Autumn, Emilie - If I Burn Lyrics

[Emily, Ghosts:]
I could beg a thousand times
I could explain, I could use rhymes
And rhythms meant to catch your eye
But I know you won't see
I could cry a thousand tears
I could appease your secret fears
But the louder that I scream
The harder your machines close over me

But I don't care
Maybe I'm afraid, but still I swear
You could take my life with conscience clear
But you should still hear that

If I burn, you will see
The fire in your mind when you sleep
And if I rise up in smoke around your eyes
You'll know it's me
And the rain won't wash away
The ashes underneath your nails today
Doesn't matter where you go or what you do
'Cause if I burn, so will you

I could bargain but I'd lose
You'll sell the parts that you don't use
Yes, I could beg you to be merciful and set me free
I could threaten you with Hell
Or I could promise not to tell
But the softer I become
The harder your machines close over me

But I don't care
Maybe I'm afraid, but still I swear
You could take my life with conscience clear
But you should hear that

If I burn, you will see
The fire in your mind when you sleep
And if I rise up in smoke around your eyes
You'll know it's me
And the rain won't wash away
The ashes underneath your nails today
Doesn't matter where you go or what you do
'Cause if I burn, so will you

When you sleep you'll feel my icy fingers
Crawling down your back
And when you wake you'll find me right beside you
Waiting to attack
And when you walk I will be right behind you
Quickening my steps
And when you try to shut me out
I will be laughing in your head

Oh, I'll be there
Maybe I'm afraid, but still I swear
You could take my life with conscience clear
But you should still hear that

If I burn, you will see
The fire in your mind when you sleep
And if I rise up in smoke around your eyes
You'll know it's me
And the rain won't wash away
The ashes underneath your nails today
Doesn't matter where you go or what you do
'Cause if I burn, so will you

There are two sides to every story... except for this one!

It's not over 'til it's over, and it's never over
You can break me
Death can take me
But it's never over
It's not over 'til it's over, and it's never over
You can break me
Death can take me
But it's never over

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Autumn, Emilie If I Burn Comments
  1. Bela BlackRose

    So empowering.

  2. Chesca Christine

    I know that this style doesn’t exactly fit with its dystopian themes, but I so wish this was on the Catching Fire soundtrack

  3. Aseem S

    This song should have been in The Hunger Games.

  4. Elyes Ismail Music

    emoula i love you forever <3 i can't live without your music <3

  5. Bon Voyage

    Witch trials?

  6. tmage23

    Took a while but this album has grown on me. My only substantive criticism is that it lacks the killer violin sections of her other albums.

  7. Vi 3

    Damn you Ruby!

  8. Sophie Owen

    Emilie Autumn would have made a good Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad

    Ivan Ibarra

    Hell she already looks like her.


    She would have been a good red queen or a joker daughter. Not a Harley quinn Avril Lavigne would be better

    Belladonna Noir

    Sophie Owen She really could have.


    She could change the role for the better her version of the character wouldn't take that shit from The Joker.

    Daniel Bergonzi

    @David Martinez Harley Quinn has been more than The Joker's punching bag since she got her own Comic.

  9. Merrida100

    This was beautifully done and presented so well.  Thank you for posting different photos and showing the lyrics as well.  It's her visual image and the eloquent lyrics,--the whole package,--that is beauty represented.

  10. Hoellenkatz Lehensmarr

    The killer line:...and if I burn, so will you! I have only just discovered her, but I have the feeling that I have discovered something /someone amazing...well, have I? Remains to be seen!!!

  11. Sappho Pique

    This explains my main life feeling right now, and it's about my father and maybe my parents, in a global way. I am surprised that some songs can fit your mood that well at the moment you hear them. I ordered Opheliac on the web and I will receive it soon, can't wait, the whole album universe is extremely good in what it wants to make the listener feel, if it echoes to feelings that he knows. And I apologize in advance if my english isn't completly correct, it's not my language, but I like this language and I like to share my opinions/feelings in english when needed, when the commentary section is empty of french music enjoyers.

    Jeremy Frost

    Your English is better than some Americans', don't worry. You're doing fine.

  12. Denver Potts

    my fav Emilie song, awesome.

  13. Lukas Nel

    Psycho Gecko's Theme Song:

  14. IT'S ME FROM 713

    And i thought Florence and the machine sucked ass. This is a whole new level of horrible. This is like the way we sing in the shower or alone in our car. Wow!

    lewis moore

    don't see how you can't like this tbh its just awesome and emilie is awesome I understand Florence and the machine tho

    Pie Pierrot

    Who ever said all music had to be pretty? Music is an art form. Art is not always pretty, sometimes it reflects life, and life can be pretty ugly. There's beauty in that ugliness BECAUSE it's real and reflects life. Many famous pieces of art are what we'd conventionally call "ugly" but they're famous anyway because they reveal the truth and that's why people love them.

    Personally, I like her rough voice, but if you don't, then don't listen to her music. No one is forcing you to listen to Florence and The Machine or Emilie Autumn (both awesome, in my opinion). What do you gain by insulting them? Nothing.

    nubia c

    thanks for mentioning florence + the machine gotta listen to shake it off. such a good song!

  15. Kitty Grimm

    This song reminds me of Bertha Mason, for some reason.


    +Kitty Grimm I absolutely agree with you there! It's very much her, in fact now I think about it it's almost uncanny how fitting the lyrics are

  16. Scott Rat

    The first time I heard this song, just when Fight Like a Girl came out, me and my younger sister were living alone with our abusive father. I was used to him lashing out at me, but just two or three days before this song was released, something had happened where I was certain that he was going to murder us both. When I heard thing song I remember being paralysed. It hit me really hard. It was like something inside me cracked at the time, hearing something that I related to so much. I continued to listen to this song over and over during that time to get me through, and I continued to always have it around during the years. Coming back to it now, when I have saved my sister and myself by escaping from our dad almost a year ago, it still surprises and shocks me how much this song means to me and what it can do to my heart.

    Valik TMD

    +Alice Liddell Music is one of those mystical things that can be a great inspiration to people. It can encourage much strength and endurance. It's because there's (usually) such power and emotion put into it that (I believe) can be transferred into the listener. Glad to hear that you and your sister are okay! Life can be really harsh, but it'll all be grand and splendid one day. Just gotta keep fightin' the darkness n' such. Lovely picture and name, by the way! American Mcgee (and Alice's Adventures in general) are a great inspiration to me.

    Brandon Grant

    Im sorry for the the horror you must have endured as well as the emotional anguish. However I am glad that you and your sister are ok. I hope that the both of you can have a life full off peace and the ability to feel safe

    Gybsin Parris

    Oh my god that's awful I hope you and your sister are doing better


    Hope you are both doing well. ❤

  17. Nina Alencastro


  18. evanescent 12

    Warning: do not listen in a dark room, on your own on Friday the 13th

  19. Titch

    This might sound weird but emilie autumn always for me sounds like Kate bush if she died and came back (not an insult btw) especially when her voice cracks or suddenly changes pitch.

    Miss Elaneous

    +PunkyGrace yaaaas! so true

    Ems Phipps

    Same. And I've loved Kate Bush since I was like 6, so 16 year old me adored this


    @Em Owo Same for me.

    toxic paint fumes

    That explains why my mom liked her music so much when I was listening to it without earphones

  20. Aching Heart

    Frollo and Esmeralda feels

  21. ReBella Pavel


  22. Debbie_Destruction

    Perfect song for AHS (especially Misty May)


    Omg its perfect for heerr!!<3 love Misty May, best character


    I swear to god every video on YouTube has a 'perfect for AHS' comment.

  23. Eruptide

    Loving this viewed as poetry.

  24. haiitsali

    Black Butler.

    SHisTtER iS ShOoK


  25. bumbelbee

    wunderschönes Lied

  26. Lucy Mchonal

    Me and my friend were gonna pull a trick on a teacher and when she said "If you get caught i'm gonna run" I just screamed "IF I BUUURRRN, SO WILL YOU!!!!" Great day xD

    Anonymous Candle

    Meanwhile on things that no one cares about:

    Farha Buh

    Anonymous Candle Meanwhile on people with lives so empty they have "Anonymous" in their online handle leaving a very smart very funny joke on a two years old comment :

  27. Dave Rave

    Emilie songs are just stories, everything she does is a clever rehearsed act! After touring with Hole, she stayed in Europe, and then the UK. She loves London and of course it was the place that she got so many ideas from for her solo career. I can also confirm she loves cock and was the first female I fucked that squirted when she came, her whole body shaking uncontrollably with her orgasm being so intense. Always swallowed as well, and would love taking her time to tease and please with her mouth sometimes not letting you cum down her throat for a good two hours of no hands oral seduction. Usually catch up with her when she tours the UK. But that's enough for now.....

    Alphabet Girl

    Liar, liar, liar pants on fire sitting on a telephone wire.

    I am Ghostie

    +Alphabet Girl HANGING FROM A TELEPHONE WIRE.........

  28. B S

    my favourite right now :)

    B S

    my favorite still :)

  29. Vicky

    One of my fav' song from Emilie... This make me think about my mother and me...

  30. Debbie_Destruction

    I'd say that this song is the only time her British accent is decent...

  31. Artur Świętonowski


  32. Jengivitus

    I kind of don't care for the new Emilie. I feel like the lyrics aren't that of the artist she was in albums past. Opheliac will always be my favorite time period for her, I suppose.


    The 'new' Emilie. Dear, she'll always be Emilie. Always evolving and changing. No one stays the same and you'd be a fool to reprimand her for it. It's a good thing that she changes each album. If not, she'd continue to be that broken, messed up girl she didn't want to be.

    Andrew O'Malley Rowe

    +NeonColoredRain. Totally agree. With you,

    Rake Dos

    I think the new album is about another side of her personality/history but not necessarily something new.


    +NeonColoredRain hear, hear.


    Jengivitus actually, she wrote this song and some others on FLAG during the Opheliac era. She said this one in particular didn't fit for Opheliac at the time.

  33. BaseGamer HD

    sie ist seltsam aber das gefällt mir irgendwie
    bin ja ein kerli fan seltsames bin ich gewöhnt aber hmm 

  34. Lili Fawn

    happy birthday celestia ludenberg uwuwuuwu


    +Lili Fawn just when i thought i could escape the dangan ronpa fandom... rip

  35. Deadspring

    I think this song suits perfectly with the 3rd season of American Horror Story (Coven)


    I don't think so...

    The 3rd season was very bad, or I don't liked it...

    Daniel Chammas Schwartz

    I totally agree haha I loved the third season. It was the best in my opinion, since I completely love witches.

    Anonymous Candle

    How does it? Season three is about a coven of witches trying to find a new supreme.
    This song is about a victims experience with abuse?

    Just because it mentions fire?

  36. TheDevilsgreen

    5 months later still top comment

  37. Dabeyris Esaa

    En pocas palabras si te metes conmigo, muere xD

  38. Christy Tam

    Emilie's music reflects what she's really been through. It's expressive, creepy, and beautiful. :3

  39. Nelly Willy

    AHH!! u scary!!

  40. Jessi Stepaloupuss

    music is music their is no such thing of "real music" its all real its the artist expressing themselves in there way you may not like it but thats you. sorry if i offended anyone its all just opinions really

  41. Jessi Stepaloupuss

    shes saying im here. you go put some headphones on.

  42. TheDevilsgreen

    i like how she rolls the R's during the bridge.

  43. Pandora Lapin

    It sure sounds like 'one year' - creepy.

  44. kim kline

    Sex and drugs made the best musicians back in the day...dumbass

  45. Lovy.

    She's saying "I'm here"; it's the Asylum ghosts speaking before the Massacre.

  46. Hugo Vergnano

    Nop. She's saying "I'm here".

  47. foxdart14

    i really like this song and shes pretty but the pics are kind of pointless... idk, theyre not bad, but weves

  48. itsmeagain234

    She clearly says "ONE year". Throw on some headphones people...

  49. BlvckSailormoon In the name of the moon

    Yeah sadly :( It's a shame that we don't have real artist anymore in music because people are so all about looks and money, sex and drugs.

  50. ladyheaven14

    Indeed but society won't see it that way and would say she needs help. A pity that we don't have real music anymore. I love Emilie's music <3

  51. BlvckSailormoon In the name of the moon

    I think she's extremely talented and she should be famous unlike all these puppets that we have today.

  52. BlvckSailormoon In the name of the moon

    It would be cool if she were famous...Don't ya'll agree?

  53. LunaSimsGaming

    I'm here not a year

  54. K Granfield



    I think she meant this to be reminiscent of the ghosts in her book. (If anyone remembers how- many of the girls were being disposed of towards the end of the book.)

  56. musicprogress

    I wish someone would record this as it should have been recorded, all those years ago.

  57. Ashley In Suggieland

    love it.

  58. Lyddie J. Hall

    I'm pretty sure she wrote this song during the Enchant era about witch burnings and then just altered if for the FLAG era

  59. Svetlana Zaharova

    Nice! :-)

  60. EponineEverdeen22

    Is she coming to Ohio at all?

  61. EponineEverdeen22

    19 people will burn.

  62. Lunnya

    The Emilie's eyes .... waw *O*

  63. Marina Massaro

    And when you try to shut me out, I will be laughing in your head! >:) Love it.

  64. markita neasom

    You can break me death can take me but its never over

  65. Genius Turtle

    the screamy , screechy sounds scare me even more D:

  66. Cal Caosgii

    oh? I thought she was saying "I'm here."

  67. sarcasticsunshine

    this woman is fucking creepy..i love her

  68. Shyla Venus

    Female Tavros!

  69. Thecatwho Juempedtoheavenbutnevergotthere

    I really like this song! All of her songs have meaningful lyrics,that's what I love from her.

  70. Lau269

    I have so much love for this woman! And get to see her live soon, so excited :)!

  71. Rosethemad

    she says "I'm Here" not "A Year"

  72. shannonmmurphy92

    Beautiful Emilie...all of her songs hit me so hard...they all make me cry...whether it be tears from memories, tears from feeling someone finally understands or what have you...every tear I shed during her songs are therapeutic and most certainly tears I should have shed years ago...thank you Emilie!

  73. Alex Torregrosa-Marquez

    why is there a bit where she goes 'a yeeeaaaaaar' at the beginning..? is that how long she was in the hospital for?

  74. aChristineFm17

    The best song on FLAG
    It was actually written during the Opheliac era

  75. georgina ann

    she is turning it into a digital format for kindle so its more affordable for others

  76. georgina ann

    its based on her book ' the asylum for wayward victorian girls' she is making it into a west end show too ^^

  77. Ningyptian

    Love this song! So creepy.

  78. Italliansinger

    That "im here" at the beginning scares the shit out of me omg

  79. Aisling May

    I heard about this singer through kerrang so i looked her up and I have not regretted it!

  80. zeyrald

    Sorry guys but she sucks at singing sounds like a guy trying to sound like a woman

  81. char881992

    She is comming to the Netherlands, this summer, 2 shows if I remember correctly ^^

  82. FlyingWinegum

    Please come to the Netherlands!

  83. Kayleigh Gwen


  84. ShadowDwellerXXX

    Gave me fuckin CHILLS!

  85. GayGhostPrince

    You have to listen to all of 'Fight Like A Girl'.. all at once, paying attention.
    It tells a story.

  86. mrgummybear233

    This reminds me of Sopor Aeternus... Except I'm not totally freaked out by Emile :)

  87. Ed genner

    I see a musical in

  88. tobbaddol

    I think the album is very clearly written with a musical in mind. And some of the 'storylines' feel a bit more out of context than others. I still like it. It just takes some time getting used to compared to her other albums.

  89. Daniel Óskarsson

    You don't need to know or understand the story when the artist is so masterful all the feelings will be conveyed to you even if you don't speak the language in which she sings...

    But if you understand it, it's easier to relate. I was locked up in places i didn't want to be for quite the duration of my childhood (possibly a total of 3 years, at some point i ended up being "locked up" for 2 years straight, not in an asylum, i was at a farm for misbehaving kids... nowhere to run either...)

  90. Shelby Timco

    this song is about the Salem Witch Trials, why the fuck would you need to know about her story to understand it?

  91. Wyatt Loethen

    Well... this was written before most of the ophleliac songs lol

  92. Zuji

    She's so fucking creepy sometimes *intro* but still I love her style and voice, keep on going. Cheers.

  93. Xena Valentine

    She's wonderful!

  94. georgina ann

    and FLAG is supposed to be a story for her upcoming musical but i agree you dont need the book to understand this music at all its unique and she allways portrays what it means in her voice and words

  95. natalieluvsunicorns

    XD Oh GOD I HATE justin beiber!!!! I LOVE Emilie Autumn...her voice just reminded me a little bit of Lady Gaga's.

  96. Unknnnnn

    Dislike it if you don't like it. The most annoying thing is when a person says "It is horrible and nobody should listen to it"... But you said "I think" first so you are totally cool when it comes to voicing your opinion! You don't shove it in the people's faces.

  97. Unknnnnn

    She is incredible. Very.... profound!.

  98. natalieluvsunicorns

    Her voice reminds me a LITTLE of Lady Gaga's that just me? (in a good way!!!! I love Lady Gaga's voice!!) Not in this song, more in Take the Pill.

  99. makennedy524

    well...i think it's horrible. but as you guessed this isn't my kind of thing and was here because someone i know listens to it. for all i know, for what it is it could be while i will voice my opinion, i'll refrain from a thumbs up or down due to ignorance on this subject.