Autumn, Emilie - Start Another Story Lyrics

[Sir Edward, Ambassador of the League of Asylum Plague Rats:]
Start at the beginning, finish at the end
Everything you'll tell them is true, nothing is pretend
But when you long to come running back, remember
This is now, that was then
Yesterday will find you, where you've been before
Let the past remind you what's done
Now look for something more
There's a place I can almost see before us
Never if, only when
Start another story, tell it as you go
Make a happy ending, or sad
Tell it how you know
Just remember a day gone by is never really gone
If your tale goes on
If your tale goes...

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Autumn, Emilie Start Another Story Comments
  1. Frisbieinstein

    I truly wish she had produced the musical.

  2. Backups5DayZ Mcgee

    Reminds me of the book so much, so it would make so much sense if this was a play.

  3. 劉木

    Seriously, is no one gonna mention her depressing contralto in this? It sounds so natural, really heartfelt.

  4. Christian Falde

    maybe through this she is managing all the crap that happened and she can Start another story.

  5. Ani Davis

    Goosebumps... This is my favorite song off FLAG. I don't know why, but it reminds me of her Enchant stuff.

  6. SinderBlok

    Yeah! Think of one a reprise of the other.

  7. Renan Colombini

    Same melody as What Will I Remember... and this made me love her, even more.

  8. Jayliebird Piatt

    They're supposed to sound the same. Like a sort of reprise.

  9. Nubia Clermont

    I think they're so supposed to go hand in hand. You can see the connection between both the songs because in this one shes more hopeful about starting another story and chapter in her life, while in What Will I remember she goes "where's my second chapter? or will my first be my last? Is my story over?" so that one feels more full of despair and without hope.

  10. Dania A.

    Sounds like "What will I remember", a little too much for my taste, but still an ok song.

  11. HomeOfTheDamned

    I started crying when I first heard this song! No, I was crying through-out the whole album! I love Emilie Autumn!

  12. Tchomp

    Sounds like a Mary Poppins' lullaby ♥

  13. NaughtyRapunzel

    Lovely song <3

  14. LauraLemurex ASMR

    Thank you for uploading the album :) <3