Avalanches, The - Light Up Lyrics

What a wonderful sight
It just seems to be right
That there's something to do
For the rich people too
So light up the hall
There's dancing for all
It's a world of fantasy

Doo doo doo doo doo
It's a world of fantasy
Doo doo doo doo doo
It's a world of fantasy
Doo doo doo doo doo

Ba ba ba ba ba (Doo doo doo doo doo)
It's a world of fantasy
It's a world of
It's a world of fantasy

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Avalanches, The Light Up Comments
  1. Philip Archer

    Honestly!!! What the F*#K? This last Album by The Cult really is some of their Best material I've heard from them, in years!
    It's like this Heavy-Goods vehicle, going full throttle, that is dispensing its Best sounds from its History. Not to say they are re-doing their Older material, but The Cult's signature-sound is unmistakable and some of these Powerful songs, are Better than other similar sounding songs from their History. Also, they are still relevant(maybe not with those Goffs, but, with a wider Rock audience.)


    They are not humans ,just électric !!!!!

  3. Ulrich Holst

    THE CULT. Einfach spitze.

  4. Malcolm Marriott

    Thank you very much 🐍🐍🐍

  5. Kayla Schulz

    And you're older than me

  6. Kayla Schulz

    You are so immature

  7. Kayla Schulz

    Avalanche light

  8. Kayla Schulz

    He's insulting just to be a dick

  9. The cure is juste after the indienne civilisation musique chamane cult perfecte song style and alls stars..

  10. Press Briar

    I love it! Awesome... Sounds incredible... greatest band. Wish Billy were allowed to pull the trigger on a solo. He's freaking awesome.

  11. Raymond Lawson

    The cult. 👍

  12. Capitan Andy

    naaaaa...horrible song like the last 3 albums fake!!! we want the songs of the '89!!!!...this is psychedelic shit!

  13. Unclerules

    1:55 my walpaper. Ian is moving on the stage like a beast!!

  14. Luz Franco

    Alguien q la subtitule en castellano plis???

  15. Brenda Dillinger

    great stuff right here

  16. Brenda Dillinger

    Damn, this is great!!!!TY

  17. Nelson Ventura

    Songs like these... only THE CULT.

  18. THE HUNTSMAN 144k

    Fkn love them

  19. bobdylan7561

    They never dissapoint


    The best song on the album and they never even played it live! Unbelieveable. They play that deeply horrendous Deeply Ordered Chaos instead at every concert, forcing people to like that song and still everybody hates it because it sucks. Sorry Ian.

    kyle keesling

    Love this album! Great track!

    pedro alonso

    I agree with you, it is perfect , but probably the song is about something dangerous, you know....

    Flash of the knife, your brilliant smile
    There's more to this than blood and paper
    They think they got you, you're so much bolder
    There ain't no tome, you're so much wiser

    I know in this life everything's wild, everything came from you
    Look in your eyes, avalanche of light, so much more for fools

  21. micro mario

    jiu jitsu internationas on sunday. i go again after 2 yrs super light training due to 3 operations. im gonna get fucked from first minute. but the cult will always be there to give me hope with their songs


    Good luck on Sunday !!!! I will be supporting you. The cult forever !!!!

    micro mario

    darky75 thank you so much..it means a lot. really it does.

  22. AUsupernova

    Good song...the cult will help you thru the tough times... listen and learn......

    H D

    What are the tough times you going thru bruh?

    Dadan Cigan

    @H D Tough times r all around u but u r lucky that u dont recognize it.

    H D

    @Dadan Cigan I think that if we are not scared of death, we can live our lives peacefully and happily.

  23. Marcelo Clemente

    Compared to dreamtime and love album.

  24. Marcelo Clemente

    His voice is not the same.

    Gee Tea

    Marcelo Clemente everything changes


    The same compared to what?

    Victoria Cotton

    Marcelo Clemente it will as he ages. Elton John is a perfect example of that.


    Marcelo Clemente Age. At least he didn't off himself like so many other legends.

  25. thanoscult