Automatic Loveletter - Always Wanted Lyrics

And I'm missing you
I'm the loneliest out here
But I'll win I swear

And I'm missing home
I starve for attention
Paralyzed with fear
And it shows

And it's just like you said
It would be when I left
I never thought when I left you knew best
So I brown paper bag this solution to just quit
An illusion is best fit
Terryfied that I'm already dead
Until you said

Don't worry, I'll fix this
Just like you always say
So I'm sorry, forgive me
You're always wanted

This can't be happening to me
Addressing my world of
Depression I've worn secretly
Purposely I fought off mistakes I've done
To throw my flaws and miss you by
Still you smile

Don't worry, I'll fix this
You say once again
So I'm sorry, forgive me
You were always wanted

And suddenly I see what you've done
So sorry it had to take me this long to say
You brightened my life
And you deserve to rest easy in your bed tonight
Yeah, you deserve just to know that you're my shining light

So don't worry
I'm okay
I'll be just fine
And I'm sorry
Please forgive me
You were always wanted
So suddenly

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Automatic Loveletter Always Wanted Comments
  1. no one

    i love this song im in tears i can relate to this alot i love juliet so much my female idol right here

  2. Christopher Simkins

    I love this song....but does anyone know her very first song for Automatic Loveletter? I know this is a really early one...but what's the first song


    a little late but I think it was Stars and Scars or Tin Lizy n,n

  3. _lisa_ snakey_

    I cry every time whe I hear this amazing song!! <3

  4. Laci Jordan

    This song brings up emotions I never knew I had.

  5. Liz McLeod

    This song catches the feels ;-; 
    I love this (and her) so much. 

  6. B B

    Love love love her!

  7. idk i'm kaitlyn

    Dear Juliet, can you stop being so beautiful k thanks 

    Christopher Simkins

    idk i'm kaitlyn IKR?! It's like: Girl if you don't stop being so freaking gorgeous we are going to have to make you freaking god.

  8. Lauren Sabino

    Is this new?


    No, it's an old demo from her myspace :) 

  9. I'mNotWeirdI'mCreative

    This song is special too me. I recently told my best friend that I have depression after shutting her out completely, as I was worried about what she might think. When I did tell her, she supported me fully and now, looking back, I don't know why I didn't want to tell her. I didn't realise how grateful I was too have her until she was the only person I had left, even after the way I acted towards her. I showed her this song and now, this is "our" song <3


    I'm glad you told her. Depression is like the worst thing and there is no reason to keep it hidden. Being alone is horrible but if your friend is there for you, then everything is going to be ok. I know how you feel, you're not alone ♥

  10. Yara Asmar

    Made me cry, thank you for uploading this<3

  11. Alishah Choudhary

    This is beautiful, the line you are my shining light, that line is now from me to juliet. Thank u so much for posting this, simmsnakes, snake it up! Xx


    Thank you, I'm so glad you like it! ^_^