Autumn, Emilie - Gloomy Sunday Lyrics

Sunday is gloomy,
My hours are slumberless
Dearest the shadows
I live with are numberless
Little white flowers
Will never awaken you
Not where the black coach of
sorrow has taken you
Angels have no thoughts
Of ever returning you
Wouldn't they be angry
If I thought of joining you?
Gloomy Sunday

Gloomy is Sunday
With shadows I spend it all
My heart and I
Have decided to end it all
Soon there'll be candles
And prayers that are sad I know
let them not weep
Let them know that I'm glad to go
Death is no dream
For in death I'm caressing you
With the last breath of my soul
I'll be blessing you
Gloomy Sunday

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Autumn, Emilie Gloomy Sunday Comments
  1. Gio Ann Reznor

    Madrid, a escasos minutos de la medianoche. No soy nadie.

  2. Makoma Budni

    This will be played at my funeral.

  3. Marlin Halim

    I love it👍👍👍💟💟💟👏👏👏👏

  4. Zoltán Aktedron

  5. Zoltán Aktedron

    This is terrible

  6. Mc Hunter

    Oooh my God this song makes me cry

  7. yume mirai

    This song appeared on my playlist between Persona and NieR.

  8. Xxalien Robot

    hahahahaha this really the Suiteside song yesss FUCKING yes will fuck I’m killing my self

  9. Kitty The Kid

    Jesus... that's beautiful...

  10. Mythical _Angel

    i cant. breathee😭😭💔💔Is even sundayy😭😭its ok i reallly wanted to die❤️💔😭

  11. Emma Clark Leathers

    This one is really eerie and I like the original one

  12. Phalanx IV biggay


  13. Nameless Sister

    am I the only one who feels happy when listening to gloomy Sunday.

  14. kushalverma

    This sounds very different from other versions.

  15. Tahsan All karaoke song Sk media

    Gloomy Sunday Bangladeshi version cover by Shojib Khan

  16. NoxVulpine

    I'm so glad she didn't include the added lines at the end that some versions of the song have, where it ends with the song's events being a dream. Those extra lines totally kill the meaning behind the song.

  17. myworldwars

    reminds me of something Marceline from Adventure Time would sing.

  18. Kamal Ranjan

    I didn't sucide

    Kamal Ranjan

    Ha!I am listening it alone in night at fourth floor of my house! all are spreading rumours about this lovely song

    The Castro

    Congration. You done it.

  19. lazarus30001

    Queen of Death; my love...

  20. Patrick Batemans Waifu

    To think this is a cover.


    lots of ppl do this cover, singer is made it w/ her own music in the industry. Song was adopted from the Hungarian version,,, I saw it used in a movie sound track when the German SS was taking a woman's husband away,,, Everyone know the meaning of this so before the husband, and SS officers walked out the wife broke into this song in the movie,,,, In Hungarian. I maybe be a little or more on a few facts.

  21. Denise Damasceno



    Que bad da pourra

  23. Guilherme Wayne

    Versão ótima.

  24. No Name

    She is so beautiful

    No Name

    and very talented as well

  25. nocturnal melody


  26. Jayne Kyra

    Good thing is I wanted to kill myself long before I heard this song for the first time.


    Hey sup hope your doing ok


    I got into an accident listening to this song! (O_O) I was dealing with a lot of death, then I almost died.

  28. Shiel Diferentão

    Só um sofredor para entender a dor de outro sofredor ;--;

  29. Jozek Val

    My favorite cover of this song, love it!

  30. Evonna Pollard

    such a beautiful piece 💖

  31. E Braunstein

    Never understood why people killed themselves over this song. I've heard nearly every version of it and it's one of the most beautiful songs I've ever had the pleasure of listening to. It's just a heartbreaking ballad, whether in lyrical form or in instrumental form.


    nobody killed themselves over this song it was just referenced in a lot of suicide notes. particularly the line of "my heart and i have decided to end it all." at the time the original song came out nothing had really been written performed or recorded that really captured suicidal feelings and that kind of hopelessness that so many people felt. it was the first thing they could really relate to.

    Reko Swavey

    you havn't herd the original, it was recorded in 1933, and then banned with in 2 years, and you can't find it anywhere

    Jay H

    Everything you hear on the internet is BS. The vast majority of things are either fully fabricated urban legends or greatly exaggerated from unrelated events. Like this song- just because the writer committed suicide, well, so did countless artists from van Gogh to Kurt Kobain to Hunter S. Thompson. It has nothing to do with their work


    E Braunstein Nobody killed themselves cuz of the song. They heard the song cuz they were already suicidal and the lyrics were relatable, they heard it one last time before ending it all

    brain dead

    People didn't commit suicide beacuse song was meant for that. When the composer and lyricist came out with that song, in Hungary the economy was falling apart ; about 36% of Hungarian population was unemployed, starving and homeless, so when people who were depressed heard the song they just decided to end their lives. The song was reletable to those people ; for an example one man who was at the bar when the song was playing, in the middle of the song he reached out to his pocket, when the song ended he pulled out a gun and shot himself through his heart. Later it was found out that his sweetheart rejected him and that he had a letter in his pocket where all of that was written. So that would explain a lot I guess.

  32. raposa

    se uma pessoa que estiver com depressão ouvir essa musica ela se mata

    Maria De Fatima De Jesus

    até que não...

  33. breneige

    cortando os pulsos ;-;

    Julio Castro

    +sks brenda Corta o pescoço vadia!

  34. emeseberkes


  35. Béla János Tóth

    írtam, csak lemossa a szolgáltató!! megteheti, mert Fideszes+!!!!!

  36. Robert Thomas

    A tad overwrought I feel.

  37. thena marie

    Her voice reminds me of a gloomy Cyrstal Gayle.

  38. Harleen Quinzel

    The best cover! Of course it's EA she is the best artist!!! EA team!!!! 3

  39. Vindicator Bitch

    I listen this song every single day, it's so deeply melancholic.

  40. Yeilem Zuniga

    Love this song.

  41. Sophia Sirugi

    Really speaks to me right now. On a Sunday too, ah.

    SushiRoll Speaks

    I know this was long ago but stay strong.

    Annies Tea Party

    +Sophia Sirugi okay and its my turn. Sunday... :/


    +Sophia Sirugi Watching on a saturday, I'm saved.

  42. Bartlomiej Mencel

    In comprison of Dimanda Gallas, everys ingle version of that song is sounding like understfull shit. These girls have no idea what they sing about.


    +Bartlomiej Mencel Basically.

  43. Chunding Detected

    i love the Billie Holiday, but this version is so gloomy, i like it.

  44. to-my-ovaries

    Out of all the versions I think this one sounds the most lonely and eerie. I love it

    Lucretia Debrev

    @1909Ghost I will :)

    Michelle Harper

    +Kimi C: Sara McLachlan's version is amazing. Her vocals are insane. I would love to hear her vocals with this violin in this version.

    Rick Sanchez

    Yes it is. Especially that it's without that stupid last part.

    K. G. R.

    This version leaves out that watered down awful Americanized "I was only dreaming" line. Thank you!

    Reko Swavey

    the song doesn't sound as good in english

  45. Loly Pop

    Oh my God... I hate her voice x.x

    Morbius Fitzgerald

    Well she's done instrumental work. Try "Laced/Unlaced" and "On A Day...".

    Jess Parker

    Then don't listen to her music then? Solve your problem

  46. EdnA Carbill

    For me, this is the best version of the song, the atmosphere set is truly depresive. Emilie is a genius!! <3

  47. Reseñas Lugares Viajes

    No happy ending its so good to me, al fin sin un ridiculo final feliz mas respeto al autor.

    Stella Rothe



    Yes, that dreaming part always ruined the song for me, even in some of the better covers, like the Billy Holiday version. In both lyrics and music it was always sub par and utterly destroyed the mood and authenticity :(

  48. logan

    The intro is creepy but so good!

  49. chazmel simon

    we must lurn

  50. DeeMolition

    the unbowdlerized version. I like it!

  51. Orlaith

    I love this song! I think it's just as good as the original! :)

  52. srexano7

    ...haunted me

  53. Oscar Sierra

    Esto es otoño y las hojas están cayéndose 
    todo el amor se ha muerto en la tierra 
    el viento está llorando con las lágrimas afligidas 
    mi corazón nunca esperará de nuevo durante una nueva primavera ......

  54. Alexandra garcia

    omg the violin solo is awsome ,very nice cover lonve it

  55. Unda; Bride of the Sea

    listening Emilie again reminds me of when I was 10-11...

  56. thy wraith

    I love emilie from one artist to anothet

  57. Marie Hovey

    Billie Holiday version is my favourite but this is good too


    My personal favourites are this, the Holliday version and the instrumental piano/violin version based on the original. The 'I am only dreaming' part in the Billy Holliday cover always felt utterly wrong though :(

    Rick Sanchez

    I don't like the "I am only dreaming" part at all, cause it tries to turn this song into positive, while it's not.

    Joseph Sais

    Marie Hovey I thought I was the only one who hated that part . I just rewind it to the beginning before that part comes in

  58. lex6blue

    I like Matt Elliott's version much better

    Hugo Vergnano

    At first, I thought you said Missy Elliott lol hahaha

  59. Bo Bo

    Diamanda Galas is the best English version Billie second and bjork tied for 2. I am just speaking emotionally here though.

  60. C4PR1QU33N

    Ima go kill myself nao ;O; so sad

    Get Some Cold Cuts

    ok bai :D


    @LavaBeautifulMonster see yew 0n the uther syde xoxo


    @LavaBeautifulMonster Goodrude - Byestorm


    @The Doughnut aiighhht

  61. Ruben Ford

    he escuhado diversas versiones, demaciadas incluso, pero, la original y esta version, son lejos, lejos las mejores, emilie autumn <3

  62. Anastasia Iancova

    thats pretty bad, no offence. 

  63. mollie ainsworth

    love it :)

  64. CiaraCoffin

    I dont know why but whenever I start this song I expect to be Opheliac and I'm always like "WTF BRAIN WRONG SONG!" -_-

  65. irini gantziaa

    To the people that complain about her voice, remember, her goal was to be a world class violinist, the singing came in later. And I believe she succeded in both :)

    Derek Spradling

    shit. I thought the singing was good though.


    Her violin playing is um... questionable.

  66. Zsolt Lőrinczy

    Great, it's great, but I believe the whole cover gone wrong somewhere. Maybe the translation, but it lost the original feeling, that somehow by covers from hungarian artists (Leander - Szomorú vasárnap) gives it back well. That's something that non hungarian speakers don't understand at the moment, but that should be corrected in some way, its an experience. 

  67. carlee deitrick

    violin is beautiful, singing not so much.

    Rad Juju

    I disageee

  68. Nikayla Ramsey

    It is sadly beautiful..Nearly brings me to tears..

  69. Fukhands Mcmike

    Oh my god, this goes along so well with a story I'm writing. This song actually made me cry when I thought of one of the characters, just the way Emilie's voice sounds so sad and broken. It sounds like she sings this song from the depths of her heart.

  70. paulo breda

    por todos os deuses que voz mais linda *-*, nostalgia...

  71. Northernmight

    Meeh. Had to check this. Not digging it. I MUCH prefer Diamanda Galas' version, it's truly haunting. This seems pretentious to me.

    Anyway, each to their own. But if you like the song, do check out Diamanda Galas version

  72. formless777

    Yes, that is true. However the societies in question were pre-scientific and what is being observed are mental illnesses that respond to psychiatry. In fact all human emotions can be chemically manipulated with great precision, but we choose not to. Now this implies that demons can be killed or easily controlled by chemistry. I am a neuropsychologist with a background in anthropology, if you would like to know more, please ask. Dawkins is far more right than wrong.

  73. Colossians2v8

    There are tomes upon tomes of information actually, every major culture from ancient times recognized the existence of unseen malevolent entities that infested/oppressed/possessed their victims, and the activity not only continues in modern times, but is more widespread than ever. The dilemma for many people is that recognizing it for what it is, also suggests there is in turn a good entity/Holy Spirit, and thus shatters their little dawkinsian worldview, I've been there as well.

  74. Dead.juice

    Not if you like free depression pills and surprise intervention parties from your family and friends.

  75. Briah Rainbows

    Beautiful absolutley beautifulr

  76. formless777

    Perhaps you should reconsider your entire hypothesis ? Given that you recognize a solid physiological basis for depression, and there is literally no evidence to support the existence of the things your cult believes in, don't you think that Occam's Razor suggests that the physiological basis is the true cause and your whole "demon hypothesis" is just a psychologically damaging way of confusing the issue ? People with depression need real help, not witchdoctor placebos from the Middle Ages.

  77. Colossians2v8

    Well I did say often, not always... depression can also be purely mechanical, resulting from poor physiological health and other factors. Praising God in your adversity is the most powerful weapon in such instances, but as a former atheist I'm well-versed in secular solutions, unfortunately they tend to be pharmacological in nature, and people can end up with even more severe depression if they stop using.

    My original message=only for those who needed to hear it, I'm confident of its efficacy

  78. Colossians2v8

    Attacking the faithful isn't very original, I did it for 26 years. :)

    Jesus of Nazareth really is the One and Only, people from every tribe nation and language worship Him, He's not a religion He is Life, and that more abundantly.

    My IQ kept me lofty and self-reverent for quite some time, perhaps you would do well to drop a few tiers, for man truly makes a poor, depressed, deceitful, and lackluster god.

    Man seeks the praise of others, and there is nothing new under the sun.

  79. formless777

    What do you suggest for people who don't accept the existence of Jesus or demons ? You do realize that people can become depressed for reasons other than being persecuted by imaginary monsters right ?

  80. Vera Papp

    I know the original. In Hungarian it's wonderful (maybe because I understand the Hungarian version by ear)... <3

  81. Rose D'Orazio


  82. angvvl

    This reminds me of the devils carnival :0

  83. Jean Kirschtein

    My IQ just dropped when I read your comment.

  84. yhannie abordo

    colossians2v8,,,,,,what the f...k are you sayin just apriciate the beauty of the song shot the f..k up ayt

  85. Tricia Deo

    I like her cover better than Lydia Lunch's.

  86. Colossians2v8

    Depression is often a demonic attack and oppression, and the demons are very well fed in this age.

    Command it to begone in the name of Jesus of Nazareth, see what happens.

    Nicolette James

    Colossians2v8 That's not how it works. That's not how any of this works.

  87. Carlos Mckinnon

    I will go kill me listening this song, bye.

  88. Mc8x

    It was originally composed in C minor and no that's not a rumor. Also, it wasn't just because the song is in a particular tune, it was because it's incredibly melancholy and the time period in which it was released in both Hungarian and in English were probably one of the most emotionally devastating periods in modern history. The great depression and world war II. It's easy to see how it happened when the people listening were broken. The radio stations even banned it.

  89. Largactyl Kid

    Oh surprise. Emily Autumn has released a version of Gloomy Sunday. Thank God for Billie Holidays version...

    Nicolette James

    Largactyl Kid Fuck billie holiday's version.

  90. LexRex LuvsPandas

    Why comment bad things, your purposely going out of your way to say bad things that are not needed, just keep your opinion to yourself

  91. feliixx

    In my opinion, i regret listening to this. I need some Ella to cure my ears after this (sorry fans) crap.

  92. Kristine Charlotte

    Is there anyone still alive???

  93. Lace Moth

    Actually, it is true.

    Humans are biologically programed to associate sounds in the minor chord as depressing or terrifying. When this song came out, most of the world was off fighting in WWII, and things were pretty bad all around. And this song, infamous for it's depressing music and heartbreaking lyrics, certainly didn't do anything to cheer the populace up.

    So while I won't say this song makes people kill themselves, it has certainly pushed people who were already at risk for suicide.

  94. lkn n

    True. Depression does not necessarily have to stem from environmental factors. It can be caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain. Depression varies greatly from person to person, and is an incredibly vague term.

  95. JackChen

    Gloomy Sunday.....唉

  96. Miakia400

    Okay I doubt this is true but apparently people have committed suicide because this song is in an E minor cord. It's just a rumor but I found it interesting.