Autograph - Watch It Now Lyrics

I don't need to give an explanation now
I am gonna change the situation now
You dragged me to the bottom of the ocean now
I am breaking free, you better

Watch it now
Watch me now
Watch it now
Watch me now

Times will always change there's nothing you can do
Now this time I'm gonna turn my back on you
I am gonna cut the strings and let you go
I will strike you back just thought I'd let you know

Watch it now
Watch me now
Watch it now

Watch it now
Watch me now

Watch me now
Watch me now
Watch me now

I am gonna make you eat the words you say
I will cut you loose and watch you fade away

You better

Watch it now
Watch me now
Watch it now
Watch me now
Watch it now
Watch me now
Watch it now
Watch me now

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Autograph Watch It Now Comments
  1. ROCKERS 78

    Chum scored mon, Dylan is the greatest of my time

  2. William Thompson

    After examining the autograph rebecca found the autograph to be a fake.

  3. Nord

    The fact that Chumlee got it signed by Dyaln would actually make it worth a lot more... especially since it's now been on TV

  4. Nord

    Some people's children Rick...

  5. kidfromda st

    Im gonna sell it for 75 has it signed what a sleaze

  6. Connor

    The old man reaction to chumlee is brilliant

  7. Max Robinson

    Does chumlee have a mental retardation?

  8. anonymous 64

    ChumLee to Rick: Mr Dylan and I got along famously.
    Rick: Let me call in an expert to confirm

  9. Joe REMery

    I run a record store. This is an $8 album.

  10. Roger Dal Ben

    I like Chumlee !

  11. Cody M.

    This segment should be called Chum trolls everyone. Set up but still funny.

  12. Mark Harris

    Nice to see Bob smiling and playful. He usually has a somber kind of vibe...Odd though, I never thought he would play in Las Vegas with all the plastic there....

  13. flyhound97

    A high school teacher of mine was a classmate of his. He said he was a weird duck in HS. The type to be a mass shooter today.

    Joel Bizzell

    The fat guy, the bald guy, or Bob Dylan?

  14. Dan Kelly

    Is this show always this fake?
    How pointless

  15. Peter Dejong

    Chummlee go back to your trailer.

  16. Chivirak Meth

    Is this for real? This Chumlee is insane 😅🤣🤣🤣😅

  17. TheMrguitarmanguy

    be groovy or leave

  18. rEVOLVEr

    Special Education was invented because of Chumlee.


    later he sold it for a bag of meth

  20. John Semley

    the best video that there is

  21. Andrew Hook

    Hoping someone else enjoys it,means I'm broke I need the cash..🤣🤣I would never sell that for 50

  22. Beantown

    these douchebags wouldn’t know squat if they weren’t prepped for the show. they talk like they have all this knowledge but they don’t. chumley looking for dylan??? a complete set up. ridiculous!!

  23. TrippingTheTube

    I love this. haha

  24. MrSayNoMore

    el mejor video que vi en este año

  25. Anthony Cruz

    So staged 🥱

  26. Mike Day

    That day Rick did not get 'shelter from the Chum'.

  27. Ben Kleschinsky

    Dude, I can buy a copy on eBay for $5.


    Worth it just for 'Days of 49' alone!

  28. Samuel Clark

    this is the most scripted thing I've ever seen in my life

  29. TheSuperChronic

    Mr Dylan and Chumlee got along famously.

  30. Jostein V. Jordet

    Chumlee is so dumb that he's smart!


    Chum lee finessed tf outta that record

  32. SuperPussyFinger

    Nothing staged about this.

  33. Gomer Hanger

    lol! I remember seeing this when it first aired and was thinking this is so awkward and random.

  34. njunderground

    I have to imagine Bob Dylan just really liked watching Pawn Stars on his tour bus and wanted to be on the show

  35. Ed Smith Music

    Been a huge fan of Chumlee since Street Fighter 2.

  36. George Martin

    this is why Bobby is the coolest, he most likely agreed to this because he loves the show and Chumlee is a down to earth humble guy...the kind Bob grew up with back in the '50's in Hibbing Minnesota.

  37. Michael Solomon

    This show is as scripted as the other pawn shows.

  38. Aaron David

    these crooks dont deserve more gold

  39. A Hill

    Like this story line wasn’t planned....

  40. MP-Fin

    Don’t care if it is scripted; this was a fun video

  41. Lucas Dummer

    Nunca vi o Bob Dylan tão feliz kkkkkk

  42. Titus McCarthy

    Do they ever wear gloves when handling merch on this show?

  43. Unintelligible Light Web

    This show is so fake

  44. Chris montgomery

    Bob Dylan sold his soul.

  45. Steve Finlay

    It stinks that they make money out of signatures. Where real it’s too priceless to sell. Autographs by celebrities are a means of making money by these sharks

  46. John Christian

    Dylan just walking around equals cool.....

    John Christian

    THA ARCHON ABOLISHER 88 Ya thanks for your incredible insight sport.

  47. Tom

    This the best thing on YouTube by far!

  48. Retro Robbie

    I miss the dad

  49. chop 362

    I ran into Bob Dylan at Dairy Queen, gave em a ride home.

    Mr. Butterfinger

    chop 362 actually?

  50. Donald Grow


  51. Muirton66

    This was a good show when it started, unfortunately it got ridiculous in later shows, the Chumlee nonsense ruined it.

  52. 2384 nyc

    What a fake appearance lolol

  53. Dimitrije Nikolic

    Chumlee is a prime example of what years of careful inbreeding look like.


    Dimitrije Nikolic 💀


    Harold and Kumar told us


    Elite inbreeding

    Travis Rose

    i think you mean rick and corey

  54. Hawthorn

    That record isn’t worth more than 10 bucks hahah you can get an OG vg+ for 8.

  55. Jay Fuller

    75, 80 bucks? That's a 20 dollar record at best.

  56. Cody M.

    I was concerned that Chum might screw this up and say something awkward to Mr. Dylan. Glad to see he did 👌 okay . $50 dollar album with potential for $1000 goes to wall art at Chumleys pad. $25

  57. Kill Your TV

    I don't believe in Zimmerman.

  58. That Boi

    Chumlees actually a genius for this

  59. Dirk Diggler

    Bobs the man

  60. Craig wells

    In fairness, Pawn Stars has a lot of fans in its an right, and this isn’t “just” a signed Dylan album... it’s a signed Dylan album that featured in a TV show with the man himself signing it (which is an oddity in itself, as a guest appearance by Bob Dylan on Pawn Stars is something that’s going to be talked about and remembered because it’s seemingly out of character)... The album is probably worth MORE than your “average” signed album for that reason

    Captain Brandon Horror Film Lover

    Agreed: The whole quirky & oddball nature is already out of character so that also makes it a bit more unique.

  61. squish _

    “I’ll only sell it for $75.” *2 seconds later* “Chum, go get this album signed by Bob Dylan.”


    Ultimate finnam

  62. Rune Kjøsterud

    the scripting in this show is soooooooo bad....

  63. Kwanita heie 2

    This is 100% legit, not staged at all.

  64. Chameleon Chris

    I collect musicians autographs too... have many on my wall framed and genuinely autographed by original members etc.. I have Peter Hook of Joy Divisions.

  65. Fatima Amrane

    Chumlle vous êtes super Star

  66. Dr. Rock

    This whole clip is so stupid. That Dylan album is worthless. There are millions of them floating around. Even first pressings can easily be found in dollar bins. Why did the pawn guy offer $50? Never mind all that stupid crap after it. Christ.

  67. Live Free Or die

    The single coolest human being to walk the planet. Well, him and John Lennon..

    Clive Bindley

    Chum Lee is not really that cool.

    Live Free Or die

    @Clive Bindley HAHAHA nice!

  68. BROOKS39

    Wasn’t “Like A Rolling Stones” on Highway 61 revisited ?


    BROOKS39 self portrait contains a live version, which makes no sense. It was a strange album

    Clive Bindley

    " Like A Rolling Stone ". There's no " s " like in the band name.

  69. Arthur Travaglia Benincá

    That was funny

  70. Random Rojas

    Keep it dumbass

  71. jared vincent

    Bob Dylan fist bump XDXDXD

  72. Johnny Dutch

    He can sell that autograph to the pawnshop for 7 dollar.

  73. Adidas Bandit

    Looks like Hurley from lost.
    Or should I say
    He looks like Hur Lee

  74. svend kjærbye

    fake bob dylan

  75. Pete Lounsbury

    Its got a history now. Easily worth $500.

  76. Boat Axe

    The episode that proved that the show is scripted to those few idiots who don’t think it is.


    Bob Dylan: uses sunglasses to see

    armando salas

    @OLD TIMEZ I wouldnt go as far as to call it a joke bud.

    Rick Astley

    armando salas Jesus man, don’t be such a whiner

    Becoming Smith

    The joke isn't that prescription glasses don't come in sunglass form, its the fact that the sunglasses being his only available prescription pair is such a Bob Dylan thing for Bob Dylan to do in this moment. They probably had to pay him extra to take them off for this cameo so he could be recognized. I mean, you could literally count on one hand how many times Dylan has appeared on TV speaking since this was filmed. OLD TIMEZ, I laughed.


    Becoming Smith exactly!! finally somebody who got the joke.

  78. DoubleUpOnBob

    "This will really mean a lot to my boss" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  79. Adam Anna

    Wow that looks like the holly grail

  80. Samet Akıllı

    why chumlee walks up to bob dylan like a beggar


    Puts sunglasses on to read.

  82. Drippy Skamatic

    Rick being nice cause he only payed 50

  83. broadband01

    dedicated doesnt matter too much it depends on how rare and how famous the signer is ,,,dylan is not common as he doesnt like signing

  84. floyd fletcher

    A fat slob gets a has-been's autograph.

  85. um me

    I never understood why people thought he was great. He has one of the worst voices I have ever heard.


    Felt for Chum on this one

  87. Jonathan Solo

    4:30 "Sweet... freaking awesome day". He is a "sooo impossible to hate" guy 😂😂😂😂😂

  88. Ghost Rider

    Fake show, fake bob dylan. You people are chumps.

  89. rono johnson

    Bob Dylan toughest living autograph to get! The show must have paid him with lots of vegas escorts!

    J C

    rono johnson Bob is a Christian

  90. Clyde Barrow

    I'll give you 5 bucks for it but I'm taking a big chance.

  91. MrPernell27

    Yea, Bob Dylan is just walking down the streets of Vegas alone.

  92. vikas upadhyay

    Look at old man face ,

  93. Mark Henderson

    I love Dylan but this album is horrible plus that Like A Rolling Stone version is one of the worst things I've ever heard.

  94. James Williams

    Do not personalize this please. Thank you....

  95. Swiss Dokkaebi

    Chum lee🤣🤣🤣👍

  96. ArchieL

    I feel like you can just have all the normal conversations you want with Bob, just don’t talk about boring idiotic things a late night talk show would ask. No wonder artists hate being interview by the press, none of them understand the artist at all. People like Marlon Brando and Bob Dylan can not be labeled and contained into a little portrait of the media, they are their own , bizarre, magnificent people. We are all bizarre in our own ways.

  97. Johnny Daniels

    Nobody could be that stupid...oh wait...Chumlee can. Another example of when a man should pull out.....