Autumn, Emilie - Very Strange Lyrics

I'm glad to see you
I was hoping you'd come

I was hoping that too

Out in the hallway
Who were you running from?

I was running to you

Where do you want me?
What is it I'm meant to do?
Should I be smiling?
Should I be looking at you?
This is strange... very strange
I don't know why I'm here
Please, won't you tell me?
Well, say something

Sorry, I'm sorry
I wasn't thinking, but yes
You might come closer
If you don't mind
I confess
This is strange
Very strange

[Thomson & Emily:]
You're not what I thought you'd be

But I'm glad you're here with me

I'm glad he's glad

Won't you have some-

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Autumn, Emilie Very Strange Comments
  1. Natália Espinosa

    cute <3

  2. Devin Gregg

    Yes!!! I love this song so much, it's much sweeter than "I don't understand" but I have to say I love both versions of this interaction.

  3. 000theblackcat

    This songs reminds me of "Let it Die".


    If you download the free lyrics booklet pdf from her site, these are her exact words. "The use of the 'Let It Die' melody for the intro section of this song is very intentional - in order to feel anything for Thompson, Emily has a lot to let go of." So yes, it most certainly should make you think of LID.