Autograph - Loud And Clear Lyrics

Celebrate the boys who win
Turn it all the way to 10, uh
Do you know what I'm trying to say
Got to give it all away, wooooh

Loud and clear
I want to hear it
Loud and clear
Give it to me
Loud and clear
I gotta have it
Loud and clear

One thing that you should know
If it's too loud
You're too old, too old
If you want to turn it down
Better get out of town

Loud and clear
I want to hear it
Loud and clear
Give it to me
Loud and clear
I gotta have it
Loud and clear

Cheers for the play
Cheers for the rock
We're working our way
Up to the top, top

(Loud and clear)
Loud and clear
(Loud and clear)
Loud and clear
(Loud and clear)
I said, Loud and clear
(Loud and clear)
(Loud and clear)

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Autograph Loud And Clear Comments
  1. Sean Morrison

    Thank you

  2. R KOME


  3. bellmeisterful

    Wow. They got Ozzy and Vince. Im surprised cos I know Ozzy didn't like this.

  4. Dave MacDonald

    This is a great tune. Too bad it didn’t get the recognition it deserved.

  5. te dinh


  6. Dermot BYRNE

    Brilliant Album and great melodic Hard rock band with great Hooks in their songs.

  7. Carson Waltz

    what arena was this Taken?

  8. thee4thdoctor

    OK, so the OZ man commeth, and Vince Neil...question is - WHY? Someone owed someone a favor...or money, or maybe Autograph slept on Oz's doorstep until he finally agreed.

    Frank F

    thee4thdoctor heroin

  9. White Lion

    Nothing like UPBEAT 80s rock and sexy runway shaved pussies on the side

  10. Rower Rodriguez

    1:15 Ozzy Osbourne 1:20 Vince Neil

  11. filippo mariano

    God ,this is so sad ,this band could have been famous as metallica if they only have had a bit of luck


    🤘🏻Looks like ozzy enjoyed the show a lot 🤘🏻

  13. White Lion

    Zenith of 80s rock

  14. Front Seat Driver

    Only band I know of that the keyboard actually worked. I normally hate keyboards on a rock record.

  15. Raymond Fiammetta

    Ozzy looks like a Heavy Metal version of Duran Duran.

  16. Kevin Murphy

    My dream on my bucket list is to go to califorina on the sunset strip and see where it all began. Drink a beer in every club. God i wish i was back in the 80's again. Life was so much easier

    The GreatOutdoors

    Kevin Murphy If I could work out how to build a time machine I’d be right there with you! That’s been my dream too since FOREVER - sunset strip and all the donington monsters of Rock festivals from 1984 - 1989 👌🏻

  17. Consolous

    At that moment 3:00 Ozzy fell in love lol. I'm surprised he never took Lynch to his solo band. Pretty sure he at least thought about him. Amazing song, I'm surprised this song wasn't bigger. It had great melody, a nice fast tempo, an amazing solo, it was catchy. It had it all.

  18. rocknrollkissfan

    Anybody know which arena that was filmed in?

  19. rock soul


  20. The GreatOutdoors

    Epic video! Love Steve’s voice! Spotted Vince’s ex wife Sharise on there too, rocking in the black and white dress. Total 80s babe!


    Ozzy had the Duran Duran mullet happening.

  22. Keith Bowen

    Sounds like a gr8 DEF LEPPARD song if they were to cover this tune. By the way it was Vince Neil in the video with Ozzy if you wanna know.

  23. Lee Barker

    Ozzys drugs kick in during the solo lol

    Wayne Kennedy


  24. Headbanger Metal

    hey vince are paying us a lot of money we have to applaud, approve this 3:09

  25. Kurt Woodard

    Best hard rock tune ever.

  26. Michael Crusader

    Hey!!????? Stop stop stop!!! Back=Fantastish real too!!! Yeraaahhh..Rock n roll!!

  27. Michael Crusader

    Real fantastish virtuon-prof play,sing,very nice magik composer!!! Rock n roll!!! WOOOOoOW!!

  28. ふふふ

    The drummer is so crazy!

  29. Gary Johnson

    This is what happens when you cross Motorhead with The Achies !!!

  30. Peter Werninck

    I'm willing to bet a lot of money that Ozzy has utterly no memory of this.... his facial expression is not one of a sober man :P Also quality tune :D

  31. GrayWoIf

    during the glozzy years

  32. Michael Crusader

    WOOOOOOW!!! Fantastik band!Composer,sing,play!!!! Rock n roll!!!

  33. Richard Hall

    Ozzy looks like Sharon in this video

    me notyou

    Sharon's got a bigger cock.

  34. Josh Edwards

    this song rock ssssss autograph is awesome

  35. lxlandia

    Keni Richards (RIP 2017). You were badass on that drum kit.

  36. Andraste Reminiec

    Autograph was the bad joke of glam metal

  37. reldra

    I was a huge metal hair band fan and I never found Autograph to be good. Just not interesting. Even as a teen. The guitar solo was good, in fact all of the guitar. The rest of the song, meh.

    New Ingvaeona

    reldra autograph have some of the worst music videos I've ever seen

  38. Rod Powers

    i agree Pmetal...i saw them numerous times and had an awesome time....hell i went to so many shows they recognized me and would always point at me from stage or always reached out to shake my hand..i miss them without Plunk....even though the other steve and randy are doing it...I think Steves charisma set them off....AUTOGRAPH..forever....please come back Plunk...

    Ricardo Falconi

    Yes, they are a very cool band, some sort of inspiration back then for every garage band of the 80s

  39. Steve Burk

    OZZY looks like Benny HiLL LOL


    I thought he looked liked Shelly Winters.

  40. S. man

    Ozzy & Vince Neil in the front row?... Cool. Killer song. Great solo... Where is Autograph now?... 😭


    Somewhere in the shadow

  41. Tobi Beuter

    Is there any live stuff of Autograph from the 80s. I love this band, but only with Steve Plunkett. There is one video os "Send her to me" live on youtube, but I want more!! :D

    Richard Jacob

    Tobi Beuter so many great ones. Look up Keel, Hericane Alice, Cinderella, Dokken, Winger, Sleeze Beeze, the list goes on!

  42. LeDari

    True rock'n'roll this stuff wil always be better than the modern rock music and bands like nickelback, 3 days down. etc.

    drummerguy 85

    LeDari nickelback and 3 doors down are pretty good compared to everything else out there now

  43. Dan Divens

    Killer tune!

  44. Alex Camalda

    That guitar solo...

  45. 太田和成



    Dumb video... great guitar work.

  47. Michael Hughes

    autograph offered an 8 ball for ozzy and vince to show up lol

    alex kokkonis

    +Michael Hughes when was is shot cuz ozzy had relatively short hair must have being couple months after Randy's death. correct me if im wrong

    Michael Hughes

    5 years after

    alex kokkonis

    +Michael Hughes whoa, seems he got another haircut then

  48. Bob C

    The new version of the band pales in comparison......

  49. Rita Holden

    If it's too loud your too old!!!

    sam kupper

    or your deaf



  50. Дмитрий Вайс

    Это уже не рок а попса 80-х , подобных песен тысячи , а вот раниий Оззи в Black Sabbat из 70-тых вот это действительно стоит слушать. Жаль он в такое-же потом скатился. 

    Pijus Malaškevičius

    Autograph is more rock than Mumiy Troll :p

  51. FrightfulAccountant

    Such agreat song, such a great band! Like the guitar solo too!

  52. TheTheratfarmer

    vince neal and ozzy

  53. Remy Martin McVel


  54. PluralArch


  55. Chad Van Oostendorp

    That's obviously Ozzy, but is that Vince Neil with him? Hard to tell in this resolution


    yes that is Vince Neil

  56. Pmetal62

    One of the best sleeze/glam band ever heard. I got all theyr albums. Great band, great music. The reunion is near, but without Steve isn't it!
    Greetings from Italy

  57. Dude

    ozzy was there, but ozzy wasn't there, if you know what i mean.


    I don't know what u mean that was actually kinda confusing lol sorry but what do you mean?


    because, we all know that ozzy was fucking high as hell in this video haha.


    Ahhhh ok now I see what you mean cause he did look pretty damn high lol

  58. Jorge Faitong

    3:10 Ozzy or Vince Neil? 

  59. SaHressi

    I like both glam metal and grunge. Now sue me.

  60. Газон Бензопилов

    Bass-guitarist looks like vocalist from Cindrella

  61. cgcAWESOME84

    Ozzy Osbourne approves this xD

  62. Ricardo Falconi

    Agree my bro!

  63. BerlinFan82

    Great tune, gotta be one of the more uglier pop metal bands on the scene.

    New Ingvaeona

    BerlinFan82 they made the worst music videos witoubt a doubt

  64. AhsanSpica

    what Kurt cobain did was write good music something myopic people hadn't heard before his riff for teen spirit.

  65. Kollin Pork Chop

    3:00 I think Ozzy's in love!

  66. 34thstreetman

    Wasn't disgusting the way the grunge fans ripped off the mosh pit and crowd surfing from metal and pretended it was their own? The college kids were the worse. As if metal never existed.

  67. 34thstreetman

    I hate grunge. Rip off of metal. Metal mixed with depression and self pity is grunge.

  68. Mick Fernandez

    The best of the whole video?...Ozzy

  69. sw1000xg

    LOOOOOOOOOOOL Sucks so bad, detuned? Only dead heads listen to detuned guitars!

  70. sw1000xg

    OMG those girls are better looking than anything in the vids today LOL!

  71. Waylin Van Halen

    diamond dave called the 90s n some of todays new hard rock - AGGREVATED

  72. John T

    the girl to ozzy's left is the hottest! nice legs

  73. John T

    ozzy and vince look like they couldn't give a shit about having gorgeous women surrounding them. it's hilarious! then again, they were rather used to it! cool that they did the cameos. then again, ozzy gave motley their shot in 84, so vince can appreciate helping a newer group.

  74. Jeff Martinez

    Ozzy and Vince Neil

  75. Susanne S

    Love the style of the groupies! I love THIS music! ! ! !

  76. Russell Santos

    f**k the debate hair metal rules and the 90's crap was just that crap a bunch of depressed p******s crying all the time. 80's hair rock was all about sex .drugs and rock ~n~ roll.not to mention they paid money for cloths and pyrotechnics unlike the lame 90's grunge who shopped at goodwill.

    J Lama

    Russell Santos Can't afford lights and pyro when all your cash goes to the smack dealer.

  77. Jason M.

    Not to get in the middle of this but...I love motorcycles, leather, and hollow girls dancing around..especially hollow girls dancing around in videos! Btw my amp settings are currently, Bass: 3, Treble: 2, REVERB: 10/10 MAX, CHORUS: 10/10 MAX

  78. James Dauphinais

    Ya then he killed himself. and ROCK N ROLL CAME BACK!!! Death to grunge!

  79. seekanddowhat

    and now you drive a mini van with kids listening to Justin Beiber

  80. Donnie Montesano

    Ozzy should of hired steve after the break up.

  81. joel quinn

    kurt cobain killed rock n roll

  82. The


  83. rhythman69uk

    Love the drummer lol stick in mouth, thump the snare. Couldn't recognise Ozzy or Vince to begin with, specially as Oz had recently cut off all his hair lol. I'm guessing from the size of the venue and rig, Autograph must have been third on the Bill, as I know M.C. toured with Ozzy, so Autograph decided to shoot a video while they had someone else's lights. Smart.

    Michael Lambert

    I think Ozzy was headlining on this tour with Motley Crue and Autograph as opening acts. Ozzy was kind enough to let Autograph use the stage set and lights. Way cool!

  84. Chris ayres

    hahahahha ozzys face during the solo is hilarious LOL

  85. flesh cork

    no need for a meaning, good music unconsciously makes sense. Thats what makes it so interesting, a senseless thing that suddenly makes sense, an unclosed circle but your mind reads a full circle, human heritage from our ancestors. who are you? You are on of those guys in the allegory of the cave, free yourself.

  86. Luís Filipe

    Yeah i see boys and girls using nirvana shirts and stuff, i bet they dont even know what means, but whatever, i like Glam because is Happy, got good solos, and i like their voices, i also like grunge, and that stuff, but please, dont talk shit in glam videos, GO TALK SHIT IN ONE ERECTION VIDEOS ....

  87. flesh cork

    this is crap, not metal, even Dio has said that hair metal bands are all cheesy shit and I agree with him. when we say metal it means black sabbath, judas priest, iron maiden, megadeth. Besides I think Nirvana´s legacy and spirit is still alive, even great rock musicians like led zeppelin, paul maccartney, neil young, rolling stones, metallica, tom petty and the list goes on and on, they all have talked about the geniuos of Kurt Cobain. What is Autograph?? A band that disappeared without trace.

  88. Luís Filipe

    Kurt Cobain tried to kill the metal, but he failed, as he ate that God Blessed shotgun

  89. V for Vegan

    that's fucking low, you're a piece of shit

  90. Brian H

    Autograph just got better with each album, I think Loud And Clear is their best.

  91. MetalHeadChick16661

    Not to mention the fact that he completely killed guitar solos, and most true rock and metal for that matter. I mean him no disrespect, but still.

  92. jose murray

    really? i think kurt won fame because posers liek you :/

  93. Cattublepa

    Dear good old 80's hard rock & glam .... how much I miss you ...

  94. flesh cork

    the only thing i like about glam is the women, hot chicks but the music is shit.

  95. KindbudSkywalker

    Wow...Ozzy looks so young and Vince Neil looks so...ummm coherent in How i miss the 80's and driving around with all my cassettes...those were the days...

  96. truthaintpretty

    Sounded great then...even better 25 years (??!!!) later?

  97. Punkin Pistolero

    I LOVE this song!!!!

  98. ryerordstar2010

    Wow, did not remember Vince and Ozzy being in this video. What a huge moment for Autograph. I almost forgot about this little gem. Awesome.

  99. lynne watson

    Fuck Kurt Cobain! That talentless piece of shit, good thing he ate that shotgun! Hair Metal rockers to a woman like me who lived in those days were alot more talented with their music and looked alot better!

  100. lynne watson

    yeah, my boyfriend is sitting next to me at the computer checking out the hot chicks in this video with a huge boner in his jeans! LOL, I don't mind at all...