Autumn, Emilie - Let It Die Lyrics

Could we get some tea?
What about...
What about Vodka?
Alright, Brandy it is, thank you

This is your mission
Should you choose to accept it
Well, I hope that you do
This is your story
Should you choose to remember
Well, I hope that it's true

I've finally a reason
To let it die, let it die
You've given me a reason
To let it die
Let it die
Like all the words irrelevant and clean
Like all the girls before me, have you seen
Somebody walking back from Hell on their own
Well, I hope that you do
Why are we talking
As if you didn't know
Well, they know about you

I've finally a reason
To let it die, let it die
You've given me a reason
To let it die
Let it die
Like all the words irrelevant and strange
Like some ancient Prokofieff arrangement

This is your mission
Should you choose to accept it
Well, I hope that you do
This is your army
And they're all right behind you
Yes, they're all right with you
Let it die
Let it die
Let it die

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Autumn, Emilie Let It Die Comments
  1. manu hell

    I feel so down. this song mkes a lot of sense for me now.

  2. Matt Holck

    love the music arrangements

  3. uriel de freitas rodirgues souza

    Eu amo essa música

  4. Benedicta Valentina

    This song is so ME except it would be "LET ME DIE" 😆😔🌹🕯📿⚰💉☣🗝

  5. Benedicta Valentina

    This song is so for me except it would be "LET ME DIE!!" 🕯⚰🖕🏻😆

  6. Rooney

    This is the song i used to break up with my boyfriend

  7. Balázs Dukát

    i think she operates with controlled imperfection sometimes.
    i find it quite expressive.

  8. Vernon Nielsen MPBS

    what does that even mean these days? breaking societies what? its common enough these days, where her strength is in being soulfully irreverent to iconographic stereo types of a diva. I am thinking she has a healthy sarcasm for the doings of humans

  9. Maggie Frechette

    I think you mean autotune. ;) And indeed, I find that there's some sweet rustic note to not using autotune and such things. So sure, some may think she doesn't sound nice, but there's a beauty in a normal voice we've forgotten to appreciate. But you are quite right- it does make her singing much more honest and enjoyable! *high fives* Honesty to self wins once more!

  10. Maggie Frechette

    I find Emilie to have a certain honestly and acceptance of herself few others have. Few people would dare to explore darker sides in life, let alone embrace them and so openly share them. She breaks societies barriers of regular musical etiquette, while at the same time... She's honest. She knows there's so much we frown upon that is part of many people today, so while we hide our falls I think she decided to bring out beauty in each darkness. This is why I love her music, I guess.

  11. marduke45

    she also doesnt use auto tune :)

  12. Alina C.

    There's people in X-factor that is let continue because they have a good voice

    Emilie doesn't always sing 'clean', but her music is still beautiful. Sure it isn't the right tone 100% of the time, but hell it sounds much better than any other artist I know, and has much more story!

  13. Raven Ried

    I thought this song was first then Fairweather friend cuz of how the intros go?

  14. SystemOfShootingStar

    so beautiful.

  15. lulusemurio1984

    i agree my body is like sooh.,yoused to alcoholic beverages its like im drinking water!beer is fun when you are with friends.!

  16. Nocternal Hellfreak

    wine is good, but with my alcohol tolerance wine just don't get me drunk fast enough these days :D

  17. burningcynders

    Her hair. <3

  18. Autumn L.

    i think she sad it's like an alternate ending to Fairwether Friend

  19. Walter Di Bello

    I cant stop getting amazing about all things EA is able to manipulate about music, she´s able to carry on everything she desires and offering such different kind of styles. Until now my biggest love was Björk since 94, I´m sorry to tell her I´m loving a brand new woman

  20. lulusemurio1984


  21. TheGothicFudgebunny

    starts just like fairweather friend

  22. Notclose2perfect

    I may get yelled at but this reminds me of Kerli song bubble gum in the beginning though.

  23. apoce11

    i will never not love Emilie Autumn

  24. SwitchieSam

    simply beautiful....

  25. Joseph Van Praet

    that is why she loves us she is the poet of our sorrows and as long as Emilie Autumn the Devoted lives we have hope for a better day Morrow...I think

  26. JohanneCordtz

    "I think Emilie should do a whole album with songs in the style of “In The Lake,” “Let It Die,” and “My Fairweather Friend.”"
    Did anyone else see this confession? I agree!

  27. Courtney CantelopeTurtle

    yess :D

  28. boomstick900

    We don't die we multiply! ;)

  29. Courtney CantelopeTurtle

    <3 plague rats never die.

  30. Sicvicious

    love this song, listened to it 6 times last night

  31. Amelia MacKenzie-Gray

    I love this song too much.♥