Autumn, Emilie - Miss Lucy Had Some Leeches Lyrics

Miss Lucy had some leeches
Her leeches liked to suck
And when they drank up all her blood
She didn't give a

Funny when the doctors
Had locked her in her cell
Miss Lucy screamed all night that they
Should go to bloody

Hello to the surgeon
With scalpel old and blunt
He'll tie you to the table
Then he'll mutilate your

Come it's nearly teatime
The lunatics arrive
The keepers bleed them all until
There's no one left a

Lively little rodents
Are eaten up by cats
We're subject to experiments
Like laboratory

Rats I've dropped a teacup
How easily they break
I'm on my hands and knees until
I pay for my mis-

Take off all your clothing
We've only just begun
We have no anesthesia
It's eighteen forty

One thing we should tell you
Before you try again
The tests are invented by
A lot of filthy

Mentally hysteric
She's failed the exam
Don't bother telling Lucy for
She doesn't give a

Damn that's nitrous oxide
For when you can't escape
They say the surgeons oft commit
A murder or a

Razor-blades are rusty
And not a lot of fun
So when they try to amputate
Your legs you'd better

Run and fetch the chemist
A patient's feeling sad
She's been in chains for ages
And she isn't even

Madness is a nuisance
And no one is immune
Your sister, mum or daughter
May become a raving

Lunatics are dangerous
And doctors are obeyed
They also go together just
Like toast and marma-

Ladies are like children
With brains the size of squirrels
Let's give a clitoridectomies
To all the little

Girls are helpless treasures
That daddies must protect
So lie upon the table
For the doctors to in-

Speculums are super
And stirrups all the rage
So spread a lady's legs and then put her
Back in to her

Cage of naked crazies
The surgeon's here to bleed
The doctors are all learned men
And some can even

Reading can be risky
For women on the verge
It only did us worlds of good
To poison, leech and

Purging is a penance
Phlebotomy's a chore
No need to sterilize the tools
We never did be-

Fore the night is over
Before you go to bed
They'll take a hammer and nail
And jam it in your

Headstones in the courtyard
And statues in the park
Are not for the insane
Just leave them rotting in the


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Autumn, Emilie Miss Lucy Had Some Leeches Comments
  1. Angelicbrandy

    Originally I remember this as "Miss Lucy had a steamboat." Lol I've been trying to remember the rest of it, then I had to listen to this! Twisted and I love it.

  2. Cassarian

    i accidentally clicked this in my reccomended and i regret every life choice leading up to this moment..


    0:11 *oh-*

  4. Can I aliven't?

    I love all the edgy teenagers on here like "did you know this really happened"

  5. Melania MoneyPenny

    Just leave them rotting in the dark.

  6. Layla and GigiBear

    Holly shit I found it I've been trying to find this song for a year

  7. Jepp Azurin

    This Sounds So Good Props To You For Creativity!

  8. Puppies Rock

    My new favorite song.

    Now to sing this around school and see how many people think I'm mentally unstable~

  9. erith

    holy... crap this is terrifying...

  10. Cait Clark

    Creepy and educational

  11. chelonianmobile

    It's "eighteen-forty".

  12. Bayley Strickling

    I looked up the lyrics to this bc I couldn't remember what came after the amputations part and holy shit I forgot how dark this song got

  13. ScottyTaco

    Ffs, the Victorian mental health system was fucked... I thought today's mental health system was trash.

  14. Chris Veritas

    How do you misspell the same word once when it appears twice on the screen in the first few seconds?

  15. Fern Leaves Studio

    Guys this is a parody of "miss lucy had a baby she named him tiny tim", I just found out and the original is just as creepy. XD

  16. Ivy Banderado

    (●´ϖ`●)(●´ϖ`●)(●´ϖ`●)(●´ϖ`●) w̤̮h̤̮a̤̮t̤̮ i̤̮s̤̮ d̤̮i̤̮s̤̮

  17. angel rose

    this is really catchy.

  18. Crybaby Panda

    Alice madness returns vibes ♡

  19. Gothic Princess

    I'd almost forgotten about this song

  20. Dave Bass


  21. Kim Hoffman

    This is the song that helped me learn how to articulate lol.

  22. Derp Mcfearson

    Le Causal South PArk fan scrolling by

  23. Ms. Blood Diamond

    Play it at .5 cuz it's Incideous af

  24. Carlos Quezada

    ahh 1881

  25. Alex Geddes

    Is this from an album or is it a single?

  26. Mark Pines

    My thing froze I thaught I was going to die

  27. Music lover

    How women were treated in old asylums in 1800s

  28. xXThe Baroness Annabelle LeeXx

    I approve.

  29. Jack Bright

    this is similar to the "You have a dirty mind" song test. your brain fills in something different, but that's because of rhyming

  30. Myra

    Inmate W15M reporting here from the Asylum. I suggest all the other inmates gather in the tea-room for a wonderful game of hand-clapping, while we sing this lovely song. <3

  31. Gybsin Parris

    I think that Emilie would make a great cover of "They're Going To Take Me Away"

  32. moziet

    This is the Assumption song's fucked up cousin.

  33. Paige Edwards

    Sang this in the psych ward

  34. T0XIN21

    wtf did i just found..

  35. RandomArtist

    Ok, what the h did I just listen to?!

  36. Kim Hoffman


  37. Nate Dahlia

    thats so sweet

  38. Jamila Smith

    Anyone else try to sing along to this?

    YamiYugi Crumpets

    Jamila Smith i did. and i nailed it! ((v proud of myself))

  39. Amanda Lockridge

    The song is all the more terrifying because what's referenced in it is true. I've done lots of crawling through archives to look at medical treatises and textbooks from the 18th century onward, and the outlines for female mental illness diagnosis and the treatments... it's nightmarish. It gets even worse when you trace the connection to domestic and sexual abuse on these poor patients by their families, husbands, and doctors.

  40. Dante Bond

    Peace... at last...

  41. Orion Smith

    I like how in the comment section there are nothing but Otaku, Kuroshitsuji fans, etc. and a select few steampunk lovers ! this is beautiful !

  42. Amanda Lockridge

    This is by far the creepiest song from the album, and among my favorites for it's twisted nature. It's a classic parody of children's songs and how they usually talk about such incredibly heavy real-world problems and tragedies.

    Puppies Rock

    Want me to make this song creepier?

    The sound in the background, most people may take that as the sound of clapping hands, but it also sounds close to the sounds of the pitter patter of feet hitting hard flooring, and it's fast meaning that they are probably running.

  43. Vorekiyo

    I used to sing this all the time

  44. galxey_star_ 16

    I love this song

  45. Pie Pierrot

    Welp, I found another song to add to my Halloween playlist!

  46. AVeryGoodOriginalCreativeName

    Trying to memorize this song for school


    Entertainment Slave me to! I almost know the whole song lyrics!

    Luca Uttó

    AVeryGoodOriginalCreativeName Me too. Trying to learn it to freak out everyone.

  47. Aliecat 1

    what a beautiful song


  48. Ganta Igarashi

    I thought that she was British... XDAnyway, LOVE the song. It's catchy.

    Kaela Taylor

    nope, she's from California... the nice part

  49. Jamie Bordeau

    my cousin and I sang this while playing miss Mary Mack

  50. Ceil PhantomHive

    and I'm laughing

  51. Ceil PhantomHive

    where has this song been my whole life I've replayed this 20 times now


    same here

    Angela Blanc

    its acutally a hand chive a darker one similar to miss Mary Mac.

  52. Tori Higgins

    I've had this song memorized for years haha

  53. Grady Kirby

    i know it's soon but my life is complete. *evil grin*

    Midnight Robotnik

    Geez Ciel so dark XD Not that we don't expect it young master.

    Aliecat 1

    welcome young master

  54. Flamey

    Holy fuck
    I listened to this all the time when I was like 14, and English is not exactly my native tongue and a lot of her words are rather complex in this song... I literally had 0 clue just how dark it was

    Juliana Almeida

    Avalin, Queen of Flaming Arachnids omg yas! When I was younger, i learned the lyrics and singed everywhere loud 😂

  55. Parágrafo XXIII

    Creepy o.o

  56. Leo De bandito

    Who else is going to learn this with their friend and sing it casually at school with the hands clapping game?

    Danni Mills

    I did this when I was 15 😂

  57. Madison Cathcart

    I swear this isn't the album version ?

  58. I am Ghostie

    That's it, this is going to be my 'nag my teachers' song of the week.

  59. Jiya Nguyen

    Put this song at .5 speed.

    Nightmare fuel.

    Llama Gamin1

    +Jiya Nguyen 0.5 is so creepy


    Yep!  I just listened at 0.5 and super creepy!

  60. disneydreamerdancer

    have you ever feel like you can go insane,
    I mean REALLY insane??
    like psychologically .

    because my family thinks I'm crazy, sometimes mentally ill, and they say it in the worst way, just because I'm not a quick thinker or that smart as they believe I should be, I'm only 19, in 2014 I graduated (18 at the time) and now they expect me to become a well grown adult, a professional, whatever b!otch they think I should be. I believe you can't expect someone to grow up and become a perfect adult in one day, when I just barely started! my mom points out my mistakes and my sister isn't any help either, I'm the oldest but they make me feel small and useless, I screamed at them everytime to just throw me into a mental hospital so we could all have some peace, I rather hear my own screams than their words, it sounds really depressing but that's how it's been for as long as I can remember, I suffered depression ever since kindergarten and my parents never bothered to get me any help, I tried to fight it so hard, but many times I wish everything could stop, It's really hard remembering that I was once a young girl who just wanted to cease to exist, Now that I'm grown, I want to prove myself to be strong, but sometimes I still wish for that hospital.
    just to get away from all the screaming.

    Jack Kraus

    +disneydreamerdancer I get what you mean. Also peers acting as if they were adults already. All bullshits. We're young, we're stupid and we'll make mistakes. But hey! That's how life goes. We'll fight and we will grown eventually. And most important we know how bad is not to be supported by our parents so I say we're already better than them 'cause we wouldn't make THOSE mistakes that are the worst in my opinion. They're just blaming us not to see how bad they're, but you're better than that! Just remember love is the way! (Love for yourself and others, eventually).


    +Jack Kraus ^^ thank goodness I'm not the only one going through this, My life had been difficult from 6th grade to highschool all the way, As if That wasn't enough to decrease my self esteem, thank you for your kind words, and yes, we ARE FAR BETTER than these adults who think they're so great. \(^.^)/

    Sadie Bane

    you're not insane. I went through a lot. my family could have done something to help stop a lot of the stuff from happening but they didn't, they didn't even point out the mistakes I made to land me in the shitty positions I had been in. I had to learn my own way I'm 25 now I live on my own have no real contact with my family and I have a okay job. it's not easy being forced to be an adult at the age of 9. yes I lived with my mother and older brother but they had never been home. to busy with work or friends to care. I was always alone. it is nice like that though very peaceful.:)

  61. Cora Renaud

    So catchy

  62. Mary

    I feel like this song should've been in Sucker Punch.

    Iris Richardson

    Y e s
    I t
    S h o u l d
    H a v e


    Her whole album "Fight like girl" sounds like a version of sucker punch

  63. Hemotoxic Unicorn

    I love it!

  64. Alora Black

    this reminds me of the game fran bow.

    Llama Gamin1

    Thank you

    Alora Black

    +Becky Buckle 😒😁😁

    Kathy Cat

    and alice madness returns

    Tomara Jane

    Fran bow, alice madness returns, and what other games? I feel like those two would be good for this song but i feel like there are others too

  65. Demonic Chipmunk

    WARNING!!!! this song is very addicting and will play in your head all day and send you crazy, if you're already crazy then it will send you crazier!!!!

  66. Azzizzah Clemen

    Damn. I actually did BREAK THE REPLAY BUTTON. XD I had to refresh. 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  67. Pastel Hot Mess

    Let's play a hand game shall we guys 'n gals?!

    Jiya Nguyen

    Miss Lucy screamed all night

    Gold Iwe

    And screamed bloody hell

    Jiya Nguyen

    to the surgeon

    Gold Iwe

    It's 1841!

    Llama Gamin1

    one thing we should tell you before we try again

  68. Redth0t

    This reminds me of Wendy's song from South Park.

    Neleh Little

    *high fives* thank you

    Ayushiki Is Love Ayushiki Is Life

    I was just there! xD

  69. Titch


    Alora Black

    punkygrace+SAME I MEAN THIS IS MY JAM!!!!!i mean but still its sooooooooooo creepy. I'm going to nightmares!!!!

  70. Chibi Prussia

    This is funny o.o

  71. midnight moon

    i really like this nersory rime

  72. raven blackwood

    the tune in the background is a variation of the song "the Merry-go-round broke down"

  73. Gaby

    +Alexis Doty

  74. Purpose Bleeds

    Just like a Nursery Rhyme, I actually find this somg extremely addicting. I love how the next word makes the next sentence

    Alynor Grace

    +Alora Black they especially are talkie about the old early asylums when the conditions were terrible, the patients were treated as animals, the doctors were sometimes worse then the patients and women could be put away for being opinionated.

    Alora Black

    @Alynor Grace how they describe it.., I understand what u mean


    +PurpleGuyProductions It's a morbid parody of the hand game Miss Suzie. "Miss Suzie had a steamboat, the steamboat had a bell, Miss Suzie went to heaven, the steamboat went to- Hello operator" and so on.

    Halo Hallows

    +PurpleGuyProductions I feel the same way.

    Trey K.

    Cheeziswin the original can also be sang as Miss Lucy. That's how I learned it as a kid.

  75. Goat Milk

    I love this song. It's creepy and sad but it'd also catchy :)

  76. Halloween Streets

    So many expectations for the next part of the lyrics,    and then...

  77. nora hagberg1997

    she makes the lyrics quite cute

  78. Devon Avery McAllister

    OK I think of the usual things when i hear her songs, asylums, insanity etc. But am I the only one that pictures Alice in Wonderland? Especially when she talks about tea?

    Jannette Frost

    no you are not

    Alora Black

    same I mean she talked about rats and insanity,so that's pretty creepy!

    Alexander Grofics

    InquieteNightshade: You are aware that Miss Autumn might be, very, very distantly to miss Liddell?

  79. M1n7 Ch0c0l473 Ch1p


  80. Yersinia Pestis

    I like this! <3

  81. Bell Feasto

    How fun :D

  82. Cora S.C.

    Oh, dear...

  83. dani_got_bored 625888

    I know I probably sound really stupid but is this off of something or is just a really awesome song if it is who sings it

    Cooin Stroganoff

    It literally says that it's by emilie autumn in the title...

    Crystal Garrett

    +Cooin Stroganoff It's a variation of "Miss Lucy has a Steamboat"

  84. Allurade

    It's like the old sing alongs from your childhood. Except it's really twisted and screwed up.


    +Allurade if you think about it, alot of them are really twisted and screwed up. most nursery rhymes are created from dark origins

    Anduron Lazul

    +armorgamsees  like "Ring around the Rosie"

  85. Wixked Kitty

    I'm gonna make this into a patty-cake thing and use this song

    Chihiro Fujisaki

    Raven C I did that with my twin when we were reminiscing about old hand games. It would have freaked her out had she not lived with me since the womb

  86. FrEeKCuT

    This so should of been used in American horror story series 2

    Alora Black

    I know right

    Alora Black

    it fits perfectly


    My thoughts exactly.

  87. fotofobiska fågeln

    Funny match that I just watched a bunch of "Evil Dead"trailers and than this.

  88. Debbie_Destruction

    Basically the assumption song XD

    ier rose

    Im soooo glad im not the only one who thought this!

    travis walton

    @theamvgirlx Variations on Mary/susie had a steam boat been around for over a hundred years. Old Jump rope song

  89. Amber Fierstein

    My friend called this a deranged version of the cup song

    Amber Fierstein

    I know right


    @Amber Fierstein
    I thought I recognized the rhyming pattern, so I went looking.  The cup song might be related to this, but I would truly say that this is a demented/twisted version of "Miss Suzie had a Steamboat". I prefer this version.

    Aubrey Dodge

    @twillightfairy me too this one is perfect for a Halloween talent show! But for home its still awsome

    Samantha Renaud

    twillightfairy its miss molly not miss suzie? But yeah that was my firdt thought too

  90. LimeyCinnamon

    Genius! :D

  91. Bunny3Donuts

    Replay button
    Died 8-1-2014
    Will be revived soon

    Lmao Sæm


    Halloween Streets


    Lmao Sæm


    Halloween Streets


    Kathy Cat


  92. The Laugh Kingdom

    Replay Button? Oh Sorry It Got Bothered By My Curser Pokeing It.

  93. Anna-Marie Nilsson

    Am I the only one who wants to sing this on a field trip? You know, on a bus full of teens? Or am I just really weird?

    Andee Parker

    My best friends and I used to sing this at the top of our lungs on the way to bowling practice every day. Our coach would give us such a look that we would dissolve into giggles before we could finish.

    Alexander Grofics

    Great idea! Can Muffins join?


    I would be screaming thid

    Ramisa Rahman

    I'm in!

    A Breathing Shadow

    My first instinct was to sing it in any low, quiet time while with people I know somewhat but now that you mentioned a field trip I think that works as well.

  94. dezirae wolf

    ..Whoops, Broke the reply button.

    Desiree Thopson

    Ok then

    Mama Emeritus

    noo how could you D':

    dezirae wolf

    @damn rotten  I'm sorry! D": I didn't mean to!

    dezirae wolf

    @Eyeless Gentleman Hey,
    I found me

  95. Laura

    Found these lyrics written on a piece of paper when I was tossing out rubbish and I had to listen to it for nostalgia purposes.

  96. Birungi Kayiira

    Oh miss Lucy....the songs I heard about you in childhood did NOT mention all this!

    raphaela ratzlaff

    I wonder if this is the original

    Birungi Kayiira

    D: I know nursery rhymes all have terrible stories behind the lines or if you bother to look up the second verse, but....nooooo!

    raphaela ratzlaff

    @Birungi Kayiira Your probably right

  97. Isabelle Klein

    All I have to say love it love it and LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

  98. noodletube

    I slept like a baby ♥