Autograph - Cloud 10 Lyrics

I know a place where we can go
Where we can let our feelings show
It's like a dream inside the brain
Once that you're there (or) (once the truth ends)
Your life will change

Oh you walk down the avenue
Holding your head high feeling cool
Cause you know the score
In the game of life
It's not who's on top
But who holds the knife

Cloud 10
It's a rough neighborhood
Cloud 10
It's not enough being good
Cloud 10
If you can find the time
It's just one step up from Cloud 9

Ooh every eye is right on you
Thinking they know
What you've been through
But you don't stop
It's what you see that counts
And not what you say
But what you leave out

Well I know you had a good time
And I know you've been to Cloud 9
But I want to take you
Where you've never been
Let me take you
Cl-cl-cl-cl-Cloud 10

It's a rough neighhorhood
Cloud 10
It's not enough being good
Cloud 10
If you can find the time
Cloud 10
It's just a step up from Cloud 9
Cloud 10
Cloud 10
I want to take you
Cloud 10
Yeahah, come on
Cloud 10

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Autograph Cloud 10 Comments
  1. Canis Major: Conservative

    Woa yeah .. A bad ass Big Block LS6 Chevelle polished to the 9s. That cute babydoll in the passenger seat, rollin down the boulevard. Jammin to Cloud 10. We back into our favorite parking spot, here comes the gang. A Big Block Camaro. The Hemi CUDA. The Shelby GT 500. And the night is on ... Damn I miss those days. This band was awesome !!

  2. Kvnblmr

    Still one of my faves

  3. Rangerman9404

    80s metal blows today's "screamo" garbage out of the water, hands down

  4. Alex Mustata

    Words cant describe how good this album is. My vocabulary isnt sophisticated enough. Remains one of the best albums ever made 35 years later.

  5. jay Bee

    classic, lovin it

  6. Eddie The Head

    Freaking garbage Kendrick Lamar showed up at first. No thinks. This I like

  7. Bear Holiday

    I have the cassette of this and I got the analog CD. This song never gets old :)

  8. DanceNation1

    RIP - on 'Cloud 10', Keni :-(

    Thanks for the amazing music :-)

  9. intergel2 silver edition

    Meet me on Cloud10

  10. Chriz V.

    Wow really nice song :) very sadly underrated, love the guitar solo at the end

  11. Sean Ingram

    I've still have the cassette :) somewhere :) lol

  12. Francesco

    2:08-2:31 Best part, I shudder every time I listen this incredible mix of keyboard and bass guitar, with that slightly distorted and reverberating sound. Autograph was really a fantastic band, underrated in favor of other bands like Europe for example...Mah.


    In favor of Europe? Oh, gosh. That's terrible. Autograph is way better.


    Also, that twinkly part might be my least favorite of this otherwise great song.


    19torento eeeeeeeeeee

  13. juancho10

    Cloud ten!! killer song!!

  14. mmcneil67

    My favorite song on this album


    mmcneil67 With All I'm gonna take

  15. kim lambert

    outstanding song and album