Autopilot Off - Me & You Lyrics

Here she comes she's walking towards me
And now the one place I want to be
Is with you hand and hand side by side
Out of luck because I run and hide

Think about you all of the time
Tried to get you out of my mind
Hold on a second let me give a clue
One and one equals me and you

Here she comes walking towards me again
Problem now is she's with her boyfriend
Out of jealousy I punched him in the eye
But he hit me harder all I did was cry

Think about you all of the time
Tried to get you out of my mind
Hold on a second let me give a clue
One and one equals me and you

Here she comes she's walking towards me
And now the one place I want to be
Is with you hand and hand side by side
Out of luck because I run and hide

Think about you all of the time
Tried to get you out of my mind
Hold on a second let me give a clue
One and one equals me and you

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Autopilot Off Me & You Comments
  1. deviant

    THIS song is sad for the lyrics

  2. ElApagaLuces

    Burnout 3 deserved the remastered, not Burnout Paradise

  3. Dragore Fonseca

    My fucking fav song thanks EA Games

  4. Nardo7u7

    Go betty go | c'mon
    Motion city | my favorite accident
    Los mejores

  5. Iván Chudyk

    <3 Burnout

  6. Eric Cardona

    I remember this song on that one nascar crash video, one of the first videos I've seen on youtube

  7. Blast48

    One of the best tracks on Burnout 3!! Perfect for absolute carnage.

  8. WasteXDX

    Burnout Takedown 3 forever <3

    fightforthem gains

    Dude you still on youtube ??!!!! That was 11 years ago


    Still here, huh ? :p

    Edit : I still have an original copy of the game and play it from time to time...

    Iván Chudyk

    Lol 11 years and you still comment.

  9. Thomas Schoberwalter

    The Same Song was used in flatout 2 i think.

  10. Ilovebrownbreadtoast

    This song makes me want to use my savings to buy a cool, fast car instead of saving to buy a house

  11. Zevallos Payano Jean Franco

    Somebody who plays Burnout 3 until now......

  12. Phantom Thief

    Fancy way of spelling Cooter.

  13. Mark White

    This song gives me goosebumps

  14. Kyle Buehlman420

    I just got done playing burnout 3 and this song was blasting lol

  15. Drake Nathan

    When you drown in the abyss , everything just seems faint and grey , you think of what would it be like to step out of that darkness , some will keep drowning , some will find somehow the strenght to overcome it , i think many of us know what its like .

  16. bob sponge

    somebody from 2019?


    @fightforthem gains same kill me plz

  17. newtothe games

    Zalgradis, we're going home!

  18. Marcelo Carvalho


  19. Emi Campitelli

    1G 's in the chat boys !

  20. Jaime Abad Rodríguez

    Profound lyrics;

    Follow your dreams.

  21. ざしきわらし

    thank you burnout3 :')

  22. A.O

    streaming now Spotify Yeeeeeeesssssss!!!!

  23. Mr Seen


  24. Brian Bedell

    When this song came on, you didn't crash.

  25. danielwhitfield5

    why is this not on spotify?!
    the memories :D



    Burnout 3 Playlist

  26. Goegta

    Zalgradis !!!!!

  27. Bama Fan

    SUMMIT1G "Chawa"

  28. Rein var

    SSX3 / burnot 3?

  29. Raúl Raymundo


  30. Leonardo Pizarro [the crazy]

    Burnout 3 ❤

  31. Mats Somethin

    Who came here because of Summit1G clip?

  32. C4P741N

    This video : 11 years ago
    Me : Listening in 2019


    Me : Still playing Burnout 3 in 2019 as well as listening to this song

  33. Square1ne

    Clutch Johnson

  34. ZappedHD

    who came here after Summit1G Stream?

    anyways 2019?

    Mr Seen

    @Jonas Askjaer-Joergensen yes it is lol

    Jonas Askjaer-Joergensen

    @Mr Seen Oh really, what country are you from?

    Mr Seen

    @Jonas Askjaer-Joergensen America my friend are you from a Scandinavian country?

    Jonas Askjaer-Joergensen

    @Mr Seen Yes Denmark

    Mr Seen

    @Jonas Askjaer-Joergensen I can tell by your last name. Awesome :-)

  35. Jose Becerril

    SUMMIT wid da clean Getaway...
    & whats a getaway without getaway musik XD

  36. whiffa2005

    1G's in the chat?


    whiffa2005 ayyy

    Leonardo Pizarro [the crazy]

    Burnout xD

  37. Dan Monstro

    2019 ♥️

  38. ralph bu deleh

    Summit 1G

  39. Ale_Rival

    *Dangerous driving is going to bring back the burnout saga!!!!*


    Already pre-orderd i was the burnout king 100% revenge and takedown in 1 week

  40. D125925

    When this song comes on I run faster

  41. Osama Obama #2

    Burnout 3 - Takedown 2019 crew where you at? 🤘

  42. Takkoy

    Oh my God, this is a perfect song for sailors. Mainly by that part:
    "And some will find their way by looking towards the sky."
    Sailors find their way by looking into a certain star.

  43. Mc Nakladak

    I love this song remands me old good days

  44. Jonathan Morales

    Burnout 3 Takedown memories

  45. Brodie Allen

    Why isn’t burnout remastered yet? We know it’s possible thanks to crash and Spyro. They did those from the ground up and even if it’s not a good remaster just having it in PS4 on the same type of console I had it in originally or just on a current gen console would be cool so that newer kids can play it. I was born in 2004 and loved playing the game when I was 4. It was hard but fun. Also how is it that I can do the hot rod mission when I was younger but not now on my ps2?”?


    we did, but it was Paradise to be the one that gets remastered unfortunately, also the original founders of Criterion we're now running their own studio and we're about to releasing their successor project of a game called Dangerous Driving this February

  46. Jafet Ornelas

    Pasarán los años y esta seguirá siendo mi canción favorita.

  47. Xartim

    Best freakin "wake the fuck up and party" song!!!

  48. starflame34

    Always love hearing this for a Burning Lap course. Perfect for just holding down that Boost button while speeding.

  49. Adam Kirkland

    Here in 2019, and i dont think ill make it home


    Adam Kirkland I feel you man, love you!!

  50. Wikus Carstens

    Im just sad now, where have the good times gone ?! Just listening to all the good old ones !
    Reading all the B3 comments just makes me relive all the great memories with my bros.


    Wikus Carstens why is this song not on spotify

  51. Victor Manuel JM


  52. ゴス少年 Gosu shōnen

    2019 anyone ?

  53. 무대

    It made KARTRIDER.

  54. Mr.Diesel

    1 note, a waterfall of memories

  55. ThatDayV

    one of the best songs from burnout

  56. FMK_27

    *sound of burning boost intensifies*

  57. Zaaier

    still love this so much!

  58. William Mememan

    Make a sound comes on.
    My foot slowly gets heavier on the throttle.
    My speed increases from 110 to 145.
    My car is paint. The highway, a canvas.


    What am I watching 2018 & 2019

  60. notjaredd

    Bruh the lyrics to this are scary af

  61. Speed

    0:36 *_WALL TAKEDOWN! 150_*

  62. Elite TOVATRACER

    RIP criterion games :'C
    we need the old team criterion

  63. 720jlconner

    Back when burnout had a kickass soundtrack. I synced this to paradise.

  64. Tammy Weibrect

    Yyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaa ooooooooooooooooooo yessssssssssss

  65. Paiin22

    Best song in B3! <3

  66. Wil Garrett

    Been looking for the damn song for sooooooo long lol fuck

  67. Rainer Østenrød

    Need this song on spotify....It's not there... :\

  68. C Gaara

    2018 ;)

  69. alex broström

    Zalgradis <3

  70. Neroify

    Thanks game for playing with me on those good old days !

  71. Laeti Lara

    Oh punaise ça me donne envie de casser ma voiture lol

  72. iiPrandz - Official Youtube Channel

    When Back Electronic Arts Was a Good Company

  73. Jadson Iorran santos

    Caralho manooo melhor epoca!
    sdds burnoit takedown 3! Muito foda! Muita adrelina!muita emoção!

  74. Pope Is Maad

    Im pissed this isnt on fkn apple music

  75. King Tman

    This song... right in the feels man. Burnout 3 will always hold a special place in my heart.


    Plays song
    Doesn't crash once
    .....HOLY SHIT

  77. Noam Dahan

    One of the best pop punk songs ever. Damn I miss this band so much. RIP Josh Stern.

  78. Luis Coronel CedeÑo

    Que jodidamente buena es esta canción

  79. AsRebel


  80. Ondřej Trhoň

    Comment to commend all who came here cause of Nihilum in AQ

  81. NazoUnleashed 22

    Yo solo vine por Buenout 3 XD

  82. Paul

    Amazing song!

  83. Daniel Cardona

    This makes you wanna drive fast

  84. Santeri Nousiainen

    R.i.P Childhood =´( Almost Figure it out....

  85. Ford GT

    Wall takedown!

  86. Retral

    Zalgradis 2 - Paladin PvP from World of Warcraft anyone? :)


    no, everyone come from burnout 3 takedown.

  87. Zak Bond

    Man dude what a trip back to the past, had nearly forgotten this game is a franchise.

  88. Ü L T R Æ V Ï Œ L Ë T

    Who else thinks that burnout 3 should get an Xbox 1 remake with the original music?

  89. Isaac

    Not only the best Burnout game, but THE best racing game ever.

    Hell, it's in the top 10 of best games ever.

  90. maVRoyal

    I wish i could connect my ps2 with Burn3 to Tv...but i can't :/

  91. Dylan Woolford

    Anyone still listen to this and think about burnout in 2018??


    2019/1/29 still love it

    5N1P3R feijoada

    I hear AND plays Burnout 3 in 2019

    Osama Obama #2

    Still repping on ps2 in 2019 ✌

  92. Dylan Howell

    Burnout will never die. It’s immortal

  93. DarkUSS

    Nostalgia hit me

  94. Sylvain.T

    I want a burnout 3 remaster

  95. Jacob Richardson

    My childhood memories has arrived

  96. Eric Cardona

    Nascar Blowover Compilation anyone?