Authority Zero - Today We Heard The News Lyrics

Today we heard the news
That things had changed and far too soon
Tell me it's not true
It won't be the same if it's not with you
The day that the world stood still
Shock filled the air and people they knew
Nothing would be the same
All that they'd known had suddenly changed

So play on play on
Don't stop the music
Sing on sing on
Use your voice use it
Dance on dance on
Keep your feet moving
Live on live on
Through your songs and views

Sing at the top of your lungs
Sing at the top of your lungs

For today I'm coming home
Today I'm coming home
But I may not make it home

Today we saw the signs
Of people walking in these lines
Shouting out of time
Protesting what they felt was right
I took to the streets and sighed
Tears fell down as they looked to the sky
Why must we why must we even try?
If you stop believing there's no reason why

So walk on walk on
Don't stop believing
Speak on speak on
Words are deceiving
March on march on
This is the season
Carry along and give us a reason

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