Automatic, The - Run & Hide Lyrics

Get into this moment, it won't get to you
Well are you in or are you out, out, out, out?
Keep a little composure when the
Walls come down
Well are you in? I hope you're in

And don't you know
This place will look
So much better when it's broken
And don't we
We all trust
Your decision is the right one

Sharpen your eyes
You'll never leave this house alone
Get up, get up and stand your ground
Faster than light
You'll settle in, in no time
You'll only want to run and hide

What happened to concentration?
I don't know how we are going to win
I don't know how we're going to win
Keep a little composure when the
Walls come down
I don't know how we're going to win again

And don't you know
This place will look
So much better when it's broken

Sharpen your eyes
You'll never leave this house alone
Get up, get up and stand your ground
Faster than light
You'll settle in, in no time
You'll only want to run and hide

Sharpen your eyes
You'll never leave this house alone
Get up, get up and stand your ground
Faster than light
You'll settle in, in no time
You'll only want to run and hide

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Automatic, The Run & Hide Comments
  1. Caitlin Osborne

    The singer in this song is well cute

  2. francis sanchez

    Alguien mas piensa que esta banda es genial

    Gino Dalesio

    el ultimo album es caca


    @Gino Dalesio Al principio pensaba lo mismo, pero con el tiempo fui cogiendole el gusto a todas las canciones

    Gino Dalesio

    @xamikproductions niet

    Arm Cam

    @Gino Dalesio ¿x ke , acaso tocaron salsa o regueton? no opines por opinar

    Gino Dalesio

    @Arm Cam tu comentario se cae por si dolo, dice u no opine por opinar y el solo opina qur el reggaeyon es caca, son gustos

  3. Yisuz Rot

    I like so much this band, hope some day in the future they'll back :(

  4. julian phillips

    Yep, Pennie era was king....., this is just ok......, in fact, no it's not, it's just forgettable drivel
    This is one of my favourite bands, but the magic was lost when they dumped Pennie. I hate to say it because i feel like i'm betraying the guys. But i dont know how a band like The Automatic
    can let this slip through the QC

    Gino Dalesio

    im absolutely with you, but steve mcqueen is great.

  5. nightdriver 14

    My favorite single from this album:)

  6. Mikey Martinez

    what the hell are you talking about paul mullen is better

  7. Mikey Martinez seems that my little brother is making fun of our

  8. Mikey Martinez

    thats why they fired pennie.

  9. Mikey Martinez

    i agree with you but get your spelling right.

  10. Pphnx

    I miss them so much

  11. duncan geary

    not to be mean but you guys where a lot better with alex pennie :(

  12. paulrichardhammond

    @jcfx13 this is essentially a milo song...

  13. paulrichardhammond

    @Shnellawillis hopefully never

  14. Bucken

    When are the automatic getting together again?

  15. agy

    pretty awesome

  16. jcfx13

    I love Paul Mullen and I love Yourcodenameis:milo more than life itself, but this song is catchy as aids. Love it :D

  17. Nathan Hersman

    i have a song called run and hide check it out i think its better than this

  18. Tommy Scarafone

    Anyone know when the new album is coming out thanks.

  19. heppolo

    @mariojader yourcodenameis:milo was one of my favourite bands and so any chance of hearing paul's vocals is great. at least it all didn't go as in the case of tom bellamy and the cooper temple clause (which were even a better band than yourcodenameis:milo)

  20. pjb453

    if they dident edit the voice so much it would be even better

  21. Tommy Scarafone

    @Amir14Ameero pennie u miss pennie 1st of all pennie sucks 2nd of all no one knows him hes a loser now

  22. Tremuoso

    Paul Mullen, what are you doing? For a man of such talent as you, surely you are uncomfortable playing in this mediocre neutered-poprock when you have achieved to create such a masterpiece as Ignoto in your career. How can you settle for this?

  23. Amir Yusoff

    i miss the old automatic:(

  24. heppolo

    why everyone has given up on this band. it's simply awesome.

  25. Uriel Piña

    woooo como toca la guitarra con la izquierda 0_0


    Tal vez es porque es zurdo (? xd

  26. matherax1

    ayone think the singer looks like mr pointy head from sent you a message?

  27. Conor Gratton

    in my opinion the new singer is taking more of an impact on automatic than penny, i didnt mind his voice, but this has more of a fling to it <3

  28. Amy Kelleher

    This Song Has Been Suck In My Head All Week! And I'm Loving It!.. The Automatic Have Just Gotten Better And Better!!

  29. vgotnofingers

    I think its a mistake-there are better songs on the album and i'm afraid being on their own now will make it difficult to finance new vids if they don't sell well.its definately an awesome band so i hope they get through.

  30. Ethan Last

    i agree with @ithinkurasthickasbrik
    @scraftonthebadger get a job and a life!!!!!!!

  31. Scott Jones MTB

    Why is this so good?

  32. Bhuma M.

    Come to the Mexico City........!!!

  33. Rachel Campbell

    best i've heard yall sounding...

  34. Emmanuel Tsoutsas

    i love this song .....

  35. Buterfli2110

    What's with the negativity! Bands grow and change just like people do. Besides the fact that this is only one song from their new album. Give them a little credit and listen to the whole album before you start bashing them! Plus, they look and seem happy with it and the last time I checked it was their music! We are extremely lucky they share it with us. If their your fave band then back them up a little, support them, it's obviously what they wanted to play or they wouldn't be proud of it.

  36. Buterfli2110

    The song is amazing guys! I love it and can't get it out of my head. Beautiful. The video is awesome too! I love to watch y'all play, so I'm loving the video. The lighting is awesome! And thanks for the free download of "Something Else", it's one of my faves now! Can't wait to get my hands on the new album. Keep up the incrediable work!

  37. Buterfli2110

    Somebody PLEASE tell me what they are saying in the chorus! It is stuck in my head, but I don't know the words! I can't sing it in the shower if I don't know the words! Can't wait to get the new CD...if this is what's to come then it's gonna be incredible!

  38. Rob Leary


  39. Simon Byrne

    brilliant song

  40. 5t3llaa

    awesome :)

  41. stuartsaysyes

    @RockInzy True rob is a great singer but sometimes change is good ,
    I wanna see If it gets into the charts ( I hope it does)

  42. azzygh

    I think that band should make a big breakthrough, because this clip and the song are made in YCNI:M style. It's maybe good, but where's creativity, even Interstate is much closer to the level of 1st album

  43. warmwatercrab

    Agreed. His singing takes the cake and he's done a lot for The Automatic. I hope they appreciate it. This song is good, the keyboard in the background sounds like oldschool emo (get up kids). I do miss the intelligent heavy that was ycni:m... If only the guitar solo was a bit more milo-esque. Eager for Tear the Signs Down, sounds promising so far!

  44. Juri Han

    It's excellent to hear Paul singing again.

  45. Cristhian A. Malque

    I need you more song like recover, raoul, magazines. come on, Automatic was my favorite band u_u'

  46. Jepsertje

    come on guys, where is the power you had in Steve McQueen, Secret Police and Accesories?

  47. James Emlyn Lawrenson

    Bloody marvelous as always. Good work chaps!

  48. Celia

    Great! I love Paul's voice much more.

  49. Lost

    great song, can't wait until the album

  50. Levente Bruno Nagy

    i thinkn it so non Automatic, the old songs were much better :(

  51. Michael Delahorne

    Amazing, send me the album early or else. Yeah you heard me. Also, come to cardiff on your tour please, i'll pay in toblerone and jagermeister