Automatic Loveletter - In Lyrics

Slow motion don't say anything
Better left unsaid, refrain as she always did
Pretty words I read them from a book
Expressing her fits, she's only worthy if perfect

Nothing's what it seems
Cavilliar and sadistically
Smile she fronted, in the making of a fine way to an end
She stubbornly will not give in, in, in
She's worn thin

Close your eyes so your ears can see
Black hearts appear in nightmare or daydream 'cause
When she smiles, it's just a low grade attempt
Of hiding the truth of what's real and what's pretend

So nothing's what it seems
Pixilated memories
Smile she fronted, in the making of a fine way to an end
She stubbornly will not give in, in, in
She's worn thin

Help for this girl's in trouble
Something's gone missing
Something within me
A love for a pasion
Emotions crashing
And nothing is working
She turns for a final farewell with her chin down
A tear rolling slowly
She'll ask before going
What is believing if no one can see me and nobody knows me
nobody holds me?

Open up your eyes for a safe land
She's falling, she's falling, she's falling
in, in, in, in
She's worn thin

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Automatic Loveletter In Comments
  1. livelyoh

    2007... Fuck, I'm old

  2. Ringo Legaspi

    12years????? Wow!!! So fastt

  3. Super46004

    february 2020 still here .

  4. Gemma Aboagye

    Beautiful song

  5. NightWriter 247

    Does anyone know which version this is on amazon? I think i bought the wrong one.

  6. ChantalNovemberChick

    Still loving it

  7. imam irsan

    2019 desember 😂

  8. Someweirdwitchbich

    Damn she sounds so much better here than now. What the fuck happened?

  9. Shanice Mckay

    Still love this

  10. Amber Strickland

    Still love this song in 2019. XD


    2019 😥

  12. JJackPauLL

    September 2019.
    Still here.

  13. Luz Mar


  14. Jang Shendy

    Lost in 2019

  15. sara ;;

    I love you Juliet

  16. Erin Elizabeth

    I’ve been looking for this song for years but couldnt think of the name

  17. HB J

    Still one of my best songs. Always keeping their album preciously

  18. Tappsy Krettz

    i won't make a sound so don't wake

  19. marilia 96

    Really unique voicee ...

  20. BliNk da Se7enteenth

    listening again in2019

  21. Mari Esparza

    Fun Fact

    The singer (Juliet Simms) has been married to the singer of Black Veil Brides (Andy Biersack) since 2016

  22. Fo Haus

    2019 still a fave

  23. Kimberly Moon


  24. AzizaX Blue


  25. Thálita Bianca

    perfeição 😻😻

  26. Eddie Anthony

    2018 +1

  27. Kero Drawings

    omg 11 years..time flies fast

  28. chaimae styles

    Im here cause she ws married to andy

  29. Anna Marijaaa

    I still love this song😭💔

  30. azrael 2.0

    She should have continued this band

  31. Blue Danish Cheese

    She is so underrates

  32. Hailey Camielle.

    But like does anyone notice how much happier she seems now?

  33. Planet Bvb

    i cried

  34. blake

    Her voice isnt as forced here unlike her new shit

  35. Violet Ford

    She was at least half decent here

  36. Kekaku Kakuka

    It's 2018 now! And I still miss this song. ❤

  37. 고추빨딱풍천장어

    Still sounds best 2018

  38. Amber Strickland

    Still listening in 2019. Love her voice!

  39. rasale13

    2018 e ainda dói

  40. lil_ickky

    The aura of this video makes me feel sad as hell

  41. Charlie Gabertan

    I like here beautiful voice and ilike him as ah silent girl

  42. Buny Bun Conejaa

    Andy & Juliet ❤❤❤♥♥🇺🇸🇺🇸

  43. andrea Avila

    I ❤ you juliet simms

  44. Jheniffy Esteffany

    love song

  45. Clorox Bleach

    This is worse than Justin Bieber

  46. Shawn Rossdale

    Saw her with Automatic back in 2008... loved the song.

  47. uhohwawh

    She ruinef herself

  48. Bethany Wallis

    people like this

  49. Sophie

    I was 2 years old when this came out!

  50. Marcelo Matos

    Meu amor ❤️

  51. Emma Marie

    still watching in 2017

  52. Wanderlust

    Never tired of this song ❤️

  53. Natalia Depp

    Her fucking voice <3

  54. Tortah Biersack


  55. Creative Outlet

    wow! I totally forgot about this song!

  56. Melanie Voorhees

    this song makes me really tired! lol good song and video

  57. Liliana automatic Loveletter- the kids will take their monsters on cd for sale

  58. gotthess

    smol child

  59. Grace Grimms

    That dude is fucking hot


    Why is everyone talking about Andy and his black veil brides shit no one cares


    Lizz-MetalHead Rod i care fuck you

  61. †Pythorella Von Sixx†

    with this kind of hair she looks little like Hannah montana

  62. Jade Miller

    Her voice was ok before, Now she can't sing and her voice is so gross.

  63. Marysia BVBarmy

    Kocham to! 😍 Kocham Juliet!😍


    Marysia BVBarmy A kto nie kocha ? <3

    Nina Salvatore

    ja, na przykład

  64. Emma-Jane

    I love this song so much

  65. Hamza Naeem

    Wow A non-potato and actually pretty jennifer lawrece

  66. frivolousthoughts232

    I still love this. WHAT A SONG.

  67. Jessica Lindsay

    God, do I miss automatic loveletter. I discovered them a little over 10 years ago and fell in love. She's such a talented artist.

  68. taylor


    Sarah Goth



    I WAS 4 TOO

    Caitlyn Bolze

    TaylorXD I was like 7 or 8

    Rockstar Voorhees

    TaylorXD I was 15

  69. Ayesha Jamal

    SHE'S 21 HERE OHMYGOD she looks like a baby, my child

    Megan Reátiga

    Ash J what?!?!?!?! I thought she was like 16 in the video ●.●


    She looks so young she looks like a 2005 16-17 year old teen

  70. Katka Konecna

    This is perfect, I love it

  71. soraya

    Here she looks like a young Rydel Lynch! I have just realized! Both talented anyways

    Bianca Oriente

    Yes!!!!! Do you like R5???? 😍😍😍

  72. AlchemyRiot

    01:18 - 01:22 lol

    Chloe Hope

    what's so funny about that..?


    +Chloe Biersack So much teen angst.

  73. Scorpio Sun

    Her voice sounds so much better in this what.

  74. Chloe Hope

    this is beautiful

  75. isbell

    Juliet Black(??

    Rose Purdy

    She's a cheating bit**

    Mickayla DM

    +Rose Purdy this was made in 2007..... Um I don't think she was cheating.

    Shawn Nitsche

    actually juliet biersack

  76. Internet Gremlin

    She looks like Cole c sprouse

    Scorpio Sun

    Cryinng because she does lmfaoo

  77. SeriouslyNotNormal


  78. Jackie *Schuler

    Everyone says the vid is boring but I like it

    Chloe Hope

    I love it too, it's honestly beautiful.

  79. Rachael Sadlier

    I love her voice, it reminds me of Janis Joplin ^_^

  80. shea the great


  81. Jeon Taehyung

    Awww Juliet looks adorable but now she likes to think she is all that

    Olivia Higdon



    i found ARMY here too damn 😅

  82. Kathleen Hayler

    This is so beautiful

  83. Alex Alternative

    im bout to cry i love this dong so much

    Luca Gondos

    You touched my tralala whoaaah my ding ding dong

  84. Lil J

    Juliet you have matured so much since this. In a great way, yet your voice still sounds amazing. I one day hope to meet you and congratulate you.

  85. Shauna Rollingson

    This original is a million times better than the "new version".

  86. totalawesomeboss

    i like Automatic Loveletter better then just Juliet by herself


    so agreed

    I hate You

    totalawesomeboss Same

  87. Mimi

    Juliet I love you ❤ your voice is perfect!!

  88. dee




    Jacy Nicole

    I'm laughing so hard that's what I thought omg


    @Jacy Nicole Ikr


    I fucking died. Andy would be like what? 16 or 17 here? Idk why this thought is so funny to me rn

  89. Megan Sigala

    I'm so depressed I'm like listening to every slow song there is. Because my boyfriend broke up with me a couple days ago, and all I can do is just think about him. He also did this a few days before homecoming. I think I loved him as soon as I started talking to him just everything about him. And it hurts so much I have never experienced pain like this before. I really don't know what to do.

    A EJJ

    +Megan styles -love yourself and realize that he is beneath you and do not waste any more of your precious life thinking about the bad karma that he has put upon himself. Peace


    +Megan styles And in a few years you will laugh about how upset you were about that d-bag.

  90. Katie Martin

    Juliet Simms is probably one of the most passionate singers I've ever heard. :)

  91. helpisnototw

    this will always be one of my favs by autolove

  92. Taylor Trinklein

    I like her raspy voice

  93. Laura

    Who remembers this song from MySpace? Lol