen to it because the looping sample of sunshine is annoying. I'm used to it now.

    feckless clod

    CL0WN FAC3 i actually love that sample. One of my favorites on the album. but I can see how others find it annoying

  28. gnalkhere

    This album grew on me - like a wildflower

  29. Adam Jensen

    This album has grown so much on me.

  30. Drager

    incredibly surprised you only gave it a 7

  31. David Carter

    Saw these guys in Lisbon last night and immediately purchased Wildflower and Since I Left you on vinyl, cant wait to see them again

  32. Matthew P

    Happy one year anniversary The Avalanches

  33. The Dragon Trilogy

    Oh such a wrong review. This album will become a classic in time.

    King Of Carrot Flower

    There's nothing wrong with this review, there's nothing right either. It's just his opinion


    @King Of Carrot Flower snowflake

  34. belfasthyde

    Folkstar is lit what u playing

  35. Luc Brazier

    Can I call you Toni?

  36. Michael Rowsey (Student MHS)


  37. chinesecandyflip

    bro this is way better than deathgrips

  38. swingAE86

    its an 8 for me

  39. Kris Rusty

    i agree with almost everything you said, but your least favorite tracks are probably my favorite ones. i like that there's a mix of punchy songs and soft groovy songs. also the transition tracks aren't great in their own but as a whole the album is phenomenal. 9/10 for me

  40. Neel 2000

    0:04 Could've said Bigthony Heatano instead.

  41. Son_Of_Dr_Rockzo

    It didn't catch me like Since I left you.
    SILY is one of those albums you put on on a cold winter night longing for the summer. You get from 1 to 17 with pleasure.
    This album has more seperate tracks. Not a bad thing but you will never listen all tracks. You pick favourites, which increases the chance of forgetting even better songs.

  42. PeckiePeck

    I'd love to hear an update on your feelings about this album in, say, five years, because I think it's hard for people to review an album like this on its own terms when the expectations are so established. Set an alarm or something.

    Case in point: as someone who discovered these albums within months of each other, SILY had to grow on me a little before I started to full-on LOVE it. It still has what I consider to be a rough patch from tracks 5 to 7. Whereas with Wildflower I immediately dug most of the songs individually, but wished it had the cohesiveness and momentum from one track to another (not to mention recurring themes) that SILY had. But it has a closing track that I think is BETTER than SILY, which feels tacked on. So I think the album contends a lot better with SILY than people currently give it credit for, and will just have to grow out of its predecessor's shadow a bit.

  43. Andrés

    'Going Home' and 'If I Were a Folkstar' are phenomenal

  44. Rami

    too generous imo

  45. Ethan Ordorica

    Listen to it again man this thing really is a masterpiece. Picked it up on vinyl and after 3 months it is warped. Beautiful beautiful album

  46. Testcat

    If I was a folkstar was actually the only memorable song in the album for me

  47. Pseudonym

    One becomes a critic in the same way that a soldier who cannot go to war becomes an informant.. And he didn't say shit about Stepkids...

  48. Connor S.

    Saturday night inside out was a perfect closer. Ethereal and blissful and just bittersweet enough to make you sad the record is over.

    Connor S.

    And I’m still here waiting for you to change your mind


    Definitely. The poem that was recited was really great too. Makes you feel like you're saying goodbye to your closest friends after having been on one last road trip before you grow up and become adults. This album is underrated.

  49. Tammy R.

    I actually liked the album and I really didn't know a thing about them before listening to the whole album! I really liked the sampling which was wonderfully done and well put together. I enjoyed the psychedelia feel to it, it was a so pleasing to the ear. I will agree that their was some tracks sounded more transitional and didn't seem to add much weight to the album. My fave song is Subways, my least is Frankie Sanatra. Great review dude!

  50. Octacon Media

    fantano: my wife performed good last night she was admirable but i feel like theres something lacking.....

  51. Patrick Lauer

    I loved all the songs on the album expect going home that sucked

  52. imeanoksureman

    Remember when this came out, it was great, and nobody listened to it, or talked about it?

    Yeah, that was great.

  53. QuitTheCity

    Don't always agree with his reviews but feel this one is bang on.

  54. Noah Abrahamson

    I'm coming to this late. I found that I enjoyed this album much more than their first. That being said, I love your in depth reviews of albums. They help me take the edge off my own personal bias.

  55. jaxon fitzsimmons

    Kaleidoscopic Lovers is the only disappointing track in the last quarter

  56. gnalkhere

    Stepkids > Kaleidoscope Lovers

  57. commentsforcomments

    If I was a folkstar, forgettable? You are no music nerd to me.

    High Deaf Radio

    Ikr! That's one of the most memorable for me.

  58. Zig _

    Frankie Sinatra was underwhelming??? It was quite lit

  59. Femi Oki

    Coming back to watch this after watching Because I'm me video

  60. Tyler Burns

    It's okay dude. You can say it: it's a boring record. The first half is by far the stronger of the two and the second just drags and drags. Not a bad record overall but disappointing when compared to Since I Left You

  61. NiceRaps

    At the end of "Harmony" it says "HAIL SATAN . . . HELL YEAH." What's that about?

  62. linglingjr

    Light 7 my aAss

  63. Wolfatadoor

    The curmudgeonly melon isn't pleased as usual. Getting flat out sick of you being droll on everything that isn't fucking death grips.

  64. Reid Fisher

    Review Laugh Tracks by Knocked Loose

  65. quillber

    Agree mostly however If I Was A Folkstar w Toro Y Moi isnt forgettable its a highlight, maybe my favourite on there

    Rupert Steffler

    I was looking for this comment. Such a nice tune. Guess Stepkids is forgettable too by that logic

  66. Phil Townend

    Weird. If I was a folkstar and Saturday night inside out happened to be my favourites.

  67. Daylyt Pants

    I love this new Gorillaz album, erm I mean the Avalanches

  68. Ripped Dave


  69. Graham Herbst

    "...totally re-invented their sound"?! It's a beautiful and fitting continuation of SILY.

  70. SourD Takedown

    Yet again if its not fucking Meme grips baldy here don't give it a good score.

  71. Volk Makedonski

    You might want to review another sample heavy group from Australia.. CURSE OV DIALECT... new album titled 'Twisted Strangers'


    i give that transition an 8/10

  73. Time Keeper

    I for sure don't think this is a 8/10.  But somehow 7/10 isn't right either.A solid 7.7 in my book.He's right about the transitional tracks.  They added nothing to it for me.But I do dig the Psycidelia.

  74. Yo! Mark

    I drive an hour and a half to work - At first I gave a 6/10 as I wasn't a fan of the soft(er) samples used or that annoying kid singing early on and sometimes flowing between tracks can feel a little lost at times but as I turned up the volume and repeated the tracks (Especially track 6, 10 and 21in that order) and listened to the magic flow and look into the samples used http://www.abc.net.au/triplej/musicnews/s4492761.htm I am hooked! Easily a 7/10 and if you like rap (or the artists used to rap on the album) 8/10, 9/10 for those who can light up in a dark room and zone out with headphones and if you can sample this good, 10/10 based on pure skill.


    Do a review on since I left you

  76. jorgecds

    sunshine is over repetitive... lol you couldnt listen all the production behind it, buy yourself new headphones melon

  77. 2 Clicks

    tweet tweet

  78. Daniel Solomon

    Review Infant Annihilator lol 💁🏼

  79. Shisnaut

    Review Zhu's debut album

  80. Furry Scythe

    zhu - generationwhy, do it now!!!

  81. Armand D

    Love the review, but I find the cuts/edits really annoying and distracting from the review :(

  82. Onkst Art

    Love love this record !

  83. Shawn

    have you listened to since i left you?

  84. skyist

    if i was a folkstar is one of my favorites

  85. Alex Park

    Saturday Night Inside Out was a great track, don't know what you mean.

  86. Max Beckett

    I think it's very Disney-esque but tends to be punchy too which is so so so cool

  87. Joshua

    Avthony Lanchtano

  88. Mimic

    This album is damn good

  89. Vociferous Productions

    One word review of this album.... uninspiring... score 6/10

  90. Chopper

    You gotta listen to HEAVN by Jamlia Woods! It's a great LP one of my favorites from this month.

  91. Colleen Connors

    nope, saturday night inside out is the best track on the album

  92. Adam Warlock

    The second song to this album is just happiness, it put a smile on my face ☺️

  93. Michael Shannon

    Well put.

  94. Illustrious13

    Couldn't disagree more about the easy going aspect of the last quarter of the album. It's the part I'm returning to the most. Maybe expectations are a dangerous bedfellow for critical analysis of an album as a standalone work in an artists catalogue. Or maybe I'm Basic ® ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  95. Dream On

    this album sounds like the 2016 version of the beatles

  96. moviemagic

    What's with the glitch?

  97. Clint Havok

    I hate you and your entire fan base.

  98. David Challinor

    funny, i rate the "sub par" songs (as they're labeled in the review) as some of the best stuff on the record. definitely a grower, and a solid 9 for mine :)

  99. Dom

    Just heard it and I love it. Would give it a 9