Automatic Loveletter - Black Ink Revenge Lyrics

I wanted this
I wanted you
I wanted it to last but you fell through
Now east coast boys don't you see
That here on the west we follow our dreams
I don't want to know you anymore
The color of your lips red
And I swear I never wear lipstick
No, my god I drank too much
Laughing while I'm crying
Don't you let them know you're dying
Dying to break out and dying to get, get out
From the windows of the upstairs
Click my heels, but I am stuck here
I'm pledging this vow

This is the last time
This is the last fight
Sunsets to sunrise
Morning to midnight
And this is my goodbye
So blow out the candle
The bottle is dry
And these pages learn to think
You're not even worth my black ink revenge
I guarantee you'll miss me

I can't stomach this
I think I'm going to be sick
My hearts made of wick and you put the fire out of it
With the kerosene; chalked my feet
She smiled at me and closed the door, but not to sleep
This isn't making any sense
I was yours the night before this
And the smell of your sheets is the remnants of it

This is the last time
This is the last fight
Sunsets to sunrise
Morning to midnight
And this is my goodbye
So blow out the candle
The bottle is dry
And these pages learn to think
You're not even worth my black ink revenge
I guarantee you'll miss me

So I'm writing you out of my dreams
And you'll miss me I swear when I leave
Yeah, I'm writing you out
I'm crossing my T's
And I want back the necklace that I said you could keep
And you miscomprehend and I scorn you to death
My words are as strong as my last gasp for breath
Leave nothing behind
Not a trace or a crumb
And no clues to unlock how painful this was
And so I'm writing you out of my dreams
And you'll miss me I swear when I leave

This is the last time
This is the last fight
Sunsets to sunrise
Morning to midnight
And this is my goodbye
So blow out the candle
The bottle is dry
And these pages learn to think
You're not even worth my...

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Automatic Loveletter Black Ink Revenge Comments
  1. Isabelle Vasquez

    Her sound totally grew on me, hope she’s taking care of her voice tho cuz that sounds like it hurts sometimes

  2. Cindy

    Love automatic loveletter

  3. Leandro Almeida

    #awesome beatiful Voice, perfect music.❤️

  4. dyuloose

    just love love the rawness of her voice.

  5. Dee S

    Listen to this song often, love the rawness and as much as I like her voice nowadays this is still my favourite

  6. Ximena Frausten

    I love this song so much!💔

    Juliet has a beautiful voice, and a lot of talent as well!✨ ; she has a lot of feeling when singing, and the words of this song she composed are authentic.

  7. Kimberly Moon

    Why doesnt she make music like this anymore

  8. Jax Cooper

    Still watching and getting emotional in 2018! 🤘🤘🤘

    Veil Trials

    xLBMCH1CKx xPS4x same😭😻

  9. Dee S

    Love her voice....the emotion.....

  10. Kitana Khan

    Please do not ever delete this video it will break my heart entirely. I come back to this all the time

  11. Irene VonKreitzen

    Did she.. Did she change some of the lyrics!?

    EscapingTheFate 1

    Yes, she did!

  12. Lyra Serpentine

    These lyrics are fucking incredible. So powerful.

  13. Are Zim

    shes so fuckin talented its unreal! her raw voice her emotions the way she poured her heart out in this song what an amazing singer such an inspiration!

  14. Naima Art.x

    Will never get over how great this song is

  15. TheSyfq _

    Dat voice 😍

  16. Claire Tan

    I can literally feel her emotions. Beautiful.

  17. fran apples

    what kind of guitar is this????

    Jessica McCormack

    Daisy rock girls guitar

  18. Lucas Bear

    The most passionate song I have ever heard.

  19. tempest in a teacup

    i love how she sounds almost the same on the album, which shows she doesn't have to autotune to sound amazing

  20. Klysse Robinson

    I like her voice better here than now


    +Klysse Robinson 5 years ago brother, people get past their primes

  21. Jackie *Schuler

    im that person going "wheres her Andy tattoo"

  22. Min Suga

    I love this song <3

  23. Livvi

    Crying OMG 😭😭😭😭 this song is so relatable to any whose ever been hurt by anyone

  24. Art R

    i love her voice and her songs are amazing <3

  25. Ariana Peña

    she's perfect!

  26. Mortal Mind

    She has one of the best voice ever but she can't seem to be able to write really good songs

    Bella black

    Uhm what? Are you deaf?

  27. Mista Javä

    I can't understand people who say she can't sing. There is so much passion in that voice, I love it.

  28. Em Reinke

    I really like this video, even though it's just her and her guitar, you can really tell how much she emotion she feels towards the words she is singing and she really gets into it.

  29. Star Kelley

    Amazing!!! I felt every word she sang!!!!!! Thats pure talent

  30. Даша Березовская

    It is so amazing 👏

  31. xOur_Little_Infinityx

    Juju's great aw<3 :,)

  32. Moni Rose

    any one know the strumming?


    @Bambi Rose I'm having the same problem :(

    Moni Rose

    I have the beginning which is really easy but i need the rest of it. I want to make a cover but It's either learn it on guitar or a capella 

  33. Madison

    Wow. I love how emotional and raw her songs are. Her voice is so powerful. I just saw the video for End Of The World and it's amazing to see how far she's come.

  34. Lose Yourself In Music

    I like a lot My Goodbye but I love to pieces Black Ink Revenge... there's something so unique in this song, and the ways Juliet sings... with so much passion that it touches me. Just love it

  35. Карина Май

    Со всех сил пытаюсь полюбить Джу..но не получается.

  36. Travis Youker

    I can't handle this video.... Jesus Christ..... I'm not one to get all emotional.... But every time this girl sings it's just to much.... So much heart... And overbearing of emotion... True artist is what she is...

  37. Russell Gilmer

    So much emotion! We need more artists like this these days!!!

  38. Alex Teano

    i love this song

  39. Em T

    I adore all these old songs. Hope she comes out with some more stuff like this in the future! Wild Child just didn't have the same vibe...

  40. Cheyenne Strickland

    I remembered Andy Biersack wearing an Automatic Loveletter shirt, and having no clue who or what they were. But this is now my second fav band! Juliet is so emotional in this song! I don't understand how anyone could hate this! Thanks to Andy, I just found Juliet!!!!!!!! And I cried during this song!!!!!!!!!!


    haha it was the same by me with the shirt xD and now... just one thing: *-*


    @Aliciana *-*

  41. December-Mae Bliss

    People think I am a mini Juliet when I sing her songs-
    She plays a huge role in my life for me to become a singer. <3

    David Hinkle

    @ELizabeth MOrgan I've been looking for a woman for almost 2 years and they have all rejected me because I can't work :'(

    ELizabeth MOrgan

    @David Hinkle im sorry  

    Hannah bamber

    Same ❤️ I want to be a singer!! And her songs are perfect for my voice


    +David Hinkle you are amazing. Don't let other peoples hurtful intentions get you down!

    Jose Antonio

    where are your covers then?

  42. Haleigh Paul

    She sings with so much emotion I love it

  43. Qwayla Q

    She is so emotional and passionate that it almost makes me cry.

  44. Vilde Nordli

    I cried after 20 seconds. SO BEAUTIFUL! to be honest i love her as much as i love bvb, and thats AAAALOT

  45. Nini cx

    Can't get enough of this video! it just proves how talented she is! she's still my fav female vocalist and I don't think that'll change!

  46. Adzlan Abdulla

    her voice inspires all the time.. :D

  47. Bonnie Manning

    i love her way too much... seriously it's not healthy!

  48. april norton

    I just love her!

  49. FullmoonEffects89

    + Tim Mcilrath

  50. Emma W.

    She's so talented… phew I got the chills!

  51. Rebeka Obuka

    She sings with so much emotion! <3 Love her!

  52. Justin

    Phew... love it!

  53. Brad MacDonald

    Gives me chills everytime i listen to it

  54. Alyssa Ramirez

    I love her so much!♥

  55. Brutl Evan


  56. AnnaBananaDoesLife

    Hailey Williams+Juliet Simms


    PERFECT *---------*

  57. Sam

    this song is so beautiful i love that she puts so much feeling in her music <3

  58. Megan Kittell

    Her voice is pure perfection <3

  59. Creative Space

    The fact that the whole time I was just looking at her gum in her mouth haha.

  60. Madison Dodson

    I cried and I've heard the song a billion times

  61. Giovanna Soria

    She so easily brings so much emotion into her music. It's amazing. ;-;

  62. Cara Amy

    She is just amazing.

  63. Anna Lied

    I'm getting the same guitar :D Just in a different color. That just makes me sooooo happy!!!!

  64. SongUnsung

    i have a feeling im going be a HUGE fan of this band

  65. Lacey Sager

    I never really liked Juliet. I was obsessed with BVB cx Over the past month I've listened to ALL/Juliet probably a thousand times more than more BVB .-. This week I've listened to BVB 3 times cx

  66. Maetzi Munguia

    She's so beautiful and amazing :)

  67. alyssad342

    The only reason I found out about Juliet is because she was dating Andy and I now have to say I am a fan of hers

  68. Garret Wilson

    Flat Out Awesome! Keep Pouring Your Heart Out And We Will Certainly Keep Listening. Wicked Awesome. -GW

  69. Heather H

    Oh, my God. This girl is amazing. She sings with such conviction. I know nothing about her, except that she is beautiful and she can sing her fucking ass off!

  70. stexo

    simply amazing

  71. truska4life

    Watched her on the voice ..but listened to automatic love letter for a while just didn't know it was her

  72. lAdYsCoRp1oN

    she should have won I love her voice!!!

  73. Rebecca Setzler

    I love her voice

  74. Polina Vlasenko

    she is kind))

  75. ehilia

    I love how she puts so emotion in her songs so I automatically almost cry with her :')

  76. Starz940

    How the hell is that piece of gum still in her mouth after she's been singing like that?

  77. Cece

    and thats why she is amazing

  78. Kalene Dunn

    Her and christina aguilera sound the best

  79. I'mNotWeirdI'mCreative

    I love how she sounds exactly like she sounds on the album :)


    Are you still throwing yourself away ?


    i dount got eny words

  82. mrsjabob

    I thought for sure she had it in the bag. She is such an unusual talent, and has something special about her. The guy that won annoyed me and his songs suck now. She deserved it but will probably be more famous than any of them regardless.

  83. Maddie Jake

    Her voice is the best female voice out there.

  84. Biia Nabais

    She doesn't need autotune.

  85. SammyKitty92

    I remember when I was going to see Automatic Loveletter during Warped Tour but then I couldn't go :( I hope one day I can see one of her solo shows!

  86. benyeahh

    Such an incredible emotional performance

  87. Pikachue

    Fukin epic song. <3

  88. missunique961

    4:20 - 4:35 major goosebumps!

  89. Jewelsheam

    I don't know this kid the way you do but a part of me died too when she didn't win the voice. In fact, I haven't watched it since then. And you are right, it's not that the others weren't talented, but this girl made me stop in the middle of something I was doing at the time to walk out into the living room to see who was singing! I was like, "My god this girl can sing!!" And I only remember the guy that won because he "finished ahead of her" not beat her!

  90. kittylovesbiersack


  91. raulsgirl926

    @Skyler Washington couldn't agree more :) Just a bunch of jealous assholes!! Haters.

  92. Claa

    Fuck this Andy-Juliet thing. It's the music, not about private life. Her music and vocals are perfection. Eargasm.

  93. jj bullsack

    now that's bleeding out you heart

  94. Roselynn Rios

    4:25 - 4:31 literally so emotional omfg

  95. John Smith

    at first i thought she looked kinda weird then i realized that wasn't it. she's an individual and she's totally hot when she's being who she is <3

  96. John Smith

    she isn't 'trashy'. she's just confident about her style.

  97. Jessica paag

    Have to say this is one of my favorite songs form them.

  98. karen88radke

    Nope, not me. I just have a funny feeling about her. When I was into BVB, Andy was dating a girl Scout, now Juliet looks a lot like Scout & resembles her personality as well. Scout was also trashy & broke Andy's heart. Juliet is a homewrecker if you do your homework, she has a bad record.

  99. CrillePilleTC

    amazing voice... truly amazing!