Autumn, Emilie - The Art Of Suicide Lyrics

The art of suicide, nightgowns and hair
Curls flying every which where
The pain too pure to hide
Bridges of Sighs
Meant to conceal lover's lies

Under the arches of moonlight and sky
Suddenly easy to contemplate why, why
Why live a life
That's painted with pity and sadness and strife
Why dream a dream
That's tainted with trouble and less than it seems
Why bother bothering
Just for a poem or another sad song to sing
Why live a life
Why live a life

The art of suicide, pretty and clean
Conveys a theatrical scene
"Alas, I'm gone!" she cried
Ankles displayed
Melodramatically laid

Under the arches of moonlight and sky
Suddenly easy to contemplate why, why
Why live a life
That's painted with pity and sadness and strife
Why dream a dream
That's tainted with trouble and less than it seems
Why bother bothering
Just for a poem or another sad song to sing
Why live a life
Why live a life

Why live a life
That's painted with pity and sadness and strife
Why dream a dream
That's tainted with trouble and less than it seems
Why bother bothering
Just for a poem or another sad song to sing
Why live a life
Why live a life
Why live a life
Why live a life

Life is not like Gloomy Sunday
With a second ending when the people are disturbed
Well they should be disturbed
Because there's a story that ought to be heard
Life is not like Gloomy Sunday
With a second ending when the people are disturbed
Well they should be disturbed
Because there's a lesson that really ought to be learned

The world is full of poets
We don't need anymore
The world is full of singers
We don't need anymore
The world is full of lovers
We don't need anymore

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Autumn, Emilie The Art Of Suicide Comments
  1. Fuckyourselfgoogle

    I used to hear this all the time as a terribly depressed 14 year old. Horrible times but I'm glad I made it through. So in a way, this song feels almost like an old friend.



  2. Ms.Elecitra Sky

    How are there people thinking that this song 'glorifies suicide'?
    Really listen to song. Think of the lyrics, tone, music and language|words. The songs message/story. It's not 'glorifying suicide'. It's a satirical song on the Victorian romanticism of suicide.

  3. justas50

    reminds Morrissey.

  4. Michael Dagan

    It sounds like it's about glorifying suicide

    How they make it so beautiful on tv **ehm ehm 13 reasons**

  5. Begüm Nur Dinç

    Stop explaining the song, it's different for everyone. Sometimes bad, sometimes good like life it's self. Just enjoy 🎶

  6. Paris Teta

    Do the song, then kill your self, or decide to live, Emilie did win...i feel i never weak...


    Not yet....... It's not over.... Look at what happened in the cross and why it happened, why did Jesus die? Maybe that would help.... To realize some stuff

  7. Wolfgangkuro

    Imagine her and blue stahli mashing up their songs together?

  8. Angélique Winters

    Godammn, I wish I hadn't suicidal tendency, to listen this song and keep on my life without think about this letter and wants to cry


    Hmmm, but... Look at what happened on the cross and better yet why did it happen?

  9. erin westbury

    No its not sarcastic at all... If u think its funny try being manic depressive since u were 10... Its a real struggle and sometimes u just want to give up fighting for another day of pain. Its like a cancer that won't kill u but never goes away...


    It dose fade...... With he's power that is. Thank you Jesus

  10. Kim Jay

    Funny that the people you pleed for help when sitting here about to take your own life tell you to go for it

  11. Debbie_Destruction

    The way I see it, an artist should not have to be responsible for the actions of everyone who buys into their body of work. They should have the freedom of expression no matter if it offends anyone or not. If this is how she felt enough to write a song then fuck what you think, it's not YOUR SONG. You are free to have an opinion and not like it but it doesn't mean that she shouldn't be able to make the music telling HER truth. As a musician, reading some of these comments get on my nerves and the way fans act as if we aren't also people with feelings and a soul even though that's what drew them to us in the first place..... our gifts don't solely exist for other's consumption. It's so that we can sit and share the experience together.

  12. Matthew Sidoti

    I've lived I've loved I'm over this nihilistic existence

  13. barnabysacket

    This song just happened to come on when I was away with the military, and I got the news from my wife that she was leaving me for someone else.

  14. Kayna B

    Why bother bothering...

    meire vondorff

    Beautifull Song

  15. Kelly Staso

    I love when people say they didn't see any signs of depression or suicidalness. I must wonder hoe many of those people just ignored signs and are trying to make themselves feel better? Too wrapped up with their jobs and family to try to care

  16. Nicolette James

    This song isn't entirely sarcastic, for the people who keep saying that. Emilie stated on the opheliac companion album that she wrote this song on the way home from a party that she left because she was too depressed and suicidal to enioy it. So she meant everything she said in the chorus and such, those were thoughts she was actually having at the time. But the verses are mocking the victorian paintings that romanticized and even fetishized girls committing suicide. Also, she says the line is BRIDGES of SIGHS, not ridges of size!

  17. Dante alighieri

    Listen, you can hear pain, sorrow. To wallow in despair.

  18. Nicole Kipfmiller

    Still coming to this after all these years.

  19. ShinePaw101

    I love this song so much. I know it's sarcastic but in a way, it also makes sense to almost romanticise it. I know when I went through an extremely bad depressive episode I did. Because I wanted to believe that would make it stop, that it would be better if I died. Luckily I've moved on from that now. But it's not something i'll forget.

  20. Rachel Rademaker

    y'all should know she had skitsodefective disorder. which causes one to think the world is after you or to think people don't like you. im not justifying suicide. im just explaining her. im one myself and tried to commit suicide a couple of years ago. but found out I was one and God saved my life. I take medication and am better as a person for doing so. at first I blamed God for all this but being able to relate to people who have this is one of the best gifts. im not putting anyone down here. im just explaining. it's hard to trust God after we find out we are born this way. but if we can help someone else out in this journey of life who needs someone to relate too. then all for being this way. im not bitter toward God. God loves her very much and me also. sorry to get religious. but I think she's awesome musician. im a musician as well and can relate. so I don't care if some don't care to read this. but I'd be glad if you did. because perhaps someone out there needs someone to relate too. I plan on making a CD this summer or next year. wish me luck and best of luck to emillie Autumn

  21. Janne Viljakainen

    And I really like her lyrics. I always wonder why the best artists never get so famous.

    Jean-René Vallières

    Janne Viljakainen because there isn't enough boom boom and "ass". That said, I agree with you.

    Zak Thomas

    "ass to ass"@Jean-René Vallières

  22. Janne Viljakainen

    I think she's the best singer in whole universe. :')

  23. t raven

    I get this is a sarcastic song but I connect with it. like if/when I ever kms I want it to be dramatic and theatrical in a way. at least to me. my beautiful white dress and a flower crown made up of sunflowers, then swan diving right off a bridge.

  24. Dominique Pearce

    Existence is pain. But life is not.

  25. psniamhere99

    this song is pure art... wow

  26. Natalie Jon Rivera

    this is a beautiful song

  27. GnopKing

    too bad Emilie turned into commercial shit, she was a real ARTIST.

    I'll keep on listening the old masterpieces since the new stuff she did almost sucks

  28. cassie zigray

    these songs of hers are so fucking good.

  29. Austėja Rainbowcloud

    go to a recruitment post and they want you to fight whether you get in or not (wingwuist, infantry & demining). suicide attempts hurt: last december i cut my neck and wrists bled for a while and after a few more cuts (muscle tissue on box cutter) I fell asleep...this is where it's fun: I don't know if I died, but I woke up and since I bled for over 16 hours after neck cuts I got an ambulance to the hospital (which I don't recall ;-) now i have to make some money though already sort of in early retirement.

  30. Sappho Pique

    This song is a masterpiece. It is like a distant melody playing the background of everyone's life and really soothing soul in a prodigious way. The fact that the theme is dramatic with a light melody brings something really interesting, funny emotions and really deep ones at the same time, leaving a confused peace inside. Like everything doesn't matter after all..


    Sappho Pique to put all life into a non-sense play... its very clever. The end of the song, "the world is full of x, we dont need anymore" plus the funny final notes totally matches your point. Thanks for your appreciation!


    Everything doesn't matter after all. And that's why I love life.

  31. bleachsanchoblastk

    the sarcasm runs deep

  32. Ally’s Rocket

    People who hate on her, if you don't like it. Don't listen to it. Its as simple as that. Personally, when i was struggling with depression at the lowest point in my life, she really helped me get through it all. I feel like i can relate to her in so many ways. Accept the crazy yall

    Alan Desalle

    Whatever happened to this artist?? Is she still performing ??

  33. cintu lator

    Emily has an old man's soul..

    Ana Ríos

    that' hilarious.
    "old MAN"

    cintu lator

    Yes, she has.

    I've been listening to depressed old man and his thoughts were like this.

    cintu lator

    @Kanaya Maryam
    Sometimes it feels good to cry.

  34. Meryem Elissi

    i have never heard such a peaceful and happy song about suicide, this song makes me enjoy life more <3

    jeffthekiller andsmiledog

    Meryem Elissi try Bullet by Hollywood Undead

    Meryem Elissi

    i know only one song by the band, it is called "the diary" and i'll definitely check your recommendation out. thnx a bunch

  35. heaven losa

    My best friend just died she slit her wrist to prove a point im sick of everyone I care about disappearing maybe suicide is the answer who will spend tears when I'm gone or who will fake a smile to make me happy some people just cant handle life by their self like emo I'm emo all those people need is someone to stay be that someone please add me on facebook heaven losa

    Susan The_Goth

    I don't know you, though I certainly do know your pain, and you're absolutely right: All we (they) need is for someone to -STAY-.
    Suicide -isn't- the answer, not the one that holds *infinite possibilities*, anyway. Only life holds those, as we so choose. If -WE- choose to stay. There are so many more adventures yet to be had, after all..... ["What If...?" --Emilie Autumn...<---if you haven't heard it, look it up!]
    Yes I'll add you on fb, if it means you'll Stay. Although I don't know you, I do know this: Those who do know you? They would -definitely- prefer that you Stay. So whatever I can do to help that happen for -anyone-, stranger or sister or soul mate, I will. ~S

    Deimos kai Aischylos

    +heaven losa Do not allow others to tell you what is best for you; instead, think honestly about what _you_ feel is best for you. Think deeply. Suicide presents lovely options for relief, yet it leads to ceaseless nothingness. All sensation ends. Life can, often, be absolutely agonizing, but it has its moments of delight and joy. Speaking as some who has carved his arm up like a butcher, and who once set himself alight in an attempt to end my living, I can honestly say that I am glad that I have yet to succeed. Mostly.

    I would suggest enduring and, perhaps, seeking those who can genuinely care. That can make life seem less unpleasant. It is certainly hard to find a reason to continue, but a reason is out there.

    Hell's Princess

    heaven losa couldn't find you on fb


    hey I hope you’re doing okay now <3

  36. David Snake Doe

    This song gives me an incredible peace right now.

    ❤ Maddie Dicaprio ❤

    She a loony

    Le Best Boi

    Yeah I'm actually listening to it while trying to sleep so me too

    Simran Bajaj

    ❤ Maddie Dicaprio ❤ She’s not promoting suicide, it’s a parody of the people who are romanticizing it.

  37. Guppy2Shoes

    I don't care if this song is about suicide or not. I've always found it beautiful since high school.

    sahar sabz

    +Guppy2Shoes So I wasn't the only one who thought that in high school! :P

    Curlers And combat shotguns

    It's mocking people who think suicide is a fashion trend or romantic. Most of her songs are sarcastic that way.

    Tara Fox

    Your opinion but ok lol

    Katherine Shelton

    Actually, if you listen to EA discuss the song on her Opheliac Companion, she does say that this is a reactionary piece against people romanticizing suicide. The "arches," for example, refer to the proscenium arch of a stage. The "ankles displayed" refers to Victorians sexualizing suicide in paintings. So on and so forth...
    But what makes the sng special for me is that it manages to both point out those problems but still highlight what is TRUE about suicide. Specifically by pointing out that by Billie Holliday's time, people were not even discussing suicide at all (which is also wrong.) "They should be disturbed" might as well be the thesis of the song, in my opinion.

    Nicolette James

    Guppy2Shoes Well it IS about suicide. Was that even a debate?

  38. Isa Jansen

    I don't like how this song romanticizes suicide.
    There's nothing pretty about it.


    +Abbie S I'm pretty sure she said it's actually about how during the Victorian times women committing suicide was very romanticized and a common theme in artwork & stories. That's why which while being obvious sarcastic the song seems so romanticized.

    Curlers And combat shotguns

    It's mocking people who think suicide is romantic or a fashion trend. A lot of her songs are sarcastic like that.


    Someone doesn't know how to interpret lyrics. She's mocking the romanticism of it and also (in the chorus) explaining how she felt when contemplating suicide. 'Life is not like Gloomy Sunday with a second ending when the people are disturbed; well they should be disturbed'. Maybe try to actually listen to the words instead of looking like a jackass with your shallow, wrong interpretation.

    Natalia Marquetti

    "Under the arches of moonlight and sky
    Why live a life (...)"

    She says right before the chorus how easy it is to see why we live this life, even if it's full of sadness and strife.

    Simran Bajaj

    She’s making fun of the romanticization

  39. Mitzi Lily

    This music-lyrics video was off by like seconds, and actually kind of annoyed me seriously because of that, no offense. Next time try to do better, please! =) ...

    scare crow

    I see what you mean, that kinda bugged me too.

  40. Janderson Silva

    Love this song

  41. cintu lator

    Extra-nice bun on her head, or onion like we Finns call it.

  42. bryan caleb

    i love this girl and her point of view the world is full of lovers we don't need any more so true

    María Bortolluci

    This whole is sarcastic. She doesn't mean that for real. This song is making fun of anyone who romanticizes suicide and depression. She is a big romantic.

    María Bortolluci

    +Alice Lilit I have had schizophrenia since forever. thankfully it's not as strong anymore, I fact it's quite faint and I understand. I couldn't put it the way you did so I just said it was sarcastic. I'm so terrible sorry if I offended you. I hope you the best.

    María Bortolluci

    +Alice Lilit oh forgive me as well. I agree completely with you, no problem.

  43. Alyss River

    This song especially, but also the others, turned into a beautiful fairy tale my horrific damned by depression life during a long period of time ...She was singing my unspoken sorrow, still does...I always feel uplifted by her deep insight into my soul. She is in my heart forever among few other artists that really feel understand mental illnesses...such unbearable heartache...

  44. Maniacaish

    I think this is a very optimistic song. I can see the irony in it. Can't you? Why live a life thats paintet with pitty and sorrow and strife (when you could easily choose to live a better life) It's all about the way you see things....this song is full of humor and makes me feel good... :D Just think of it - how many reasons could you come up with to Why live a life? And the world is full of lovers we dont need anymore cause we do not depend on them to be happy... :D

    Nicolette James

    Maniacaish Well actually emilie has stated that those lines were very serious and she meant them. She wrote this song when she seriously felt no reason to live anymore. People were telling her not to kill herself cause she had so much more music to make, and she was like "why? You want me to keep suffering just so I can write more sad songs and poems? What's the point of that?" Citation: the opheliac companion album, on the track where she discusses the art of suicide.

  45. Holland Carson

    Photo editing A+

  46. Alphabet Girl

    I can relate to the horrible feelings. When the voices in your head is telling you suicide is the answer.

    Twenty One Heathens

    I love your picture x3

    Alphabet Girl

    Haha thanks.

    David Snake Doe

    +Alphabet Girl death is the natural answer to life. We are alive because one day we will have to die.

    Sooner or later, everyone dies. We can't run away from it.

    Maybe, we have also the power to tell to voices in our head to shut the fuck up, mostly because, life is a game...and it could be even funny keep on playing it.

    David Snake Doe

    @***** then keep on being depressed

  47. UltimateDorito

    Was this released before or after her own attempt? It sounds to me like she was trying to explain how she was feeling. I can relate. You don't want to die, you just want the pain to stop. You just want to stop having to fight just to exist. It's a portrait of how it feels. It's an attempt to help people understand. If you listen to it and it fires you up and makes you angry, take that as a good sign. You have a normal survival drive. But don't judge. You don't know until you walk in someone else's shoes what demons are following them, whispering in their ear and sucking the joy out of their daily life. I don't want anyone to worry about me, as it's not an option I seriously consider, but that doesn't mean it doesn't tease me with its promise of relief.


    @UltimateDorito It was released before. Would've been pretty intense if she were to actually kill herself after writing this song.

    Nicolette James

    UltimateDorito Idk if this was before or after her attempt, but emilie did say she wrote this song on the way home from a party that she left because she was feeling too depressed and suicidal to enioy it.


    This was after her attempt.

  48. Amira Lockheart

    I first found this song when I was going through....problems. Honestly this song helped me a lot. I love her so.

  49. Jeffery Grace

    Bring back middle school memories.

  50. Patrick Batemans Waifu

    my fav fckin song man...melody and all....its beautiful..

  51. locrianfy

    ''The world it's full of musicians'' we don't
     need anymore...

  52. Ramon336 Cruz

    I think it means suicide is final. ..unless. you're terminal but if you're that sick, then give them something to induce them into a coma and give them nutrients and water like they gave my wife, before she died.

  53. Crowley4004

    Just for many people who are fighting over the "meaning" of this song and getting upset thinking that it's glorifying suicide or encouraging it...I don't get that at all when I listen to this song.  To me, it's about the romanticized view of suicide.  It's pointing out that suicide IS something to be disturbed about, something that needs to be an addressed issue rather than glorified or hushed up, particularly as it is with regards to works centering on the Victorian-era.  Just my opinion and what I hear in the song, for anyone who wants to try looking at the song a different way. : )

    German Dress

    I agree 100%. 

    Luke H

    99% in agreement, the 1% is that it more or less, discourages suicide and makes people who think of doing it, think even harder about it and spread a message that MUST be heard.


    That's pretty what she said in her commentary about it in the opheliac companion album


    Plus, acc. to me, it is about the mentality of people that after the death of someone: we would not have imagined he was in such a bad shape, with so many problems, that they know how to pity and to be overly confused after it is too late, but do not help in their lives, do not give them a helping hand.

    Plus, it is about the confusion of the world.


    I can see two archetypes from this, the warrior and the sacrifice. Both are suffering, but with different versions of thought . The warrior reealizes that life is suffering but he/she still fights Every day for a reason to live. The sacrificer seems to be overtaken by an idea that happines will never be constant and that pain will always be there. So suicide is a way of sacrificing yourself to remove suffering.

  54. Jessi Gee

    Bridges of sigh? Or Ridges of size. I'm actually not suren

    Patrick Batemans Waifu

    its bridges of sighs its where ppl would leap to their deaths

    Nicolette James

    Jessi Gee Bridges of sighs? I do know it's bridges because that's what she says on the companion album, but because it's audio I can't tell if she's saying size or sighs.


    I find this song depressingly beautiful, and it is one of my favorite songs by emilie autumn because of that.

  56. Adam Smith

    This is incredibly terrible.  

    Beck Henry

    as is your attitude


    Ooohhhhhhhhhhh *** air horrrnnsss!!!!!! Boommm
    Jk.. I just needed to try that for once.

  57. Leqs

    Tantalizing creature.

  58. BridgeToNowhere1994

    Its my song, for many reasons that are to graphic to mention.

    Graviti Eddings

    I'd like to hear them anyway...

  59. Susanna Powers

    I am normally not a fan of her music, but I love this song.

    ier rose

    Is that....Frank n Furter?????

    ier rose

    MARRY ME!!! Then we can time warp forever!

    Susanna Powers


  60. Taylor Starish

    “It is not seen as insane when a fighter, under an attack that will inevitable lead to his death, chooses to take his own life first. In fact, this act has been encouraged for centuries, and is accepted even now as an honorable reason to do the deed. How is it any different when you are under attack by your own mind?” ― Emilie Autumn, The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls

  61. finfan7

    Your previous wording gave no clue you had ever been. That was just a bit of needed clarity
    Morality, we'll just set that aside.
    Lastly, of course suicide is romanticised in our culture. Look at our heroes. The people we call our greatest heroes are those who willingly sacrifice themselves to save the life of another. It is considered wrong to speak ill of the dead. After death, most don't believe there is suffering. Is it any wonder then that there are people who have a wish to be so revered?

  62. JackHabbit

    You assumed I have never been suicidal. The experiences I listed were my own.

    That doesn't mean I defend it like it's a goddamn moral ambiguity. Suicide is selfish, and short-sighted, and weak, and overly romanticized in our culture.

  63. finfan7

    Pardon? I can't quite follow your train of thought from what I said to your reply.

  64. Cassafinn

    Okay then. Have a good day.

  65. JackHabbit

    Then we must agree to disagree because I happen to very much believe that very thing.

  66. Cassafinn

    Thank you for the positive thoughts and sentiments. Don't spend time feeling sad on my behalf when you could be happy for yourself.

  67. Cassafinn

    I agree that the song is satirizing the romaniticization of suicide (after all this is not the only song in which she does so), but I don't think she is satirizing suicide as a whole or calling it selfish. I'm quite sure that some of this song represents her actual feelings.

    Really what I was taking issue with was your implication that it is possible for everybody to get past their bad situations or for anyone to be able to take each new day as a gift. I don't believe that is true.

  68. JackHabbit

    Not everybody wants to gloat about the time they ran in front of a car and almost offed themselves, or those days when you go, every night, to the top of your building and try to convince yourself why you shouldn't jump off.

    Because you realize that those were moments of weakness, not glamorization, as you all like to describe it.

  69. JackHabbit

    To say that it does not is ignorant, because you have not lived your whole life yet. But please, continue arguing yourself out of hope. That mentality has served you well into a happy life so far, right?

    Oh, wait...

  70. JackHabbit

    I don't know of any illnesses where the accepted solution is death.

  71. JackHabbit

    That is a very unfortunate psychological problem for these people, then, and they should seek psychiatric help.

    All suicide arguments aside, I originally only argued that this song is a tongue-in-cheek satire/criticism of the romanticization of suicide in media. Nightgowns and curls flying? That's romanticizing. Emilie even stated in an interview that people weren't catching the sarcasm of the song. After all, the lyrics "Life is not like gloomy Sunday" are quite clear.

  72. songmarathon

    p.s. - im sorry im german and i lack the words to properly express my thoughts in your language, but today it makes me very sad to hear stories like yours. Because I'm pretty sure that somewhere buried in your mind there sits a little cassafinn wanting to get out and sing and dance and celebrate all the absurd possibilities and mad experiments which can be life. And i strongly hope for you that this person will find its way out one day. That's all i can say really. There is no common cure imho.

  73. Cassafinn

    I'm glad for you and the others you spoke to, and maybe one day I will feel the same. Good day :)

  74. songmarathon

    You know let's stop this. I am talking myself into a corner here which may at some future point in this discussion seem far too unsensitive to be me. So i'll just stop if thats okay with you. I just wanted to say that in my experience (I'm 33 now) it went on for years - to feel unable to truly relate to anyone and -thing, but it changed at some point. Almost without effort, my "it" just got bored with sadness. this is the one case i can absolutely vouch for. And others told the same, thats all.

  75. Cassafinn

    I personally have experienced powerful anxiety since before I was old enough to know what it was. I have thought about killing myself every day since I learned what suicide was. I have been in therapy for 6 years and on medication for at least 3. In spite of all of this my lowest point was last year and I am feeling pretty similar to that right now. I don't see hope for the future and the main reason I am still around is that I am waiting for my mom to go first.

  76. songmarathon

    really? Do you know cases of miserable lifes, decades and decades without a glimpse of hope (who lived out their whole lifes of course)? Surely there is a difference between endogenous and exogenous cases, and i know hard ones, a close relative e.g. received shock therapy and heavy medication over years , but most of them i know looked back at their lowest point from some distance and got to feel a sense of improvement. But sure, these are personal experiences which could still be proven false.

  77. Cassafinn

    "I want people to live to the point that they can consider every day a gift."
    This is all well and good, but some people just don't see things that way. You don't seem to understand that some people just don't want to be alive. Some people don't even want to want to be alive.

  78. Cassafinn

    "I try not to sound condescending when i say - it passes."
    Then I ask you not to say it at all. It is not even correct for everyone. For some suicidal ideation is just part of being alive.

  79. songmarathon

    Agreed... I`m many years over this phase of my life, it got far better since i started to channel all aspects of my emotional deviance "artistically", luckily. And i never even needed therapy or prescribed drugs meddling with my self. So i guess i'm still one of the lucky ones. I try not to sound condescending when i say - it passes. If you find the strength to face this abyss head on and DEAL WITH it, there comes the day it loses its grip on you. And it then gives way to truly earned happiness.

  80. finfan7

    Not to belittle your experiences but knowing about suicidal thoughts by knowing people who tried/did it is like knowing about sex because you watched people have sex.
    The intensity of the experience is beyond the imagery.

    Zak Thomas

    Agreed, I have had issues with this before and I am not enjoying the people who are saying this is sarcasm.

  81. Katelyn Kleber

    This is amazing, as usual. qnq How have I not found this girl until now.

  82. hhtwbps

    i know all about it, a very good friend of mine is suicidal, he even attempted it, he was in a coma for three days. i know about the racing thoughts, but still, like i said before if i can weather my illness SO CAN THEY!

  83. Cheyenne Thomas

    This song always makes me cry ;(

  84. hhtwbps

    i completely agree with you, I'm very young and about four years ago i become bedridden with a chronic illness, and allergic to everything, so i'ts very hard to eat. my husband left me, my best friends left me. and even after 4 years no doctor can help me, i have no life , i am stuck in my room an the internet is my only outlet to the outside world. but not once do i think of suicide, I'm not a coward,. i am in constant pain, if i can weather this, so can everyone else.!!!

  85. hhtwbps

    this song glorifies suicide to teenagers, who are very impressionable to thoughts of suicide, she should be ashamed of her self.


    hhtwbps It doesn’t glorify suicide. It’s very obviously criticizing the romanticization of suicide by art. Learn how to interpret words, you ignorant person.

  86. JackHabbit

    And your opinion about my opinion is no better than mine, or the opinion of the person I originally argued with. My opinion is no better than yours or theirs, but that doesn't mean I can't have a spirited debate with someone on a sensitive topic. I still fail to see where I am wrong here.

  87. dalekbeats

    the only one putting their foot in their mouth is you. All I was trying to do is point out that your opinion is not better than someone else's - but there you go doing it again. Do you ever get tired of being wrong?

  88. JackHabbit

    Let me point out two problems with what you've said;

    1. You assumed I have never attempted, and nearly succeeded, suicide myself.
    2. It is YOUR OPINION that some opinions are better/more relevant.

    What were you saying about assumptions and opinions? Let's see how far you can put your foot in your mouth.

  89. dalekbeats

    (2/2) I agree you reserve the right to disagree with me but just remember all opinions are not equal. I could go on further and in more detail about the equality of opinions but I don't really think this video needs any white/thin/male privilege discussion. :)

  90. dalekbeats

    Some opinions are better or more relevant than others. Such as this, you say that suicide is, direct quote here, "selfish". For people who have contemplated it, it doesn't seem selfish to them. Because they have experienced depression deep enough to contemplate such a thing, there opinion is more important than a happy person who doesn't understand it. I'm not saying suicide is a good thing - its not - we need to understand why it feels like an answer for people b4 we can help them. (1/2)

  91. JackHabbit

    But it's my opinion that their opinion is wrong. Are you telling me that my opinion is wrong?

    Because if you are, that's completely acceptable and I reserve the right to disagree with you.

  92. dalekbeats

    maybe because you told someone else there opinion was wrong? Let's quote: you --> "you don't understand the song"
    Let's recap: don't tell people their opinion is wrong or irrelevant.

  93. JackHabbit

    How on Earth am I taking away someone else's right to an opinion by stating my own?

  94. dalekbeats

    I may be wrong (I'm totes not) but people can take whatever meaning they want from a song because ya know "free will" and all - check out some critical essays by Barthes - like "death of the author" totes good, its about the needed separation between meaning of audience and meaning of author (i say this presuming you might answer "well this is what the artist meant") :)

  95. BludyVixen

    That is a wonderful anecdote, and it's wonderful that he's happy and healthy now. That said, not everyone has the same situations or the same mental make-up. Not everyone has the same experience. Your friend was clearly brave and strong-willed and, above all, capable of withstanding. Someone else might have come out on the other side broken beyond repair and every day think "I should have just killed myself then." Someone else might have just gone ahead and done it. Everyone is different.

  96. actionoob

    "I WANT people to live to the point that they can consider every day a gift." so this is not selfish? besides that, cool story, bro

  97. JackHabbit

    No, it's called having more experience. I've known a man who was prisoners of war for years, tortured daily in horrific ways, who considered suicide but never did it, and now he lives a shockingly normal, healthy live, and is seventy years old. And he says he's so grateful he never killed himself; He has a wife, kids, grandkids, and designed and built his own house. After going through all that shit, every day is a gift; I want people to live to the point that they can consider every day a gift.

    Madison Sander

    It’s the hormones.

  98. actionoob

    isn't it selfish as well to want other people to stay alive? i mean we had no choice to become alive, but then its our choice to stay alive. at least for some it is... its some special kind of freedom. and you can also suicide without this sad, melodramatic emotional setup! (grrrr english ;)