Autumn, Emilie - Photographic Memory Lyrics

You're not so far away
You're sitting in the space between the night and day
And so I'll wait for the sound of your footsteps
The tea that's brewed too strong
The part of me that's waited patiently for oh so long
At least I try
But I'm relying
On my photographic memory
While painfully realizing
It's not all that it's cracked up to be
And falling's just another way to fly
I wonder why it's never easier than
The first time

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Autumn, Emilie Photographic Memory Comments
  1. René Fox

    I miss you, Josh. I'm still patiently least I try.

  2. Samantha Ackerley

    It's been almost ten years since I've started loving you, Emilie.

  3. Abigail Barrenger

    This song needs to be on spotify😢😢

  4. AprilsMoon92

    My favorite Emilie Autumn song, it's a shame that it was never really finished :(

  5. TheAlucardgothic666

    i love this song!!!

  6. HadeesHeart

    @wasteoftime7 And it must be 10 minutes long at least! :)

  7. wasteoftime7

    I love this song :) Just wish there was an extended version... If you're reading this Em, that was an unsubtle hint :)