Authority Zero - Shakedown In Juarez Lyrics

It was the summer of confusion back in 2006
There was a stench on the air
Down by the border some kids
With only one thing in question
Would they make it through the night?
Or end up in a suitcase on front of El Paso Times
See times they were changing
There was violence in the streets
Down in Juarez Mexico getting rowdy off the beat
With tequila in the air and booze in our system
It was a shakedown in Juarez you couldn't have missed them

It was a shakedown in Juarez
It was a shakedown in Juarez

Rolling across the boarder around four a.m.
We should have known we had it coming when we couldn't get in
So we clipped on through the fence and slipped right past the feds
Down Avenida, Past the clubs and right on past the stench
See there was something in the air as we walked that night
On down the main strip no more lights and only devils in sight
Anyone who dares enter finds them selves in some danger
Read the cardboard box as things they only got stranger

Whistles in the night night that signaled we were alone
Up pulls a paddy wagon with 666 on the door so
Hands above our heads and backs against the wall
Out comes a knife just one excuse was needed that's all
How much for one ticket and yeah you know what I mean
How much it gonna cost to set these here gringos free?
A hundred bucks a pop and you can save your skin
It was a shakedown in Juarez or never see them again

Moving moving
Jumping jumping in the streets and
Running running
Keeping up the pace
Hoping hoping
For a brave new future
Dying dying
Like it's the only way

Shakedown yeah you'd better keep it moving

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