Automatic, The - Recover Lyrics

Can't fight!
There's no escaping the facts
I tried to help but I failed
To solve the problems so much
Of good intentions

I want my wasted hours back
And I want my head to clear
And I have this bad taste in my mouth
From late nights and bad films

Get up! Recover!
'Cause you'll never dance again!
Get up! Recover!
'Cause you'll never dance again!

I'm drip fed these pictures
And now my words abandon me
The fraction that's still me
Said this lives not all it could be

Now did you catch what I said?
Did you catch what I said?
One by one my ideas fade
And there's nothing left to say

Get up! Recover!
'Cause you'll never dance again!
Get up! Recover!
'Cause you'll never dance again!
Get up! Recover!
'Cause you'll never dance again!
Get up! Recover!
'Cause you'll never dance again!

Can't fight, decide a future
Let's dance, you're so robotic
Times up, refill the meter
This disappointment's so electric

Can't fight, decide a future
Let's dance, you're so robotic
Times up, refill the meter
This disappointment's so electric

Get up! Recover!
'Cause you'll never dance again!
Get up! Recover!
'Cause you'll never dance again!
Get up! Recover!
'Cause you'll never dance again!
Get up! Recover!
'Cause you'll never dance again!

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Automatic, The Recover Comments
  1. SiddoNotts

    In case you're wondering, the book she's reading at the beginning is called "Psychotic Reactions & Carburetor Dung." It's a collection of live music/album reviews from the maverick journalist Lester Bangs.

  2. Some Guy

    Do any of yall mothafuckas know what that sound effect at the beginning is caled

  3. Adrian Hiisss The Cat

    I remember there is a wrestling music video of this when I first watched from TV.


    Adrian Hiisss The Cat They definitely re-recorded the entire song, the wrestling video sounds so much more polished. You can hear the differences between the two songs when you listen to them back to back. Great music 👍🏾.

  4. Khainur Ikhram

    Still here in 2019

  5. The UK Explorer


  6. Latescape


  7. Lyn Myers


  8. Mr Dj

    какой же это ахуенный клип .

  9. Asher Dee Wood

    fuck....almost 10 years ago...I feel old af.

  10. madadz69

    Getting rid of penny was the worst thing this band ever did!

    Finnbar Frank Jain

    He left :(


    Bad times isn't it!

    Finnbar Frank Jain

    I cri evritym

  11. Levi Bell

    I remember watching a concert they did on the 101. It was the first time I heard this song and Monster. Those are my favorite songs ^_^

    Ray S

    Duuuude I relate 10000%

  12. robyonder

    that these guys never got big is unbelievable. 2006 man. .

  13. tyler costales

    the last part made me crack up XD ahhahahahahahahhaha

  14. Anders Limpus Maximus

    if you havent already... check out their version of kanye wests gold digger, they make hip hop sound GOOD

  15. Takedown285

    he looks like luke sky walker lol

  16. Assita Kone


  17. patTrick90222

    @HirOzut no they are not. don't offend them.

  18. Tommy Scarafone

    @HirOzut Billy Talents pretty good but The Automatic is waaaaaaaaaaaaay better.

  19. Ozan S.

    they like billy talent

  20. MarquiMarqIsSoRandom.

    Their other video to their song recover is way better. Way, awesome band either way though. Haha

  21. Luka Karavidović

    pennie is missing here on back vocals :-/

  22. Devil's Advocate

    @ifuhavealifeliveit please, there's the band: the flipside, and others, ramones, young knives etc, watch em man!


    no pueden ser mas buenos estos tipos pq ya estan en la cima ^^

  24. Matt Gore

    IT'S NOT A GOOD IDEA TO GO TO BIEBERS VIDEOS & CLICK THE DISLIKE BUTTON cause every time we go to his video HE GETS PAYED a few cents cause his vid sponsred

    Instead we pick songs like this get as many people as we can to watch so BY THE 1st OF MARCH ON BIEBERS BIRTHDAY ALL ROCK VIDEOS WILL BE MOST VIEWED ON YOUTUBES CHARTS this will get the younger audience to listen to GOOD MUSIC & might have GOOD ROCK BANDS FORM AGAIN have along way to go his video has 390 mill. PLZ COPY PASTE

  25. J Waltho

    @101wackyweirdo 1. learn to spell and 2. don't be a troll :)

  26. rollokb2

    I'd make her scream Much louder

  27. Devil's Advocate

    @Ghostrhino12 actually the song is "one less (fucking) lonly (ugly!) girl-leave out the bracets lol and its the 10th of november now-we finished omne time ages ago, lol.

  28. Lavida

    Alexander Pennie <333

  29. Devil's Advocate


    on the 25 SEP, we will visit jb's "one time" vid, with over a million views, we will leave a negitive comment, dislike, and leave.we will visit it from the 25-the 30th, doeing the same thing everytime.
    copy this comment, email it to yourself AND FREINDS.
    rally the troops. we fight for music.

  30. Devil's Advocate

    this song killed me :(

  31. cheeseburp

    Funny- Im doing my homework and I look up and see a whole bunch of mouths on their heads- It cracked me up! LOL

  32. SolAscension

    This song saved my life!~

  33. rolisac

    strange video GOOD song xD

  34. Luna Wilde

    this songs takes me way back :)

  35. GoAwayGoogle

    @kevlonx1617 ya dud monster is the best so far

  36. insertUSERNAMEhere65

    "I <3 Germany" Shirt (:

  37. susv

    get up, RECOVER! Cause you'll never dance again...

  38. kevlonx1617

    @TheWolfBearProject maybe whata bout monster D:

  39. Doog

    awsome song.

  40. TheWolfBearProject

    probs the best automatic song.

  41. Thomas Walsh

    the next person to post goes straight to jail and does not pass go. XD

  42. Declan Bentley

    i used 2 think these guys were gud but i think their ok.

  43. Matt McDermott

    I can play Smells Like Teen Spirit on guitar =)

  44. Josh Ingledew

    some one told me that the singer out of yourcodenameis:milo was now the singer of the automatic, btw if you like this you'll love that

  45. Matt Hall

    I saw them to Barry right dey were awsome my m8s band codeone played to look up codeone bring it and without fear its awsome

  46. Darius Balsevičius

    jacket ;]

  47. 001qwertz

    i only know Molling Floggy...

  48. silversunned

    flogging molly is compltely different from these guys! wow! that's an odd comment! but ok! these guys are awesome! and i hope for a new album from them!

  49. iman ou


  50. bonn O Connell

    my ideas fade and theirs nothing left to say

  51. igyunkkubut

    they were so young lol :D

  52. radierstift

    ... I shouldn't have asked

  53. Leigh K

    Monster was their break through song

    They released this
    Then Raoul
    Then monster
    Then re-released this
    The re-released Raoul
    Now Steve McQueen.. with no Pennie =|

  54. tedsss

    needs more cowbell

  55. szelbi

    I love tone of guitar in this song ***

  56. Michael Newman

    na this was realesed a couple of months after monster

  57. Thomas David Smith

    the first automatic song i heard

    and easily still their best

  58. Thomas David Smith


    this was the debut single released in late '05

    raoul was released the following year around march time

  59. Saiyan UK

    Great song!

  60. 27xoxo09

    oh my said that the reason you dislike Germans is because they have bad manners or no courtesy yeah? Have you EVER went back and looked at all of your immature insults towards each other and think that you are just like them? and BTW...thats just stereotyping. Its not like all the germans in the world went all out just to get you.

  61. joefx69

    1. a person who is notably stupid or lacking in good judgment.

    2. Psychology. a person of borderline intelligence in a former classification of mental retardation, having an intelligence quotient of 50 to 69."

    Id say both of that applies to you.
    You didnt think people would react to that stupid "opinion"? Thats even more stupid!
    Bye Moron

  62. Orbit91

    How was I wasting my time, by typing one word, while you type a sentence?


  63. joefx69

    You hate ALL germans? Christ, even German Nazis didnt hate all germans! You must be worse than Hitler. Or an idiot.

  64. Orbit91


  65. Orbit91

    That didn't make any sense, fail.

  66. randominsanepeople

    Yeah most people I know will agree with you.

  67. Orbit91

    Why don't you go back to the the Middle age, with the rest of the racists.

  68. randominsanepeople

    lol awesome. just wanted to say your totally right germans suck

  69. steelorigin

    it does say germany

  70. badbestfriend

    and why prey tell is that?

  71. bigmcq77

    DON'T WE ALL!!

  72. FgFoto

    we want the new PWNAGE TOOL!!!!!!!! XD

  73. Wallij

    Because they're beast at football

  74. ssassi7

    is it a mazda? is it a mazdaaaaa
    on s'en branle de ske tu prefere dude :p

  75. SatanDuck

    oh its great i love this groop!

  76. Pickles

    IT SAYS:


  77. Nicolapatis

    It looks like it but it actually says Bermany if u look in 1:20 even tho Germany is pretty cool.
    Great song Great Band

  78. Name?

    those mouths remind me of shoot da whoop

  79. radierstift

    OK. I see. So no real statement behind him wearing it, but who cares.

  80. radierstift

    "Dermany"... LOL

    I triple-checked. That's definitely "Germany". Not that it matters, really. I'd just like to know how it fits into context. But I feel quite honoured, being German and all.

  81. radierstift

    Excuse me? There's absolutely nothing wrong with loving Germany! Being German myself I just loved the fact that he, being from Wales, wears a shirt like that. I want one of those for myself.

    You misunderstood.

  82. radierstift

    Is that "I love Germany" on his shirt?

    Great song, great band!

  83. darksomehandsome


  84. darksomehandsome

    that's the thing that concerns me the most...once bands become commercialized they change their whole sound just to appeal to the mainstream crowd and completely forget about their original fan's all about the overjustification effect where bands no longer do it for the joy of making music for their fans, they start doing it for the joy of making money...i gladly support bands that do their own thing and don't conform to the standards of the those are brave people.

  85. slomo8888

    sehr cooles tshirt am anfang :)

  86. coffeover wwater

    Sorry, I meant to say hated him.

  87. coffeover wwater

    Alex Pennie, the keyboardist/screamer. I've heard that he was added in by the record company and the rest of the band hated hi. lol No wonder he left.

  88. Matthew Harris

    Why did he leave?


    ...shit much

  90. Bill Ballschack

    i love the end when they all have huge lips!!!

  91. dvddude13

    love the loudspeaker effect that was cool
    and the colors in that part
    love it

  92. Laura Townsend

    Naww, This was the first video, Then raoul [First version] Then monster, Then Recover[ New version] Then Raoul [New version]

    :) Sorry lol.

  93. bleddyn1

    my old housemates mate this video, not sure why it was never used

  94. Eemeer

    They had to go by the automatic automatic in america cos ders another band called the automatic and they didn't want to be sued by them!!

  95. coderedblack

    yeah, chill out robinn1, its not like the band chose on purpose i know, lets have a completely different name in the US--there had to have been a good reason for doing that. yeah, and prejudiced much? jeez...

  96. Melissa Miramontes

    woah woah woah.

    why are you guyz hating on amricans?

    they never talk about people from the uk!