Autumn, Emilie - God Help Me Lyrics

God help me
I don't see how I can live this way
And I don't know why he's touching me
Won't you shine in my direction and help me?
Won't you lend me your protection and help me?

God help me
Believe me, this wasn't what I wanted
But no, I can't leave, he's got me
Won't you shine in my direction and help me?
Won't you lend me your protection and help me?

Am I guilty or am I just waiting around
For the tide to come in so the truth can come out
And if I had a dollar for every time
I repented the sin and commit the same crime
I'd be sitting on top of the world today
I'd be sitting on top of the world today

God, God help me
Just maybe I'll learn to help myself
Speak to me, don't leave me, he's burning me
Won't you shine in my direction and help me?
Won't you lend me your protection and help me?

Places, everyone, this is a test
Throw you stones, do your damage, your worst
And your best, all the world is a judge
But that doesn't compare to what I do to myself
When you're not there
And if I had a dollar for every time
I repented the sin and commit the same crime
I'd be sitting on top of the world today
I'd be sitting on top of the world today

Don't make me choose, I've got too much to lose
Don't make me choose, I've got too much to lose
Don't make me choose, I've got too much to lose
Don't make me choose, I've got to much to fucking lose

For I am with you, and also with you
For I am with you, and also with you

God help me, God help me, God help me, God help me
God help me, God help me, God help me, God help me...

God help me, God help me, God help me, God help me
God help me, God help me, God help me, God help me...

God help me, God help me, God help me, God help me
God help me, God help me, God help me, God help me...

God help me, God help me, God help me, God help me
God help me, God help me, God help me, God help me...

God help me, God help me, God help me, God help me
God help me, God help me, God help me, God help me...

God help me, God help me, God help me, God help me
God help me, God help me, God help me, God help me...

God, God help me, God help me,
God help me, God help me
God help me, God help me

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Autumn, Emilie God Help Me Comments
  1. Nikh Beghzr

    No comment from me to/re/* Emilie Autumn songs is equal to endorsement & support

  2. blu3

    rip karis

  3. Emily Rose

    I think she’s talking about her tremendous attraction to someone who’s married or otherwise taken, and she’s asking God for help so she doesn’t act on it. At least that has always been my interpretation.

  4. sassy zooey

    2018 .....

  5. Kim Jay

    Song of my life

  6. Ryan696 93

    I'll pray for you.

  7. Kelli Clark

    I think this is a PTSD song about the abuse she suffered while in the psych ward.

  8. Henriëtte van Dam

    she calls her god of this world.lucifer

  9. Lilli Mango

    Oh god I just found my life in a song oh god!!

  10. Tara Fox

    God fucking damnit do I relate to her music so much.

    Tara Fox

    @Hi Rysk Dont do that.

    Tara Fox

    @Hi Rysk Please go get help. I used to cut myself and stopped. It doesn't feel the same anymore. There's more to life then hurting yourself.

    Tara Fox

    @Hi Rysk Just seriously get help. Not going to get into this.

    Tara Fox

    @Hi Rysk I don't even understand why you would comment on my comment. I'm a lot happier with my life now so I don't need to hurt myself anymore. I hope things get better for you random person. Take care of yourself.

  11. Alucardowa

    I don't understand why isn't she acting in Suicide Squad as Harley Quinn.

    True Hamlet

    Plz, NO

    Lara Ascolese

    Suicide squad sucks. But i agree with her as Harley

    Robinson Huso

    Because it's a shit movie

    moon&moon ika

    Are you blind? She is too real for dumb shit,why is everyone on this Harley what's her name shit. She is her own,with her own spirit to share. Accept there are individuals who don't sell their soul!

    Lisa Stu.

    Because the movie is pretty boring xD

  12. freedom of speech

    was she brutally raped or seduced?

    freedom of speech

    +Stryne vanZelk That makes sense. I related it too much, but I was never brutally raped. I was minorly molested as a kid. However I do suffer with a mental disorder related to bipolar. they don't have a name for mine though.

    deathandamphetemines witch

    +cassie otoole she was raped when she was a kid, i think

    Rose Renee

    She was raped. If I recall correctly, she stated she was raped as a child/young teen (I could be wrong on the age though).

  13. dhampirz 8

    Im ready to help you Shayy:) ...

  14. Fatty Xymox

    God, God help me
    Speak to me, don't leave me, he's burning me ♫

  15. Mitzi Lily

    I typed in "God help me" in Google and this is what came up.

    Henriëtte van Dam

    Mitzi Lily its bad

  16. Angie

    How did I get here I typed God pictures now I found this o_o

    Das Hexxchen

    +KittyKinz 105 So are you still happy with it?


    @Das Hexxchen idk.............

    Katarina Kopajova

    you were looking for God and found a goddess :D

    Liz Carter

    She was molested as a child, then raped further in her life.

  17. Razvan-Dan Urda

    She kinda messes up with the vocals. The message she is transmitting doesn't make me feel peace. All that desperation is sick without a positive thing, because God wants us to be positive and believe in His forgiveness. You should check Rebecca St. James - God help me, wich is way more better song in which you can feel her emotions towards God.

    Razvan-Dan Urda

    @Bewaretheshoe H What are you doing on youtube? Telling all kinds of crap. I say to no one that he or she is a sick person. Get away from here if all you search is crappy argues.

    deathandamphetemines witch

    +Razvan-Dan Urda "All that desperation is sick without a positive thing." You are not doing rape survivors any favours by condescendingly telling them to stay positive. If you have depression (and I mean actual, diagnosed depression) that doesn't make you an expert on other people's depression or on how to recover from rape. Maybe not everyone feels good about God after experiencing trauma, and assuming that God magically heals all rape victims is naive at best, and fucking condescending at worst. People have different ways of dealing with problems, and you're in no position to tell them, especially rape survivors, how they should feel

    Razvan-Dan Urda

    @***** I understand you. But since it's a sad song I just want to support these people and try to tell them that hope is something that exist for everyone. I wish you all nothing but good. Life can change at a blink of the eye. But still we have to take initiative and to have trust in people. Amazing people may come across us everyday, but if we are not open then those people will not enter in our life. Take care guys!

    moon&moon ika

    So you judge her connection to God on her vocals haha what if her voice wouldn't work at all. Don't be this shallow pls human. God help you

  18. Screampunk Arts

    This sounds a lot like the standard battle music in Final Fantasy VIII.

    moon&moon ika

    Jaaa haha <3

  19. But why?

    Is it me or are her new songs missing something.. rythm.. variation.. speed idk what

  20. Jade Cox

    I think you are just as good as wingedzephyr. I've been watching your videos and I was very familiar with wingedzephyr's videos. Good job Hun

  21. Alejandra Reyes

    The particularity of the Emilie's songs is that nothing is completely explicit. Being Raped? Chose the suicide? I really don't know what she's trying to say xD

  22. comfortableinchaos

    I feel like Emilie was portraying being raped, and then being told it was her fault. "The world is a judge but it doesn't compare to what I do to myself when you're not there". I feel like since the world is telling her that it is her fault for being sexually abused, and she is almost believing it. That's why she's treating herself so poorly. And that's why she is saying "god, help me". Because she knows that she needs someone or will entirely comply with the thought that being raped was her fault. I feel so much sadness from this song, a cry of agony, a time where she had no one. But I'm here to tell anyone (whoever experienced sexual abuse or any abuse for that matter) WHATEVER ANYONE SAYS, IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT. you are not the one to blame for someone doing something so awful to you. It's their fault!

    Raine Walker

    @comfortableinchaos Tumblrtrash detected

    christen quinnan

    +comfortableinchaos I actually thought the same thing. That's why i love this song so much because there's such raw sadness to it. and don't even worry about this "tumblrtrash" shit. you're view on the lyrics are valid and you're not alone in the thought :)


    Dude that doesn't even make sense. Emilie has come out multiple times saying thats shes a victim of rape and her music shows it

    Elizabeth K.

    That's pretty obvious. You didn't interpret anything, you just explained exactly what the song says.

  23. Esther Nateweyes

    10th last song to learn to sing

  24. Laughing Lunatic


  25. Alistor Banks

    We're all asking for help, I'm asking God to help me unless he wants me to kill myself. I'm honestly trying God and if he wants me to live he's going to have to help me or show me that he's listening or I'm done for.

    Screampunk Arts

    I prefer "realistic". There's no such thing as your magical sky wizard, and using it in the same breath as asking for / giving help is only going to make the problem worse instead of addressing it.

    Hailey Kay

    @Screampunk Arts I'm done talking to such a disrespectful and negative person. You keep your beliefs the way you have them, I will keep mine the same. I sincerely hope the person who posted the original comment gets help and support they really need. If said person needs any words of encouragement, I would be glad to offer that. I found peace in God, I have never believed in something so strongly as I believe in Him. He has never failed me, and I know that by giving Him all your pain and suffering, you will feel renewed again. I will pray for you to find strength in Him and everything else you need in this troubling time.

    Screampunk Arts

    You keep believing in fairy tales, I'll keep believing in facts.


    the fact that humans exist; is a testimony to that GOD IS REAL.

    Screampunk Arts, it really isn't.
    You could say the exact same thing as "Apples exist therefore 2+2 must be 5".

  26. Nicolly Lima

    It's so sad to realise that she's just asking for help .
    Everytime i listen to this I can see panic and angryness in her voice and instruments,all combined in such an amazing song ...

  27. Abbey Lugo

    Sounds like she made a deal with the devil.


    TBH this sounds like shes screaming GOD HELP ME MY BOYFRIEND FUCKING LEFT ME!!

  28. Jo Aiko

    i love <3


    This song reminds me of Nadine Cross from The Stand

    Ems Phipps

    THAT'S EXACTLY WHO I THOUGHT OF! I haven't read the book in years, so I couldn't place who I was thinking of, but your comment brought it all back. That book was awesome!

  30. RosaGlittrigt

    This is perfect.<3

  31. Tammy Clair

    Another great song, but should be called God help me, I forgot to pack my tits again!!

    bryony rose

    that's fucking rude to comment on this song about rape.

  32. Eugenia123345

    <3 <3 

  33. Katja Huber

    lover her so fuckin much <3

  34. Bob The Banana

    Emilie is sort of infamous

  35. TheSleepydemon

    lol has anyone ever counted how many times she says "God help me"? Do love this song though.

  36. archie977

    its not ganna happen and it didnt happen before its happenning now.

  37. ike dellfill

    I love her so much

  38. Eugenia123345

    LOVE it!! Man, I wish Emilie Autumn was Famous!! Think of how many plague rats there would be!!

  39. mauricio oyarzo

    it's a bit hard to read xd , but thanks for the vid c:

  40. Jaqueline Faux

    Oh the 'dont make me choose' is just me. But They (to my own luck) choose for me, and even though I then lost everything (he was stinking rich) I also got the Best.

  41. Lidija Manuel de Homem-Christo

    oh get over it

  42. maddie

    Me too!!! <3

  43. Trinity Prins

    That moment when you see a comment on a song for Emilie Autumn song that's perverted and it makes you mad because she was raped when she was young.... Yeah.... I saw that on a different video... ._.

  44. featheredskyblue

    It's present in a couple of bible verses, listed in the Wikipedia page for "Dominus vobiscum" ("The Lord be with you"). Just in case anybody's interested in the origins of the phrase.

  45. 7913AJunior

    Pretty sure this is my favorite song of all time.

  46. KimberlyAguiar

    Btw, I fucking love this song <3

  47. KimberlyAguiar

    Too many ''God help me'' here.

  48. Rose_Tazz

    Yeah it's the Roman Catholic mass. Well that's where it originated.

  49. Anon Ymous

    Yes! That is very helpful! Thank you for pointing that out.

  50. Kandy Krush

    Cry for help from a tormented soul. So sad. :(

  51. Velvet Cherry

    But she is capable of love! So she could be lesbian but she wouldn't have sex ;)

  52. Luz Winne

    i <3 emilie ¡¡

  53. Kandy Krush

    For I am with u and also with u. Isn't that something from the bible?

  54. MidnightCrumpets

    You think the "don't make me choose"-part "don't make me juice" for ONE time and it'll always sound like it in your head...... "Don't make me juice, I've got too much to lose." Seems legit.

  55. Fernando Torrero

    But if you translate the whole paragraph the result is: "si tuviera un dólar por cada ves que me arrepiento del pecado y cometo el mismo crimen , hoy estaría sentada en la cima del mundo",

  56. Fernando Torrero

    @Diana Aristizabal translated to Spanish textually is "arrepenti el pecado y cometí el mismo crimen" but that is incorrect in Spanish in Spanish it is said :" Me arrepentí del pecado..."

  57. SoulfreakinLadeh

    No prob <:3

  58. viennalove

    Love this song!

  59. Diana Aristizábal

    I'm sorry, my english isn't very good... what does "i repented the sin and comitt the same crime" mean?

    Veronica Ranger

    Diana Aristizábal ask forgiveness for something but go ahead and do it again

  60. Nina April

    Aw, poor Emilie :( Thank you for telling me.

  61. SoulfreakinLadeh

    Not exactly. While it's true she had an abortion and became asexual after her last relationship, Emilie has always had bipolar disorder. She has long grappled with depression and thoughts of suicide :(

  62. Lilith Brown

    She really is but what makes her look crazy thin are those corsets they are steel boned !! Basically they have something like a steel ribcage in them that suck you in crazy tight when tied .

  63. Steve Micheal

    God help me!

  64. Nina April

    From what I heard, she had an abortion which is what caused her to become suicidal and be placed in an insane asylum. I could be completely wrong, but that's what I heard. She was sexual at one time.

  65. Joseph Van Praet

    but didnt she have a baby?

  66. Nina April

    She may not have an interest in anything sexual, but Emilie, I'm here to love you, baby :3 <3

  67. levi cloudyllic

    Asexual is where someone doesn't have interest in sexual activity.
    And I know that...

  68. levi cloudyllic

    Emilie please turn lesbian for me

  69. DasOlli91

    13,000 Views. 140 Likes. 0 Disliked. The result is amazing.

  70. Caru Sella

    I counted it yesterday too and i got the same result :3

  71. P Berry

    Thanks. I was going to count myself but I keep messing up. :)

  72. Nicole D

    58 times. :)

  73. P Berry

    How many times does she say god help me?

  74. Jessica Stefanik

    Well everytime I watch this I think that so I thought I'd just put it out there :)

  75. demonjack123

    The picture makes it look like she has a large head lol

  76. yötaivas

    ...the first thing u payed attension? :D

  77. Philippe Apatie

    I didn't know her. I can't say if I like or not, because she sounds to much like Tori Amos.

  78. Lauren Rose

    was this song used in a movie?

  79. Jessica Stefanik

    where are her breasts....?!

  80. Jesse Burns

    She looks like a musician from the Capitol. ;)

  81. Rayn

    @silverain64 no, frankly not :(

  82. Rayn

    Everytime i hear this I think of Captain Maggot's crowd surfing XD
    BTW Your vids are awsome!

  83. Gemma Moss

    oh she is so fit