Automatic, The - Interstate Lyrics

Touchdown in a land on the western sun
Felt the heat on my back, yeah I felt that heat
On the edge of the world looking out to sea
At the start of my road I will take the lead

All you know
Where you go

At the end of the day I will count my stamps
Drink my poison down and sweat it out
All I see is the dirt going up my trunks
'Cause they're taking the road at another stop

All you know
Where you go

All you know
Where you go

I take it off on you when
It's not the bet you owe me
After all you get away

Tear the signs down
Burn up your road
Tear the signs down
Burn up your road

All you know
Where you go

All you know
Where you go

Tear the signs down
Burn up your road
Tear the signs down
Burn up your road

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Automatic, The Interstate Comments
  1. irahs

    Took me Fuckkkking forever to find this again.

  2. xamikproductions

    10 years...
    Miss them

  3. hf sitko

    Still love this song

  4. fretui medak

    This proves that the skilled bands often act in a short life, they're not supposed to last and this aspect unarguably hurts me, I'm let down when I hear a band is breaking up because success is a feigned and untouchable thing, those who look for that and with no personality achieve more than deserved! In a nutshell the worthless artists reach the top whilst the heartfelt musicians have to quit the scene and to concentrate on a new job! That's the world we live in, your efforts aren't paid off at times! It'd be more appreciable if we focused on these little fragments of allegiance and sound discovery instead of affording the new tunes from that contrived mainstream heap, undeniably!

  5. Memel05

    I really hope they will make a new album

    cane macchina

    Me too, bro.

  6. Bob Bobson

    Foodporn !!

  7. indie boy

    come back pennie


    Yes, but keep Mullen

  8. Inspector Javert

    Wish that comment was not 3 years old.

  9. ElChico delosAbrazos

    Why only 57k View...? :c

  10. Ben skull

    the little ooa of awe some

  11. Daniel Olsen

    3 months since last comment... Kinda sad. I wish they'd get together again - I've yet to have a live concert with them :)

  12. Rebecca Anne

    I miss these guys music. <3

  13. Samuel Casey

    Great song.

  14. gibboj94

    Was it only me who cringed when she cuts the stake?

  15. rbackshall

    The old albums where better :(
    thumbs up if you think the same

  16. Tommy Scarafone

    @Arghchar meeeeeeeeeeeeeee its a good song but thats dicusting

  17. nikilaos aizoidis


  18. Felix Denk

    He: I wanna slap 6 guys
    She: Alone?
    He: No, with 158 friends

  19. Ollie C

    are there any guitar tabs for this?

  20. l3oneeeeeeeee

    @VisioneryVideos i doubt theres a deeper meaning to the actual video but the video contains some very effective subliminal messaging

    this song will start to play in your head if you watch the video and eat fast food later
    dead serious

  21. Arghchar

    does this gross anyone else out?

  22. Brian Buscemi

    Why is this not on Itunes????

  23. heppolo

    Such a great song.

  24. princekool2

    I love the automatics but this video looks like they are doing a ad for a burger store lol.

  25. TheWonderAnthem

    This vid makes me really want a burger!!!

  26. slowpoke86

    Wow the girls in the video are cute, but those cheeseburgers look fuckin DELICIOUS!!

  27. tobi wyatt

    dadada-dadada-dadada ohh-yeahh

  28. Tom

    saw these guys Saturday night, one of the best gigs I've ever been to!
    I knew it would be good, but not this good!

  29. outsidermusik

    I like the video and the song!

  30. santos6662

    Tell me about it, I'm a vegetarian for Christ's sake. I'd have the girl eating the ice cream mind.

  31. santos6662

    I'm guessing the video is a parody of America and its culture, notice how red, white and blue is shown repeatedly to represent the American flag. The lyrics alongside the video could relate to their earlier experiences in America with their music making.

  32. SilentGig1

    I still only really listen to the automatic cause i can hear paul mullen - ycnim should never have split

  33. Phil

    I really don't like Rob's bass :/


    How can you not like a Musicman Stingray dude?

  34. Mrdavehammerstein III

    hey guys hope to see you in Norwich on your tour next yea, I really truly think yu guys are one fo the best bands working at the mo so keep up he goo work and i eagerly await your new abum

  35. A Cheeky Otter

    this is a fix was a amazing album if there new album is half as good il be happy

  36. VestritPL

    steve mcqueen was so much better. This one is ok but it doesn't lure as it should ;)

  37. Lost

    Great song.. I can't wait til the album... however wish they released more songs from 'This is a Fix' like 'Accessories'.

  38. aaronaton

    fuckin vegan puffs, just saw this on MTV2, what were they on? veggie fucking puffs.
    probably high on carrots or something.

  39. Doritji

    i think it's about america

  40. wombat989

    First Person to give me a reasonable answer to what this video is about wins a hug!

  41. mojopixel

    pretty girls, cheeseburgers & a cool tune..........nice!

  42. Acoi

    can't stop playing it again n again.. where i can find the lyric?

  43. heppolo

    seems no one's really interested. it's a pity uk rock bands in general are under the radar in terms of charts & sales.

  44. Mrdavehammerstein III

    fucking amazing lads well don with another great song cant wait for the album will be buying it the day it comes out!!

  45. ItsHighTideBabyy

    great new song you all look great :D

  46. onlygeeksyndrome

    it's a great song, for a long time we had to wait for...

    i love it, but as a vegetarian, i can't stand all the meat's stuff hahahahahhahaahha


    nice to see my favorite band coming back \o/

  47. ckatherine19

    innuendos with fast food... hm.
    like the music pretty much!

  48. Closedgroove


  49. stuartsaysyes

    starts out weird catch tune though

  50. Boris Makarov

    Great work, guys! Can't wait for the new album!

  51. Daniel Quintana

    This video kind of reminds me of the shins turn on me video...
    The automatic are awesome btw.

  52. RKUK Media

    is it just me or is 02:52 as far as it will go, fully streamed but won't play any further, if this is YouTube again, I' m gonna start using Dailymotion

  53. Jepsertje

    i'm hungry now!
    and it's a great song :D

  54. azzygh

    it's a PR of McDonalds ? :DDDDD
    Perfect work ;)

  55. jnrno1

    video makes u fuckin hungry

  56. Juri Han

    Song's fucking catchy D:

    Great work. AMAZING!

  57. Emma

    Wheyyy, new song!
    Sounding great, looking forward to the album =)

  58. ASJ27

    Pretty mingin video. Hopefully catch you in Wrexham unless your book somewhere in Leeds aswell