Avalanches, The - Harmony Lyrics

I dreamed last night I [?]
H, a
R, m
O, n
Oh harmony (H, a)
Oh harmony (R)
Oh harmony (R)

Oh harmony (H)
Oh harmony
Oh harmony
Oh harmony

For all of ya'll who didn't fail at school
Check this out it's all good
What we gonna do, we gonna scream out the letters of the alphabet
And every letter you hear screamed out, from A to Z

Oh harmony
Oh harmony
Oh harmony
Oh harmony
Oh harmony
Oh harmony
Oh harmony
Oh harmony
Oh harmony


Oh harmony
Oh harmony
Oh harmony
Oh harmony
Oh harmony
Oh harmony
Oh harmony
Oh harmony

[Bridge 2]
Do it like a family, like a family, like a family
Aaaaaaah, (Let's go)
Hey yo kids!
Family, like a family, like a family

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Avalanches, The Harmony Comments
  1. SENF Film and TV Logos


  2. Anna Lyapaeva

    You are the best music architects, and one of my fav music gangs like the Pepe Deluxe and Led Zeppelin and etc)

  3. jwgmail

    Who sang the line in Because I'm Me? "If she don't love me, what can I do?"

    LoST x Havok

    Six boys in trouble - why cant i get it too

  4. Jp Valentine

    This isn’t even the full album. It’s almost like you intentionally stopped right before the most intricate song 🤔

  5. Israel HCR

    0:05 falta el sample de la voz del niño, there isnt the voice child sample...

  6. Lanngeax.

    Thank you, The Avalanches, very cool!

  7. RS 1990

    "Live A Lifetime Love" samples "Lifetime Day" by Eternity's Children.

  8. rhythm tension

    In sunshine at 0:56 you can hear a sample from the song Canto de Xango by Vinicius de Moraes and Baden Powell. https://youtu.be/jXOJnnWaDnc ... amazing work..

  9. DorianDuVerger

    Wildflower's title even comes from mixing together/sampling the titles of two Beach Boys albums Wild Honey,and Sunflower

    Problem Sleuth

    so the b side comp is Sunhoney?

  10. Bboy Blah

    lil this , lil that; thats thats y'all & ya dont stop

  11. RS 1990

    1:31 - And I ain't go no worries 'cause I ain't in no hurry...

  12. RS 1990

    Very hard to pinpoint where these samples exactly came from!

  13. spectrumfox

    Well, this is a good start...

  14. D Escalade

    Just my own humble opinion, but I favor this album over SILY. At first the silly songs were mildly annoying, but in the context of the album and after repeated listens, they fit in.

    One "surprise" sample I came across was the vocal sample from the very end of "Live a Lifetime Love"; it comes from the film Something Wild and in the scene, the characters are riding in a car singing along to "Wild Thing".

  15. Breno S. Silva


  16. rlik49

    Great work..i sure love the avalanches

  17. احمد الصالحي

    thank you i needed this.

  18. Lucas Avilés

    If i was a folkstar???? Someone??


    Lucas Avilés I'm curious as well. Best track on the album imo


    Lucas Avilés I really love how the Avalanches sample and chop stuff up. the if I was a folkstar sample is a Moog sample, Tony Bagwell- Love is a many splendored thing.

    source: r/theavalanches

    Lucas Avilés

    moviemagic Cool dude!


    Lucas Avilés np! never knew it was a sample till I found a thread on the Avalanches subreddit

    thin kröppen

    Also The Beach Boys- Hushabye

  19. Tea Tea

    Nice video. :D

  20. tom's video hole

    wow this is all really well edited and very helpful

  21. T.C. Bramblett

    Somebody should do this for Boards of Canada

  22. DiggySmash

    I swear I heard a Beatles sample just be for the "favorite things" sample played. I couldn't quite place it but it sounded like something from the White Album.

    High Deaf Radio

    Fixing A Hole from Sgt. Pepper's?


    I think it might actually be "For the Benefit of Mr. Kite." Although it doesn't sound like a perfect match, so it might either from a cover of the song (which would probably cost less than if they used the original version) or from a different song entirely.

    According to the video they sampled a Paul and Linda McCartney song so it's not out of the question for the Avalanches to use a Beatles sample, cover or otherwise.

    Dylan Palmer

    DiggySmash they use "come together" in "the noisy eater"

  23. Laird Hercules

    harmony is my fav tune and i pictured sesame street and bam! thats what they sampled. nostagic punch to the gut. sooo dope.

  24. stoplying

    Thanks for posting this. Anyone know where the kids voice in "Because I'm Me" ? If she....don't love me....what can I do?


    stoplying six boys in trouble-why can't I get it too


    Great, thanks!

  25. James Thomas

    Thanks for this, It's nice being able to understand one of my favourite albums a bit better.

  26. Jack Rae

    this is not even a quarter of the samples lol

    RS 1990

    Forgot 'The Noisy Eater'.

  27. ShieldDivision

    To cover every single sample on this or SILY would take like a 30 hour video

    emma the ice cube gamer

    ShieldDivision true

  28. Oakwood Recordings

    Now what about the hundreds of other samples?

  29. Aurongel

    Surprised you guys didn't include the Queens of the Stone Age sample in Folkstar.

    Adrian Hdz Mqz

    What song ?


    @Adrian Hdz Mqz The song is Millionaire - "Hey alright it's Kip Casper, clone radio. How's your drive time commute?"


    Also If I Was A Folkstar is a sample of Tony Bagwell- Love is a many splendored thing.

  30. GhostwitheMost

    Need new music

    Alexander Okhotnikov

    Wiil be at 2032

  31. Josh Wysocki

    love how u presented these songs in the video... no more like this!

  32. channelKERR

    I just hope in my lifetime the avalanches release an album where I actually recognise samples from the 90s or 2000s!

    kane m

    like this? https://soundcloud.com/zuckrdj/jointhedots


    There's some samples on Wildflower from the 2000s I know for sure! There's a Queens of the Stone Age sample in If I Was A Folkstar

    Skull Songs

    channelKERR I’m pretty the avalanches will find some 80s records to sample. They mostly look for what other people call junk at the record stores

  33. TheHotFalafel

    I wonder what they had to go through to get all those samples cleared

    Lewis Barrett

    It's not that hard to do, I remember an interview that Jimmy Cauty of the klf and the orb gave and he said all you had to do is find out which songwriters organisation the songwriter is registered to and make a claim that way.

    Jake G

    Enrique Casaña where could I find that documentary?

    Lewis Barrett

    its on youtube, they said about how they got their smaller aussie label to clear the samples because if their international distro went asking for clearance a higher price might be asked.

    Enrique Casaña

    It's around YouTube somewhere, let me see if I can find it again for you...

    Mutant Renegade

    To give you some idea, before wildflower was released they said were on the "just clearing samples" stage in like 2011

  34. Fear Of Deaf

    Holy shit that flip for Harmony is clever