Autograph - Turn Up The Radio Lyrics

Turn it up


I'm working hard you're working too
We do it everyday
For every minute I have to work
I need a minute to play
Day in day out all week long
Things go better with Rock
The only time I turn it down
Is when I'm sleeping it off

Turn up the radio
I need the music, give me some more
Turn up the radio
I wanna feel it, got to give me some more

Now listen
I wanna shake I wanna dance
Count it out to one, two, three
I feel the beat I'm in a trans
No better place to be
Day time night time anytime
Things go better with Rock
I'm going 24 hours a day
I can't seem to stop

Turn up the radio
I need the music, give me some more
Turn up the radio
I wanna feel it, got to give me some more

Turn up the radio
I wanna feel it, got to give me some more

Turn up the radio
I need the music, give me some more
Turn up the radio
I wanna feel it, got to give me some more

Turn up the radio
I need the music, give me some more
Turn up the radio
I wanna feel it, got to give me some more

Turn up the radio
I need the music, give me some more
Turn up the radio
I wanna feel it, got to give me some more

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Autograph Turn Up The Radio Comments
  1. Ken Pool

    Had this in vinyl, and Cerwin Vagus speakers. Blew the fuses a couple times, turning up the volume

  2. Евгений Труфанов

    Alpha Protocol brought me here

  3. Byron Cudmore

    Things go better with rock......truth

  4. M McC

    Recorded this from the radio onto a tape when it came out. Then I wore out the tape, playing it over and over on my Sony Walkman. 46 yrs old now!

  5. Paul Brunelle

    Whenever i feel the urge to slap a cop or urinate on a nun....This is
    number 1 on my playlist. I'm cranking this and my wife upstairs is about
    to come down here and give me the "wtf eyes". Meh... Who cares.....i
    haven't changed for 40 years! Rock on!

  6. Jos Ron

    Coke fueled power ballads !!

  7. OTSS75

    Opens with Daft Punk wanting autographs from autograph

  8. Andrei Nekrasov

    Hope Paper Mate cut them a good check for this commercial.

  9. Andrei Nekrasov

    "Introducing: the world's first erasable pen, only from the innovators of stationery!"

  10. The Whip

    16 years old first band I seen live back in 1985 opening for Mötley Crüe. Great show I miss those days

  11. pedrojamiz1

    Join my rare hair metal group on FB. Search Rare and Unknown Hair Metal. This is for people that want to hear the rarer music from the 80's that we aren't hearing today. Also newer bands that have the same sound.

  12. little puppet yoda

    I wish i lived in the 80s beacuse 1 i like hair metal and i hate the kinda music that is in still right now like juce wrld and little baby and all that kinda trash this is real music

  13. Angeluz legends

    muy pegajosa demasiado buena esta musica y esta banda de los 80

  14. Neal Harrison

    damnim old but love this beat

  15. Thomas Wiman


  16. Donald Feuer

    Rock Rules

  17. Hunkmarvel

    4:24 They have poodle hair.

  18. Женя

    2020 time to play GTA Vice City)

  19. bruno baranowski

    Ce morceau est toujours aussi jouissif.

  20. 「ルカス」Animu FM

    V-ROCK Radio
    GTA Vice City <3

  21. Fabrizio Roggeri

    autograph love

  22. farandulator fix

    En Chile nos encantaba

  23. borderline delusion


    Was such of an amazing band

    This is my

    My favorite song ?

    Which is your favorite song?
    Thanks for this video.
    This is the best band hands down.
    I wish my band could sound so amazing
    Words and lead guitars and lead vocals
    Borderline delusion band

    We r trying to raise awareness for suicide prevention..

    I was lucky to work with Derf scratch, the original bass player of FEar.
    Also, Durga mc broom
    The background vocals of Pink Floyd from 1988 until recently.
    Borderline delusion

  24. RG DM

    8/1/2020 yet listenin’

  25. Metal Hex

    Brought to you by Paper Mate Sharpwriter.

  26. CorySmith Vernon1

    Best music decade ever 1980s

  27. chuck schmidt

    Don't listen to this song very often but when I do so do, my neighbors

  28. Gerald Clark

    God this CHEESE RIPPED OFF FFSK.,there's at least 10 bands in this #.wtfk.

  29. Rodolfo Cádiz

    I remember this song in a movie so opening

  30. Cornell Waters

    🖍️ Music!

  31. Analog synth player

    80-89, miss the people, music, movies. 59 and still playing this stuff, in nashville and looking to get a band and play the greatest genre of music. Drums, vocals, keyboards, ya'll come to nashville.. let's turn it up. One of the greatest songs Ever

  32. Jerry Beauchesne

    The era of late 80s cheesy hair metal.

    Daniel Golus

    This was 1984-85. Mid-eighties

  33. BlackProject

    2020 WHO IS HERE......SIGN IN PLEASE!!!!

  34. Arnaud Zoller

    V rock station ! Vice city :)

  35. Paul


  36. Tenno Beatz

    This is the most 80's video I've ever seen

  37. Alexander Gilles

    You just can’t turn it up loud enough when this comes on

  38. Martín Gasa

    02:00 The guy on the left is Rikki Rockett (Poison's Drummer)

  39. Вячеслав

    Обожаю этот трек благодаря GTA Vice City. Кто слушает в 2020 году?

  40. Kriss Kross

    The 100% official home of rebellion - V-ROCK

  41. SkoolyRatt

    Whos gonna be turning up the radio in 2020???

    Kevin Karlsson


  42. Terri Michaels

    Who is with me in 2020 😆

  43. J B79

    2020 still good

  44. NeoGee

    Ah the good old Papermate Sharpwriter, I was more of a Pentel P207 kid back then. My mom would cadge them, ahem I mean legitimately obtain them from her work.

  45. Gabriel Rios

    Its that the scorpion's guitarrist with the hat on?

  46. Ice Snake

    turn it up every time he says.

  47. Chris. G

    Apart from my CD collection, the main place I listen to music I like, and grew up with, is YouTube. I can't stand the majority of modern music playing on radio now. I'll be 40 in July, and my favourite decades of music is 70s and 80s (and a little bit of the early '90s)

  48. Andy Berridge

    Turn up the radio, 🎸 😎 Cool track, my teenage years.


    Def Leppard II


    Could be right out of the Spinal Tap video library.

  51. nazar king

    Mr Robot

  52. William Wallace

    Why all the stupid sound effects spoiling the music ?

  53. Dillon Crowe

    I'd say Autograph is one if the very few bands you could accurately describe as a one hit wonder.
    Know What I Mean?

  54. Naked Alien

    Good open road song

  55. beggersbanquet 5150

    Epic solo!!!!!

  56. Cody Fry

    No one talking about the blatant Papermate endorsement in the beginning...even showcasing its erasing capabilities lol

  57. Robert B

    Girl at 4:22 is hot.

  58. Ketil Jørstad

    thank God for the internet radio, fm, DAB and others are sooo main stream they have lost it, going for the small internet radio stations now

  59. Kyle Kringle

    A Paper*Mate mechanical pencil.

    Now that's the most sci-fi shit I've ever heard of.

    Chris Conley

    A more environmentally friendly pencil, it doesn’t kill trees for the wood, because it’s made with plastic, is a logic that’s needed today.

    Kyle Kringle

    @Chris Conley It's made of plastic, which uses oil to make.

    Chris Conley

    Kyle Kringle which makes it better.

  60. Mirror Man

    Their signature song.

  61. TimeTime

    Def Leppard wannabes.

  62. Alexander Von Karnstein

    The singer wears the order "Pour le Mérite" around his neck.

  63. Paulo Cezar Santos

    Que Legal .

  64. Julio Rivera

    Still head bang this song over 2019..

  65. Lee Parker

    Po third permutation...Turn it up!

  66. Robin Singh

    Hello friend....

  67. P Ro

    I was there at the great western forum for the filming of this video. Remember we we’re bored and klos said c’mon out... So we did. Those days were amazing. Unfortunately no more.
    Rock and roll will never die!!

  68. TimeTime

    Good commercial for papermate.

  69. Fred Scott

    I just got new speakers so im gonna turn it up,2019 Merry Christmas Everybody.

  70. Aseinou

    nothing like some good hair metal to get the morning started

  71. Alexis Erey

    When the taxi driver asks you if the radio is fine... "Turn It Up!"

    Daniel Katzenjammer

    The taxi driver?

  72. Vikram Bhavsar

    "who are you?"

  73. BonecrusherT800

    Great memories of this song in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Always looked forward to this song coming onto V-Rock every time I played the game. Always made everything that much better.

  74. chris b

    2019, 64 years old still listening and digging this tune.

    Gregg H

    62 and still rockin out with my cock out!......its kinda droopy these days though

  75. Derp Derpington

    whats a radio? i listen to all my 80s favs on Spotify through my cell phone and wireless headphones

  76. Aorus

    When you get transported to an alternate reality...

    Daniel Katzenjammer

    It's not much of an alternate if the reality existed.

  77. Khairun Nashirin

    Elliot brought me here..

  78. Oksana Gameeva

    Very good

  79. Big Travis

    This band covered VH at
    Clubs and got a record deal

  80. Strength AndHonor

    Guessing the video was sponsored by Papermate..? :D

  81. Otto Adalwulf Fischer

    Okay yes i am still listening to this just 18 days from 2020

  82. jfrockon

    In retrospect..... That dude is a killer vocalist

  83. old guy

    TURN IT UP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  84. Frank Fletcher

    For every minute I have to work
    I need *-a minute-** an hour* of play

    There, fixed it.

  85. Leonard Money

    Wow, the lead vocalist looks a lot like Dave Mustaine

    Simon J Court

    No, he looks like Simone, the hooker in Crocodile Dundee :-P

  86. maxine lyall

    adds for better with rock !!!

  87. erich84502ify

    On a 3000 watt sound system it sounds even better

  88. Ryan Kanderka

    Here’s the 2019 version-
    “Turn off the radio, I hate the music, don’t give me anymore.”

    Ice Snake

    more like turn up the mp3

    Lance Jacques

    LMFAOO I'd rather slit my wrists than listen to Bieber

  89. Captain Canuck

    When this song started playing during the game Alpha Protocol, I definitely turned it up.

    Lead singer Steve Plunkett wrote the theme song to the TV show Seventh Heaven which starred Jessica Biel. Not as good as this song, but close.

  90. tryee bell

    makes me want a papermate sharp point pencil

  91. Connie Sue Abel

    I just love the song "Turn Up The Radio" By Autograph 💓

    James McQuade

    I just need to write that down with my Papermate Sharpoint™ :D :D :D

  92. Mike

    Unpopular opinion: This would be a better song if they replaced the synth bit with a guitar riff.

  93. KennyC Reed

    Nowadays it would be what? Turn up your Bluetooth? Your connected devices_?