Automatic, The - In This World Lyrics

Another day, you can't rub the sand from your eyes
So many paper cuts leave you with so little bite
Pigeon holes, to define, the right lines, and its height
Tight, too tight
It's in the air, everywhere and nowhere
I'm not telling you, what you cannot do
I just wanted to know

Do you wanna live in this world for the rest of your live?
Do you wanna live in this world for the rest of your live?

Promises, well you've heard them all before
They left you let down, on the 52nd floor
And I'm not member tae
Day after day
Without an independent thought
Just like it always was

I'm not telling you, what you cannot do
I just wanted to know

Do you wanna live in this world for the rest of your live?
Do you wanna live in this world for the rest of your live?
Do you wanna live in this world for the rest of your live?
Do you wanna live in this world for the rest of your live?
For the rest of your life

I'm not telling you, what you cannot do
I just wanted to know
I'm not telling you, what you cannot do
I just wanted to know

Do you wanna live in this world for the rest of your live?
Do you wanna live in this world for the rest of your live?
Do you wanna live in this world for the rest of your live?
Do you wanna live in this world for the rest of your live?
For the rest of your life

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Automatic, The In This World Comments
  1. ConspiracyKill Happens

    my 2016 3 series thanks you for your kind words :) they're also tunable!

  2. D A N N Y

    Mercedes MCT Speed shift is much more impressive IMO

  3. david barlow

    this fluid is 30$/liter

  4. Superman 21cm.

    can a good enough one-speed automatic transmission be made. which will constantly accelerate. good from 0 to 200?

  5. Superman 21cm.

    The best automatic transmision is german automatic transmision. Mercedes automatisic, VW automatic DSG. And BMW Automatic.

  6. John Blair

    I love the Wiki on ZF 8HP: " Applications" Then they list the cars that use this box:
    3.1 Alfa Romeo 
    3.2 Alpina
    3.3 Aston Martin
    3.4 Audi
    3.5 Bentley
    3.6 BMW
    3.7 Chrysler
    3.8 Dodge
    3.9 Haval
    3.10 Iveco
    3.11 Jaguar
    3.12 Jeep
    3.13 Lamborghini
    3.14 Lancia
    3.15 Land Rover
    3.16 Maserati
    3.17 Ram Trucks
    3.18 Rolls-Royce
    3.19 Toyota
    3.20 VinFast
    3.21 Volkswagen

  7. John Blair

    I have the ZF 6 speed in my old Jag -an 07 XJ. But I am envious, and if it could be swapped into my car (and I could GET one) I would love that vs. buying a newer XJ.

  8. Fernweh

    please find an alternative to "incredible"....lots of fiddling with the steering wheel-road surface looks OK.

  9. iambeeman1

    A proper old standard will always be the best!

  10. MrEppart

    ill just continue driving manual cars, at least gives me something to do while driving.

  11. Matthew M

    I'm fairly certain Chrysler builds their own 8 speed transmission in kokomo indiana based on ZF design.

  12. V.C.

    yes, the ZF has enjoyed commercial succes, the reality is, most cars you can get it on will die before the transmission.

  13. YTSeify

    Has to be DSG

  14. antsolja

    i dont think its cool at all, the jeskos transmission is cool, sequentials are cool, cvts are cool in theory, and of course the manual is cool but i dont think autos will ever be cool again no matter how many gears they have

  15. James Holbrook

    I guess for a luxury car smooth shifts are cool but I'd rather firm shifts

  16. Doug _

    Curious as to the maximum horsepower and torque this transmission can stand. Lots of shift points are nice for diesel trucks. Better than an Allison?

  17. nutzeeer

    Can these be retrofitted?

  18. mike kroll

    Take note Nissan, Drop the cvt

  19. Andras Libal

    Automatic transmissions are not cool. Can you engine brake into a corner rev up your engine and accelerate exactly at the right time hitting the apex? Can you instantly accelerate into a small gap opening up in traffic that will close in 1-2 seconds? No, you can't there is a lag. There is always a lag and you can't precisely control the revs of your engine. It does what it wants. Can you engine brake going downhill? Can you use all that you see to shift into the right gear anticipating what you will need in the next 5 seconds when the road will do something that cannot be measured by sensors right now but you can see it? Can you push start the car with it with a dead battery? Can you really save fuel with it when you must make it on very low fuel? Eh. Automatics will never compete with a competent driver. But we have so few people that can even drive a manual much less use its capabilities. Our roads will be filled with semi auto drones driving stupidly all the time.

  20. Rampant Pygmy

    While manual gearboxes have much to offer smaller engine cars I feel that with larger capacity engines the ZF autobox is the superior option. Efficiency losses are mitigated by the excess of power available and the ride and change quality, along with the greatly improved selection logic, make this a go-to choice.

  21. R A

    ZF actually does cleaver it is a 5 speed but turn into 8 speed means when 1st engaged and also second engaged means 2nd after 1st leave means 3rd it is very interesting.

  22. Cody Watson

    It may be in the hell cat but you could have just said Charger. It is in the V6 all the way up to the Hellcat. Not sure about the Demon because the limit on the transmission is in the 700's and being stock 707 hp Demon, I don't know if Dodge would chance that.

  23. Paul G

    my first car was a manual transmission, my second vehicle was a manual, my third vehicle was an automatic... I have never had a manual transmission again. Manual transmissions are great in that they give you "control"... but if I wanted "control" Id climb under the hood and crank!!

  24. faliray

    To be fair Ive never driven a transmission with more than 4 speeds. That being said, I worry about the reliability and feel of modern transmissions. Ive heard horror stories about this on Fiats dual clutch and 9 speed automatic. Ive heard of reliability issues with all CVT transmissions. This is why I lrefer a manual transmisson. The problem is they are getting more difficult to find.

  25. Lupu Radu

    What do you think about aisin transmision?

  26. Build-Create Destroy

    Buys BMW for amazing transmission, is later pissed off because all the money saved on efficiency has now gone towards fixing oil and coolant leaks.. LOL

  27. Michael Mayers

    Always lime auto just put my foot down and go. In games manuales are fun

  28. ne2i

    I have the 6 speed version in my Audi A8L Its absolutely amazing. There is a company who is making a stand alone ECU for these and other units.

  29. Nicolae Righeriu

    it's amazing how he can remember the entire video script with technical details by heart and say it while driving

  30. 3Way Mart

    thoughts on the zf 9spd available in the acura tlx?

  31. Faustin Gashakamba

    So....what did they do to make this transmission cool again?

  32. pete smyth

    2:30 1st time I've heard a yank pronounce Z correctly..zed,not zee.

  33. PhazonXL Productions

    The best transmission for me is the one that never breaks until I'm at 400,000 miles

  34. Dehv Blak

    Drunk driving/Distracted while hosting - POINTLESS. Just shoot in a studio/shop, nobody wants to watch you drive.

  35. andrewnduati

    My car a 4-series has a ZF 8-speed and this video just makes me want to go out for another drive lol

  36. Bob Jackson

    World's best automatic transmission?
    I don't see a Turbo 400 here?

  37. Chris Beland

    Do you still have your crosstrek? How do you like it? I have a '16 Trek and love it😁👍

  38. D Fields

    I still prefer manual transmissions.
    Best cheapest anti-theft device around.😄

    My. Mechanic Acquaintance hates BMWs. Too many plastic parts and overly complex
    And he has been working on German cars for 20 years

  39. furyofbongos

    I believe Toyota no longer uses the standard 4 speed auto trans, right?

  40. Noah B

    It's a good automatic, but it's absolutely no replacement for a manual or DCT in a sports car. A lot of manufacturers use this in a car where it just isn't appropriate. Look at the Aston DBS Superleggera for example. The car is 300k, competes against the 812 Superfast, and what's the biggest complaint? The gearbox is nowhere near as good as the Graziano DCT in the 812.

  41. 16VScirockstar

    Zett Eff is the way Germans say it.

  42. T M

    I wonder if they could make a smaller version to fit motorcycles?

  43. Steve Pounder

    ZF gets better everyday in either auto or dual clutch. Integrated Torsen diffs along with Hybrid units sandwiched in the bellhousing while overall weight and dimensions are lighter and smaller than the competition. The auto is the way to go until you exceed the 7200 rpm input for underdrive gears or 6k for 7th 1-1. Then the ZF 8 speed dual clutch is now rated for the same torque as their autos they’re available in the same configurations as the autos with a 9k rpm input rating. This is one of the reasons Ferrari and Porsche’s ect come in DC for their flat plane type vehicles. The best manuals on the market can’t match their torque ratings and have to do so with less than ideal gearing for strength. I enjoy a manual as much as the next person but it’s a dying horse.

  44. Lottermann Krisztián

    ZF - Germany .......what else 👍👍👍

  45. david morrill

    Short and sweet. What about duability, cost and ease of maintainance. BMW reputed be complcated, fragile and hard to maintaine. Thank you

  46. Rob Kenna

    I'm not an engineer, but I have this transmission in my ram truck, under normal driving I believe the torque converter locks up in 1st gear at a low speed and stays locked throught shifting, that in part is why it is more efficient than older designs, other than a occasional  rough upshift from 1-2 , it is quite smooth and often times like he said you really only know its shifting if you watch the tach

  47. Castle Bravo

    ZF 6 speed in my BFII Falcon. Absolutely brilliant.

  48. john floros

    just buy a tesla. NO TRANSMITION! NO SHIFTING!

  49. Political Puppet Theatre

    Automatic isn't cool. You make cool videos but automatics aren't cool.

  50. Jeff Ruebens

    The manuals are tiring in city traffic. The MX-5 Miata sells the most manuals of any vehicle in the US. Mazda also makes my favorite 6 speed automatic. I stay away from more speeds and CVTs. Partly from owning a Nissan Rogue from 2008 to 2017, the CVT was bad. I might eventually gamble with a Kia Niro hybrid with a dual clutch transmission. I study the April issue of Consumer Reports magazine at a library every year. For older vehicles, the Carsthatlast series on YouTube is good.

  51. Michael Trinidad

    Notice no mention of reliability or longevity.

  52. whatiwant

    Allison enters chat

  53. Loris Richter

    Greetings from the city in Germany where these transmissions are built 🙋🏻‍♂️


    I miss Germany soooo bad. I miss being there so so bad.

  54. TheWeedOperation

    Personally, I just believe the 8 speed won for the shear fact that DCTs in reality are executed so terribly. The complexity of a conventional automatic vs a DCT is not even comparable. In a conventional automatic clutches are used every where to engage and disengage different parts of the planetary gear sets so that gears can be shifted. Meanwhile dcts only have well... the dual clutches. The rest of the transmission is literally a manual transmission, synchronisers, selector forks, and the lot. When it comes mechatronics unit used to control the gearbox, both the DCT and coventional automatic use them. And when it comes to jerky-ness on start up, the more gears a DCT has the smoother it will be on both start up and at speed. How the conventional automatic became the standard of efficiency still bewilders me.

  55. Jon Moore

    The ZF is amazing! Especially with a little map mods. :)

  56. MRT Investigations

    Big question is what about reliability? Sure, fast shifting, lighter, compact etc but if it junk within 100k miles or less, what good it is from owner stand point

  57. joe wilk

    Why you don’t tell that this 8 speed transmission is a nightmare for Toyota owners!!!!!! Or Jeep owners!!!!
    Why you don’t talk about it !!!!
    You are so irritating.

  58. ANewBeginning

    Any car without a manual transmission is trash.

    Bogdan Dumitru

    ok boomer

  59. N0rdman

    Volkswagen double-clutch??? You mention that piece of rubbish that you need to change for $$$$$ about the same time VW recommends oil change?

    Bogdan Dumitru

    I've had that VW DSG in my Golf for the past 11 years and had absolutely no issues with it. And the Golf runs custom ECU software for 200 BHP and 480 Nm (2.0 TDI). The piece of rubbish you're referring to was only installed on 1.6 TDIs and 1.2 TSI between 2009 and 2011, and it, the dry DSG is in fact rubbish. The other DSGs (wet) were installed on 3.6 V6, 3.2 VR6, 2.0 TFSI, 2.0 TSI, 2.7 TDI, 3.0 TDI and 2.0 TDI on all VAG cars (with minor exceptions from Audi which used until not so long ago CVT transmissions) from 2003 till present day and are pretty much indestructible.


    @Bogdan Dumitru Buy a lottery ticket!
    Maybe it has to do with climate; if you ask the taxi drivers here in Sweden they will not be kind.
    Most of them have changed between three and five gearboxes before the odometer clocked 120,000 miles; one driver told me he had changed seven in that time!
    And here the VAG dealers (Audi, VW, Porsche, Seat) will not accept a car with TDI engines, not even as a trade-in.
    I spoke with one friend three weeks ago who had switched to BMW as when he came to trade his Audi with TDI they said flat no; sorry we can't take that risk and they don't sell.
    Indestructible? Well not according to Audi/VW here in Sweden at least.

    Bogdan Dumitru

    N0rdman I can asure you our climate is not a factor here as here in Romania we have the whole range possible, between -35 deg C to +42 deg C.
    I did however took great care about changing the dsg oil every 30-35.000 km. I’m not that lucky either because I did change the engine (it was leaking coolant and it hydrolocked in a very cold winter day)
    I have many friends (in a local club) with DSG boxes with the same story.
    Only two had issues and they both had 1.6 TDI and dry clutch dsg 7+1 boxes.
    I am soon going to buy a BMW 330e which has the ZF slushbox. Happy to hear there are no problems with this one as well.

  60. user975bg

    What is the difference between bmw steptronic and sports automatic in 2020?


    The ZF shifts very quick, not as fast as a dual clutch but close

  62. Michael Angelo

    Only idiots call a Z "zed".

  63. Navy Guy

    Does it beat the CVT?

  64. Flowerhorn F

    Does the sky active drive come close?

  65. Mr2pint

    I agree BMW make the best transmissions It’s no wonder or other car manufacturers pay huge money to buy ZF transmissions off BMW

    Dale Mullens

    BMW doesn't make ZF transmissions. They make their ZF transmissions with permission from ZF... big difference.

  66. MrCalifornia1234

    I’ve heard those RAM transmissions have problems and don’t last.

    John Boucher

    You heard wrong they are incredible

    Yo Dawg

    Yup,they're fine

  67. Giorgio Di Sciullo

    7-G TRONIC PLUS, by Mercedes, the best.

  68. fahrvergnuugen

    New video idea for you...

    Slushbox transmissions have many clutches and the planet gears are always engaged. Dct’s are know to shift faster and only have two clutches.


    If a slush box changes gears just by locking up specific clutches, why couldn’t they shift as fast as a DCT in the past?

  69. GT Godbear

    What's the best fwd automatic transmission? I can't use a clutch anymore unless it's extremely light. I want to start building my Civic but I don't want to build something I can't drive. I just want to find a strong dual-clutch and you use paddle shifters.

  70. Jose Aguirre

    Why does ZF9HP from the same manufacturer runs unreliable since 2014 on jeep cherokee KL models?

  71. wujekcientariposta

    the "zero fucks 8 speed"?

  72. Nisse Wahledow

    I had one. Some sensor broke during warranty, and my audi dealer wouldn't help. Got rid of it!

  73. Dr Din

    When you're still rocking your 4-speed from 2006 😊

    Apple Seed

    lynnthegreat10 6 speed year what?

  74. UpperEchelon8

    Rolls royce - zf 8hp transmission.

    Ram 1500 - zf 8hp transmission

    Rolls royce - Am i a joke to y

  75. KevinK2

    Unless you have driven one of these, you can't appreciate that they drive like an auto-shift manual, with ultra smooth shifts. The direct relation between rpm & speed (no slush box) is due the new Torque Converters that have a high torque, multi-plate clutch in them, that is Locked most of the time. I used to drive only manuals, but a foot injury ended that and this automatic is magical compared to the slush boxes that once were prevalent.

  76. Sparky

    I have it in my F20, it's amazing :-)

  77. SamuraiAtlas TSM

    I’m going to miss the aisin transmission on the ram

  78. James Aron

    LOL, after all that dissertation praising the ZF 8-speed automatic - "I'd rather have a manual transmission..."

    Francois Leveille

    @Alex Gorski Not to me! I'd love to drive a McLaren F1 one day but I can't drive manual!

    Prabhu M

    Only if he can get any premium auto with Manual anymore. All are converting themselves to zf automatic as it provides better efficiency and fuel economy better than the manual. Due to strict emission regulations they are avoiding the manuals. I’ve been driving my bmws with zf from 2010 and it is an amazing box and never want to go back to manual or dct. BMW is well ahead in the game of rolling out this trans on all their models and also well ahead in the way the software is developed to marry engine to the power train compared to later entries of manufacturers such as Audi and Jaguars with sluggish or jerky low speed controls.

    Justin F

    True indeed tested out some autos and ended up getting a manual GTI as my daily driver.


    @Francois Leveille No way. Even newest cars are more efficient with manual than any type of automatic transmission. Only on highway can automatics keep up. In a city driving a difference of as much as 2L/100km is possible.

    Francois Leveille

    @laszu As if a small Yaris had exactly the same kind of automatic transmission as 100k$ Porshe, Audi or Mercedez Benz cars. Duh! Obviously only very expensive cars have this sort of automatic transmissions.
    Of course on the vast majority of less expensive cars, you'll get better efficiency with manual.

  79. mrthunderbird5

    Very interesting and thank you 🙏 for that education on the differences 👏 👍

  80. Marcel Pacheco

    No mention of reliability?

    Yo Dawg

    Very reliable

  81. pasoundman

    Automatic transmissions have never been conidered cool outside N America.

  82. D Wall

    What about realistic maintenance costs?

  83. samuel lopes

    automatics really use to suck back in the day when they were commonly 4 speeds which doesn't make for the best gearing..

  84. Stephen Frankland

    What about the Jeep gearbox on the 1999 WJ, it had 6 speeds but only 5 were used.

  85. Russ S

    Bottom line is automatic transmissions are extremely sensitive and certainly designed for SNOWFLAKES who don't have a clue about mechanical engineering, Manuel TRANSMISSIONS ARE DEFINITELY THE BEST , keep all your Europe made junk, including junk made by Chrysler, Obumas brought back from the grave, using low grade materials, like I said, automatic transmissions are extremely sensitive like there drivers who don't understand mechanical engineering.

  86. Modeltnick

    All those moving parts spell trouble and expensive repairs. The overall best automatic transmission is the two speed Powerflite by Chrysler. It moved a car down the road smoothly and efficiently. The Chrysler torque converter would actually overdrive itself at cruising speed.

  87. h0lyhandgrenade

    ZF is nice, don’t get me wrong... but to say it’s unparalleled?... Go take out a PDK at your local Porsche. I’d be curious to hear your reaction.

  88. GONMAD

    A FAR better option is a 400 Turbo Hydramatic coupled to a GearVendors under/overdrive. This combination have been around longer than ANY factory 6 speed & is far tougher & more dependable. I have been using two of these setups for quite some time now with absolutely no problems.

  89. FCDB PCH

    A torque converter automatic gearbox/transmission is reliable as a manual gearbox/transmission.

  90. mark mesic

    Most of us don't pretend to be race car drivers and don't need to drive like lunatics to get to work. So just give us strong reliable, simple trans like a th400.

  91. Nathaniel Nixon

    Have you driven the 8speed Aisin in the Montero Sport/Lexus ISF. It’s very responsive too, very DCT. like. But has the smoothness of the torque converter unlike the AMG seven speed clutch type converter in the Eclass and later MCT transmissions.

  92. bahhaziz

    CVT 👎👎👎👎👎👎

  93. Earl Delsanto

    No their not cool. People are lazy and since car company's push autos people never learned to drive them. Autos have been more popular since the 60s. Your are searching for content.

  94. Petri Kautto

    Can someone explain me how the F does the BMW RWD hybrids work (like F30 330e), because those cars has the t.converter replaced with electric motor. Is that ZF or BMW invention or somekind of co-operation project?

  95. Maier Yancov

    The 10 speed automatic in the new Mustang GT is unbelievably fast, you're always in the engine's peak power range.

    William Sevier

    The transmission isn't where the power comes from its the mass that its attached to that does that, the transmission just controls the power output to put it to the ground, without the transmission an engine would be pretty useless regardless of how much torque and horsepower it had as it could never make it to the ground.

  96. zeczam

    What do you have to say about ZF's reliability?

  97. zeczam

    I thought the Bentley Continental GT uses Porche's PDK

  98. quadcoreQ

    It's pronounced Z-F and not Z-F