Automatic Loveletter - Just Keep Breathing Lyrics

The door slams I wake up
Another illusion I have made of this
I cry I swept away every tear that I've cried
And I swear this was your choice
So save me from falling with the sound of your voice

Are you lonely? Do you hold back?
Will the road ahead keep you on track?
I know you made what real for
But I can't help to die just a little bit more

I’ll miss your every moment
I can't hold it
And I swear
I'll miss your perfect charming selfishness
I can't say goodbye, say goodbye

So here goes my last chance
Of an hopeless romantic and I don't understand
Why you don't, why you wanna show
You're dangerously into me and it's tragic, so pathetic
I'm in love with you and you just don't get it

So when you lay your head at night do you think of me?
Do you think it's right to leave me here to kick myself
To hate myself for all that I felt?

I’ll miss your every moment
I can't hold it
And I swear
I'll miss your perfect charming selfishness
I can't say goodbye, say goodbye

So I sit here finding a way
Surrounded but still lonely
Your absence here doesn't help, it doesn't help
Cause every time I look to you
A mild depression comes screaming through
I don't know myself, we don't know ourselves

So make me this promise, yeah?
Say it with an object of
Emotion, feeling, can't stop spinning
Just keep breathing, say you need me

I’ll miss your every moment
I can't hold it
And I swear
I'll miss your perfect charming selfishness
I can't watch you go
Why'd you go?

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Automatic Loveletter Just Keep Breathing Comments
  1. Kira Nicole

    Her hair and makeup in the image starting at 2:42ish is absolutely stunning. Not many people can pull off shaving a section of hair right there - particularly a woman and particularly with a design added beyond the initial shave - but she's flawless!
    This has been one of my go-to favorite songs for the past twelve years and it never gets old. xoxox

  2. The Lovely Lucy

    The song I heard that made me a Juliet fan 🖤💗🖤💗🖤💗

    Also the first one I ever heard 😸

  3. Spottiegirl33

    When your crush asks another girl to homecoming

  4. Laura Black

    I swear I'll miss your perfect charming selfishness

  5. Selena Evans

    My aunt has been listening to her for awhile like since i was like 9 and i loved her the first time i heard her i didn't know what to look for on youtube but i still wanted to hear more of her music and my aunt told me when i'm older she would tell me how to find her and i'm now 13 and i love her music!! XD

  6. Cassidy Josey


  7. Dalia Kae

  8. Mercedes Verdusco

    This song makes me think of my ex :(

  9. Juliet Simms

    Sooo beautiffil song, voice, Julieet *---*

  10. Bronwyn Brown

    why is jenna marbles in the related section?

  11. ramirezjacqueline59

    Describes me lol

  12. Gorify My Love

    i hope they get more popularity cause they really do deserve it

  13. Laurin Breanne

    Because if you don' might.. die...

  14. Linea Papsø

    *Just keep breathing, cause if you don't, you might die' x) <3
    I love this song

  15. settodetonate

    I dated a guy like this once. He was sweet one minute then he would piss me off. But he would smile and everything was all better. I found this song the day after we broke up and just burst into tears. Love this song.

  16. maryjane bravo

    I absolutely love her..this song introduced me to her music and stuff:). It just scares me to think of any sort of break up right now :c

  17. mia owens

    this sucks !!

  18. HarrietDurden xo

    this is the only song i like by them tbh

  19. Pressley

    I can't find it either.... I don't think it was on any album...

  20. Stephanie Sharp

    OMG me too!! that song give me major chills!

  21. Olivia Foster

    just keep breathing... because if you don't you might just die.(: lol ilove her.

  22. Gothisitus

    Lol I love the intro :) But this is an amazing song. Honestly, I think she's the reincarnated Janis Joplin. She always helps me with "A Critical Shot To The Heart" :)

  23. Katie Paul

    what album is this off of?
    I can't find an album including this song or Unhearted...

  24. L&P

    Verses good.....Chorus bad.......that`s what i felt when i first heard this song.

  25. SexiiLexiiBee

    This song... Is for me and this guy. No matter how hard I try to make it work... He ends up making it end again. I try, and I try. But try as I may... I can never win or get my way.

  26. Konane Iolana-Clark

    explains my relationship with my best friend completly
    and they dont edit her voice

  27. Jessica Kadrmas

    She is an amazing artist. =)

  28. Mikayla Willie

    I just discovred her and i really love her voice! where is she from?