Autumn, Emilie - I Want My Innocence Back Lyrics

I want my innocence back
And if you can't give it to me
I will cut you down
And I will run you through
With the dagger you sharpened
On my body and soul
Before you slit me in two
And then devoured me whole

I want my innocence back
I want my innocence back
I want my innocence back
I want my innocence back
I want my innocence back
I want my innocence back

I want my innocence back
And if you can't pacify me
I will break your bones
You think I'm bluffing just try me
I will never forget
The words you used to ensnare me
Till my dying day
You'll suffer for this I swear

I want my innocence back
I want my innocence back
I want my innocence back
I want my innocence back
I want my innocence back
I want my innocence back

And I demand
You put my heart back in my hand
And wipe it clean
From the mess you made of me
And I require
You make me free from this desire
And when you leave, I'd better be the innocent
I used to be

I want my innocence back
I want my innocence back
I want my innocence back
I want my innocence back
I want my innocence back
I want my innocence back
I want my innocence back
I want my innocence back
I want my innocence back
I want my innocence back

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Autumn, Emilie I Want My Innocence Back Comments
  1. Melania MoneyPenny

    People think you lose your soul ...when you do a deal with the devil ..that is not lose it when you are abused. It takes years to get back...and no matter who says are not to blame are innocent ....its not true. A light in you is lost. Your shine is lost. And you would give anything to have it back. That is what it means to lose your soul.

  2. Introverted Aries

    I will never forget what she/He sis to me ... I want my innocence back 😔

  3. Eb Bunny

    Um I came here on accident, now I’m scared.

  4. Sveva Solari

    Love you

  5. Torbjörn Källström

    Ok, jeeze. You can have it back. Just stop nagging me pls. I was gonna give it to you but I forgot about it...

  6. soft jasper

    i was a child.
    you fucking creep.


  7. space invadaz

    was always one of my favourites off this album. great memories

  8. Elena

    Don't know why but I associate this song with Ramsay and Sansa (Game of thrones)

    Shelly Sutcliff

    Me too, but there is video with them and this song, so somebody also think about this

  9. Notorious D.O.G.

    Fuck you dad

  10. Shadow Doll

    0.75x speed anyone?

    Shadow Doll

    Or 1.25x

  11. Blackmetalhead 666

    This song reminds me when I was sexually molested by my ex boyfriend.. Now I'm 16 years old and I'm still mad on him for that what he did to me

  12. BlackMambaZANE

    Listening to this song is even worse if you don't even fully realize you were sexually assaulted by your own (now ex) boyfriend. Love blinds you so much that you don't even notice the damage they put you through. I still feel a sick need to protect him though, which is why I keep invalidating myself daily, this experience is a pure horror.

  13. Kíssos Kisses

    I'm scared something like this might happen to me.... I'm not safe with THEM around

  14. Matt Clark

    WOW!! I LOVE HER..

  15. Fantine Wilde

    Emilie Autumn - God bless her. She is a survivor of what many, many, many many many women (and men, possibly) go through and found strength deep down inside of her. It takes courage to stand up and say "NO MORE" and make damn sure that it stays that way.

  16. john tracy

    Afterwards it's time for tea!!


    And a justified killing by an army of little girls!!

  17. Fantine Wilde

    I own nothing, that hasn't been given to me. I grew up wealthy. . . walked away from it after giving all I could away. . . being a minimalist is so much more of a spiritual way to live. . . closer to what is beyond the clouds. Power to dv victims. . . power to those who have survived the most ghastly horrific experiences. Those who have fought and won. I tip my cap to you.

  18. Boi

    why do emos send me this aids

  19. Ajeet Albert

    Unlike many here, I don't have a reason being what I'm. I'm not a victim of rape,abuse,bullying or anything. I mean no offense or disrespect but sometimes I do wish for a reason to exist in my life. I can't blame anything or anyone except for my own fucked mind.


    I'm so sorry to hear this. You did not ask for a tortured life. Your mental illness is not your fault. I hope you will find an effective path of healing for your terrible pains.

  20. Faeries_Xylia 923

    This song use to scare the shit out of me when I first heard this almost 10 years ago. I was still a teenager then, I was very innocent, incredibly naive and still a virgin.
    It's scary bc once you get older you change, like you can't help it, It's just how nature takes care of us. I loved my innocence. It was ME. I was known for as the girl who was rare and so innocent bc of how pure my heart was back then. I didn't smoke or drink or have sex I was so sweet to everybody too.
    I lost my innocence at 20 when I discovered how cruel and dirty the world really was. Once you see the harsh truth there is no going back from it. You eventually have to face it as you become old enough and you no longer have that choice to hide from it.
    People think virginity is what makes you innocent but not necessarily. I think you lose your innocence once you no longer see the world through rose colored glasses. This song just hits me in so many different ways. I miss my innocence.

  21. M!A Rowlands

    Got actual chills listening to this masterpiece

  22. Liz S

    This is my go to song nowadays. I feel somewhat guilty for relating to it because my innocence wasnt stolen...just another piece of my soul. My assault was too gentle and simple. No struggle...nothing.


    Dear *+Liz S* ... I know you must be thinking, if it wasn't a violent physical altercation, it wasn't that big a deal, but it was still evil and wrong, and it was an awful, insidious violation against your sense of self. It was a crime, the perpetrator is culpable, and you were an innocent wronged. Of course you would identify with this song, you have every right to! I pray that you will find your own path of healing and recovery from the pain of the mistreatments you have suffered. <3

  23. Irene Lavinesia

    This is the song I would dedicate to my older brother.
    Dear Brother:
    Why me? I forgave you this Christmas. It have been 5 years, but I never forget.
    I Want My Innocence Back.

    Kíssos Kisses

    No. Never forgive something like that, you're strong for even thinking about it but it is absolutely disgusting and not okay, what he did

    Flooding- Pages


  24. Samantha Alessandra

    I think I found Luigi Largo’s theme song

  25. Camille McKenzie

    As someone who’s innocence was stolen as a child by my own father, this song has helped me cope in more ways than one, and still brings about a burning rage in me to this day. I’d love to have revenge, and this song makes me feel so ready for it. It also just makes me feel badass because I’ve been through so much that I can just spit in anyone’s face and do what I want in life. I’ve risen to think of myself as a goddess who doesn’t take any shit. I can only hope the same for those who’ve been through the same.

    Irene Lavinesia

    Steadfast Heart same!! It was my brother, and I was 9. Now, I feel like Emilie understands me. I would take my revenge, but I forgave him last Christmas.

    Camille McKenzie

    Irene Lavín good on you hun! ❤️ it takes a ton of courage to forgive, more than revenge would. May you have a wonderful and peaceful life, you deserve it❤️


    I am so sorry you had to go through that horrible experience. I hope you're doing alright now and that you're leading a happy fulfilled life. ❤

  26. blackmetaldeathangel

    my favorite song ❤️

  27. David Hill

  28. Michael Berry

    This song would go perfectly with the film I Spit On Your Grave. So much anger, so much hatred and seething bloodlust. I love it so much.

  29. JAFFA

    I think I finally found the worst thing ever

  30. CJ 56

    Her hair looks like mine

  31. Layla Brasher

    me @ God

    shaun mcinerney

    Layla Brasher

    I’m sorry, but bloody what?

  32. ellthememer

    i think of draco malfoy when he is a death eater beacause of his father

  33. Jack's Film Orchard

    i love it!!!

  34. Olivia Mcfetridge

    Senior year of high school.

  35. Deep-Sea Horror

    why did he hurt me? he was my dad. he was supposed to take care of me. why did he do it? why did he hurt me? why did he let other men hurt me? why would someone want to hurt their own child? why would someone want to take away the innocence of a child?

    Irene Lavinesia

    Deep-Sea Horror I understand you. It was my brother who made a mess of me, I was 9.

    Zoe McDonald

    You have every right to feel the way you do. Don't let some asshole tell you different. I understand every day is hard, but it'll be okay, I promise💞


    Some people are shit. I'm sorry.


    I just reported all of WaltzingMatilda's disgusting comments for Bullying / Harassment to YouTube. Now I can't see them anymore - GOOD!!! No one deserves to be mocked and derided like that, least of all a traumatised and devastated survivor of horrific childhood abuse, who found the courage to come out through an Emilie Autumn song. My heart goes out to you, *+Deep-Sea Horror* ! May you find your own true path of healing and recovery from your deep-seated injuries. <3

    money bxndz

    Lo someone with a furry pic as their pfp shouldn’t be talking. Karma is a B, and it’s coming to bite your ass

  36. Mika

    listening to this while i draw gay men is really something special

    bug pudding

    Mika jesus you have some unchecked homophobia

    cecil the bastard

    thanks for fetishizing mlm, implying they are somehow impure or not “innocent”, on a song about an abuse survivor’s anger towards her abusers.


    this is a song about a woman being sexually abused not fitting at all :///////

    angel rose

    this is about sexual abuse...

    Axolotl Hamilton

    Good job associating portraying the LGBT community with a song about CHILD RAPE.
    Do us a favor,put a 9 inch nail under your toenail and kick a wall,dickhead.

  37. Potato Mochi

    Reminds me of Gladis from Portal

  38. Mythrashylife

    Repeative as hell. Boring musically and weird. Not good song by any mean. Sorry. Go cut your wrist-music for teenagers?

    Thia Lacre

    Fuck off

    Kíssos Kisses

    It's a song about her rape, fuck off and learn respect

  39. Farah Wilson

    I was so fucking inoccent until I met a friend that ruined it and I feel so bad

  40. Ruben Strydom

    inocents... i prefer to defer, i lost mine on the blame of my parents death. been in chail learned what murder is and is going to make the theft who did this pay.

  41. BalanceRight87

    Sansa/Ramnsay everywhere!

  42. Oaklynn Alvey

    Best song of 2k16

  43. Barbe

    I used to like this, but now. . . .Now it just seems like Edgelord garbage.

    Malachite Rose

    why do you say that?

  44. Lightshade393

    This song reminds me of all the media attention focused on Brock Turner right now. His father claimed he shouldn't be punished for "20 minutes of action." In response, I direct him to this song, which is what his victim must be thinking right now.

  45. kira alonso

    i was sexually molested by my grandfather how could he do that i was just a little girl it still haunts me to this day it haunts me so much that i considered suicide that disgusting pig is gonna pay one day i swear

    Who Cares?

    I'm so sorry that it had happened to you. :(

    Jasper Cheeto

    +Who Cares? what a juxtaposition

    Cinn Mell

    I was also sexually molested by my brother and my cousin (who are still heavily involved in my life) when I was younger and sometimes I feel like it never happened (like I was too young to remember) because no one ever talks about it... it's such a horrible thing to experience & deal with..

    Kim Taehyung

    The same happened to me

  46. Jamie

    The voice is scary as hell at 2:45..

    _ deadly.pineapples_

    I know right?!

    Carolina Saquimux

    It's beautiful, actually. When you're a victim of rape or molestation, you find rage burning through every vein in your body. The disgust and the pain one comes to feel, fuels hate. This helps us vent.

  47. Zombie SmittenKitten

    I've fallen in love with this absolute masterpiece. I've always seen two ways to interpret this.
    1- A woman was sexually abused (rape,molestation, etc) and she wants revenge.
    2- someone was put but mental abuse and there mind is in shambles and they want an innocent mind set/ an innocent way to look at life (like more optimistic than pessimistic)
    But i still love it :) <3


    Emilie was raped at a young girl age.


    this song is poorly composed

    D'Alisha Harris

    Captain Fuckyou
    this song is poorly composed


    Did I ask


    *+ᏰᏗşιℓ* ... My God... This is one of the absolute worst cases of psychological child abuse I have ever heard of. I can't believe you somehow survived such unrelenting daily assaults on your mind and your heart, your very sense of being... I don't know what to say, but I pray that you will find some way to heal, even a little bit, from the horrific injuries that your father inflicted upon you. I hope you will have someone to talk to, about your deep-seated maternal abandonment fears. It is so terribly unfair...!

  48. Deimos kai Aischylos

    I've always enjoyed this song, yet find myself torn a bit by conflicting feelings in regards to the lyrics: I both do and do not want my innocence back. I rather miss a time before I discovered how disgusting and horrific I find humans to be, how disgusting I can be, how unrelenting hatred and cruelty can be within the human mind; and yet, I know that one can never go home again, so to speak, and I have grown rather comfortable within what I have become: aware, reserved, pulled away from most of humanity. The damage done to me can never be undone, yet it serves a purpose. That is merely my own view on my various experiences, mind you, and they are certainly no where near as painful as the experiences of many here, I am sure.

    Deimos kai Aischylos

    @Plastic Intentions
    I am rather glad that I am not alone, then. My thanks.


    @Deimos kai Aischylos : You've expressed these ideas perfectly. I could almost anticipate what your next sentence would be, so finely descriptive were your thoughts on innocence and the loss of innocence. This song actually becomes more of a rage that feeds a stronger emotion, anger, that sometimes must precede growth, rather than a plaintive cry to return to our unbroken self. "I want". I remember how I found some power in this song. I didn't get my innocence back, though. What I got was a self I had never met before. I no longer "needed" anything or anyone anymore.

    Deimos kai Aischylos

     This was a very unexpected comment, and it was delightful. My thanks.

    Jacob St.Clair

    You're retarded if you think this is only humans that feel this kind stuff nature in general is a pile of shit like we're at least we're self aware and willing to make laws against stuff like this.

    shaun mcinerney

    Jacob St.Clair

    No need to call people retards.

  49. Lunar Estella

    This song is fucking beautiful with Surround Sound.

  50. My mom is so proud of me

    I lost my innocence when I discovered the internet.

    Aliezah Juarez

    Bro were all on the same boat.

    Jesse Higgins

    My mom is so proud of me we all did.


    Didn't we all?

    Ultra Instinct Kashia Miller

    @Aliezah Juarez

    Ultra Instinct Kashia Miller

    @Aliezah Juarez
    Bro were all on the same boat.

  51. Sophie Owen

    I love this song it's absolutely gorgeous

  52. Gabrielle de Larminat

    I love it ! It's so amazing !

  53. Rafael Grassi

    Artist. To the highest level! It reminds me of the horror Mozart's harmonies display in same pieces.

  54. Karen Mysti

    my thoughts exactly on something from the past, tho my story may be a bit different...these words are my feelings...

  55. starryneeci87

    I think I might get this song and lyrics and post them to the monster that abused me when I was a child. I still have dreams well night terrors and im now 28. the thoughts and memorys never leave.


    I'm so sorry, how horrific!! I wish you a path to healing and recovery from your terrible traumas.

  56. Zuzia W

    Lisbeth Salander theme.

  57. Ricardo Markland 3rd

    For some reason I want to vomit.

  58. Awesomesquid 12

    After a guy said he wanted me everyday in every way I cried myself to sleep cause I knew what he meant I had a nightmare that I was raped by him. it scared me. I feel bad for everyone who was sexually abused.

    біологічна небезпека

    Yeah that's the lamest thing to ever cry about. Pussy

    Jacob St.Clair

    Why are you getting offended by someone saying that, did he actually rape you or something?.

    money bxndz

    Boi okay incel

    shaun mcinerney

    біологічна небезпека

    Didn’t realise the word wanker was an actual person.

    shaun mcinerney


    Spotted the incel.

  59. UkeiaUchiha

    I understand this to such a level.... Just wow, the emotions in this....❤️

  60. Screampunk Arts

    How can you devour someone whole if you've slit them in two?


    @Screampunk Arts By devouring both halves at once.

  61. Harleen Quinzel

    To all the persons that have been sexually abuse i want you to know that you are strongest then this fucking assholes!!! They will burn in hell don't worry about i'll make sure.

  62. nora hagberg1997

    her voice is just... amazing

  63. Rokuro Kuramoto

    I just had an Emilie Eargasm.

  64. Aleksi Spolski

    It's so much easier to listen to a song like this where it's filled with anger and spite, rather than a song that's full of sadness and despair.  They're about the same thing, but somehow, one that's angry seems to almost invigorate you and help you feel like you can keep moving on.  It helps to get through the pain.

    D'Alisha Harris

    Alex Rose
    +Lemquennel Too true.

    D'Alisha Harris

    Aliezah Juarez

    Amanda Christine

    Anger is a higher vibration than sadness. Do a Google image search of "map of consciousness levels".

    Ultra Instinct Kashia Miller

    @nora hagberg1997
    I totaly agree and don't forget her amazing voice is empowering aswell

    Ultra Instinct Kashia Miller

    @Aliezah Juarez

  65. Jeffery Grace

    I would tag some one buuuut........................... They will cry. -_-

  66. Shelbie Lynn Thrasher

    I'm glad I am not the only one here who pictures Lisbeth Salander from the Millennium Trilogy every time I hear this song. Seriously, this is the song that bet describes her.

  67. Sophie Roberts

    I love her so much

  68. Sora Tsukino

    This song really touches the depths of my heart. This song goes to all the men and boys that used to seduce me and sexually harass me when I was a child. I want my innocence back,yes. And I can't help but to hate them at times when I suffer from traumas. I really wish they can rot hardcore to the ground and burn in the deaths of hell. I managed to forgive and forget yes but during that time I wanted to commit suicide since my first and third year of middle school. I couldn't trust anyone, I wasn't opened to anybody. I even isolated myself from both males and females, I didn't want them to touch me. Now I could have guys as friends but I do generally get nervous when they're too close or express their feelings towards me. It's horrible really.



    money bxndz

    Honey Kittens wtf??

  69. Jinx Wilson

    The rage at 2:42... just chilling.


    It's called screamo

  70. Sarafina Delirium

    I want to hunt down all the bastards that have hurt her and slit their dicks open

  71. MissAyame


  72. longtail4711

    I imagine this is the song every rape survivor's soul screams them to sleep by. It certainly is what I hear in my head before I drift off into my nightmares. 

    Alexandra Dragonborn

    me too....

    Ainmhí Witch

    longtail4711 youre not wrong...

    Argent Phoenix

    Pretty much. Sometimes it screams louder than others. Thus my fight song has become "Fight Like A Girl. " Fighting sometimes keeps you from less positive alternatives. In my 44 years, I've been on the receiving end of at least 6 sexual assaults, from groping up to and including rape, both vaginal and oral. Sad thing is that every one of them was a man I knew and trusted, which is the real kicker. How the hell did we end up in a society where this kind of crap is so common?


    practically anyone that's experienced abuse

    D'Alisha Harris

    practically anyone that's experienced abuse

  73. Tofii'sWonderland

    this song is about her rape i think...

    Yamina Sekhri

    I'm on the phone with Captain Obvious, what's your call? 

    Jasper Cheeto

    +Marlow monday Operator, give me the number for 911

    Yamina Sekhri

    @Jasper Cheeto I'VE FALLEN, AND I CAN'T GET UP

  74. JackOBlades0801

    How have I never heard of this women before today.  I can't stop looking at her songs.

    Comrade ShadowKat

    JackOBlades0801 okay so you've looked at her songs but have you listened to them yet? Cause you are in for a real treat :)

  75. Schnaider 978

    I Want My Innocence Back i want me back without psychopaths or sociopaths

  76. Skeletor Jopko

    Hey, guise. Guise? I think she wants her innocence back. 

  77. comfortableinchaos

    This song is about someone abusing/raping her. Wow, like you can change that. What an ass you are.

  78. Alima Oyebanji


  79. Ciara Boerner

    you realize this song is kinda rapey right?

    Kíssos Kisses

    The song is directly about rape

    Esteicy Saavedra

    The singer is a rape/abuse survivor

  80. Kelsey Weise

    I love this song. It portrays the dark, evil side that people don't see from sexual abuse. I was raped multiple times and it scarred me for life. This song is so beautifully dark, and shows just pure, raw, emotion. No way to describe the emotions felt.


    This is true, although the way I interpret it, it can also be about a situation that is traumatizing but not necessarily about sexual abuse (even though that is what she is talking about.)

    Even though I've been raped (as an adult, though, but that's how I lost my virginity, so the song could still apply to me in its original context), this experience was less traumatizing than the physical and emotional abuse my mother did to me as a child, and to me, this song is about her and the abuse that she put me through. And how she shattered my innocence during my childhood, which is supposed to be a happy time. How she shattered our lives by destabilizing us and moving us to a shitty country for her own selfish purposes, and how I will never be that person again. That's what the song is about for me.


    OMG, *+R H* ... I am _so sorry_ for the horrific trauma and abuse you have been subjected to. Nobody deserves such a hellish childhood! I pray that you will be able to find your own path to healing and recovery (assisted by EA's amazing songs, of course).

  81. LunaSimsGaming

    She was raped. Not exactly something you can hold onto as a child that suffers through that.

  82. LunaSimsGaming

    PMV brought me here.

  83. Eugenia123345

    Because we actually appreciate a actual talented person, who has one-of-a-kind music which is TRUE music. So, who cares if she's goth? It's not scary and weird. You, however, apparently don't understand the dark side. Fear of the unknown I suppose.


    I think she's defined herself more as Dark Cabaret & Victorindustrial - not that *+MJMPLAYS_FIFA* knows the difference, lol.

  84. PeterxEdmund

    There's something unusually wonderful about Emilie's voice and music... And tbh, all her songs (the ones I've heard) have a certain uniqueness about them. I like it!

  85. Asha Barousse-Thornton

    obvious troll is obvious.

  86. Soft Clouds

    Depends who or what your god is.

  87. Marley Clittwatter

    We're all here to be fucked by the universe, and sucked dry by the vultures you call god.

  88. Cleo Lana

    Emilie is so inspiring. Love her :) so innocent but creepy at the same time

  89. Cleo Lana

    Haha that's true! :)

  90. JackHabbit

    Way to go, captain obvious. You figured out the irony of the song. Huddurrr yer such an intellectual. Did you go to college to figure that out?

    If you go four extra years, you can get your PH.D in knowing that grass is usually green.

  91. Tuasoni012

    I know that feeling... I lost my innocence way too long ago, by force. If I meet the men who did that, this is the message I will give them.

  92. Shane Bubby

    I understand, but still... what's wrong with weird?

    Weird is wonderful.
    Normal is boring.

    All the best people are weird.
    Including me.


    Shane Bubby i know its been like 4 years but did you get this from a melanie martinez song

    angel rose

    you’re still normal.

    shaun mcinerney

    angel rose

    A normal weird I’d say.

  93. TheHollowSpectre

    Major chills