Autumn, Emilie - Thank God I'm Pretty Lyrics

Thank God I'm pretty
The occasional free drink I never asked for
The occasional admission to a seedy little bar
Invitation to a stranger's car
I'm blessed
With the ability to rend a grown man tongue-tied
Which only means that when it's dark outside
I have to run and hide can't look behind me
Thank God I'm pretty

Thank God I'm pretty
Every skill I ever have will be in question
Every ill that I must suffer merely brought on by myself
Though the cops would come for someone else
I'm blessed
I'm truly privilaged to look this good without clothes on
Which only means that when I sing you're jerking off
And when I'm gone you won't remember
Thank God I'm pretty

Thank you God
Oh, lord
Thank you God
Oh, oh and when a gaggle of faces appears around me
It's lucky I hate to be taken seriously
I think my ego would fall right through the cracks in the floor
If I couldn't count on men to slap my ass anymore
I know my destiny's such, that I'm all stocking and curl
So everybody thinks that I'm a fucking suicide girl

Thank you God
For the occasional champagne I never asked for
The occasional admission to a seedy little bar
Invitation to a stranger's car
I'm blessed
With the ability to rend a grown man tongue-tied
Which only means that when it's dark outside
I have to run and hide can't look behind me
Thank God I'm pretty

Thank God
Thank God
Thank you
Thank you
Thank you God!

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Autumn, Emilie Thank God I'm Pretty Comments
  1. LokiTetch

    i used to really like her music and now that im coming back to it i realize how much she hates men lol

  2. Salem Black

    Oh i love her sarcasm here

  3. Danielle Campbell

    Its my other theme song! <3 I love her!

  4. Kierra Reid

    Awesome message, poor execution

  5. Ethereal Echoes

    Wow, the comments section is vile. Being pretty is not fun! More likely to get raped, be taken seriously...oh and yes more likely to be cheated on because of stupid fucking issues in our world some men think 'she'll be stolen' if she's too pretty, so those saying it's easier, fuck off. I know many very attractive women, who have been cheated on, raped, abused and beaten way more than whatever 'average' means-not saying it doesn't happen to other women, but yes if you're good-looking more often than not these women walk around with NO confidence just wondering when they'll be objectivied again. You're seen as some kind of fragile doll. Seems most people missed the point of this song. How about we teach people not to rape and harass instead of 'she shouldn't wear a short skirt'. Rant over...I await the feed-back.

  6. AtemusQueen

    Makes me glad I'm fat and ugly

  7. the void

    The sarcasm in this is wonderful.

  8. Sunni Flowers

    I. Adore. Her.

  9. Patches The Goat

    I've gotten to a fucked up point where I'd rather be assaulted and attractive than go forever without being violated and being unattractive

  10. Camille McKenzie

    I sing this song a ton, cause I’ve always been told I’m so pretty, and I’d like to think I am (not egotistical, I came a long way to learn to love myself the way I am) but I’m also a lot more than just a pretty face or nice body, and no one really sees past it. I’m talented in multiple hobbies I have, and I’m also academically impressive, and I’ve been told I’m wiser than most my age although I continue to always chase more wisdom and knowledge. The reason this song is perfect to me, because it not only speaks of how I’m only seen as a sexual being, it also mentions the dangers, ‘that only means that when it’s dark outside I have to run and hide’ (I’ve been followed and threatened, although I’ve trained myself for defensive arts) and it also in a way shows appreciation (in my opinion) for being so appealing physically. I have a lot going for me, but I continue to put in effort with how I appear, because I do enjoy feeling like I like my appearance. I don’t compare myself to others, and I will correct anyone who does so to me. But in a way it’s an all around perfect song.

  11. Victor Valdez

    This song makes me think of the inventor of alternating signal. The inventor intended it to be used in guided torpedoes during WWII but wasn't taken seriously. That inventor was film star Hedy Lamarr, so because of them ignoring a brilliant idea from a pretty face untold numbers of troops died.

  12. Elizabeth Segundo

    I came here because someone said this song was good.
    ... lol no

  13. Jazmyn Colon

    I need the chords so badly!

  14. Britney’s Pink Wig


  15. Some Dude

    jack off jill gets it, they woke af son

  16. Ka3

    So much truth in a song.

  17. bleachsanchoblastk

    Went to a concert last night and after the men around me found out i was already "taken" I was subsequently ignored and pushed aside. I've had this song stuck in my head all day since.


    @Lauren Victoria thats a bit extreme... Not all men are cunts like that... Me being glad im one of those few good men (not trying to sound pretentious) but yeah there are good men out there its just that there are also a lot of assholes

  18. Lord Charmander

    fuck god i'm ugly

  19. Jimmy Grissam

    It's genetics bitch. Leave God out of this

  20. Miss VICIOUS

    Funny and true song, but her voice is horrid like this. She has a few songs that she doesn't try so hard to lower her voice and sounds so much better. When she says "Goooo-ooood" she sounds like teenage boy that just hit puberty


    I think it's supposed to be theatrical. Either way, being hilariously over-the-top does the song justice. In theatrical songs, you're not always supposed to sound good. You're supposed to play a character, however outrageous

    fotofobiska fågeln

    I think she's doing it on purpose.

  21. Grace Delphine

    "Which only means that when I sing you're jerking off/and when I'm gone you won't remember"
    Kind of makes me wonder if anyone who was paying more attention to the visuals than the lyrics happened to hear that line and was jarred by it. I hope so.

  22. Sporro

    Thank god ur ugly

  23. Meringue

    tbh even "ugly" ones arent safe at night =[ the world has become this

    Elina Oliferovskiy

    The "pretty" ones get more attention. If I'm walking home from work in my back-of-house restaurant clothes, makeupless, and with my hair in a messy bun, I'm not as worried because the cars don't stop to ask me to hop in and strangers don't whistle at me. If I am walking home from a friend's party, in shorts or a dress and with makeup on, I have to be extra wary.

  24. Ortie Cannibale

    Thank god I'm ugly.

    Matt Holck

    +Laurelei Liddle
    less people to deal with

    TipRatz Choice

    assumptions assumptions


    Us ugly girls put up with creepy shit, too. But society says we should feel "grateful." But our talents are taken more seriously; that's true. But we are ignored, and then we are assaulted or harassed, we must be making it up, or we should be thankful.

  25. OlivethePugs

    still love this song. Funny it always comes to mind when I do my makeup...

  26. Harley Quinn

    Everytime I'm tired of being so ugly, I listen to this song and I remember it's way better to be a horrible freak than being treated like a sexual object with chances to get raped and justice doing nothing about it.


    +Harley Quinn
    If that's you in your profile picture I can assure you that you aren't ugly.

    Tiffany Coffey

    Link I was gonna say the same thing. 😂

    TipRatz Choice

    doesn't matter how 'pretty' you are deemed by society people still abuse

  27. A Blogger

    Kk Pepper, She HAS a job.

  28. MsKernik

    Isn't it " RENDER grown men tongue-tied.."?
    I can't think what the lyrics mean, the way you have it.
    Also, you have "God" written, the time she says "Lord," instead, and I'm not too sure about your interpretation of the one bit I came here looking for the liner notes for, but oh well.
    Thank-you for the transcription effort, it is a nice song (about not nice things) and I appreciate the trouble you've taken to spread Miss Autumn poignent beautiful reaction to her ugly treatment, by society, for being pretty: it is nice of you to help spread her message around.

  29. Goat Milk

    As a strong feminist I love this song. I think it's saying how people only see her looks and don't see past that. I really feel that this song is explaining how she feels about her self. But this is just a idea I just started to listen to this song so if you have other ideas and opinions I respect them :)

    Elizabeth Segundo

    lol shut the fuck up anymore me a sandwich


    Zabe Manticore go fuck your sock

    victoria Pel

    It is about all women imo. The song is about sexism in general and not about herself or women that are pretty by mainstream standars. I think most women can relate to this

  30. G-d kins me BITCH

    I love Emilie Autumn and all, but being pretty is favorable in society. Being a thin, white, pretty woman means she has more of a chance of getting that job against a colored woman. Being pretty also has downsides, however, like everything does. But when you're pretty, thin, and white, it CAN be easier.

    Fern Leaves Studio

    It also means that she will be harassed more often than not, that she was hired due to being a pretty ornament not because of her skills and abilities and that if someone hurts her nobody will take her seriously because she's just that to her superiors: a pretty ornament.
    I talk out of experience.

    Cait Clark

    K Pimiento yeah but.. That's the point she was making

    Autum Leaves

    I have a friend. She's beauty and She's never taked seriosly because of that. She's also Smart as fuck, and super Stron. Could kick anyone's ass. But bc She's pretty everyone's thinks She's:
    and superficial


    Sure. Because you attract super shallow people who only like you for your looks.. Then you gain 10 pounds and are fucked.. LOL It helps. And is still a headache at the same time. Women are definitely too objectified. I had some guy blow me off because of 10 pounds. lol Emilie Autumn is so clever. I can't imagine the hell supermodels must go through.. :*-(

  31. Slam 666

    Awesome tune, awesome lyric.

  32. Elizabeth T.

    Damn. I haven't listened to Emilie Autumn since I was in 7th grade, when I was coming out of my "disgruntled awkward middle schooler" phase. I was introduced to her in around 5th grade when my friend was like "this girl is so scary, listen to her!" and I did, and I loved it. I went to a couple concerts from her with my mother, and I remember this song being my least favorite. I didn't like the melody and I didn't relate to the lyrics. I kind of understood the basic concept, but I didn't really understand what it felt like. Now, it's late, and i, now a highschooler, is sitting alone in my room. I come across this video and I'm like "I liked her in middle school right? Why not!" And wow. This song hit me like a ton of bricks. A lot of shit happened to me over the summer, being catcalled, being sexually assaulted, and just two days ago at school some kid sexually harassed me in the hallway. And for awhile after I was assaulted I was blaming myself for it because the first friend I told said "well, I can't blame him, you're really pretty." I needed this song. So badly.

    Sophie K

    ^ Agreed. Sorry that happened to you. Stay strong <3


    cool story?

    Letícia Ferreira

    I'm sorry that happened to you :( but it's not your fault. It's never the victim's fault.


    My mum listened to her when i was a kid so it brings memorys

    Elina Oliferovskiy

    Same....I used to listen to this stuff at 12-13 and didn't get it at all. At 28, it's like a slap to the face due to how blunt she is.

  33. Debbie_Destruction

    I think regardless of if you're pretty or not, if you're a girl and you're famous, guys always sexually objectify you instead of taking you seriously.


    and when you're not famous too);

    Izzafire R

    I don’t think she/he needs to be famous to be hollered/ slapped in the ass in a bar.

    Danielle Campbell

    They do that, period. Fuck men. (Sexual assualt survivor)

    Danielle Campbell

    @Andrew Balaz someones butthurt. Be a fucking woman for one week. Fuck off.

    Danielle Campbell

    @Suan Sarandon I love you!

  34. Siobhan Wood

    I think that if I had to sing something for a talent show, it would be this song.

  35. oMJHMo

    Maybe you should just use it to your advantage. A lot of people would really like to be pretty. Don't act so spoiled. 


    @ComicBookNerd Lady
    There is nothing to be "understood" about this song if it is a shallow piece of an artist that displays itself as a victim when in reality it never happened. Emily Autumn is one big show.

    Alphabet Girl

    @thecreator625 and you don't understand Emilie Autumn.


    @ComicBookNerd Lady
    Have you ever done your research on that woman? It's outright disgusting.

    Alphabet Girl

    @thecreator625 I have. There's nothing disgusting about her.

    TipRatz Choice

    so you are assuming beautiful women want to be purchased? i don't get it

  36. Sarafina Donald

    got a share this

  37. Kat Korman

    The more interviews I watch of her, the less I believe that this is satire.

    Kat Korman

    @XDLadyHydrangea Okay.


    @Kat Manson
    I totally agree with you. I'm still a fan of Emilies music, but I blocked her on Facebook some time ago. I couldn't stand her egocentric and narcissistic posts any longer. I really think that she doesn't care about her fans, but only about herself. She just won't stop acting like a victim. Like the whole world would be against her. This girl is full of hatred and completely lost ground. And the weird thing is, that she is very proud of this. A lot of people went to hard times - but Emilie really enjoys to be/ acting like "a lunatic" and want to tell her story everyone - and this story gets always more and more extreme. I really don't know what to think about this any longer.


    @PurpleHandkerchief Even though i have some diff opinions i must admit i agree with you that she isn't to gracious to her fans at all. 


    And I agree with u that we actually are in no position to jugde her. She is a great artist and that is what matters.

    Elina Oliferovskiy

    With lyrics like "Every skill I ever have will be in question, every ill that I must suffer clearly brought on by myself" --- who would be saying this narcissistically? She's basically saying that everyone thinks she's pretty but must be dumb and that if she's ever suffering people think she has no right to it because at least she's blessed with beauty. It is often true that if people find you "pretty," they dismiss you as if you have nothing to offer besides being arm candy/someone worth having sex having with.

  38. nienawidzeloginu

    People forget that this song is not about being pretty but about sexism in general. it is about all women in the world.

    Sarafina Donald

    Hehe ^,...,^ sure you are.

    Aliezah Juarez

    +Alexis2869 I love your enthusiasm girl😁💞

    Dante alighieri

    It's more than just women, pay attention


    This sara girl is mentally retarded haha

  39. Taka Kou.

    Like the jeremiad.So she's beautiful.

  40. sarrjel

    I really like this song, the lyrics are awesome and the way she sing the words speaks from the soul. I also give high praise to the violin playing one minute into the song and then 2:35-3:00 is epic it takes my breath away every single time. Bravo Emilie and thanks for uploading.

  41. Emily Bresler

    These lyrics are so sad yet so true! Being beautiful is a blessing and a curse all in one. I think Emilie says it very well with this song!!!

  42. Eugenia123345

    One day, I'll be able to listen to this and actually think I'm pretty. 

    Jade Is Gay

    @Eugenia123345 Well judging by your picture you seem to be a pretty pansexxy person~

    Jade Is Gay

    Oh the punz...


    @IShipMyself WithCyanide LOL. Thanks. XD.

    Elizabeth Segundo

    no you won't ogre

    Rusty Shackleford

    Zabe Manticore ugly fucker

  43. Bob The Banana

    Emily Autumn Fritzges (Born 09/22/77)

    She is the 2nd oldest of 5 children (all of which are still alive). Her mother is world renowned costumer Janice Longmire (still alive as well), who dropped “Fritzges” after a separation from Wolfgang Fritzges, her estranged husband and father of all 5 children, and returned to her birth name “Longmire”. Wolfgang passed away after a brief yet fatal battle with lung cancer in the fall of 2004. EA, who had simply gone by “Autumn” her entire life before taking on her current persona, was the only member of the family who had refused all communication with her father throughout his illness, and did not attend his service. “Liddell” was the married name of EA’s maternal grandmother, who had little to no contact with the family throughout the children’s upbringing. Being that Liddell was actually the step father of Janice Longmire, there is no biological connection between Liddell and EA whatsoever. As for the connection to Alice Liddell, there’s absolutely zero proof, and this was never something that was  claimed, promoted, or encouraged within the family. EA’s decision to change her name is strictly cosmetic, and for promotional purposes, as is much of what she claims to be her past. She grew up in the loving environment of a lower-middle class Southern California family. Aside from the separation of her parents, which was handled peacefully and without putting any tension on the children, she experienced a positive upbringing with absolutely zero underlying mental conditions or elements of alienation. EA chose to be home schooled which allowed her to devote nearly all her time to practicing violin and music composition. This was a desire and commitment that was met with no opposition by any members of her family. After repeated attempts to secure recording contracts in Los Angeles throughout her late teens, all ending in failure, EA left her family for a 2 week trip to Chicago in hopes of establishing a deal. This would be the last time her family saw her. Like a child running away from home, EA soon cut off all communication to her family, only reconnecting when in need of money or favor. Her mother, who had already designed and produced all of EA’s original theatrical outfits (pre-fairy wings) was asked to make several more pieces and send them back East. Upon completion of the costumes, all ties were cut and EA began experimenting with vocals, face-painting, falsifying her past, and branding herself as an emotionally and mentally damaged orphan with fictitious accounts of abuse. The singular truth is that EA is a fictional character, with fictional interests, fictional illnesses, and a fictional past. The hordes of fans and followers who’ve spent a great amount of their time idolizing her and researching her past have ultimately done so in vein, to her own amusement, at their expense. It’s an intentionally and maticulously manufactured facade, created to engage a niche market of subculture, after she was unable to secure success in her previous attempts at the world’s larger audience. As weak-minded people observe her stage and social performance as genuine, there exists an underlying insincerity that only manifests from something so forced. Her fans identify with her as an act of fantasy, now turning her self-manufactured success into legitimate success. This is the type of person who updates their own Wikipedia… 

    Bob The Banana

    I Agree, There are things we know (Or think we may know) And thing's We don't.

    Rachael Nicholls

    @Sarah Lengua  I have to agree with you on this one. People can suffer abuse and remain quiet about it. EA could have been bitter and distant with her family due to her father being abusive, and her family covering it up. This could be why the parents divorced, but to save grace they made her keep it quiet, or she chose to. Which is why she never saw him or attended his service. Just a theory. I'm happy if there wasn't any and she is just a bad person. But it also makes me sad that so many times since I first heard her as a young teen I related to songs, to what I thought was her and it was all fake/a story I feel robbed in a way. 

    Scott Rat

    oh come on. Even with all that info, we can't be sure what's really going on. You should all know very well that there can be plenty of abuse within a family without anyone ever getting to know it. I feel that fans that puts this information out are lacking respect of Emilie in a way, and not at all the other way around. Because she doesn't owe us a backstory. She doesn't owe us her previous life or stories about what she's been through. She doesn't owe us anything, and if she wants to make up a fake story, either because it sounds better or to cope with whatever we will never know happened, it's actually none of our business. But fans going throwing her backstory out there as if to push it up in her face that "we know that you lied, you bitch", is truly disrespectful in my eyes. She doesn't owe us any kind of truth, because she doesn't actually KNOW any of us. Does she give a damn if we don't trust her? God knows she doesn't trust us. I would personally never tell my fans my backstory if I was famous, because that's something only the closest people to me are allowed to hear. She doesn't make this music for us. She doesn't write her poems for us, she didn't publish her book for us, all that she does, she does it because she feels that it's important to her. And that's all that matters. Music is powerful, and being able to relate to songs - especially the songs touching the areas that she builds her show around - obviously creates a feeling of some sort of friendship. But Emilie is not our friend. She doesn't know us. And God knows that she does not owe us explanations for anything at all. 


    @Alice Liddell The person and the art they produce are intertwined. To claim otherwise is strictly false in each and every way.

    She does owe a truth for the truth changes the very art itself and how you look at it. KNOWING has nothing to do with the concept of truth. It doesn't matter what medium it is, the creator shapes the meaning. As such, each creation has a different meaning depending on their creator and as such, it is required to know.
    Also, the very life of a celebrity is public. They literally are stripped of a couple basic rights in exchange for their privileges.

    As an artist, you cannot remain silent. If you would, you wouldn't create art in the first place.
    And seeing as she is a person that actively victimizes herself, one can daresay this kind of art has little meaning, if any at all.

    Monique Monteque

    5 children huh? LOL nope falsity at its best. Wonder who wrote that one...

  44. Tranique Henson

    Lol she said that you're jerking off while she sings. XD

    Greg Velez

    +Tranique Henson I think its an analogy for her talking, dancing, etc...

  45. Emily Darling

    Can you not.

  46. Effy Jackson

    Stake stfu and go to hell.

  47. Effy Jackson

    So true!!

  48. knightsintodreams

    i'm glad some one finally said it. the grass isn't greener you guys. sometimes i wantt o throw battery acid on my face just to make it all stop

  49. Andrew Jones

    Totally unrelated to the vid, but may I just say you have an awesome profile pic :-)

  50. TheKatti5000

    Being pretty is a curse.

  51. soupleaf

    to anyone who thinks that this song is emilie being narcissistic: you're exactly who she is singing about.

    Elina Oliferovskiy

    Right? With lyrics like "Every skill I ever have will be in question, every ill that I must suffer clearly brought on by myself" --- who would be saying this narcissistically? She's basically saying that everyone thinks she's pretty but must be dumb and that if she's ever suffering people think she has no right to it because at least she's blessed with beauty.

  52. Laura Gilbert

    What an ungrateful drama queen.

  53. Laura Gilbert

    You're not even ugly

  54. Funtime treasures

    That is... well the point of her song. She is mocking society for the standards placed on women. You're right. As an ugly woman, you are judged by standards and the same for a beautiful woman. And then I would venture to ask you, whose standards are you judging yourself on? That is what she is singing about, the ridiculous standards and presumptions placed on women in general. It just so happens that she IS pretty and so she can only write from her own personal experiences.



  55. frauleinfunf

    First song of the second disc.

  56. Zara Taylor

    It worse. In conclusion, this song is a good song by EA and as a plague rat, I SAY we all get off this topic and listen to the song

  57. Zara Taylor

    To address my previous comment, I SIMPLY STATED living up to a males gender role is hard for some. I think I am entitled to an opinion and it's one I'm not changing. Yes, Women's gender roles are also hard to portray. You people commenting (myself included) are privileged and sheltered to the nth degree. Try being a woman or gay man (like myself) living in SE Asia or North Africa. Try being a child in Human trafficking. i doubt any of you would want to argue for MONTHS about who jhas

  58. Nathan Hankins

    pretty equal i sure any one would argue that .but for every 1 you can point out,so can i.

  59. Adephonsus

    I am a boy...

  60. catling

    it's not even that simple though. there are men and women out there who don't DO those bad things, but they also don't CARE about fixing them. they don't CARE about men and women having the freedom to fill the societal roles they prefer, they just think that's the way things are, and that disgusts me.

    fuck the patriarchy.
    and fuck all the crusty old white cis men who made the rules.
    roles based on gender are a shitty thing to impose on people, no matter who comes out on top.

  61. Ladyladieladee

    Nope, that's just women in general

  62. Ladyladieladee

    The part that annoys me about this song: It doesn't matter how attractive you are. As women we will always be lesser citizens, cat called, and potentially raped. FUCK MEN

  63. Adephonsus

    When you are pretty you are condemned to face shallowness everywhere you go, it's not an enormous problem, and you can also find people who does not talk to you just because of the way you look and you can definitely let everybody know that you are something beyond skin. What Emilie describes is very accurate and yet just a tiny taste of what I endure.

  64. Rose Limbu

    what the fuck

  65. Littlelamb

    That is what our society is like. I get mocked for dressing like a man, and keeping my hair short. Even worse I don't shave! Shocker!


    Our society is filled with idiots.

  66. Spazminand Grumps

    i really dont think a lot of you realise that this song is sarcastic..because it is..

  67. Elizabeth Randal

    Try being a female who have to live up to gender roles.

  68. damnbagobricks

    You mean the fact that both sets of problems are based entirely off of what you look like and not who you are as a person?

  69. gustavfinnspinderson

    with impossible i do not mean, that no woman does it. i don't know her, but i believe she wants to send a message with that. or she just doesn't give a fuck.
    it's just undeniable that women with armpit hair have to fight some gross looks and critique. i don't think it's different for amanda palmer, just on a different level, because she's somewhat famous. first result when googled "amanda palmer armpit hair": "Amanda Palmer's Armpit Hair Attracts Hail Of Online Criticism"

  70. Mael 22661

    Amanda Palmer. Nuff said.

  71. Lympathicus

    Neither gender is superior to the other, or suffers more hardships than one another. However, that is your opinion and I respect it.
    But imagine this: Let's say a woman's hair is knotted, or she wears baggy clothes. She will be shunned constantly. While with men, if one is not strong or takes interest in things such as literary arts, so will they be set aside. What Emilie claims is that even if you live up to these roles, there will still be a downside.



  72. Lympathicus

    It is sarcastic

  73. Makme Asandwich

    My GOD, will girls stop saying that they're ugly? Especially when they're not. I'm guessing that's you in the picture? Because you are actually a very pretty girl. But for starters, I'm just saying- don't say "I'm ugly" or whatever because it makes you look like an attention whore even if you're not, and you're really just truly insecure. You're lucky that you can actually put up pictures of yourself. I'm too afraid to lol xD

  74. Deathnoteuser369

    The word you're looking for is 'satirical'

  75. Ashley Macneil

    Hahahahahaha it's soo true

  76. catling

    yeah it's bad sometimes but you have to think about context.

    walking into a womens' rights discussion and going 'but what about men' is like a terminally ill person walking into a counselling session for injured veterans and going 'that's nice but can we talk about terminal illness now because i have things worse in some respects'.

    it's not that your issues are trivial, it's that it's not the time or place for you to be discussing them, and by doing so you're talking over other people.

  77. dalekbeats

    i think i'd rather be a dude - i mean, i know shit happens to them too but still. goddamn that white male privilege.

  78. dennys parking lot

    Dude. Having to constantly live up to gender roles is a byproduct of patriarchy; it's basically men's dominance backfiring on them. With a patriarchy, men = strong, women = weak, so when a man wants to act weak, they are acting like a woman, which is shameful. Thus, patriarchy.

  79. masterrobertson

    I love this song, an interesting take on "beauty" It's almost sarcastic isn't it?

  80. ChaingunCassidy

    I know that feeling, try to say you're a man and you have problems and you get booed by feminazis and machoist freaks alike.

  81. Sharaya Brooks

    I'm not really a huge Emilie Autumn fan but this song made me literally cry as I listened to it.

  82. KeyKey

    you do realize that I'm aware of that fact

  83. muffinsluffer

    I have the opposite problem lol. Being ugly sucks, but I can't imagine that being drop dead gorgeous is very fun either. I guess just being a girl in general sucks sometimes xD.

  84. comfortableinchaos

    This song almost seems like she is also trying to say don't just focus on beauty, because that's not going to get you anywhere except a few flirts and free drinks.

  85. Rachel Eckstein

    I have the Opheliac deluxe edition where the fuck is this?

  86. lamar fields

    Simsimi told me this is his favorite song :)

  87. nessa Preston

    her sarcasm is beautiful.

  88. RealityHurts923

    "We" as in general society. Of course there will always be exceptions to the rule but the rule still stands. A select few from society that are artistic and or get involved in the entertainment business. Where do I fit it? I'm a photographer and painter. I capture what is beautiful in a woman to ME, just happens that most men agree with me. You said yourself "Young,clean and fit are attractive" which is exactly what we show through the media. That's exactly what you're arguing against.

  89. RealityHurts923

    If beauty is subjective, then what is "Standard Beauty". It doesn't exist if beauty is subjective. The "Media" doesn't adhere to a certain look, men and women do. Again, WE create the media, not the other way around. Its simply coincidence or biology if most men find a certain look to be attractive.Don't blame the media for that.

  90. RealityHurts923

    I disagree. We would rather blame others than except responsibility for our own actions or misery. Life is simply not fare. The media doesn't condition woman to want men for there money or body with muscles, most just do. The media then reflects that back into the world. Your statement "Beauty is subjective" completely contradicts you saying that "we are conditioned". Are we conditioned or is beauty subjective?

  91. RealityHurts923

    To be honest, I think by nature most men would want women as sex toys.Well not toys, but to have sex as they please. Many think that the media tells us what beauty is but in reality, it's the opposite. We create the media. If I draw a picture of a beautiful woman, I'm not telling you that's what beauty is, many would just happen to agree with me and want to buy my painting. We know what we like. We don't need the media to tell us. Its just an excuse

  92. RealityHurts923

    I understand the issue clearly. You don't always need to be in a certain situation to see the reality of things.Maybe YOU do. I never said you have it "Easy" but you do have it easier. I mean, there are a lot more positives than negatives. Ugly girls get raped too. Its about control and being desperate. It rarely has anything to do with the actual looks of the female.Not that I would know, but according to psychologists.

  93. Larry Smith

    O__O i don't mean to bash anyone's like or dislike but wtf is this someone recommended this to me and she is just like fucking my day up with all this negativity. Is this gothic music? Feminist music?

  94. RealityHurts923

    LOL. So you get patronized by a few people and get looked at as just a piece of meat by some guys but at least you get looked at. At lease you have options as apposed to ugly chicks. Ya, we feel sorry for you

  95. Melissa

    And the best way to do that is to fight the patriarchy, which has created the entire mythos surrounding gender roles for both men and women.

  96. catling

    i understand, i'm not sure you picked the best time or place to do it, though!

    being male might not be easy either, but choosing a conversation specifically ABOUT womens' problems to make that point really isn't appropriate. sorry to lecture you on this, but it's kind of rude, despite any good intentions you may have had :(

    and yes, society has this horrible habit of working with generalisations which actually apply to relatively few people. pretty dismal stuff :/

  97. Zara Taylor

    I'm not trying to compete, I'm trying to get a point though.
    I agree, however. I know what it's like for women to be unable to go through life normally.
    Society is really messed up :/